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When you're ten it's all magic sparkly pink fairy dust. The bastards.
QUOTE(stargazer @ Jun 6 2009, 10:26 AM) *
MsKissy, I'm glad you have an appointment for the doctor.

My breasts have grown a ridiculous size in the past year. I've been a C cup when I was a size 16 to a size 10. My breasts seemed to grow to a D cup a couple of years ago. Then, this year, they seemed to grow again and I was frustrated when the DD cup I was wearing did not seem to fit. I got fitted and now I am a 34F. I am childfree and have never been on hormonal birth control. My breasts are pretty tender during my ovulation. From what I've read though, our breasts will continually grow and change several sizes over the course of our lives. Pfft. The stuff they don't tell you when you are 10. dry.gif

Wow! Thank you for sharing this. smile.gif I really did not know breasts could keep growing I mean I'm 33 not like I'm a young thing of 18. Seems so odd to consider having to buy bigger bras with age. Lol. I look with envy at at those pretty high little things some women have and seriously consider a reduction even though my are just a little big. I'm a 34 d- but may soon have to give in and buy a cup size up. grumble. >.< Where do you get your bras from?

Does anyone know where to get gorgeous bras online in velvet, brocade, whatever with solid construction? Gotten back into bellydancing, and my boobs look like they want to escape, not cool on stage. =/ I don't mind covering one if it has a good shape, just have not found any locally.
MsKissy, I'm glad I could help you out. My weight has flunctuated alot in my 20s, but, my cup size stayed the same. After my 30s is when the shit hit the fan and my body (boobs and acne) decided to act like an adolescent. I got a proper fitting at Intimacy which helped me to understand the proper type of bra I should wear. I think there are links in this thread for bras. For everyday bras, I like Lilyette. Also, someone posted a site for lingerie and such in the Plus size thread.

MsKissy - that hips and curves site definitely had some brocadey-type styles.

I thought this might be interesting to y'all. I do think it's important for people to understand all of the social/cultural bullshit that having big breasts brings on, but the the constant big boob hate is getting tiresome to me. There are legitimate health related complaints, but I feel like so much is tied to misogyny and distrust of women's bodies - like we're victims of our own femininity - wouldn't it be better to not have boobs at all, then men wouldn't objectify you! poor pitiful wiminz haz the boobz and the menstrashunz.

I'm guilty of the self-loathing myself, though. When I finally got fitted a little over a year ago and the store clerk told me I was a 38DDD, I was horrified and embarrassed. Seriously. A few months later I went Nordstrom to look for a strapless bra, told the clerk my size and that I was having a tough time finding what I needed, etc. She told me to check out some of the British designers (freya, fantasie, etc.) and look for a 38E as the euro size equivalent. I was so excited, all like "really that's so much better." She thought I was nuts. I know it seems ridiculous, but why do we need a triple D? I think it's intended to make you feel like a freak. E is much better. tongue.gif
I have to admit that for years I liked my boobs just because men or other women admired them. It ticked a box for my ego, even though I had no opinion myself on whether or not they were nice (and often found them to be a nuisance) - I just knew that they were big and that was good, the same as it was bad that I wore glasses.

It wasn't until I got properly fitted a few years ago and clothes started fitting right that I really became fond (and somewhat vain) of my breasts. They're actually much less obvious now, but my figure as a whole looks great.

i don't think anyone in the article said they did not want breasts at all. they just wanted them to be smaller. breasts that are too big to be comfortable, or result in unwanted attention do not generally make a woman feel sexy or feminine.
p 176, prophecy wasn't saying that the article implimed the women wished they did not have breasts. She was expressing her feelings of having no breasts in order to be treated equally.

QUOTE(prophecy_grrl @ Jun 8 2009, 03:31 PM) *
There are legitimate health related complaints, but I feel like so much is tied to misogyny and distrust of women's bodies - like we're victims of our own femininity - wouldn't it be better to not have boobs at all, then men wouldn't objectify you!

Prophecy, I like your comment about victimizatin of femininity. I developed at a young age and got gawked at alot by older men. I felt ashamed of my breasts growing up. I really resented being judged or objectified by my body. I dressed very androgynous to deal with my body in my late teens and early 20s. I always, and still do, want to be judged on the merit of my mind than body.

Funny that you posted that Jezebel article. I was just going to come in to post about the True Life epi after watching it this morning. I really liked the segment about Ebony. She was trying to learn to accept her body and herself.

ETA: It seems like there are more UK labels for big breasted women than American counterparts. What does that say about the US?
I was bitching about rude men and how in their minds it's totally acceptable to stare at big boobs in a blatantly obvious way whenever they want, but never mind.
right. I've seen a few of these media "exposes" about what it's like to "live with" big boobs recently, and they all seem to have this victimization bent to them - like the women are being victimized by their boobs and not by the people who treat them shitty because of their breast size. I dunno if that makes sense, but it's like we're made to empathize with how *awful* it is to have large breasts and to feel like it's something you would never want to endure, etc. I know some women have real health problems as a result of large breasts, but for the most part the emotional issues stem not from the breasts themselves, but from the way our culture views breasts and women's bodies as a whole.

I also thought Ebony's story was the most powerful. I was an early bloomer and got a lot of inappropriate attention from boys in late grammar school/jr high - bra snapping, groping, being called easy or slut by the girls (yeah, at 12 and 13 I was just giving it up to everyone). It didn't make me feel good about my body and I certainly didn't find the attention flattering. I have definitely become more comfortable with my body in general as I've gotten older - though, I'm way more obsessed with my body hair these days than the size of my boobs, tongue.gif I think in order to do that, you have to step outside yourself a little and realize that so much of how others see you has little to do with anything you can change or control. That shit is on them. Plus, being confident and secure in yourself is 90% of what makes you attractive to others, IMO.

I think it's important to share those type of stories like Ebony's, especially when her ultimate goal was body acceptance. I guess I think these programs should be tempered by more cultural analysis and less "wow, having big boobs sucks."
oh i did not realize it was meant as more satirical than serious.

prophecy brings up good questions - would these women still be treated poorly by others if they did not have big breasts? does no one despise their breasts for being big even if others think they are acceptable and attractive?

in my opinion, there is no way to avoid being judged by your body. HT, i hear you on how being blatantly stared at sucks. IMO, it's not just men, it's men and women, gay and straight.

i know it's not a popular opinion on this thread, but i do think having large breasts is awful. i deal with it, and i'm as confident as i can be, since they're there, but a main reason i'm trying to lose as much weight as i can is so my breasts will become smaller. but, it's hard for me to exercise, carry things, sleep on my stomach etc, because they are in the way. when they're smaller it won't be as much as a problem.
Like Star, I wasn't crazy about my boobs from about age eleven into my early twenties. I wore lots of shapless tops to try & dimish my appearance. Then it was like, fuck it. People are going to stare anyhow, I might as well use 'em to my advantage. And that's what I did/do.

Mostly I just think it's funny when people's eyes pop or they stare. It takes something really egregious for me to get upset about them. Like you have to cop a feel to get me to react (react = punch in the throat). The guys that try to make me feel dirty or gross (I once had a guy make suckling noises/faces after commenting upon my "juggs"), I ignore because they're getting off not on my boobs, they're getting off on trying to humiliate me. Which is sad, really. They're projecting their hurt at their own insecurities on me to feel better about themselves. So fuck 'em. They're *my* bodacious tatas & I refuse to feel diminished over them.

As far as physical problems associated, yeah, we have to work a little harder than those of smaller busts. Getting properly fitted helps with a lot of the neck/back/shoulder drama. I wore two jogbras until I bought a really good one from a rec on here. It is a pain in the ass to carry some shit in front of me, I carry that stuff on my head more often than not. Because I do sleep on my stomach (I know, I know, it's bad for my back.), I do have to get properly arranged before I can settle in, but I do. I'm trying to be body positive about the things I cannot change. I like me. My boobs are always gonna be big, but they are a part of me, so I can't hate them.

My thighs, however, can go straight to hell. >:)

And I don't like the "breast are such a burden" victim mentality portrayed in those shows. I am not a victim because genetics gave me big breasts. Do I have cancer? Do I have MS? Do I have any number of horrible possible illnesses that could kill me? No, I have some extra fatty tissue that some people are ridiculously obsessed with.
anna k
Count me as a third. Hated having big breasts as a teen, and wore shapeless shirts and cardigans and coats. It changed at age 16-17, when I started to gain more confidence, lost some weight, and wore more fitted shirts, and started to like my breasts. I like them even more now, though sometimes feel embarassed by wearing a triple-D bra size.

I used to have more grooves in my shoulders from my straps, but since having lost weight, it's non-existent, and I've even lost a little fat in my breasts, which feels better.

Aural, I sleep on my stomach too. It just feels nicer. But I've been sleeping on my back more due to some neck tension, and wanting to stretch it upwards to relax it.
This thread is really delving into some good questions, things to consider, and a little humor by Aural which was perfect... "My thighs, however, can go straight to hell. >:)"
I was different in that I was a late bloomer. I was abused as a very young girl, and was labeled with "failure to thrive" early on. The doctors never thought I would make 5ft tall and I'm 5'7" now. Didn't get my period until age 13 and my breasts developed over night at 14 years from a-ish to a c-cup then quickly through to double d. I was unprepared for the reaction to them and also for the pain of such fast growth. I hid in only black clothing like men's t-shirts which made me look big all over and helped not at all. The teen years were hard with big boobs because of the way people acted around them. I always was surprised by that.

After high school though it ceased to be a worry, if someone stared only at my chest I just passed them by and tried not to interact with people who could not see beyond bra size. As I get older though I care less about what people think. I wear good bras, fitted clothing, and am pretty comfortable with my body. I also sleep mainly on my tummy habit from childhood.

I have an 8 year old daughter and we are very open about body image, confidence, and how the media portrays girls and women. She does see how hard it to buy a new bra at the store when you are not average size but that they can be found just take a little more work.
Thank you for the recommendation for Freya! My bustier for my wedding was made by that company- and it fit very well! smile.gif
Hi guys, I am crashing your thread from over at the "small girls" group, just to say how interesting it is to read everyone's stories that have been posted recently. Even though the clothing problems are different, it's almost like the social weirdness about boobs is similar no matter what size you are. Like AP said, it's some extra fatty tissue that people are for some reason obsessed with. Some of us have more of it than others. Big whoop. How weird that people feel they have the right to comment on our chest size. I've had people say right to my face, well, you're flat so you wouldn't understand (insert annoying thing about bras/breasts here). Or guys talking right in front of me about how they wouldn't date a girl with small boobs. What?

I also have to laugh when someone wrote, why do they even make a DDD, why isn't it just an E? I've always wondered about the existence of the AA (my size, smaller than an A). It's like this mystery size that supposedly exists, but is never in any lingere stores. Why didn't they just make smaller sizes to begin with? What did all these AA and E+ sized women do before they started making underwear for everyone, not just the "average" sizes?

As interesting as is has been to read your stories, I want to say I feel for you guys, because not only do you have the social side of things to deal with, but a lot more physical annoyances as well. 100% agreement with everything prophecy grrl said. As always, it's people who are the problem. I'm happy to hear that, just like over on the small busties thread, a lot of us have learned to love our bodies for what they are, once we've gotten past the annoying teenage stage where boys are obsessed with boobies and girls are mean to eachother.
I was a late bloomer too. I think that's one of the reasons I've always had a pretty good relationship with my body. I didn't get my period till 13, and I started wearing an A cup in grade 9, then a B in grade 10, C in Grade 11, and it wasn't until I was almost 17 and leaving high school that I was a 32E. A girl in my grade 12 class had already very openly undergone a reduction so by that time most of the guys were actually not too bad.

The first time I got sized properly I was 18 and walked into a top end lingerie store. I had been wearing a 36D and the women sort of laughed and told me I was a 32E. I called my mom in tears from the mall. I was ashamed and embarrassed, but after I actually bought a few of their bras and saw how natural I looked and how comfortable they felt I got over it pretty quick. I'm still pissed about the way I was treated at the store though. I was obviously young and uncomfortable and I felt like I could have used a lot more support emotionally.

I wore my awesome Freya bikini top under my tank top yesterday. It gives me a lot more lift than a regular bra. It's been a loooooooooong time since I had that many people leering down my shirt. I forgot how unsettling that can be. Last week paperboy and I were at the park and an older guy drinking beer on a bench whistled at me and said "Ouch!" or something stupid like that. Paperboy made a couple of jokes, but then I told him how unsafe and vulnerable those kind of comments make me feel, especially when other people aren't really around. It scares me, and when it's someone who looks so creepy I start going through all these terrifying scenario's. A couple of years ago I was wearing a tank top and leaving a bar and a guy said something about how "sexy" i looked. I turned around, gave him the finger and yelled "fuck you". He told me I can't except to wear something like that and not have men comment, then he called me a bitch. Really? I can't go out in a tank top without feeling victimized? Fuck you buddy.

Paperboy said he saw some guys catcall girls at a beach on the weekend and he couldn't stop thinking about what I said. Sobering for him, but I'm glad it stuck with him (not that he's the catcalling type).
Wow Ketto, that's me! I didn't get my period till I was almost 14 and I had the same growth pattern (if that's what you would call it) as you did. I grew up thinking I was going to be an A-cup because my mother always told me I probably would since I'm built like my grandmother everywhere else. I was kind of upset by my tiny boobs at first until I discovered padded bras. And then they just kept getting bigger and bigger. I wish they'd stopped at a C but I've been a 32DD.

I can't stand it when men say things like, "It's your fault you were harassed because of what you wore." Um, actually, it's THEIR fault for opening their mouth in the first place.

Anyway, is an E the same thing as a DD, or is it one size bigger than a DDD?
QUOTE(hellotampon @ Jun 21 2009, 09:41 AM) *
Anyway, is an E the same thing as a DD, or is it one size bigger than a DDD?

An E cup is the equivalent of a DD. E/DD is a cup smaller than a DDD. I wear a F cup and buy DDD size for bras sold at department stores. Figleaves has a good sizing chart for bras.
Weird, that does sound similar, right down to the same size. tongue.gif I hate when someone cat calls you and all you can do is spend the next 10 minutes thinking of all the great comebacks you SHOULDA said.

A lady at my lingerie shop told me that sometimes you'll see a brand that makes a bra in both DD's and E's. She said when that happens the E is technically a little bit of a wider cup. Most of the time she said they're marked as the same though.

I think all the bras I have say "32DD/E" or "32DD". I always say 32E because I hate saying "Double D".

Here's a quote
Lots and lots and lots of women wear a cup size over DD (often paired with a band size below 36), but when we think about the prospect of wearing, say, a 32F/FF/G (*raises hand*), we balk. Because the “Definition of Bra Sizes” in our heads goes something like this:

A– Adolescent
B– Bare Minimum
C– Common Enough
D– Dramatic
DD– Downright Dirty
E– Enormous
F– Freakish
G– Grotesque
H– Hideous
Yes, boobs bigger than a C or D cup are supposed to be ginormous– not to mention sluttastic.

Thanks to Paul Taylor for this one.
Word! I wear a 30F, but I'm really not massive. I think in 'handful' terms I'm about equivalent to a 34 DD or 36C.
It's funny, I walked out of my hotel a few weeks ago, was looking at my dayplanner, looked up, & there was some bony messenger fool on his bike staring happily at my boobs. He wasn't gross or creepy, just happy to be alive & to get a good look at my cleavage. I made his summer's day.

Look, learning that diff manufacturers have diff guidelines on sizing is no big whoop for me. I figured that out long ago. I know my measurements. My cage is pretty normal, but my breast beef is significant. It is def more than a handful. Even a BIG MAN'S handful.
I thought that article was kinda condescending.
today I had to try on my last bought bathing suit from.. 2 years ago I think it was bc we're going on vacation pretty soon.
I went in to seek frecklette's opinion: " ... Mom... your breasts are... um,, Big."
then I went downstairs to the mr : " Honey! your tits are H U G E !!!! "

duh. (such is the difference in eloquence between frecklette and her father. le sigh)
the suit isn't particualrly revealing in design (it's a scoop necked tankini w/shelf bra) but when you are endowed & in a bathing suit it's how it goes. I'm wondering though if I shouldn't maybe wear a wifebeater t over the top?
personally I feel pretty comfortable with it as is, I guess bc I'm ok w/ my breasts being as they are, but I also don't want to get gawked at either. I'd guestimate being somewhere around a 42 C or D right now.

bc we have large chests, does that - as hcbeck's article implies- mean we ought to cover ourselves up least we make others have uncomfortable thoughts?

just a thought ~
There is ONE nursing bra in Australia that fits me - and it doesn't even fit me well. And because Panache don't do softcup/nursing, I had to go with other brands which means going up a couple of cup sizes. So i'm he proud owner of a 38L cup nursing bra that I need to take in around the ribs but it's the only thing that has even come close to containing the milkmakers.

Nursing while endowed is insane - there is no discreet way of doing it. You can't get the boob out with one hand. NerdBaby gets smothered if I don't position her right (which is hard when she's flailing like a mad flaily thing and my boob is flobbering all over the place). You need multiple pillows to prop everything up.And all of the well meaning advice just doesn't fucking work when your boob is twice the size of your baby's head and your nipple is the size of a pea. And you aren't even guaranteed a good fucking supply for all that.

Sorry, just had to get that out.
I'm off on holiday with friends in a couple of weeks, and so it looks like we'll be going to the beach. When I think about this I actually feel scared, which then makes me feel ridiculous! I haven't been in a swimsuit of bikini since I was 15, and I had that many leers and strange looks that I promptly put a vest top on and just read a book instead of getting in the water! I'm a 28FF but I think I need measuring again, as I think I've grown again. sad.gif

I was just wondering if anyone knew of any websites that do swimwear for larger cups and small backs?

I wish I would have thought about the beach factor when I agreed to go on this holiday, I would have just stayed home! laugh.gif
Bravissimo does swimwear with a 28 back from D to GG.
Begin, scroll back one page and about mid-way down there's a conversation about bathing suits. I got my top from Freya and it's a 32E. It fits beautifully. It was $110 but worth every penny.
Glad I found this thread! My bra size varies with my weight, currently I am wearing a 38DD but I think I need to move up a cup size.

Now, regarding the DD/DDD/E/F thing, I have always been told that it's D, DD, DDD/E, F...That's wrong?!? Well crap, that changes things...
I am glad I found this thread... I can't believe the size of these boobs lately... its like someone is blowing them up with helium and I am going to float away into the ozone because of them. Two years ago I was a 34 FF/G... No I am a 36 H... Trying to figure out what to wear anywhere is a real problem. No matter what I do my boobs are the focus of most everyone's eyes unless I wear a big coat or a sweat shirt all the time-especially now that it is summer.

My back and shoulders are killing me and man they are heavy... There I am so glad I found a place that I can whine... sorry...

Oh and the girl with the breastfeeding issues--- I can empathize. My poor babies' heads were always smaller than my boob. Poor things managed, but it was such a struggle - always needing both hands so your boob doesn't smother and kill your baby... ugh you have my regards...
QUOTE(Persiflager @ Jun 30 2009, 08:44 AM) *
Bravissimo does swimwear with a 28 back from D to GG.

Thanks for posting this... I have been looking for a site that would carry some dresses/shirts that would be cut more to fit me...

Bless you,

Rose MArie cool.gif
hello ladies.
I'am very big busty I'am a 36 j. For about a year I have had what I can only describe as acne under my breasts. It started just as a boil looking lump which would occasionally reapper in different places. Everytime I went to the docs he would just give me another course of antibiotics. I have finally managed to get a referral to see a dematlogist in three weeks. It is obviously something to do with where my boobs hang down and skin touches skin and gets very hot and sweaty. I was wondering if any other busty girls have had any similar experiences. x
Hi, I'm from the small busties thread but I occasionally check out this thread and saw your post about skin issues under large breasts. I spent a number of years helping care for my aging mother-in-law, my grandma, and my aunt who all had very large breasts and they all had skin issues underneath. Boils or acne as you describe, chafing, and skin tags were all problems. When I bathed them, I would make sure I lifted each breast and washed thoroughly but gently underneath with a mild soap or cleanser. No rough scrubbing and no harsh soaps. The most important thing was drying underneath! Very hard to do. After towel drying, I often would lift their breasts or get them to hold them up and use the blow dryer on a warm but not hot setting until I was sure they were totally dry. Then powder or cornstarch under there to absorb moisture and prevent chafing. Gold Bond has a really nice medicated powder that helps skin heal and discourages bacteria; I think it was really helpful in getting some of their sores to heal. Also make sure your bra is properly fitted. Too tight underneath cuts off circulation, which is bad for skin. The fabric of your bra might be an issue too. Some people don't handle synthetics well, others don't handle cotton well, but you might want to experiment with changing what you're using.

I know it might seem weird getting a reply to this from a small busty, and maybe you're doing all this already but having dealt with the problem personally albeit not on my own body, I thought it might be helpful. I hope it was.
I just wanted to come in here and say that I have finally been properly fitted! For years I've been told that I am a 40DD. I got that from the saleswomen in department stores and at La Senza. I finally went to this store that I had heard of called Secrets from Your Sister and I got a proper fitting. It felt like an episode of Oprah. I found out that I'm not a 40DD but actually a 42F! It was so nice to finally get a bra that fits the way it's supposed to.

It really bugs me that regular stores only go up to DDs because there is really such a wide range of sizes. The bras were pretty expensive so I could only get two but I will definitely be going back to that store whenever I want a new one. I would definitely suggest this place to Toronto busties.

I'm just wondering, for all of you busties who actually know your proper size, did you have to go to a specialty store as well?
I did - my mum took me to Rigby & Peller for a birthday treat! They're the Queen's official supplier of undies laugh.gif
Yay candycane.

A proper fitting bra makes SUCH a huge difference. I don't even bother looking in regular bra stores anymore because they're so cheaply made and never feel very comfortable even if I can somehow find a 32D. The 32's at places like La Senza always feel too tight anyway, but a 32 at a real lingerie shop fits like a glove. smile.gif
about the skin problems under the boobs, yes it's a problem. sometimes the sweat gets trapped there, and then the bra irritates the skin. i walk back and forth to work, and when i change into my work clothes, i have to take a paper towel and dry under my bra line. keeping lotioned, and using gentle shower gel has kept the skin irritation to a minimum.

going back a little to the discussion on people being 'obsessed' with larger breasts, a (female) friend of a friend is getting on my nerves, because on the few occasions i see her (like at a party), that's all she focuses on is my boobs. she thinks mine are bigger than hers, which they aren't, but mine seem bigger because they're too big for my frame. i almost avoid her now, so she won't like, look at or make comments about them. :-(
I know we've discussed bathing suits before, but I'm too lazy to sift through old posts. Is there a brick and mortar store where I can buy a 32E bathing suit top? I don't want to order something from a UK store online! I'd just like to go to a mall or something.

The top I have now is a plain banded halter top from Old Navy or some store like that, and my boobs get mashed down across my chest in all directions. They bulge out from the top, the sides, and the bottom. I'm constantly adjusting so they won't escape. If I put on a shirt over the suit it looks like I have 6 boobs clustered on my chest. I just want to be able to relax.
HT, I got my bathing suit at Intimacy. I'm not sure where else you can find bathing suits for bigger boobs.
Hello gals. I actually spend most of my time lurking in the small breast forum, but I am writing on behalf of my youngest sis. So far during the summer, she has grown two cup sizes (!!!) and now she is headed into the sixth grade with a solid C cup. I know most of you probably don't consider this large, but when most of your peers on in training bras, it is! She is sorta freakin' out a bit about all the attention she might get because of her chest and teasing. She is sorta down. Fifth grade was hard enough for her as an A cup. I want to give her some advice and encouragement, but being the "late bloomer" and AA cup gal that I am, this is outside my realm of experience. Heck, when I was her age I was wishing for breasts (still am! ha ha...).

Any advice from other "early bloomers" on here? Thanks!
Having boobs doesn't mean you need to use them - people will assume a lot of stupid shit based onn boob size but don't llet them define you.

Nude bras are less obvious under clothes.

A well fitted bra is less obvious as well.

Camisole with shelf bras can be great.


All good advice, Ananke. But at that age you can give a kid as much good advice as you can & they're still gonna feel like a freak, I know I did. Just be there for her & support her, Kerabear. You may not have been in the same boat, but (pre)teenage body angst is (pre)teenage body angst.
QUOTE(auralpoison @ Jul 17 2009, 05:20 AM) *

All good advice, Ananke. But at that age you can give a kid as much good advice as you can & they're still gonna feel like a freak, I know I did. Just be there for her & support her, Kerabear. You may not have been in the same boat, but (pre)teenage body angst is (pre)teenage body angst.

Ain't that the truth. I think at that age, feeling like a freak is something we can ALL relate to... it's wild because she started her period at 9. I started mine at 15 (almost 16). It's hard to believe we share the same genes!
Yeah, that freak shit sucks - I was just trying to think of things that would have made my life easier at that point. Damn boobs.
I didn't get my period till I was 14. Boobs came along at 17. Over the summer, when I came back to school in the fall with DDs it was quite a shocker.
kerabear, I developed pretty early (like, grade 5 and 6!) but there was one girl who was still bigger than me. I felt bad for her, everyone said that she stuffed her bra and would outright ask her if she did. I didn't think it was that bad but for some reason, guys always focused on my nipples.

I remember walking down the hallway in school and boys would say, "T.H.O.! T.H.O.!" It wasn't until a friend told me later that I found out it meant "titty hard on". Cause boys are so classy like that. The obsession with my nipples continued into high school to the point that I always threw on a cardigan in an attempt to hide them.

It's hard because kids are so unforgiving either way. If you have big breasts then they call you a slut, if you have no breasts then they call you flat.

I think I would tell her just to try to keep her confidence up and ignore any disparaging remarks. And remind her that her body is nobody else's business.
Ooooops! I totally meant to post this over here yesterday & I forgot!

I was looking for something this morning & stumbled across this, dunno if it's been posted before, but it annoyed the ever-living snot out of me: Your Free Boobs. I haven't seen either the MTV show or the BBC doc, but the article is right in that this kind of thing raises a LOT of questions.

It makes me want to start to see if I can get strangers to pay for other strangers reduction surgeries.
Newbie here...I've spent hours reading this entire thread & I feel like this is where I belong! I can relate to so many things that people have said and would like to say thanks for all the advice given. It feels good to be on a site where women can be supportive (we all know how we need "support"!) and not tear each other down. My stats...I'm 32, newly married (April '09), size 12/14 (depends on the brand), and my measurements are (US size) 36I *yes, I!*-33-43. I'm 5'4" and have narrow shoulders and a small back and waist. I have big 'ol hips and a big butt to balance out the huge jugs wink.gif

I'm working on losing weight to not only feel better about myself, but because my husband and I would like to have kids soon and I know I'll gain more. I shudder to think how big my boobs will be then!!! Like so many others have shared, I too developed early...C cups at 10 years old. Forwarding to now...awhile back I ordered a bra online...the Dream Tisha bra by Le Mystere, size 36H...Yuck! Like someone previously stated, I have no idea why Oprah recommended this bra! While the band fit/felt fabulous, the bra totally made my boobs pointy mad.gif I personally like mine to be lifted high with a nice rounded shape. I figured I was an I because the center didn't sit between the girls...there was too much boobage in the way.

After many hours online searching for bigger bras (that's how I came across this thread, BTW) I found (always free shipping to US & Canada) and am very excited! *happy dance* I ordered the Panache Tango II Underwire Balconette and the Elomi Smoothing Foam Molded Plunge Underwire, both size 36GG (UK size) I'll let everyone know how the fit is when I receive them. I am grateful to have found this group and if anyone would like any advice or info I would be very happy to share. biggrin.gif
I was just reading through the small breast thread and one of the posters commented on finding sexy lingerie w/o cups that looked really good. Well, when I look at negligies and teddys and the like, I hate the ones that have shaping around the bust. Unless they are structured like a bra (w/padding) all the seams or cups due to me is emphasize my sagginess in a way that is very unsexy. dry.gif So who does look good in structured lingerie? I'm not sure that I am explaining this right. I look better in something like this than I do in something like this. I would even have trouble with something like this because my breast would drop down below the seaming. Am I the only one with this problem?

I actually like the blue one enough that my fingers are itching for my credit card.
Huh. See, now I wouldn't wear that blue number if paid. It's hella cute, but would be as unflattering as hell on me.

So I bought this lovely maxi dress. I needed a convertible bra, found one, it seems okay. I put the dress on again today. I do not know how I failed to notice this, but JEBUS CRIPES, MY TITS ARE FUCKING HUGE. It's just like, BA-BAM! TITTAYS! I know that they are swollen right now, but damn, yo. I'm only a DD & I look like a fucking sideshow freak.
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