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Full Version: large breast support group (cuz we actually need it!)
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QUOTE(eyelet @ Nov 22 2008, 03:03 PM) *
You can get fitted and determine favorite brands at high end stores and then do your shopping at their clearance outlets (like Neiman's and Saks). Sometimes they even show up at TJ Maxx and Ross. I have been wearing Wacoal brand for years and I frequently find my 34DDD's at outlets. Usually priced $20 or less, down from $80. Good brands for more sexy bras and for swimwear are Freya and Fantasie. And Goddess brand is good for bustiers and strapless.

The only place I buy bras anymore is Torrid. I tend to have a hard time finding a good fit because I'm a 36 DD. I'm not a big girl, just have big boobs. Even though I can't fit into anything else Torrid carries, their bras are perfect.
Here's a link:;theme=Default
Bunny Saves The Day
OH my god, I am so happy I just found this forum! I typing out hugs to you all right now, can you feel them? oooooo!!!
Firstly, thank you for posting up websites, I hope very much it'll help me. There's only one place I've found in Portland so far that sells bras in my size, and a 60 bucks each it sucks (although the ladies there are so sweet. Anyone living in portland OR with difficult boobs, go to Just Like A Woman!)I used to be a 34D with little worry, two years later I find out I'm a 32DDD without the lady even having to measure me!(Persiflager, i weep a little for you, and any other small girl getting crappy posture from her melons.)
So, I'm sure this has probably been posted already, but I'll ask again in case ayone has anything new. Preventing stretch marks! Anything that will help them keep their perk a little longer, or am I just screwed? So any other tips to keep them healthy would be awesome.
Stretch marks, thats sort of an occupational risk for me! I am a 38H (UK size) & I think the girls have just stopped growing (I am 19). My mum who has had six kids is a 36J and she has some quite noticeable stretch marks, though she says thats down to having us lot, old age & gravity.

I don't have any yet & its something I don't want!. Luckily I have grown gradually (since the age of 10) & I think the skin & underlying tissue had time to stretch/grow slowly. My little sister does have them but she has grown far more rapidly than me & I think she will grow out of them.

I think it helps to wear a good supportive bra & even though it it feels a big relief to release my girls from my bra I try not to round bra less for any length of time. I always sleep in a tight t-shirt & that sort of keeps them under control.

I don't know if it helps or not but I have always run cocoa butter into my boobs, that's what I have read & its far cheaper than the concoctions you find on the web.

Hope this has helped.
Bunny Saves The Day
Thank you julie! i don't much like the smell of cocoa butter,but i guess i could rub lotion on top of it...

I have another question. How old were all of you ladies also when your breasts stopped growing? I'm 21 now and I'm panicking that I might've grown again. I hope it's not my birth control. And there's this ridiculous japanese myth that if you massage them enough they'll grow, so for my boyfriend's sake that better not be true. (ha ha, i know it's not but it makes me giggle anyway)
Um, I know they are ugly, but...sports bras? I need one that hold my girls in very badly. I went running today and I had to hold my boobs after a while and I'm sure that looked awesome. sad.gif Any large busted Busties have any good sportsbra recommendations? I want to be active, but it's hurtin', you know? These double D's are killing me! sad.gif
This article that I saw in the Mail newspaper on sports bras this side of the pond last year seems to have some basis on scientific research & may help you get the best one right away.

In my case I bought a Berlei Shock absorber Level 4 in a G cup and it managed to fit my boobs, though I am a H cup in some bras & a G or GG in others. Bit of a tight squeeze - but I liked the color, green & black!

I am now wear a Panache sports bra, but I think it isn't been made anymore as the last one I bought I had difficulty getting.

I play squash & my girls are a lot more comfortable, but it really gets hot down there & I wish the fabric was a lot more breathable. Oh! it doesn't make me a better player as my boobs still get in the way of certain shots!

Some of the comments are pretty interesting it seems that the granny bra, Doreen, can be used as a pretty good sports bra, I have not thought of that, I do have one with cotton lined cups, I will have to try it.
juliesara, thanks for the post about bravissimo. i think i might have to check them out in the future to buy bras. i've had to accept that my boobs have grown. yup, all of those things they told you in high school...lies, all lies. i thought it was because i put on some weight. no, i was heavier and my boobs were still a C cup. i am now a 36 DD. i swear i might need a cup bigger, maybe. my plan is to get fitted at intimacy so i know my true cup size.

any feedback about sports bras would be welcomed too. i do some cardio and lots of yoga. these girls need a home to fit in.
Thanks for the sympathy, Bunny!

Just ran upstairs to check my sports bra and can report that it's a Berlei shock absorber in an F cup, not sure what level. This is definitely the best one I've had - there's an extra horizontal strap higher up, pulling the shoulder straps together, and it come up high enough at the front that it looks like a small gym top. It's comfortable and there's very little movement even when I jump up and down in it (though I think I felt a bit strapped down the first time I tried it on).

I just go to step class and the occasional game of badminton, so cannot report on how it copes with more energetic scenarios. Hurrah for sports bras enabling us to be all sporty and healthy!
I wear the Champion sports bra designed for highest impact, with another tight lycra pullover tank bra over it. With that combo I can run long distances (with 34DDD). Have been doing that for years and my breasts have fared well. But they seriously are immobilized and completely strapped to my body, so there is no strain on the tissues.
This article is intense, but it could be useful if you need to send a link to friends and colleagues who need to know a little more...

The F-Word, UK

QUOTE(ihateoly @ Dec 21 2008, 03:32 AM) *
Um, I know they are ugly, but...sports bras? I need one that hold my girls in very badly. I went running today and I had to hold my boobs after a while and I'm sure that looked awesome. sad.gif Any large busted Busties have any good sportsbra recommendations? I want to be active, but it's hurtin', you know? These double D's are killing me! sad.gif

haha I've always thought that your own 2 hands make the best sports bra! But only if you don't exercise in public.
hellotampon - lol, that cracked me up!

star - I got a pretty nice sports bra from Lane Bryant a few months ago - it doesn't seem to be on their site now, bit it's underwire, racerback and a nice breathable cotton terry material. Like eyelet, I double up with a sports tank with shelf bra and that keeps them strapped down pretty well.
Woo! More saley stuff on Bravissimo and Figleaves = pretty undies for me! And I bought a matching set that actually match, as opposed to both being black! Cheap stuff rocks.

Happy New Year's Eve all, hope you and your splendid bosoms all have great nights tonight!
Grrr... I'm fed up of random men asking me if it's 'cold out' (nudge nudge wink wink). I'm wearing a thick t-shirt and a vest over my bra, dammit! Short of wearing my coat all day, there's not much more that I can do. Honestly, do they think it's a compliment? Woohoo, you can tell that I have nipples, good for you. mad.gif
QUOTE(ihateoly @ Dec 20 2008, 10:32 PM) *
Um, I know they are ugly, but...sports bras? I need one that hold my girls in very badly. I went running today and I had to hold my boobs after a while and I'm sure that looked awesome. sad.gif Any large busted Busties have any good sportsbra recommendations? I want to be active, but it's hurtin', you know? These double D's are killing me! sad.gif

I had the same problem trying to find sports bras. I'm a 32F which made running paaaainful and kind of embarrassing. I finally found a sports bra that works really well by Enell. My sister (who also has a large chest) told me about these bras - she completed a triathlon wearing one! They are somewhat expensive (around $60) but mine has lasted for a really long time. I was doubtful when I first received it in the mail - no underwire or anything?! - but it really held my breasts in place, even while running, and was comfortable and not so tight that it affected my breathing.

I bought mine from their site but I'm having trouble opening their page right now. Here is a page on amazon that will give you an idea

They explain how to choose which size you might want on the Enell website so I hope that site becomes available soon.

Anyway, I hope that this helps. I love mine and no more painful bouncing boobs when I exercise - yay!

Best wishes!
I used hellotampon's method today on the treadmill in my building and just had to hope that no one walked by the glass windows in the condo. I had luck today.
I do own a Panache PS sports bra, a winner according to Booby Bounce Test. I can't find it right now, but I'm a 34G so they come pretty big. It isn't very comfortable and my friends and I called it "The Machine" because it looks like chest armor but I guess it really does reduce bounce. I'm trying to find something more comfy because the underwire still digs in me. I've also had it for years so it could just be time to upgrade.

I flip-flop/ love-hate my tits. I've considered reduction with my doctor but want to wait until I have children and am done breast feeding. Just yesterday I was sitting in the shower and just looking at how much my breasts seem to sag. I think of the ol' "you need a real bra if you can hold a pencil under your breast" test...I think I could hold. Just tried it 6 pencils and that was with good posture. Sigh.
I went to buy a new bra to go with my wedding dress I'm having made. I called ahead to the speciality shop I go to. They keep track of the previous purchase. I asked if they had the bra I like on the rack and they said no and informed me that it had been discontinued. NOOOOO!!! So I was already on my way there so I figured I get resized and get something new. I tried on many bras and wasn't happy with any of them. I was going to buy one that I wasn't completely satisfied with because hey I needed one. Right before I was about to put my top on the sales lady asked me if I'd ever tried a contour bra. Well, no i hadn't but hey why not. she handed it to me and it had these foam like cups and it looked HUGE. To my great surprise it fit like a dream and made me look great in a t-shirt (the ultimate test IMO). I was so happy with it. It is so comfortable. I'm not wearing it till my big day because I just want a fresh bra for the new dress. I absolutely intend to call them and place an order for more. They were $52 a piece down from $58 that I usually have to spend. I may try to find it online just to save money but then I pay in shipping. I like this bra also because it's seamless and most bras I buy are not. Well, just thought I'd share that with you all. I'll post the name of the bra later when I'm home and can look at the tag.
I know I've posted this before but if you're in Canada and can get to Mountain Equipment Co-op I would highly suggest checking our their MEC brand sports bras. They come in real sizes and are sized properly. I'm a 32E and their 32E sports bra is awesome. I doubted it at first because there's no underwire but I don't move around at all when I'm wearing it and I play high contact sports like indoor soccer. No need to double up either.
ketto, which one do you use? i found the store online.
Hmmm...I don't see it. I know it's an MEC brand and I just saw it in the store a couple of months ago. That's annoying. The ones they do have on the site don't even have a 32E size.
QUOTE(missladyj @ Apr 24 2006, 03:55 PM) *
I am wearing a Fantasie bra right now and I love it!! <BR> <BR> It is my favorite bra. I find that it is totally worth it to buy good expensive bras that make me look fabulous <BR> <BR>I would suggest if you want to wear something low cut, get a 34 D this will also give you spectacular cleaveage.

What is the difference between a miracle bra and a fantasy bra?
I believe they are brand names for different bras.

Stone, it is considered polite here to introduce yourself in the newbies thread. If you want to participate in threads, then I suggest you engage in the current conversation rather than quoting from and responding to posts from two years ago.


From the clever ladies in the small-breasted thread, I now like the phrase 'boingy-boobed'. My boobs are boingy!

anna k
Though this is weird. I was reading a blog post where girls were praising Lindsay Lohan's breasts, and it made me think of a female class instructor who said I have a nice rack, so their talk made me feel good about myself, like I have just as nice boobs as her.
QUOTE(auralpoison @ Oct 10 2008, 12:27 PM) *
Our scoliosis check was held in the library. We all had to remove our shirts & I was mortified.

Sorry to bring up a topic from a few pages ago, but... whhaaaa? So they made all you girls strip TOPLESS and lined you up in one big room together? Is this standard? When my school did it, we were instructed to wear bathing suits. I can't even begin to imagine what that experience was like. unsure.gif
Yup. We were eleven, so it wasn't a big deal for most. But little miss AP started developing the summer before & had boobs already, so she was utterly humiliated. Standing there in her jeans & sneakers with her fleshbags presented for ridicule.

I was the first to bleed, too. That happened two months later. During a Valentine's Day cake walk. I went home, tried to figure out tampons, cried, & ate an entire chocolate cake by myself in my closet.
i just wanna share something...

since my first, and only, post on this forum back in may '08, I've gone from a E cup to a GG cup.

WHAT IS UP WITH THAT??? I even lost weight over that time. Maybe some of the weight migrated north? Or that's just the way my bust is... never shrinking, even with exercise and weight loss.

I love my bust, really i do, but it's getting rediculous, and heavy, now.

Finding bras that fit is going to be fun from now on. dry.gif
Well, you are fairly young yet, my dear. Mine didn't stop growing until I was about 22; I went backwards in my "freshman fifteen" & maintained it for years despite gaining an entire cup size. There was little to no fluctuation in my weight between 20-28 & even with gaining/losing weight later, I am still a solid DD cup.
QUOTE(Aithinne @ Oct 20 2008, 01:06 PM) *
Hello ladies.. I'm actually from the small-boobie support group, but was interested in this forum to read stories of women with larger chests. What struck me was the stories of feeling like a freak when you developed ahead of other girls. I was surprised because I remember feeling like a freak when I didn't develop like other girls. It's sad that girls have to wade through this sea of negativity during the years when confidence is also developing, when girls are so impressionable. How heart-breaking to think about how girls get so much ridicule over something they can't control. It always seems like someone has something bad to say about any and every body type, like you can't win no matter how you are shaped. It reinforces the need to support each other, through all the stages of our lives, no matter what our body types are.

You all rock! Hope you all have a great day!

My sister is 16 and 36C already, other than the leering that she gets from time to time, she is proud (sometimes too much, LOL) of what she has. I actually felt like you did Aithinne at that age.

But I wonder how much more my sister will possibly grow in that area, not something that you can normally predict.
I was 8 when I started developing breasts. I was a DD by highschool (12). And I've been growing ever since.

And now I'm pregnant? BOOBS AHOY. They're just stupidly huge right now.
*delurking from small boobie thread*

I finally have read all the posts on this thread. Took me a little while, but I'm glad I did. It's always good to try to understand others and empathize. You ladies are all awesome, and never forget it!

I was struck by the comments a while back on what people have had to say on the small boobie thread. I just wanted to say that the vast majority of posts on that thread are positive about all women's bodies, regardless of proportions. We smallies tend to reprimand anyone on that thread who posts negative comments about other women's bodies, especially our busty sisters. We love you guys, I promise!!!

I have always found curvy ladies to be gorgeous and wonderful! Big or small, we are all titty-fabulous! tongue.gif tongue.gif I hope all you ladies have a wonderful day.

**cross posted with kvetch thread**

I went to Intimacy to get fitted proper for a bra. I know my size has changed in the past year. I bought a larger cup, but, in the last couple of months, I still felt like the bra was not fitting me. Well, I'm a 34F according to Intimacy. The bra looks awesome on me. With clothes on, I look slimmer on top. The bras cost an arm and a leg, but I highly recommend everyone go to get fitted properly. It really does make a difference. I'm still kinda in shock.

M&S has agreed to stop charging extra for larger bras.
was that whole thing a publicity stunt?
Wow. That's crazy.

I really love Intimacy too, and the bras I got do make me feel slimmer. It is just great to get properly fitted. I just wish the prices weren't so high there. I did buy some new ones for a late birthday present. I'm actually a 38G, where before I thought I was 40DD.
Hi everyone. I'm new and don't really know what I am doing just yet. Well I have had a very long week! My boyfriend and I are going on our first vacation, and I have been non-stop looking for a bikini top to fit me. Well I'm only 25, I am a size 0 to 1 in jeans and my bust is up to a 32G and growing! I have looked at many different sites and found nothing that I liked or that would give me the support I need. For my bra, I go to The Bra Specialist and buy the Fantasy strapless bra, but always wear the straps! Could someone please help! I need to find a bikini that fits the same way. Is it out there?!?
Hi Shelly! Where are you located? I know places in Chicago and suburbs but it may not be much help for you if you are not in Chicago.
Any advice on a convertible bra? I bought a halter maxi dress for the summer without considering that I have no appropriate underpinnings.
eyelet has bathing suits by Fantasie/Freya and a lot of other large bust brands. If you already know your fit in that brand it should be easy to find something you like.
QUOTE(eyelet @ May 19 2009, 11:37 AM) * has bathing suits by Fantasie/Freya and a lot of other large bust brands. If you already know your fit in that brand it should be easy to find something you like.

I've been looking all over for a bikini that matches and would come in 36E with an XS bottom. If I go somewhere that sells the bottom I cant find a top large enough and if I go somewhere that sells plus sized bathing suits they don't have bottoms that fits me. Does anyone know where a shop or website where I could find something that fits?
Hi 90gb! Try Figleaves.

Sorry AP, I've never had a convertible bra - I've just had a quick google and there are a few out there. Would it be worth considering wearing a halter bikini top instead? I think that could be more comfortable and provide better support - how see-through is your dress?
I just got a beautiful Freya bikini top in a 32E. I buy my bathing suits at my favourite lingerie store now. Does your bra shop not sell bathing suits? The sizes mine came in really varied. I didn't buy the bottoms because I already had some, but I saw a wide variety of sizes in the tops and bottoms. It cost me $110 but it's the first time I've had a supportive bathing suit top. Last year I wore a halter top and my neck was so sore.
Ketto~ Those are really nice bikini tops, I'm going to order one the next time there is a reason. smile.gif

Has anyone ever swollen a cup size for no apparent reason? =/ I had big breasts in high school but was also carrying extra weight then. Then at 25 I had my daughter and my normal dd's went to a for me ridiculous g cup. I cried over that one. Then I slimmed down, and with my second child my boobs seemed a reasonable size. Now they are usually a single d, which is fine for me. For the last week though they have grown a cup size. sad.gif I'm drinking a lot of water, and do not usually have this kind of a hormonal shift. They hurt like crazy, are tender to the touch, and are doing the muffin quad boob thing over the tops of my bras. I may end up going to the doctor but really hate to. Has anyone else with a med-to large chest ever experienced this?
Actually, it sounds like something that the doctor should be told about. If you aren't changing anything hormonal like birth control, then that sort of sudden change could indicate a real problem. Keep us posted!
QUOTE(kittenb @ Jun 1 2009, 09:23 PM) *
Actually, it sounds like something that the doctor should be told about. If you aren't changing anything hormonal like birth control, then that sort of sudden change could indicate a real problem. Keep us posted!

Thanks for the reply KittenB. I'm going to find a doctor and schedule a full physical. I've been getting in more exercise and taking my vitamins but I feel my hormones are just out of whack. I've not had much appetite and have lost 3 or 5 pounds this week so my chest is a wee bit smaller, but they are so tender I'm now wearing a bra to bed. I'll post if I learn what is causing this.

I thought I'd bring this over here since Lowredmoon was kind enough to post it elsewhere, I think I've finally found my new four way bra thanks to her!
Not trying to sound like an alarmist, but that definitely sounds like something you want to get checked ASAP.
Thank you Aural and Polly I've been looking online for an OBGYN and will make an appointment Monday. I think they are a wee bit smaller, but still tender & overflowing my bra cups. =/
QUOTE(Persiflager @ Feb 4 2009, 08:01 AM) *


From the clever ladies in the small-breasted thread, I now like the phrase 'boingy-boobed'. My boobs are boingy!


Mine don't boing, sproing, or anything remotely similar. Mine are swingers and steadfastly remain that way, regardless of what kind of getup they spend the day in. At this stage, they are at least round swingers and not yet torpedo shaped. But I expect that's not too far in the offing. ...Ach.
MsKissy, I'm glad you have an appointment for the doctor.

My breasts have grown a ridiculous size in the past year. I've been a C cup when I was a size 16 to a size 10. My breasts seemed to grow to a D cup a couple of years ago. Then, this year, they seemed to grow again and I was frustrated when the DD cup I was wearing did not seem to fit. I got fitted and now I am a 34F. I am childfree and have never been on hormonal birth control. My breasts are pretty tender during my ovulation. From what I've read though, our breasts will continually grow and change several sizes over the course of our lives. Pfft. The stuff they don't tell you when you are 10. dry.gif
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