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Full Version: large breast support group (cuz we actually need it!)
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I am wearing a Fantasie bra right now and I love it!!

It is my favorite bra. I find that it is totally worth it to buy good expensive bras that make me look fabulous

I would suggest if you want to wear something low cut, get a 34 D this will also give you spectacular cleaveage.
Hi, I am actually glad I found this. I'm feeling terrible. While I am working, I want another job more suited to what I can do. Oh, I get interviews, but never offers. I focus on improving the usual stuff--speak clearly and concisely, answer common questions, keep in mind social niceties, wear a nice suit.

However, I'm beginning to wonder if I'm not getting jobs because of my large breasts (I'm at last measure a 38H). My hips and thighs are big, but not as big, so maybe it's fatphobia (lipidophobia?) mostly. I still wonder if to them, large breasts == stupid. It doesn't help that when I ask why, they give vague answers about 'more experience.' Yeah, great, why do I have a feeling you hired a guy who looked just like you?

I've also broken up with my long-time love/long-distance relationship. A lot of things came into it, but one nagging thing was that he really liked my breasts, and would often talk about what breast-fucking. Granted, he also complimented me on emotional traits. Flattering? Yeah, sometimes, but it came up so often.

I had that done before, and it was by men who just wanted a quick orgasm and who never talked to me again. I told him, he apologized, but I guess it never sunk in. Maybe being isolated and with us so far away made him forgetful.

I'm doing an inventory of past relationships, and wondering why they got involved with me, and why they do not last long. The breasts come up again--I cannot think of anything else that would attract people. Or repel--I've noticed men I've had crushes on going for smaller-busted women. They can't be attracted to my social graces or tact.

It makes it hard to figure out what I could have done differently and what to do in the future. Is there going to be a future? What if that's all people are attracted to? Or worse, be suspicious of everyone I come in contact with and drive them away? I'm afraid that's what happened with a few people.

I'm not someone who likes to show off my breasts--I tend to wear baggy sweaters or clothing that I think accentuates the waist or shoulders. Yes, breast reduction surgery has come up, but I'm told I have to lose weight to get it. I have gone down from 190 to 165. I don't think that's enough.
Plus, there is the fear that if I do reduce, there is nothing attractive about me left. Never mind I know I have a nice face, nice eyes, nice smile from other people--but the fear remains.

I feel alone, and I feel stupid for being so fixated on something so shallow. It just feels like that my chest blocks any view of my brain or my heart.

My favourite place to buy bras is at Lane Bryant. They are comfy and the have my size (42DDD).
Hey, quick question.. Does anyone know where I can find a website that sell customized (stylish)bathing suits/tops?? I'm 19, and have a 38DD, and I am sick of wearing bathing suits that make my mother or grandmother would wear.. thank you lots.
I can't believe this site exists. I've been bitching for years to my small chested friends and family about the discomfort and awkwardness of life with 36H breasts, but never realized chestiness was such an epidemic. You know what I want out of life? Cardio that doesn't make me sore, BRAS THAT FIT and don't look like they belong on the front of a tractor trailer. I can't even find sports bras that fit. I also don't want to be restricted to wearing men's T-shirts as my only wardrobe option. Why are women's shirts so short? You buy an extra large, and it's not any longer! It's just wider around the middle and falls off you shoulders! Hint: Bali shoulder spa (which I don't think they make anymore) and their flower bra are both very comfortable and shapely, although I think the biggest size is 38DDD. The website is always having sales, get on their mailing list. I just bought 2 nice bras for $30, a bargain compared to most places!
Hey dustyrosekisses: go to They sell bathing suits and bikinis. They are a UK company but they ship to the US. I'm thinking of ordering from them, if I could figure out what size I am. I've been trying the bra size calculators and they are off by two sizes in either direction. Arrrrgh!
Hey, I am a 15 year old and I measure 34 F-G (depending on the bra) and I am so sick of this. it really is all guys look at and like many others have said I already have back problems and my shoulders hurt. Also as mentioned my waist is just arounf 10 in. smaller then my bust and hips so i have trouble finding clothes. I am really looking forward to summer but I am so sick of trying on bathing suits. If anyone has any suggestions I would love to hear them
bittersweet, i can't imagine how much trouble you have finding clothes. i'm a generous 38 C with broad shoulders and I have problems finding shirts that fit my boobs and don't droop and hang everywhere else.

speaking of boobs, mine are sore. i forgot to use my arms to clamp them down while running up the stairs today, so they bounced around and are now sore. i thought that bras were supposed to restrain them enough to stop me from bruising my chin!
I found a 34D bra that fits perfectly, was cheap, and is actually PRETTY!

I am in heaven.
i read this thread once in a while but now i have a question...

my neck and shoulders always ALWAYS are sore. like, always. i blame it on a combination of psychosomatic anxiety and 36DD breasts. i do yoga and wear supportive bras but my back still aches. does anyone know of any specific exercises to help make those muscles stronger to hold the girls up?
laurenann, make sure that the band of your bra stays put straight around your back all day (doesn't ride up). If it rides up it is too big and you should try a 34DDD (or 34E if there is no DDD). When you first buy a bra the band should fit snug on the loosest setting so you can tighten as it stretches over time.

Failing that, make sure that the straps aren't too tight. The support is 80-90% or so from the band, not the straps (apologies if you already knew this).

You might try a chiropractor too. I have to go at least once every three weeks or so, no matter what exercises I do (and exercises won't put everything back into alignmnet if it is out no matter how diligently you do them). I have had a huge improvement in my upper back pain since starting chiropractic adjustments and massage therapy (I am the same size as you except I need to go down a band size so I am following my own advice and going bra shopping tomorrow).
I'm now a 40D. I'm having the hardest time finding tops that fit for work. I'm glad to hear the thing about 15 pound thing. That makes me feel a little better. I mean now I have to find a XXL just to get my tits into it. Ugh!
sassy, has tops and jackets, some of which are work appropriate.
sassy, I just got a few work tops and jackets from I'm also a 40D.
Great! Thanks. :-)
I just went and got fitted for a bra and learned a few things. First of which was that my 36DD bra should have been a 34F or G (like that's available in department stores!).

The other thing that I learned was that my straps were way, way, waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too tight (and I didn't think that I had them that tight to begin with). I actually thought that the fitter adjusted them too loose but now I'm getting used to it and it's much more comfortable. Basically if you're straps are making a dent in your shoulder they are too tight. If they are doing anything more than keeping themselves in place on your shoulder, they are too tight.

It helps to think of all bras as strapless bras (all of the support should be without the straps and the straps are there for reassurance and comfort). So if your straps are doing ANY of the work, then the bra is not supportive enough.

Unfortunately the bra I found best for me (Oprah's favourite T-shirt bra) is $140 Cdn. Errrk!
Which bra is that, tatiana? I don't know if I can afford $140 but I've decided I need a more supportive, better-fitting bra than the ones I currently have.

And I wear a 36C but according to a set of online measuring instructions, I should be a 38A, which seems really weird to me. I think I need to get professionally fitted.
I definately recommend getting fitted!

Last time I bought a bra it took me and hour working with a saleswoman to buy two bras that fit me perfectly. You can get good quality bras that fit . My last trip I spent about 110 $ for two bras.
penelopiad, don't bother with the online measuring instructions. According to them I'm a 38D--not in a million years would that fit!

The $140 bra style was 'Dream Tisha' by Le Mystere. Actually, it looks like it can be had for much cheaper on-line (although for me with the exchange rate & customs it would still be pricey).

Amazon has it for $66 USD: 92
(sorry I don't know how to do links on this board).

You can't tell from the picture, but it is a molded cup with a hidden underwire so it offers a lot of support and your nipples won't show (some worry about this, some don't, personal preference I guess).

I think I'm going to buy one from the shop (they didn't have the right colour so I only picked up a sports bra at the time) because they spent a lot of time with me and are really good to their customers, but I'll see if I can get another one a bit cheaper online.
Thanks tatiana! I'm in Vancouver and so I'll have to go check it out at Diane's Lingerie.
I was searching the web for a bathingsuit that might actually fit me, and I ran across this page. Wow, I am glad you guys are here. I have a honeymoon coming up in a few months, and need a few bathingsuits that will give me support. I am a 34DD, size there anyone out there that can help?
gemini21, try looking through the yellow pages in your area and finding a bra shop or lingerie boutique. Some of them carry swimsuits even if they don't advertise it. Look for shops that cater to a wide range of sizes they seem to be more likely to carry swimsuits for the, er, above average.

Alternatively, some cities have swimsuit-only shops, I don't know what they are like.

If you are ok with mail-order, you can also try

If there is no typo in your post, you might want to get properly fitted at a bra shop. I find it hard to believe that a 34-band size could fit into a 4. It may be that your band size is too big.
Gemini, Amazingly, I found a great bikini top (not sure if that's what you're looking for) at Old Navy, of all places. They seemed to carry a couple of styles that have bigger cups. I would have like an underwire, but it's pretty comfy without. I might just take apart on old bra and sew one in if it gets to be a problem.

But I agrea with tatiana, the place where I shop for my bras (32E) is a fancy lingerie shop and I know they sell good suits. The only reason I didn't get one there is I'd rather pay $16 then $100.

I also agree that I have trouble believing you're a size 34 because I'm decently bigger then a size 4 and I'm a 32. It would be a good idea to at least go to one of those fancy lingerie shops to get properly fitted, the kind of shop where the sales ladies come in with you.
They boobs grew, again. I think every few years since I was 10 they've grown. Is this ever going to stop?? I'm a 32D and well, now my 32D's are really tight. At 5 feet tall I don't feel like I can afford them to get any bigger.
Thank you guys for the input, it has been a while since I was fitted for a bra, so I will start there. Thanks again....
gemini, I get a catalog from Right now they have a couple of swim suits that come in sizes 32-38DD.

Getting a professional fitting is always good. But sizes vary from brand to brand. I wear size 4 in most dresses and blouses, but I fit into various bras in size 32D, 32DD, 34D, and 34DD.
i just bought a bathing suit at a lingerie shop. i forget the brand (not too helpful, huh?) but the sizes were by bra size and normal size. so for example mine is a size 36DD 8. it is awesome because it fits my top and my bottom. it cost $125 though, ouch.
I have a swim suit I got a few years ago at a speciality swim suit store, Water Water Everywhere (, that came in bra sizes, and I want to say that they specialized in bigger sizes. They didn't have a big selection of design, if I recall correctly, but they did have different styles of tops, and many different styles for bottoms.
Ow. I had to wear a strapless bra tonight during a wedding (spaghetti straps and low cut dress). I actually came home and put on my Champion sports bra and I feel so much better. I've never really experienced back pain from my breasts before--I'd always heard it was in your lower back, but I felt it more in the middle to upper back and even in my shoulders. Does anyone have suggestions for strapless bras (other than, "don't wear them")?

And I noticed while putting on the strapless that my breasts are starting to sag (I'm 24). Not a lot--I still like the shape--but they're definitely not as perky as they once were. I never thought I'd consider a reduction but it's in the back of my mind now.
penelopiad, the sagging comes from stretched ligaments which come from bouncing. There could be one that I haven't seen, but none of the Champion sports bras that I've seen and/or tried on have had anywhere near the support needed for jogging or running, so if that's what you do in your sports bra that's probably why (I am, of course, guessing) :-)

I just got an Enell sports bra and it is the only sports bra I have ever tried on that is suitable for running for, er, women of our build, shall I say? Lots of sports bras claim to be for running, but they usually mean that for the smaller cup sizes, not the bigger ones.

Sorry for going on, but I'm annoyed with myself for not getting a better sports bra sooner, because, yeh, not quite as perky as they could be. :-(

As for the strapless bra thing, would the see through bra straps have worked with your dress? I think there is a strapless, convertible bra from Le Mystere that takes them and there are other "strapless" bras that come with transparent bra straps. Might not have worked with your dress, but worth looking into for next time.
My thought is if they're big, they're going to sag...mine hover between a D and DD and I'm 24 as well...saggage abounds. It just happens, regardless of how much you support them during the day. Gravity and bodies; nothing doing to change that.

And tatiana, I'm about ready to build a little altar to Enell. There is nothing like them in the world!
It's funny, I tried the Enell--with an experienced salesperson checking the fit for me--and I had more bouncing with that than with the Champion Action Shape sports bra. (That model is designed for C/D/DD cup sizes.) I jog regularly and it works well for me.

I don't particularly like the look of the clear bra straps. I know for larger busted ladies (and I feel like someone's pervy uncle saying that) it's so often a choice between style and function, but there are some matters of personal taste I can't compromise on. It occurred to me after I posted that I should look into a well-designed longline or bustier-style strapless bra.

Argh, it's frustrating. I do appreciate the suggestions, though!
Hmm, I had to go a size down from what the Enell chart suggested to get one that fit properly. The size that the chart suggested was as you described--too bouncy. The place I go, they move the hooks on the bottom so the smaller size is more comfortable.

Whatever works! I haven't been brave enough to wear a strapless bra since high school. And I don't think I will be any time soon after hearing Oprah's story about how she realised that hers was inching towards her waist one evening!
i don't like clear straps 'cause they stick. i had a strapless bra that stayed up because it had strips of that same stuff on boning along the side. but on my shoulders/halter style it just feels uncomfortable to me.

i have a bustier from my prom dress, and if i need a strapless for something that sucker comes out. so anything clingy/skintight is out, but i'm okay with that anyways. it's quite the production to get into, mind you. it takes a team, that does :P

i have a question: why do people make completely unsupportive bras in larger sizes? i was looking for a halter bra, and i found one in my size (38 D for that one) and it was like wearing nothing, except uncomfortable. wtf? do people not understand that they bouce? they're mostly fat, they're jiggly, and once they're this size they need to be strapped down for comfort, so why on earth do bras that do nothing exist for us? i mean, when i was smaller (like, in elementary school) i wore bras that offered next to no support just 'cause they were cute or comfy or to hid the nip nips, so i understand them in smaller sizes. i swear, men must be the ones in charge of the bra industry
I'm still on the hunt for a good bustier...I took the band on my strapless bra in severely, so that it actually almost cuts off my air supply, but it does stay up now

When I get an apartment with workspace I will devote myself solely to creating both aesthetically-pleasing and supportive bras for the generously-endowed *raises clenched fist a la Scarlett O'Hara*
The Enell chart said I was a size 1, but I had bounce even in size 0. I would have tried the 00 but it didn't even fit around my ribcage. I'm glad it works for others, though.

lucizoe, that's a good idea about taking in the band--thanks!
I've been living with these girls for 20 years now so have figured out all the brands that work, and will second the comments of those who say most women wear the wrong size. You probably need a smaller back and a larger cup, though that does make it harder to find bras. My favorite brand is Wacoal (expensive, but if you can stand discount shopping, they show up at outlets in the rarer sizes like DDD cups. I'm 32DDD so never find anything at mainstream stores. For sexier stuff, Fantasie/Freya and Felina are good. Felina runs a little small so don't buy without trying on. I just ordered a bikini from Freya from that looks very James bond. I trust them to make it supportive, but I'll update here when it arrives. I have the long line strapless bustier from Lunaire (also on figleaves) that looks like a madonna video from the 80's and is a little pointy, but it's not going anywhere once you put it on (with the help of a friend, in my case). Champion high impact is the only thing I've found that really works for sports. I've even used it in a triathlon, though being mostly cotton, I know it slowed me down in the water (but I wasn't playing to win anyhow). I'm repeating what I'm sure has been posted here by others in the past, but newbies might want to get this info again. -Mel
Hi. I'm new here, and may have a solution to a common problem.

I got into this because of my daughter. As a teenager, she “grew” up, and out, and began having trouble finding 32DD bras, because she is petite yet full figured.

We went shopping all over town, and found that there are virtually no stores that carry 32DD bras, and the few lingerie stores that do carry brassieres that size have bras that “look like my grandma's bras”, as my daughter says. Most stores couldn't even order bras in the 32DD size.

So, we started buying bras online. However, over the last three years, the supply of 32DD bras has dried up. Most of the websites that used to carry 32 DD bras no longer have them, and the ones that claim to have them are usually “back ordered”, which can mean that you will receive your bras between 4 weeks and never. In the U.K., they do have online full figured brassiere
stores with 32DD bras, but the cost is very high($65 - $90), plus expensive shipping charges.

So I did some research, and decided that we could
open a store that will carry pretty, comfortable 32DD bras.

So we did, check it out:


Holy shit, gorgeous bras at resonable prices. Are you planning on expanding your line to say maybe a 34DD? that would be awesome cuz then I could buy a shit load of fabulous bras from you!
Hi. Actually, I can probably get that size for you in the Tatiana lines. Check out what we have and I'll see about availability.

My email is

Holy crap, Mel! Triathlon? This is O/T, but do you have a blog or story about that experience somewhere?

People with discipline fascinate me.
Hey. I don't know for sure, but i think i'm the only teenager here. I'm 14 years old and a 36DDD, unfortunally. I was wondering if anyone knew of a good website that sold high necked 36DDD one piece swimsuits.. I know that is alot to ask, but i don't have the courage to go into anything else... Thanks in advance.
Absolutely never thought I'd have something to post on THIS board, but this is from my inbox this morning, from U of Texas Southwestern medical school. No use to me personally, but hope it helps someone here:
Thin is in, but not necessarily for bra straps

Women should take care with underwear support as summer fashion trends minimize. Wearing a thin bra strap too tightly can lead to a nagging headache, say doctors at UT Southwestern Medical Center.

“The binding from the strap puts pressure on the trapezius muscle, which causes strain and knotting of the muscle and may cause headaches or pain that radiates down the arm,” says Dr. Karen Kowalske, UT Southwestern’s chairwoman of physical medicine and rehabilitation.

The pain may take days or weeks to resolve, but there is virtually no permanent damage.

Full-busted women should wear bras with straps that are significantly wider than a standard strap with some padding if possible. Regular straps are too narrow and spaghetti straps are worse.
The researchers are missing the point, me thinks. You should not be wearing your strap tight enough that it digs into your shoulder. It isn't there for support, that's what the band is for. Thin, wide, doesn't matter because it should not be carrying any weight.

They'd be better off education women on how to fit a bra properly.
I dunno, I've seen plenty of larger-sized bras in the stores with thin straps. I wouldn't know, but it seems that the weight of what those bras were supporting would cause anything but very wide straps to cut into your skin...?
i was telling my mom about how it was supposed to be the band, not the straps supporting her boobage (she's really really big in the chestal region), and she said that even if the band was doing all the 'supporting', if the straps were too loose the girls would bounce everywhere anyway, which makes sense. i'm 38C/36D, and i make sure my straps don't carry any weight, but i can imagine it being difficult to manage once you get to Hs and such sizes
one of the greatest bras I ever had, had padding on the straps and around the underwire. soooo comfy
Well, I dunno, I fit anywhere from a 36E to a 34G and thin straps are fine. They don't need to cut in to keep the girls from going all over the place except if the bra isn't offering enough support to begin with. And I don't like much mevement since it leads to sagging, so it's not like I'm letting mine bounce.

To each her own, but thick straps don't do much more than thin straps for me now that I don't tighten them too much.
just curious, if the straps aren't there for support, what are they there for?

and tatiana, how's the Dream Tisha-Le Mystere bra working for you? i think i may try one. i heart my Wacoal Elegance Hidden Wire Minimizer, but it doesn't cut it for tee-shirts.

i just measured myself as per the instructions. according to them i should be a 38C. sorry, but i just can't fathom these DD/DDD bazongas not violently spilling over any C cup!
I bought a bra at Target, and it fits as good as the expensive bras I was buying online. I'm totally switching to cheap bras. I don't care.
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