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wow ris,
thanks for the post. very powerful. i really need to get out of this slump and i believe creating a morning ritual will be a good start.

i try to follow my own advice but hey, it doens't always happen:
1. if you have to study, go to a library that does not have internet access for you. when i was in law school 3 of us would trek over to another law library where we didn't have access.
2. keep lists and revise/brainstorm every morning first thing. my reward when i finish is BREAKFAST!
3. do the yucky tasks first. it will give you motivation to do the rest instead of dreading all day.
4. put aside a certain amount of time to be worthless, preferably at the end of the day. like: i can spend an hour wasting time on the net but not till at least 2pm.

i am currently struggling to determine my life's calling. it sucks.
i thought it was law - i hated it. you dream about something your whole life, get there, and assume "all i have to do now is do it." then ya hate it and get out while you can.
but what the hell do you do next?!?!?!?

my plan: speak to my career services office and get on craigslist. and possibly a headhunter. "Yes, I am an intelligent hard-working lady with no skills for the careerworld as I have spent the last 7 years passing out peanuts on an airplane."


Why am I still 13 pages short on a 20-page paper that's due tomorrow?

Oh that's right--because I suck.
Oh Bust lounge. Bless you. After reading 50 pages of GirlBomb and organizing the crap pile under my desk, you provided that extra two hours of procrastination time during which I should have been squeezing out that last two pages of my research paper and preparing to present my topic for tomorrow's class.

The panic won't set it until I lay down to go to sleep tonight.
mermaidgirl- i totally feel ya. you're way better off than i am. you can so squeeze out two more pages. i believe in you!

yeah... so i have a 15-20 page paper due at 5:00 pm tomorrow and i haven't started writing. researched and outlined, yes. but written, no. *sigh*

why do i do this?! after being in school for over 20 years and reaching graduate school, you'd think i'd learn. i'm getting too old to pull all-nighters. *double sigh*

oh, i am on the west coast, though. so it's not quite as bad as it seems given the posting time.
almost halfway done! if i can keep up this pace, i'm good to go. of course, i'm now using the fact that the laptop battery needs to be plugged back in and recharged to hook up the internet.
Goooooooooooooooo Altargirl! (I may have been a cheerleader in a past life because that's the first thing that popped into my mind when I read your post from this morning.)

Thanks for the encouragement. I didn't start until two days before due date. I had researched for hours and knew what I was going to write, so I figured, eh, it'll be a breeze. I have it all done now. Well, it's at the required length but I have no summary/conclusion/wrap-up yet.

The one thing left to do, besides sum up, is write a little one page hand out for the rest of the class. I'm going to try to do it at work today. It's all due at 6 tonight.

What's your paper on?
I have 10 pages left to write by about 4 (since it's due at 5 and I have to go drive up there), so you can totallly write your conclusion and handout in time. i always find that intros and conclusions are the most difficult part of the paper. it's never fun to take care of all the loose ends and formalities. my most hated academic chore is doing the bibliography. bleh.

my paper is on the process theologians of the university of chicago divinity school in the mid-to-late 20th century and their relationship to postmodernism via the methodology of radical empiricism. interesting to me, but not that many other people. i like to tell everyone i know about process theology, though.

what's your paper on?

ok, got to get back to writing!
15 minutes to class! My paper is done, my hand-out is done, and my semester is done (in three hours, that is).

I hope you finished your paper, Altergrrl. It sounds really interesting although I'm not sure I'd know what you were talking about.

My paper was on the benefits of literacy and educational training and programs for inmates.
yea, mermaidgirl!!!! congratulations. your paper sounds both interesting and practical.

i finished without a minute to spare!

unfortunately, i still have another 10-12 page paper due early next week and a batch of final exams to grade that i'll received on friday and need to be finished by tuesday.

*sigh* so close, yet so far away.
I had to revive this to let off some steam (and avoid working).

I'm currently taking 2 month-long summer courses over shit I already know but took too long ago for the credits to apply towards my degree. I really, really, really don't want to write these boring-ass essays! And there are 1 or 2 due every single day (and most of the class is online, which affords me ample opportunity to dick around here and not get anything done).

AND my cats shit on my research last night. This is almost a valid excuse to not write since I left the stack of papers 3 ft. from the litterbox that I hadn't cleaned in 2 days and the furry little fuckers are so picky apparently my notes were cleaner than the box and I don't wanna work on these useless essays and I think I'm gonna skip class tonight and is it too early for a drink?

*Deep breath*

Okay I'm done.
What if it's not procrastination, but laziness, fostered by a lazy upbringing? It's even tougher to break this pattern.
I hear you. As the only person in my family not drawing welfare, do I ever hear you. How does one fake a protestant work ethic??
That's why I need external forces to make me work, like deadlines. If I had to rely only on myself saying, 'gee, I should probably work now' I'd do nothing all day.

I'm currently down the country completely isolated writing up a chapter, due, oh, Thursday night. It's going okay, but I'm still only getting up at 10am, despite the obvious pressure. And I'm not working late at night either... although I may have to from today.

And as for the word count...
It's like I see these type A personality people juggling 20 things every minute who couldn't sit still even if they were paid to, and I know that I don't want to be like that, but what I do want is to get things done every week. Some weeks are better than others.
Hey guys, I'm in procrastination hell, too. I have 120 children's art projects to organize and schedule by Friday, and I haven't done one single thing about it yet. But my apartment is super clean, I'm all caught up on emails and I'm posting a lot in bust! That must count for something...
Bump for LoveMyPugs!
Ok, so I put off cleaning the kitchen WAY TOO LONG! I took me forever to clean it today. My dishwasher is broken so I pretty much use it as a big strainer for my dishes to dry in. I washed all the pots and pans; some were so nasty I had to let them soak. These filled the dishwasher. Dried them all and put them away. Washed all the dirty Tupperware and plastic ware, also many needed to soak and smelled bad when I opened them. These also again filled the dishwasher. Dried and put them all away. Then washed all the glasses, dishes and silverware, which filled the top rack. Dried and put them away. Wiped down all the counters, sink and stove. It took me all day. I’m unemployed so I have the time but I know I’m ridiculous when it comes to cleaning. Why can’t I just do a little everyday instead of putting it off until it’s overwhelming? I literally get a little dizzy when I look at a big project that I know has to be done soon.

Here is the big kicker!

Tell me why I’m putting off going to claim unemployment since I just lost my job (oh, and by the way I didn’t loose my job do to procrastination lol). I’m afraid they might reject my claim since I was fired. I’ve got nothing to loose so why not just try right? I have such a fear of doing some things cause they “might” not work out. What’s the matter with me?

I am going back to school tomorrow to register for more classes. I’m getting up early to go and beat the late registration rush (that’s if I go to bed soon and stop finding things that I “need” to post about in bust).

Things To Do
1. Wake Up On Time (I’m so lazy)
2. Go to School & Register Already
3. Find Social Security Card and go Put in a Claim for Unemployment
4. Work on the Mountain of Laundry in the Basement
5. Stop Procrastinating
I do the same thing with cleaning...sometimes...its usually related to my moods though, I am finding.

When I have things going right and not stressful I can manage and maintain all the things I have to do.
But when things go wrong, or I am worrying or stressing, I let things pile up til I have to get it back in order. My twin doesn't understand my logic, and neither do I.

Orverall, I am very organized and a clean person (just not in time where emotionally/ mentally my mind and thoughts are living in chaos) I am an avid list maker. I make lists all day, for all different things, *EVERYDAY*

I'm always motivated and driven and can get things done at or above the standard *always* when faced with a deadline.

I don't think I am a procrastinator though, I think when I let my house get in a state of disarray like that I am just being lazy. When beneficial opportunities arise I pounce on them like a savage.

I don't know why my house and car takes a beating when I feel sad, mad, or stressed.

One thing about me is that I will always take the time to find things out and have a definite answer either way...esp if it can't hurt. I never take no for a first answer and I know and believe without doubt that there are exceptions to every rule, and always a loop hole, or waiver, or whatever, etc. For cases of extenuating circumstances or whatever, you can always get around something, someway, somehow (just got to know what resources you have and how to use them...and you can apply this thought or method to anything or situation). So just try things out, always...BECAUSE YOU JUST NEVER KNOW UNLESS YOU DO!

Ok, now to do more before 6am than the rest of you will do all day! wink.gif
I am so weird about procastinating - like before I can start on a project [such as homework], I must clean before I can start the hw! Like it's some kind of "mind" Feng Shui, lol.
I should go to the Math Lab and work on my Algebra & Trigonometry homework but then I would be putting off the important posts that I need to make in bust.

blink.gif blink.gif blink.gif
i told myself i could leave work at 5 if i took some of it home to work on it.

and yet, the pull of BUST and 'to catch a predator' (damn you, no cable).... a weak siren song but a siren song nonetheless

gah! why do we do this? i am such a procrastinator!
let's bump down that bot, shall we?

i have two term papers due this week and i am just beginning to write the first one. all the research is done, mind you...but as is obvious, i am surfing the net at the moment. not what i need to be doing. alright. back to it. at least i've been a prolific bustie tonight. ohmy.gif
I have a huge Algebra/Trig test on Tuesday and tons of Drafting drawings due tonight and I'm posting on bust. *shakes head*
I needed to remit an assignment last Tuesday, but deferred to next Tuesday it cause I had to work overtime for tax season (hang in there, only one week left!), and today, the only day that I could actually work on it, I spent all day reading Bust archives... sigh...
I am in no mood to write two ten-page papers, go over two semesters of latin lessons, and write a grant. The new Heroes is on tonight, and I have spin class, then its work work work work work until next tuesday. Its a short amount of time when you think about it, but just know that the next week will be no fun makes me cringe. Everytime I get stuck on my paper I get up and make a cup of tea, or get a snack, or tweeze my eyebrows, or clean...anything to avoid doing them. Whats worse is that they aren't even that difficult, I just flat out DONT FEEL LIKE IT. My own laziness astounds me sometimes.....
QUOTE(sinfullysmitten @ Jan 7 2007, 01:55 AM) *
I am so weird about procastinating - like before I can start on a project [such as homework], I must clean before I can start the hw! Like it's some kind of "mind" Feng Shui, lol.

I have this EXACT same must occur so that I can sit down and feel relaxed. Even if there isn't much to clean, I will tidy up the room or find all the loose papers in the house to recycle. I suppose things get done, but not the RIGHT things like homework.
And don't forget to clip your fingernails!
I am the absolute WORST about procrastination. I will sit there and think about ways I can get out of turning in the assignment when it's due, and I usually do that for so long, I could have completed the assignment four times over. I procrastinate going to bed, I procrastinate waking up, I even procrastinate EATING. It's bad, ladies and gentlemen. Could I be a pathological procrastinator?
Geez... I know how you feel. It's like you know you need to do something... and in fact you may want to do really bad, feel excited about it.... but somehow make it into something harder to do than it really is.... it's getting started that's the problem. Procrastination has led me to not just get the F*&@K over my ex even when there's nothing left to really want except a good lay and some good tunes (and even excited about meeting a new dude one day more deserving of me, by god). Kept me from getting out of debt... funny how when you know you need to save, you spend more. hmm? Even dinner seems like a huge undertaking sometimes... and that could include freaking steaming veggies..which takes like 3-5 minutes.
I'm trying to kick that horse in preparation for grad. school and I know, I know, I know I just have to get started on studying for the GRE...etc. I will do everything else except get started.... make up excuses a plenty. And I really want to go back to school.... I must get out of this damn town! That's my sure-fire way out too.... and yet. I always say "Next week will be the week that I get started on my regimen or plan or whatever".
Why do I have to make things seem bigger and harder than they really are!?! I'll write lists and lists of "to-do's" and not cross the big stuff off. The most important stuff. Geez louise.
QUOTE(LustfullyPink @ May 9 2007, 11:01 PM) *
I even procrastinate EATING.

WOW! I don't think that will ever be a problem for me.

I have tons of laundry to do right now and I'm catching up on bust and playing with my myspace. What's wrong with me?
I saw this thread and knew I would fit right in. I am quite good at procrastination. I should be doing something work related. Am I? Of course not!!!!

How can anyone get anything done when the weather is such a HUGE factor?! If it's rainy, you feel like vegging. If it's gorgeous outside, why work?! If it's hot, you're just physically and mentally drained and need to take a ride to the beach. If it's cold, your body needs to get all bundled up, drink some hot cocoa and read or watch tv.

Hey, am I just lazy too???
Sigh, I should really really do my FAFSA....blargh, I hate having to ask my dad how much money he makes. I shouldn't even have to ask since I pay for school myself, and he always acts like I'm trying to get something from him. I just need the FUCKING number so I can turn this stupid thing in.
Hi people, what's up? I am a fresh member and i am glad to be here whit you.
Rather than doing the reading (massive tome) for one of my classes tomorrow, I find myself surfing around, cruising the Bust boards. So now I'll have to stay up half the night, reading, and not sleeping in preparation for the first day of classes! Argh. I don't know why I find it so impossible to stay on task... blink.gif
blink.gif [color="#00BFFF"][/color] Hey guys, I am also a HUGE procrastinator. Maybe it could be that nothing seems "important: enough for us to get bup and do at the drop of a dime. you guys arwnt alone procrastination has caused me some trouble and set-backs also. Over comming laziness is on my agenda.
I need to work on my resume and cover letter. I need to send them off sometime this week, for at least a slim chance of being considered for a job. This is something I should have worked on this weekend, but I always managed to find something else (such as cleaning the house or watching TV), that could be done instead of the resume.

And obviously, I've found other things to do tonight than what I should be doing, or else I wouldn't be here.

If they make those brain chips, I'd definitely need one installed for sending off resumes and studying.
I have to write this super short 700 word "essay" and I've been putting it off all weekend. I'm already more than halfway through it but I just feel like it's crap. Even though it's due in 5 hours and I'm thinking it's junk, i'm pretty sure I'll still get an A on it.
I am writing the LSAT's on Saturday, and I am finding it to be very difficult to go over any notes or my practice book. I have studied a lot, but I don't know how I'm feeling about the test. I guess I'll just do my best! Also, because of the LSAT studying/procrastinating where I don't do non LSAT related work because that would make no sense (right?) I have fallen behind in my readings. EEEEK! Next week is going to be hellllll, with midterms coming.
whaa? has no one procrastinated since this time last year??

i have achieved 5% of i intended to accomplish today. i am a lazy motherfucker.
I have, but I've procrastinated on posting in here. tongue.gif

Right now I'm putting off sending out resumes and emailing acquaintances. Both are things I really need to get done, but I'm a little scared of the outcomes and rejection.
SWEET!!! A thread devoted to people like me who wait till the last minute to do stuff LOL. Hallelujah!

I'm with you on the resume' thing, Lilac! I so hate being rejected and disappointed.

I am the queen of procrastination in my home - wow that's really sad to brag about isn't it?? Lets run down the list of shyt I was supposed to do but havent yet!

-finding a job (although all the jobs around here suck and dont pay much)
-calling maintenance to fix this damn light in the kitchen
-cleaning the apartment/aquarium
-practicing my driving so i can finally get my license (i mean really I'm 27 yrs old I think its time)

-telling my friends how I really feel about them being here all the time

Now that I look at this list, i'm kinda ashamed of myself LOL Geez T! You gotta do better sweetie!

I'm feeling so overwhelmed it's taking all of my strength not to simply shut down.
procrastination is my nemesis!
Hello my sisters in procrastination hell.
I know procrastinating my assignment for one more night is going to affect my self esteem so I will do more of it tonight. RIGHT after I finish Busting.
why, oh why, is every sunday night the same? i find myself rushing to write lesson plans for the week
while also trying to keep up with the readings for my coursework. grr.

but i do so love my lazy saturdays... and sunday afternoons...

must get off the 'puter and back to work
hmmm...practise exam tomorrow; have to re-learn a whole semester worth of work as well as try and tackle this semester's course. do you think i have spent my morning doing that though?

of course not.
sleeping in, shopping, playing with pets, and now bust-ing.
Christine Nectarine
i've started procrastinating EVERYTHING at work, because i'm feeling so burnt out here. this has extended to putting off finishing the resume i need to send in order to get OUT of here.

doesn't. make. sense.

but here i am, busting away...thanks for the company ladies!
So I have a day off where I can catch up on things like researching grad schools and working on my resume, but instead I put those things off and end up watching Buffy the Vampire Slayer, taking a walk, doing laundry and washing dishes. I needed to have a day where nothing happened, but at the same time, I feel guilty for not working on more productive stuff.
presentation in t-minus 3 days.
powerpoint: not even started.
i did print out a lot of shit, so at least i have a stack of papers to make me feel like i'm making progress.

(but i'm really downloading iphone apps and listening to pandora and busting)
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