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Full Version: Procrastination Hell
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CCG, I'm here to kick your ass.

Don't get high and write your paper. That's stupid, because you're going to be in slow motion and everything will take you even longer.

Don't tell yourself you have writer's block. Write a first draft to just get that shit down. Make it, say, 7 pages. Sleep on it and clean it up in the morning and reassess from there.


Who's next?
one more day Candy....keep going! I agree with Raisin....smoke after to come down rather than drag it out smile.gif Raisin I need a kick in the butt for my thesis....GO! haha
Okay, seriously just like, 2 more pages to go but why can't I find sources about Hamlet and madness? And since none of the databases I use are strictly for English literature, every time I try to search for articles about things like "construction of character" or "identity" I end up getting psychology stuff or random things that just include the word "construction".
when u click on Look Inside - go to 'first pages' and u can read the whole essay on hamlet and Ganser Syndrome (which gives you both the cake of saying he's fronting AND the eating it of having a scientific diagnosis, hehe.)

and this is a whole google book on hamlet, the word 'madness' is highlighted (but so is 'Hamlet' and 'his' so go to 'show all' and look from there), you can scroll at your heart's content

and a list of madness quotes from Hamlet itself

there is something old, something new and something blue; )
Do these constitute resources?
Can someone tell me how to make big hairy links like the ones below look nice and trim like "this" or "the hamlet syndrome" instead of all the slashes and noise?

Also, Candy, hope I didn't fool you that I am a Shakespeare scholar, I just googled these as I have a soft spot for the prince and his mental health.
lol, thanks 7. As for your query, what you do is click the "insert link" button in the reply box and then you cut and paste the link and then it will say something like "please enter the title for this" and in that box you can type whatever you want the link to be posted as.
I've been procrastinating on these encyclopedia entries for months now. They are due tomorrow. FUCK!!! I submitted one over the weekend, but these last two are killing me. The subject matter is part of the problem, but how many hours a day do I really want to devote to thinking about the state of abortion in the US? It's depressing and just not fun. boo hiss

Back to work--or working on working.
I will finish my essay by 1am! I will finish my essay by 1am!
I have been procrastinating on everything for about a month now. Rather than working hard in November so that I can enjoy December now looks like it is going to happen the other way around. I know what I have to do but just can't get myself to sit down and do it. The problem is that a thesis seems like a never ending project. Rarely do you have a day where you can actually show that you have produced/completed a mass amount of work. It feels like I am just nibbling around the edges but never taking a big bite. Gah!
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