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Full Version: "i really shouldn't...Well, if you insist..." The Guilty Pleasures Thread
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the movie that thing you do. i know it's horribly cheesy and all, but i can't help myself. i watch it every time i see it on hbo.
speaking of cheesy movies, I love the movie Big Trouble in Little China and Tremors. Really. I own them both.
QUOTE(culturehandy @ Mar 2 2007, 12:00 PM) *

SpongBob SquarePants, fucking love that cartoon. I actually love cartoons in general.

hey, SBSP is a smart, clever show! Big Trouble, that's another story, hee hee. actually, i watch Overboard every time it's on, which is often for some reason.
I own *so* many cheesy movies, Bloodsport being one; love Big Trouble although don't own it, do own Big Business.

Movies I've seen about a million times although I know they aren't that good:

* Stigmata
* The Craft
* The Hole
* Freak City
* Crazy/Beautiful
* White Oleander
* Girl Interrupted
* Legally Blonde
* But I'm a Cheerleader
* Hairspray

Coela, my mister has a copy of The Hole and I can't tell you how many times I've watched it, nor can I tell you why. I think I just like the spooky score...
This one is really bad...

Last night I watched the first episode of that new show where they are searching for the "next Pussycat Doll." A bunch of chics dressing like hoochies trying to dance all sexy. Oye.
Sybarite, I don't even remember the score! I guess part of it is that I like Thora Birch a lot
(how indie cliche of me..), and I really think the lying and deceiving is a big part of it.
Oh it could have been such a good movie..
I used to watch The Surreal Life.

Ate at "The Texas Roadhouse" last night.

Normally I wouldn't be caught dead at this place. But I went with some friends who swore they had awesome steaks. Gotta 'mit, the New York Strip I had melted in my mouth.

However, I don't think I can take anymore country music soundtrack EVER and little 16 year old girls waitressing looking like they're trying to be Country Music TV video dancin' girls strutting around in the TIGHTEST jeans and t-shirts I've ever seen. Peanut shells all over the floor, you know the place ; )~~
Coela, I love Clueless and Legally Blonde!!
culturehandy, I love Spongebob and I don't care who knows! It's funny. I also like a lot of cartoons including Powerpuff Girls, My Life as a Teenage Robot, Pepper Ann and The Weekenders
candycane, I just love the whole concept of the show. I kind of think of myself as Patrick. I also own season one on DVD, and have the movie, too! I remember the first time I saw the SpongeBob movie, I was so stoned, and laughed so fucking hard. laugh.gif
i totally netflixed Xena, the first season, and watched a bit of it this past weekend.

but sadly, it didn't have the charm i remembered
I remember Xena,Hercules and Sinbad the Sailor. All the same types of shows. They were on televesion on Saturday's. I was totally addicted when I was younger.
I second nickclick about watching 90210 on soapnet! I did that the other morning... I loved it! It brought back so many cheesy memories!
90210! I am guilty of watching it sometimes. but it's on during the day, when I am at work.
One word: Passions
Oh Passions too. O remember when I last watched it, some house was possessed by the evil presence thing, and they had these horrible fake styrofoam demons. It was great!

The movie Flesh Gordon, I just can't turn it off when it is on. So horrible, but hysterically funny in the same breath!

Anything 80's. I love the bad cock rock videos, same with 70's!
Cheezy 80s music. For example, as I type this, I am listening to 'Bette Davis Eyes'.

I also kind of love Mariah Carey.

*hides head in utter shame*
i feel the need to fuel the 80's/early 90's reverie by linking this:

makes me want to go watch tiny toon adventures.
Tiny toons! I remember that show!

Speaking of old shows, does anyone remember Johnny Quest? I only ever saw the show in reruns.
Don't remember Johnny Quest, but I just watched another of my guilty pleasures last night... The Girls Next Door.

It's the only show that the bf doesn't complain about wink.gif

I also love The Girls next Door!!
I could also watch The Simple Life
My current guilty pleasures:

Watching The X Factor (our Simon Cowell, American Idol equivalent).
Coca-cola (oh Coke, I love you so).
Downloading TV shows and music.
Being short of money but still scrounging up enough pennies for a Starbucks.
Sour cream and Chive dip.
Re-watching Dawson's Creek on dvd.
Domino's Pizza.
Heh, I know what you mean about the downloading, bunny. I used to be obsessed with it and I still would be, but I can't think of any more songs to download!! Oooh, I have started converting and downloading YouTube videos though.
Dirty Dancing would be my guilty pleasure movie. It doesn't matter how many times I've seen it, if it's on I have to stop and watch it. And sometimes my sis and I will watch and sing along loudly like complete dorks.

and my edible guilty pleasures, no, make that weaknesses:

la brea bakery three cheese semolina bread with presidente butter
oil cured blue cheese stuffed olives
jalapeno cheetoes
jalapeno jam/jelly & whipped cream cheese spread on crackers
see's candy, specifically coconut special (dark chocolate covering shredded coconut and honey), cashew brittle (white chocolate covered toffee with cashews and coconut), and white mint truffle.

why couldn't my weakness be celery and cucumbers?
Dirty Dancing is NEVER a guilty pleasure!!! C'mon, yeufie, god wouldn't of given you maracas if he didn't want you to shake 'em!!!!!
QUOTE(pinkpoodle @ Oct 4 2007, 06:38 PM) *
Dirty Dancing is NEVER a guilty pleasure!!! C'mon, yeufie, god wouldn't of given you maracas if he didn't want you to shake 'em!!!!!

laugh.gif you're soooo right, poodle. long time no see, by the way. *mwah*
Word, yeufie. Word.
Nobody puts baby in a corner.
I carried a watermelon. (I carried a watermelon?!)
Three words for me: One. Tree. Hill.

laugh.gif Jezebel. My sister watches it and from time to time I'm subjected to an episode.
Gaaah One Tree Hill.... I am so addicted to it, although not to the level where I know when the new season starts (when is that?).
I think the new season starts over the winter, like a midseason deal. I actually only got into it when Soapnet (another guilty pleasure laugh.gif ) started showing reruns, so I've watched all bits and pieces of the seasons all out of order. They show it after 90210 reruns, which does help it seem a little less cheesy by comparison. Okay, not really, I'm just rationalizing.

My brother's roommate last year used to watch it in their dorm room all the time and he hated it, so now he teases me mercilessly about watching it and I tease him that I'm going to make him watch with me.
So I'm a bit unsure where a question of this sort belongs, but I figured I'd try here first and feel free to redirect me if there's a more appropriate thread...

I was just wondering if anyone knows of any good anime porn that is not blatantly sexist. I realize 95% of anime porn places women in submissive positions, and I can handle that to an extent, but rape scenes, gang bangs, etc. are too much for me.
Does anyone know of anything good?
so no help for you likeanyother

i LOVE the days when i ditch work for lunch and take my book to the little strip of grass and stretch out and read
i also really like mrs. t's peirogies
tortinos ridiculously processed pizza
grey's anatomy and gossip girl
i'm also obsessed with the website jezebel. its basically what i wish BUST was, only in website form

really if i could eat junk food while watching trashy melodramas all the time, i would be very happy
Um, drinking honey from the jar... not THAT often, though.

Daily lattes at my new favorite cafe, almost always in the name of procrastination, and reading or writing in my little journal and feeling bohemian.

A long hot shower in the morning and then a bath at night.
Sitting at home, flipping between some teen movie (yesterday it was Bring It On) and America's Next Top Model. Horrible show, but kinda addicting.

It doesn't hurt that I was procrastinating on some schoolwork too.
Eating straight peanut butter with a spoon.
Skipping class to cuddle with my cats.
Harry Potter slash
putting real cream, not just half and half in my coffee
Excellent quality cheeses
Excellent chocolates
writing far too much on the evanescence of life, etc
modeling (because am 5'2" will not make me brilliant and famous, so it's for fun)
using only organic things
gigantic pickles and their juice
tostitos and nacho cheese when I am down with ramen---those if I am really, really really down
omelettes with brie/camembert and rosemary ham
letting men take me out to fancy dinners because I am too poor to afford them but I am too gluttonous to say no sometimes
confessing things

anna k
I like watching Beavis and Butthead and Daria and anything from mid-1990s MTV
I like Roseanne reruns from the first few seasons. I also like to watch reruns of The Cosby Show and Kate and Allie
Soft rock ballads
David Hasselhoff's theme to Baywatch
novelty rock songs like New Age Girl by Deadeye Dick or Detacheable Penis by King Missile
I've been watching old Michael Jackson videos on Youtube and listening to songs from when I was a kid
I hate listening to "All By Myself" because it's so sad, but a gorgeous song
I like watching bad movies and laughing myself silly at them
Eating homemade nachos on a wheat wrap with black beans
Imagining travelling in Portugal and Buenos Aires
Daytime trashy talk shows with teenage girls mouthing off and having trumped-up allegations of being the biggest sluts ever
Granola on yogurt with blueberries
I Would Do Anything For Love by Meatloaf because it reminds me of being a little kid enthralled by all the instruments and drama of the song
Flirting with men when I'm feeling good
masturbating while watching bill callahan concert footage on youtube.
Masturbating to Chris Issak
Ben/Jerry's Phish Food ice cream
A long bubble bath
watching trashy reality tv
bag of discounted kit kat bars
taking an hour and half lunch to go to a bakery 8 towns away to buy pumpkin bread. eating half of pumpkin bread when i got home.
my roommate convinced me to go in on the $5.55, 10 inch, *unlimited* toppings pizza from yucky Domino's. We had to order 3 of them to get the deal. I couldn't resist.
I know that Domino's as a corporation does not donate to anti-choice groups, but the money that the owner of the company makes off the pizza goes to those groups-which to me is just as bad. But....I was able to put about 6 toppings (onions, green peppers, tomatoes, pineapple, chicken and provolone cheese) on a ten inch pizza for $5.55. This is also a guilty pleasure because the pizza is not that great, but it tastes a whole lot better when you're paying so little....
I'll have to balance this out by donating to PP or NARAL : P
Ditto on America's Next Top Model.

Ramen noodles (ideally 'seafood party' flavour) with added egg broken in, parmesan cheese, chili flakes and garlic. I know: I'm the wrongness.
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