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Full Version: "i really shouldn't...Well, if you insist..." The Guilty Pleasures Thread
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When I was 10, my mom bought me Janet Jackson's janet. album. I had requested an album by her, and my mom said she didn't know whether to get that one or the one "where she looked like a solider on the cover."

I loved the album, but didn't get any of the sex references or the moaning in "Throb." (My sister turned off the "If" video when I was watching it because of the cunninglingus-inspired dance move) I even brought it and a tape player with me to my Catholic school and danced to "You Want This' on the blacktop. A teacher later asked me if I was stripping, because I took off my jacket while dancing and undid the top button of my shirt because it was buttoned to my neck.

The tape's lettering is all worn out and the volume changes through a couple of songs, but I still love it, back when I fantasized about being as good a dancer as Janet or Paula Abdul.
My enter geek can't get enough of G4 and Attack of the show :-)
pssst, lunia, check out people who were on G4 back when it was tech tv. soooo good.

of course, i refuse to call my revision3 addiction a guilty pleasure. in fact, i have bought shirts, so i can wear in proudly
okay, i didn't know where to put this, it's geek guilty pleasure. i finally broke down and bought the first season of the x-files, and i'm going to watch my favorite episodes tonight with the lights out. mmmmmm vintage mulder and scully...
Like when I rented DVDs of Homicide: Life on the Street and grooved on pissy Det. Munch.
i just ate cookies for breakfast. the good kind, from the italian bakery.
One word ladies...Cupcakes! biggrin.gif
Mayan Chocolate Haagen Dazs, which is really just cinnamon chocolate ice cream but is oh so rich and creamy. Because I am lactose intolerant I can't really indulge in too much at once, which is great. I'm sure if I wasn't I would be in trouble. There is just something about cinnamon and chocolate together that I love. Mmmm, mexican hot cocoa is the best.
mmm... that sounds phenomenal yuefie. on the whole mexican hot chocolate kick - have you had chocolate in salsa? so.fucking.good.

i had a large dunkin' donuts coffee with cream and sugar and two! double chocolate donuts.

fuck yeah bitches. breakfast of champions.
Anna K, hear you on the Homicide love! Got it Netflixed on my list... and I too just broke down and bought my first season of X Files as well....

This new flavor of Ben/Jerry's called Vermonty Python based on Monty Python is the shit... it's like coffee, fudge cows, and oreos all mixed in it.
In general, DVDs of any good TV show are guilty pleasure crack for me... Gilmore Girls, Veronica Mars, Lost, SATC, Six Feet Under...I could go on. On an episode-by-episode basis, none of these are guilty pleasures, but when you watch 6 episodes on one night? Pure guilty pleasure goodness.

BTW, I think Homicide was one of the three or four best shows on television. Never got the respect it deserved, though.
Just ordered the first season of Lost on DVD, and have one of SATC on the way..and working my way into collecting all of Six Feet Under(just need the last two seasons) , Northern Exposure(season 5 and 6 left) , and Golden Girls.

Homicide so rocked, and I liked that a lot of the characters ended up on L&O.

Oh, sticky toffee pudding ice cream from Haagan Daaz. Hot damn.
I'll be dancing along with the teenyboppers in November when I go see Panic! At the Disco. I'm older than the guys in the band (they're my little sister's age!), but when those tickets went on presale I was ON it. *hangs head in guilty pleasure shame*

I had a cupcake and a can of Pepsi for breakfast.
hehe, guilty pleasure was had last night: 6 eps of satc. I love working my way through entire series of tv programmes on dvd, it takes less concentration than movies.

I also love American Chopper episodes!

ben and jerry's, any flavour.
Faerie, I just bought their cd. I don't care, they rock.

Cupcakes are so good. smile.gif And SATC as well.

I'm having these awesome lovecakes for lunch after my blind date at this awesome restaurant called Flying biscuit. Yummy.

I loved to see Mr Wizard and You can't do that on TV on DVD smile.gif

Mr Wizard rocked the house!

Staying up too late watching Lifetime. i don't know if it's more of an addiction or a guilty pleasure.
Lately, rewatching DVDs of This Life. Makes me feel all functional and balanced...
did you know that they're making a ten year reunion special of This Life? *excited*

I've been wathing House of Eliot on dvd and that may be lost on non-UK BUSTies (and even then...)
I call it a fantastic coincidence bunnyb. I only read about it last weekend. I need to see series 2 stat as I forget who ends up with who!

Jack Davenport was larging it around my town a couple of years ago and was pursuing a friend of mine on a night out. So. jealous. She declined though.

House of Eliot... I like the haircuts?
I love the fashion. I'm already calling a new pair of boots my House of Eliot boots and the other pair my pixie boots... *off on shoe-tangent*
I have a few guilty pleasures...lately it's been Six Feet Under, sleeping in late with my weiner dog, and mighty leaf tea (it comes in little silken teabags, and the "strings" are crocheted thread). And like many other Busties, I did break down and buy Ben & Jerry's last week. Pistachio, pistachio and caramel sutra. There's still some in there.

I have way to many guilty pleasures to name.... but right now I think my guiltiest is "SexyBack" by Justin Timberlake. I feel to old to say this but my god(dess) that man is sex on a stick tongue.gif laugh.gif rolleyes.gif
I am hopelessly addicted to the HBO show Entourage. And food porn. I stay up way too late watching Food Network. And it's only getting worse because now my absolute fave, Nigella Lawson is on FN.

I am also enamoured of Sweet Leaf brand already made tea. At $4.00 a half gallon bottle I really should just brew my own. Oh, and Jalapeno Cheetos and I never ever need to hang out again.

Um...Guilty pleasures? um... well

fettuccini alfredo
my pugs
sleeping in my tempurpedic bed
zhena's gypsy ambrosia white plum tea
gone with the wind movie


eating fettuccini alfredo and drinking zhena's gypsy ambrosia white plum tea, with my pugs, while watching gone with the wind in my tempurpedic bed

count me out of all social events for at least five or six hours in this situation biggrin.gif
anna k
The movie Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants. It's a sweet movie, and all of the actresses are uniquely beautiful and do a great job.

Nelly Furtado's song and video for "Maneater." Despite the video reminded me of Michael Jackson's Bad and the song like Hall & Oates' Maneater, I still like it a lot.
I am madly and deeply in love with my partner so I feel kind of guilty that I really like it when he is away.. and don't miss him all that much.

Thanks bunnyb - I had almost forgotten about the existence of House of Eliott! Hooray!!!!

Beyonce is another guilty pleasure - I feel guilty for liking a 'musical artist' who is so shamelessly self-promoting.
The Australian soap opera Home and Away.

eta: trashy gossip mags. I love perusing them in work (I have about 50 in my locker, my friends and I share our stash to alleviate us from the boredom. I also have the habit of buying some when I've been drinking.

ellen, have you watched any HoE yet? I'm on season two and it's as fab as I remember! catching up with Grey's Anatomy is slowing me down a little!
--mediocre sitcoms (the class, how i met your mother, and men in trees)
--chee-tos (but only the twisty puff kind)
--on occasion trashy tabloids
--the guiltiest pleasure of them all: cigarettes
And Busting at work!
driving 20 minutes to get some wendy's for lunch today.... anybody want a frosty?
Bought some B&J Phish Food ice cream today. I'm PMSing so I used that as an excuse. smile.gif

What else?

Six Feet Under
Alton Brown (hell...the whole Food Network)
My slipper socks from Old Navy (need to buy a few more pairs)
Medicore sitcoms as well
My Golden Girls/Northern Exposure dvds

sassy, some of your's are little pieces of happiness NOT guilty pleasures!

made for TV movies in the afternoon.
This afternoon, I put the television on MUTE and watched Tucker Carlson's show, while eating a tub of dark chocolate ice cream and washing it down with a couple glasses of port.

Oh, the complete and utter NASTINESS that went thru my mind...
Bwahahaha!! I love it hercules!! That's a good one. That totally sounds like something I would do.
The Best of Girls Aloud album (oh yeah. Tis fun, and they've done a catchy cover of "I think we're alone now" as well as "Jump")

PBJ on toast

Spending the whole day on sofa, wrapped in fleece throw whilst watching season 1 of Veronica Mars.
Oooh, PB&J on toast is good...try it on an english muffin, it melts into the little crevices and is so so good!

I also have been finding leftover Halloween candy to be a huge guilty pleasure today.
Leftover halloween candy.
Putting LOTS of salami on my pizza.
Queso dip and a good beer.
bump for crazyoldcatlady

Mac & cheese

Cotton candy (must be pink)

Hotdogs on potato rolls with ketchup

Chocolate or strawberry milk

Dark chocolate

Pretty much anything you can smother in cheese sauce


(God I really like food don't I) *shakes head in shame and sighs*

Face masks

Body butter lotion

Jennifer Lopez's Still Perfume (I would bath in it. Smells like roses.)

Pink nail polish (makes me feel girly)

These two shorty night shirts Mr. Pug’s mom gave me (they look cute and are so soft because they are old).

My pink slippers (I only do pink for nail polish, my slippers and cotton candy. Sorry if I’m offending pink lovers out there.)

Black panties (what girl wouldn’t pick black panties if they were in her drawer)

Pug kisses (given or received)

Naps (Only on the weekends with Mr. Pug and my pugs. It’s bonding time right?)

Jim Carrey movies (Only with my cousin or when there is nothing else to watch)

Gone With the Wind movie (Only with my sister)

New Jack R&B (I know, I know. I’m living in the past. It’s going to make a come back I just know it.)

My down comforter (so warm and cozy)

This smilie blink.gif blink.gif blink.gif blink.gif blink.gif

Ok, I think that’s about it!

Nope one more blink.gif tongue.gif

i've been watching deal or no deal.

i need to be shot for that.

and lmp, i'm craving oreos now!
mmmm, oreos.... ever smush them up in a glass of milk and eat 'em with a spoon? i want that real bad.

cocl, we won't shoot you. i watch two hours a day of 90210 on soap opera network. that's about 2/3 of my total tv watching per day.
Yum oreos!



Salsa and chips.
Oreo milkshake


FOUR hours of American Idol (here they show boys then girls in one night; in my defense, it is the first year I've indulged.)
anna k
Caramel Nips candies.

Liking Natasha Bedingfield's "Unwritten."

sometimes I'm in the mood for a good trashy read.

SpongeBob SquarePants, fucking love that cartoon. I actually love cartoons in general.
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