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Hi everyone, are there any children's librarians here, LA's or Pages who run programs or parties?

I'm going to be running the end of year party for a children's literacy program at my branch, and I need some ideas for fun appropriate group games that we can play (no water or running, you know).

There will be about 20 children between 9 and 12, plus their parents and volunteers there. It's a large age range, but the focus is on the kids and their participation. Halp.
Youth services librarian here! Or I was - I'm on maternity leave now.

One of the best suggestions I've seen is making 'stations' so you don't end up with a zillion kids swarming and overwhelming stuff. As for games the 'exquisite corpse' game (writing or drawing) is good. Match the author to the book/character to the book. Charades acting out a scene from a book (I'd suggest you pick the scenes though...)
Thanks a bunch Ananke, stations is brilliant. I have been flailing for ideas here though I've been looking up "icebreakers" and "indoor games".
Is there any reason why there aren't many universities offering MLIS or MLS degrees? On the ALA website, there aren't many in Georgia or Oregon. only One of the schools I really wanted to go to doesn't have any, and I just worried why they didn't offer a program. I wrote them, and they just gave me the standard "we don't do that degree."

Super bummed.

I haven't the foggiest sassygirl.

So I did the smaller party last night, and am gearing up for a larger one at my other branch this weekend. I ended up making some extra large cookies and having the children decorate them, and of course gobble them up, and then we played some word-bingo. I was touched by how reluctant some of the children were to leave. One girl in particular stayed alone at the table nursing her candy long after all the other's had left. I asked her if she was ready to go home and she looked a little uncomfortable. I gave her some tasks to 'help' with and she relaxed and smiled, helped out then left.

Today I did some outreach at local high schools. That felt really good.
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