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i've only ever heard that wood shavings of any kind are bad for their respiratory system, especially when they're little, which they still are. not for long though, they are getting big SO fast! they can still squeeze right through the bars of the big cage i got for them though, so they're stuck in the small one while we're out. at least there are two of them to play together.

i just bought a girlfriend's 40 gallon fish tank at her yard sale. holy crap, was it ever crazy to empty it, move it, and fill it up again. thing weighs a Ton empty, gah. there are about 45 tetras, a big pink what's supposed to be a guppy (looks like a pirahna) and two scum eater fish (so wierd looking, leopard print bellies and sucker faces). our three wee guppies will go into the tank once everyone and everything else in there is settled down and i'm sure there won't be any floaters. yikes. i transported as much of their original water as i could so *fingers crossed* they might all make it. it's got a HUGE totally silent double waterfall filter and three under gravel filters as well, tons of silk plants (not really silk, you know the kind) rocks and shells and glass marbles and such, and a light. i LOVE it. i originally got a very small (1 gallon) tank for my little boy with three teeny weeny guppies as a christmas present but we like them So much, when this tank went up for sale i just jumped on it right away. i LOVE these fish. i just can't believe how big the tank is though, positively humongous. hope we stay in this apartment for a while, yow!
Yeah, there's a connection between cedar or pine shavings and respiratory disease, enlarged liver and autoimmune diseases. I wouldn't use it.

Weird that that they're stinky, pepper- my rat was probably the least stinky of all the rodents I owned (the mice were the worst- so bad, and they mouse itself stank too, when you'd hold it.) I wonder what is is- maybe diet?

Rats can fit through spaces 1/3 of their size, so, yeah, they'll be able to get through bars for awhile.
i swear polly, i'm this close to wrapping their whole cage in chicken wire. it's maddening the way they sneak outta there. curious little things. they've chewed straight through the window screen and we're on the third floor! i keep that window closed now, despite the smell. sad.gif

(cont. from elsewhere)
ginger kitty, it's a 40 gallon tank so you can imagine how long it took to move it all and set it back up. it takes about eight of those 18.9 litre bottles of water to fill it. i moved as much of their water as i could, one big bottle and two totes half way full. it will have been a week tomorrow and only one dead neon so far, the two giant placastomis (sp) made it ok even and they Hate to move.
i rinsed everything off, all the rocks and gravel, the fake plants (cheapo fabric plants from the floral dept instead of those ghastly expensive ones meant for tanks, they work great!), the undergravel trays, everything but the fish themselves. i didn't have new filters for a couple of days so i rinsed those out really well and the white pad thingies too. i got new filters after two or three days, the ones that had been in there were really gross. the woman who had this tank before me never cleaned it, just replaced evaporated water as needed, but there's a double waterfall filter so it keeps things really clean. when i scooped out the gravel though it was so yuck underneath. there are three tube connections for bubblers to attach to the undergravel trays but parts are missing so i'm hoping to figure out what i need to hook them up. i'm wondering if they aren't meant to be suction things to suck gunk out from under the trays though, i can't imagine actually cleaning this tank regularly, i mean How exactly? it's enormous! i could take out a few litres of water and replace that every now and then and i have a tube for sucking up nasties from the bottom of the tank (i have to start it off by sucking water into it with my MOUTH, UGH!!!) but that's it for cleaning.
i've got the light set up on a timer so it goes on for about three hours in the evening. there's a big mirror behind the tank too, it's just gorgeous.
the only problem i've had was when i introduced the three fish we had in a one gallon tank into the new big tank. there were three guppies, one fancy with long fins and tail and two smaller ones. in the new tank there is already a fancy guppie with a orange and black spotted fan tail and it and the old fancy long tail guppie HATE each other. i had to take the long tail out and put him back into the small tank and now i think i'd better take the other baby fancy out as well. the other fish might be one of those ones that gets a bit bigger so it'll be alright but they were shredding eachother's tails. i hope they heal, they were fighting like mad. at first i thought they were playing but yikes they wouldn't leave eachother alone. who knew such wee fish could be so territorial!
Somehow, I have never discovered this thread. huh.gif

I have a 40 gallon too. It's really time for me to move up to 75 though. I have a pair of clown loaches that have grown like mad! Plus, my other fish the 40 is just getting over crowded.

That's what I do, partial water changes every few months and vacuum the gravel. I bought one of those hose thingys but instead of sucking the water to get it going this type can be shaken up and down to start the water moving. I used to ate getting that water in my mouth!!

I saw the most adorable little I think they were African pygmy mice, at the pet store the other day. I wanted to buy them so bad!
Nice looking tank Pepper. I really like your idea about using fabric plants.
I have a 20 gallon, but it still only has my two "starter" fish in it, a molly and a tetra. I did try to add a blue gourami, but it almost killed the tetra, so I took it back to the petstore. I really don't know what happened. One day, out of the blue, I turned on the light to find poor little "Chuck" with all his fins bitten off. I never witnessed any aggressive behavior, and have had blue gouramis in community tanks in the past (shrugs shoulders).
I was so horrified by the experience, that I haven't wanted to get anymore fish yet.
yup. pretty horrified. seeing my fish go at 'er with each other was not nice.
did the fins grow back? do they do that? i hope so, i mean i seperated them before there was any real damage and i know it's like hair to them, they can't feel it, but still... not nice. bad fishies.

i notice the tetras are just so googily friendly that they get along with each other and the other fish no prob. and an algae eater won't bother or be bothered by any other fish either, i think you're safe with those. goldfish are dumb and friendly too, aren't they? now i'm wigged out about getting one of those boggled eyes goldies for this tank when i so wanted to. dang.
tongue.gif Oh, cool! I've found a new thread to love!

I've got a female ferret, a blue male chihuahua, and two cats. Love 'em all.

The ferret's old, and sometimes she loses her hair--but then she grows it back! Anybody had this happen?

I've gotten a betta for my lil' boy, too.
Becareful, those dopey looking goldfish are killers at heart. They'll eat any fish that can fit into thier mouths!
I'm happy to say that my tetra's fins grew completely back from nothing but stubs. He's probably more than three inches long too, mostly fins. And I swear he follows me around now, when he never did before. smile.gif
hello all!

sorry to just barge in here - i am looking forward to reading some of the recent posts - looks like a cool thread!!

i have a little question - i have a small (3 - 5 gallon?) tank right now that is home to just three snails (our shrimp has recently died sad.gif ). anyway, i'm thinking of putting an african dwarf frog in there - anyone have experience with those and possibly this combination? i have done a little research on their compatibility, and i didn't see anything that said *don't* do it...

also, we (partner and i) have a 12 gallon tank that we're thinking of adding a pleco to, and those fish kind of scare me (even though i've had them before and they are excellent house-keepers). last night i had a dream that i had a huge one in my little snail tank and it was eating all my snails...eeeek!

but all they eat is gunk, right? or is that what happened to our wee froggy? hmm.... i haven't seen him since i dropped him into the tank and the neon tetras are definitely way too small to have had him for lunch. it's a big tank though, he could just be hiding?
pepper, they're herbivores (sp?) (i just did a little check) - so i wouldn't worry about the pleco eating him. we've not seen a shrimp or a fish for a while, and then discover they had been hiding. we once found our rock shrimp in the filter of our small tank - she had made her way up there somehow - twice. and one of our snails made his way into the filter system of our big tank - both were unharmed. have you checked your filter?

i can't imagine a pleco really bothering anything...which is strange that i dreamed that dream that one had eaten all my snails.

anyway. i'm now thinking of adding maybe a frog and a betta fish to my little snail tank. just to liven up the waters. this combination should work, no?

i would love to have turtles...if only i had the space...
i don't know enough to advise about who gets along best with what. but i did order a book from readers digest about it that should arrive soon so, we shall see.

i don't know how anything could get up into the filter, it's a double waterfall that's way above the surface of the water and the intake is slotted way too tiny for anything to get inside it. the frog would have had to make some way fancy manouvers to get into that thing, but i'll check it just to be on the safe side. if it's still alive and in the tank it's playing the best game of hide and seek ever!
that's what i thought, too, about these little creatures getting into the filters - there's no way! we looked for a good amount of time for our rock shrimp the first time she climbed into the filter - one of those double water falls with the little biowheel turning the water. my partner kept suggesting she was in there, and i kept telling him there was no way she could be in there. when he finally checked, there she was! we figured she climbed in there using a plant to reach. we then removed the plant from that location and the water level was such that it looked impossible for her to climb in there again, but she managed.

and our snail in the other tank must have just worked his way up and over the wall into the filter. i never would have thought that possible, too.

have you found your frog yet? hope he's ok!
bad fish mama, i haven't checked the filter yet. i'll do it tomorrow.

hey raisingirl, i was wondering about bunnies. one of our ratties does not like my little. he bites. it's so sad because he likes me and will happily hang out on my lap, be handled, whatever, but he bites my kid. so not good. the other rat thinks he's a giant fun house jungle gym and loves him but i can't just keep one, they get too lonely so... i have a friend who would be thrilled to adopt them both and i'm thinking about it. they should stay together.
that leaves us pet-less with a luxury cage and gently playful little one who really likes having a creature to care for. i was thinking about a dwarf bunny but not sure if they like being on their own or if they need a companion too. the pet store will of course tell me a lot of bunk that i'll find out isn't true much too late so i thought i'd ask you. i'll do a little googling but i wanted to hear from the voice of experience.
...You rang?! hee hee!

Oh, Pepper, what can I tell you about bunnies. Yes, they are social creatures by nature and pairing them up can be a very good idea -- if it's done properly. I really strongly suggest you contact your local chapter of the House Rabbit Society. Not only will you get the straight story from people who know a lot about rabbits and the different breeds, BUT they can also set you up with a rabbit adoption. I have very often seen pairs of bunnies available for adoption together (sometimes same sex, sometimes M and F -- have you looked on They are obviously fixed but more importantly have gone through the bonding process. You can't just put two bunnies together in the same house (or, gosh, the same cage) and hope for the best. It doesn't work that way. But my gosh, when they are bonded it is the cutest thing ever. They will clean each other and lay side-by-side and be like totally loveydovey (most of the time).

On the other hand, I only have one bunny and he's super-friendly, mainly because I've handled him a lot and give him tons of attention. He lets me hold him, pet him, lay next to him on the ground, and he's pretty good with strangers, all that stuff.

No matter if you get a single bun or a pair, they need lots of attention and supervision. They are not like hamsters that can just hang out in the cage for days on end without any contact. I can go away for a weekend and leave the bunny all safe in his cage with enough food and water, but any more time away like that and he's going to need a visit from a friend.

Not to discourage you, but bunnies can nip, too. Mine does. He's only drawn blood once.

I would also question how old your child is -- too young a child can mishandle a bunny and break its back (their skeletons are fragile and not at all like cats). But older children can of course learn how to properly hold a bunny.

Bunnies are awesome pets to have as long as you are committed to playing with them and making them a part of your house, so to speak. They aren't as high-maintenance as dogs and daily walks, but they aren't like cats, either, where you can just put food out and let them hang out on their own. They definitely need, ideally, a minimum of a couple of hours to run around the house each day. Mine is litterbox-trained, so I leave his cage door open and he's good enough to come and go as he pleases.

Feel free to ask me any more questions about rabbits, seriously. I'm not an expert, but I've had mine for a decade now, so I must have been doing something right all these years. cool.gif
pepper, any luck finding the frog?

we now have three froggies in our snail tank - so, that makes three snails and three frogs. all living happily, or so it appears, together.

our largest snail is a big black mystery snail and she is so beautiful. when she's wandering around, and her face/head is visible, i think she's just absolutely gorgeous. i never knew how beautiful snails were. we had a pretty big golden apple snail a while ago (who passed away not long ago), and i loved watching her move around the tank.

and the frogs are adorable! they're pretty tiny right now, but i think they'll grow a bit...
I always wanted tree frogs. I have done a ton of reading about them, but I fear I don't have the time. Ahhh, maybe someday.........

I am mourning the loss of one of my beloved fish. It had a tumor and I was told to pull it off. But the little guy didn't make it. He hung in there for a few weeks but I found him floating. sad.gif
So, Dr. Pepper, any thoughts now on getting a bun or two?

Ginger, sorry about the loss of your fishie fish fish.
did you actually pull off the tumor? that's really, really weird. i have to flush a neon every week or so, still adjusting to the tank i guess. makes me sad-ish but not really all that sad since i haven't had them too long and there's so damn many of them. i have to say, if the fancy or the big white ever bought it i'd be upset. but there's only one of them. that's still weird.

no thoughts on the bun, if they bite they won't be good for little. the bigger rat bit him again today. i don't know what's up with that, he doesn't take that one out because it bites him, he just puts his hand in for the other one and the big one goes for him. he Never nips at me but i guess i'm better at deflecting the searching for treats nibbles. i swear it's the red eyes, i really think his vision is poor.

i saw the cutest wee teacup poochy the other day and i. wanted. him.
but we can't have dogs or cats and it was too small to play with little so...
just fish for a bit after the wee ratties get adopted. i just can't see a way to separate them, they Love each other. *sad*
Does anyone have any remedies for dogs with itchy skin? My dog, Soji, doesn't have fleas, but she is scratching like crazy. I've giving her some over the counter skin and coat stuff on her food, but to no avail. Any ideas?
Hi Kelkello,
Usually when a dog is itching it is either fleas,a reaction to just one flea bite or too much protien in
the diet.If her skin is flakey then it could be her diet.Sometimes bathing in oatmeal milk (from oats mixed with water and strained) may help a little,flaxseed oil in her food may help with itchy skin.But you really need to
find the source ot her itching.Either via her diet or her surroundings.Sometimes the only option is to buy the
drops that are easily administered between the shoulder blades for fleas/mites/mange ect.Itchy skin is horrible and stressful for any
animal so for her welfare I would definatly consult with a vet asap.
Hope this helps,
i changed the fishtank and there was no frog. where the heck did it go?
pepper, Maybe the frog died and the other fish ate him?

kelkello, it could be allergies too. One of my dogs has pretty bad allergies. I would talk to vet. Omega-3 can also help with skin sensitivity.
My beautiful rat Henny is in surgery (right now I think) as I found a lump near her armpit last night when I was
checking her over.So she's having the pea sized lump removed.
I'm so worried about my beautiful girl.The vet said she should be fine though as she's still fairly young (about 1 year old)and she's very healthy. I wish I was there right now to reasure her.Anyway we're picking her up tonight and I can't wait to have her home.I'm lucky I found the lump early but it just sucks that it has to happen
to Henny. sad.gif

Busty vibes to all surgery (and not) bound pets!! (((())))
unsure.gif Oh, Datagirl, I hope the surgery went fine and that Henny is now home and recuperating comfortably! Please keep us posted. I'm sending some positive Bustie vibes in your direction right now...

Hi Ratgirl and thankyou smile.gif How are your ratties? Sending rattie, bustie vibes to you and the girls!!

Last night we got Henny home from the vet and put her by herself for a while as she was still very groggy.
She was up and down energy wise and drinking heaps of water and she even ate her dinner as well! A very good sign.
Mosey (her cage mate) was a bit out of sorts and had no one to play with,which was just the saddest thing.
After a few hours we put the two together which really was the best for both of them.After the initial sniffing and grooming they settled down.The stitches are internal and for inquisitive ratties that's a very good thing!!I'm so very relieved and grateful to have my little friend home again.
smile.gif smile.gif smile.gif
biggrin.gif I'm so glad to read your wonderful news, Datagirl, and I hope that Henny has got progressively better since your last post! The fact that she's eating, drinking, and hanging out peacefully with Rosie shows she's well on the road to recovery.

I can so relate to that whole situation, because I had a similar experience last fall with my Dana (R.I.P.) I don't know if you remember my posting about it then, but Dana a huge tumor removed from her chest last November. I was terrified, but she came through the ordeal like the tough little trouper that she was. I got to bring her home shortly post-op, and she, too, was instantly eating and drinking--they'd even given her a strawberry to eat shortly after she woke up. One of the things written in the surgical notes that I got to take with me was, "Dana was a great patient!!!" I thought that was so sweet.

The vets who treated her advised me to keep her apart, at least for a few days, from her then-cagemate Sophie (who, alas, is also no longer with us). But I did some reading up on the Web about it, and I decided that her recovery might be helped if she could cuddle with her "big sister" in their communal cage; I felt that it would ease the stressful ordeal she had been through. And it worked out great; they both left the sutures alone. So, based on my experience, I think you did the right thing in putting her back with Rosie sooner rather than later.

BTW, Dana lived for over 4 months after the surgery--about 12 rattie years. So it was absolutely worth it, IMO. (She was almost 2 y/old at the time of the operation.)

My current ratties, Sadie and Kyra, are now almost ten months old and doing great. They're both so damn cute and sweet, and literally the friendliest, most sociable rats I've ever had! What never ceases to amaze me about them is that while they're littermates (or "twins", as I like to call them!), they look do not even remotely resemble each other physically. And they have very different personalities, although, as I said, both are extemely sweet-tempered and puppy-like. I just love them so!

Again, I hope all is continuing to go well in your rattie world. I'm very happy for you! smile.gif

Hi Ratgrl!!
Thankyou for your very kind sentiments.
I thought I'd just check Bust before going to bed.Well today I visited Henny and wasn't able to get a good
look at her because she was sleeping and I really didn't want to disturb her.My ex says that she's getting better everyday.She's going up and down the ramp in her cage and sleeping with Mosey during the day.
Ratgrl, I remember what you went though when Dana had to have surgery.Wow what a milestone for a rattie that old!I would have done the same thing.I understand alot better now the worry that you would have gone through.Somehow I never thought it would happen to one of my girls.I really don't know why.Thankyou for sharing your stories about your ratties.They are lovely when they get to that age.Henny and Mosey are nearly one and they're twins (I think) too and they do have very different bodies and personalities!! I wish rats would become more understood.I have gone though so many different vets who just had no idea about the ailments that rats get.One vet i went to when Poppet was abit sniffly told me she only had 6 months to live.I bust into tears in the surgery. That was over a year and a half ago and Poppet is nearly 3!!What a horrible thing to say though.I was so upset.So anyway, after alot of searching and trial and error, I have found a brilliant vet in my area who performed the operation on Hen and I'm so grateful that at last we have a vet that we can truly trust.Have a great rattie day Ratgrl.Give a scritch to your girls for me! smile.gif
Bump for missladyj!!

Good luck with the rat- they make sweet pets. Good advice in the other thread, especially about the bedding. I used this stuff called "eco bedding"- it was shredded brown craft paper that they crimped and it was rat-friendly. You only needed a few handfuls of it because as they played in it, the crimps loosened and it expanded. I used to get some rat specific food at PetSmart....I forget the brand name, but it was in an orange bag. It was worth it, even though it was a little more expensive.

Also, make sure you handle the rat everyday to keep them social.
I am a new rat owner. I orginally purchased a live rat to feed my hybrid corn snake in my classroom at school and to make a long story short, the rat survived overnight in the tank with the snake. I figured this rat deserved to live so I am keeping the rat who my students named Chester. I have the rat in a tank and am feeding it gerbil food. He has bedding ( not sure what kind) a wheel and a little hut to snuggle in. I have been handling him daily to get him used to me. Any other advice or suggestions about the care of rats would be appreciated.

rats are relativly easy to care for and really great pets. just from the information you provided i can give you a little bit of advice.

rats do a lot better in wire cages or a combination tank with a wire cage on top. they like to climb and waire cages also give them more air to breathe. if the rat is in your classroom however i do recomend a glass tank because no matter how nice your rat is... a finger through the bars could be misteaken as a treat. thats correct for any small mammal.

gerbil food is fine for rats, they will eat almost anything. its really good for them to have fresh fruits and vegetables as well as a side snack. just do a bit of research first, because some foods are semi toxic to small animals. carrots are great, they usually love them.

if you dont know what kind of bedding he has try and find out, esp in a tank, pine and cedar bedding can have negative results. rats have very sensative respitory systems and can get sick from the fumes of hard woods. the best bedding is recycled bedding, its uglier but worth it. i reccomend "carefresh"

and one more thing before i bore everyone. make sure he has chew sticks and plenty of things to chew on. rats teeth constantly grow and they need to file them down on something... they make safe wood sticks that serve as that purpose, otherwise your little ratty will probably try and chew on his bowl water bottle etc.

if you have any other questions let me know, i know a little too much about rodent health. tongue.gif

No more advice to add, just a comment on how rat owners seem to be stupid knowledgable about them, more so than any other animal and their owners.

It has got to the point where I occasionally don't trust my vet. Bad bad bad.
Very true about the wire vs. glass cage- I didn't know this and had a glass cage for my last rat and she got a respiratory thing and that's how she died (I was using the eco bedding; I don't know exactly what caused the problem, but I think the glass cage didn't help.) One thing I did have though, was a wire extension cage that went on top of the aquarium. It was really cool- it sat right on top and it added two levels to the cage with ladders.
Since I am keeping the rat in the classroom I will stick with the glass tank but will definately check out the bedding. I had some students hold the rat today and they were all aww it's so cute, that is until it pooped. The kids seem to really like the rat and I am giving extra credit for kids who come in once a week to clean the tank.Chester is quite the poop machine.

another question I have is can I over feed the rat? I usually put some food in in the morning and then a little more before I leave in the afternoon. Is there a certain amount he needs every day?

Compared to the snake this rat is a lot of work.

thanks so much for all of your advice. I want to make sure I take care of this animal as he is a real survivor.
just make sure he has food available all the time, they arent like dogs where you need to ration their food. they need it available to them at all times and shouldnt overeat.

I had a really shitty day yesterday and the best part of it was holding Chester.
Chester is definately getting used to me. He is not pooping every time I pick him up. I let some of my students hold him and he was pretty good with them. They are more interested in him than Kaa the snake.

Any snake owners? Kaa is a hybird corn snake . who is also in my classroom. No more animals for me though. They are alot of work.
Didn't know where else to post this, but I sent in a photo months ago to Cute Overload-I didn't take the photo, I don't even remember where I found it, but she finally posted it. Yay! It's the kittens in the sleeping bags from today (3/13). And my name was cited-yay! My only line in the email was "oh crap, I think I have diabetes now".
Hi everyone.I haven't posted in here for ages and It's fantastic to see this thread still happening!

MissladyJ, it probably isn't the best option to live feed your corn snake.Being bred in captivity alot of snakes have no idea how to eat live animals.
Also it's quite dangerous for your snake as a rat will attack (like any animal under threat of death) and injure your snake very badly.
There are many pet strores that sell frozen rats and mice.You need to soak them in warm water (to enable the snake's easy digestion) but this is
generally the way to go.Also live feeding is incredibly inhumane.

Update... Sadly my ex and I had to have Henny (my rattie) put down last year.About a month after surgery she developed heat tilt (an infection in the middle ear) which even though she was on antibiotics,progressed into mycoplasmosis of the lungs.She was so ill.We opted to wait in the vet carpark while they
put her to sleep.We were devestated.

So that left Mosey (rosie). We thought about giving her away as we weren't sure if we could go through all that again but once a rat lover always a rat lover and Mosey is used to a certain high level of so we got two new baby ratlets!!! A black birkshire and a black hoodie.Absolutely gorgeous!! We named them Lolly and Missy.
So now I have all three living with my in my new apartement.Mosey has just had a tumour removed and in doing so the vet removed her ovaries as well.
He thought that they may cause future tumours if not removed. So that was about theree weeks ago and she's doing fine. smile.gif
I have switched to feeding the snake what I like to refer to as mouse popicles. I was concerned about the snake being bit but he seems to be okay.

I had to let a student take Chester home for spring break because we have cat who would not tolerate a rat in the house for a minute. I am missing Chester. I hope he is okay. My husband is trying to convince me that I should still feed him to the snake but I refuse!!!
Aww, doesn't he know that once you name something, you can't let it get eaten?!?!

Any pics of Chester, missladyj?
Hi MissladyJ,
I was just re-reading your posts and was wondering if it would be possible for you to perhaps get another rat (of the same sex).
Rats are very social creatures and love company of their own kind. Here is a wonderful site here in Australia that might give you more info...

Good luck and all the best rattie luck.... smile.gif
I was just thinking last night of taking pics of Chester aka Tenacious D. I will have to get on that. He has also gotten bigger since I've had him.

I haven't thought yet about getting another rat. We'll see. I am trying to get my kids to help with taking care of just the one. So far they have been pretty good about it. We take him out at the end of the period and I let the kids who want to hold him. He definately more cuddly than the snake. Plus for the summer I have to figure out what to do with him. I will check out the site.

Thanks so much to everyone for the suggestions and advice. It has been really helpful.
I've been out the past two nights and haven't got home till after 12am.Suffice to say that my ratties are not impressed!!
Last night after I got home I went into the rat room to check on the girls and they ran away from me!! I have them free ranging at
night (as this is when they're most active) on two tresle tables with their cage,toys,food ect.I fed everyone before I went out,but I still feel bad.So tonight I'm home.I'm going to
let all three girls on the couch with me while I watch House..... I still feel bad though... rolleyes.gif
The newest member of my family. Now all he needs is a name?

Tickle your rats, ladies!!
Wow Lunia666 he is Beautiful!! He's pretty big. How old is he?
I love pew's (pink eyed whites). At the mo,my girls are happily playing chase on my sofa!.
Love ratties!!.
From data,mosey,missy and lolly...
Wow Lunia666 he is Beautiful!! He's pretty big. How old is he?
I love pew's (pink eyed whites). At the mo,my girls are happily playing chase on my sofa!.
Love ratties!!.
From data,mosey,missy and lolly...
dategirl: yeah he's only 9 mon I got him from lady who couldn't care for him anymore. She did a get job with tho he;s very sweet and loving smile.gif
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