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Been a while but do any of you have experience in vaginal/ovarian/uterine tumours in rats? The vet thinks gretchen has one of these and she was admitted today. It doesn't help that shes overweight, as the anasthetic could have a bad effect on her.
(((Miss Jane and Gretchen)))
No, I've never encountered that in any of my rats so far. I know that rats are prone to tumors in general, though. What kind of symptoms has she been having--vaginal bleeding? I've read that that's a typical sign of a uterine tumor.

I hope her surgery goes OK. Anesthetic is always risky for rats, but I've had 2 rats who had surgeries with it, and both came through it with no trouble. So I hope it goes for Gretchen. Please keep us posted. Good luck!
Yeah its really strange, I woke up today and there was some blood in the cage so of course I took her straight to the vet, and then when getting her out of the carrycase at the vet it was all over her. It looked like a murder scene. Shes also been a bit listless and in hindsight she has been licking her genitals more than usual.

I think the worst thing is imagining if she is in pain or if shes scared being in a strange place :-( They are putting her under light sedation tomorrow so they can have a feel of her a bit more and then deciding whether to operate.

Another rat I had, had a mammary tumour which was removed but unfortunately it had spread to her brain (R.I.P Tinkers). I just haven't really heard of this type of tumour in rats.

Thanks for the good luck, I have great faith in the power of busties vibes!
Gretchen died today on the operating table. It was a vaginal tumour which is worst because otherwise they could of just spayed her.

I love that little squishy fuzzball, as feisty as she was.
Oh, I'm so very sorry for your loss, miss jane! It sounds like you did everything you could for Gretchen, but that the state of her health had deteriorated to the point of no return.

I hope you are doing OK. Do you still have your other rat?

Again, I send you my sincerest condolences. I know how sad it is to lose a rat; I myself have been through it--twice--in the last 4 months alone. Take care of yourself!

(((miss jane)))

RIP Gretchen
I still have Matilda. Shes doing ok. Didn't really eat much last night and when I put her back in the cage she seemed to be looking around for Gretchen which was pretty heart-breaking.

We all know that rats aren't here for long, but of course it never makes it any easier.
No, it doesn't. Even if you know their expected life-span, you still form a bond with them, get to know their little personalities, and love them. Therefore it's always very sad when they go!

When my last older rat, Dana, died a couple of months ago, I cried so hard I had a massive headache. I also called in sick at work that day. I mean, my face was a mess from all the crying, and my state of mind was such that I probably wouldn't have been very productive anyway. What I did instead was to bury Dana in our back yard. I wrapped a clean pink washcloth around her body as a shroud, and buried her with a few of her toys and some lab blocks.

I'm sorry for Matilda; it sounds like she really misses Gretchen, too! Poor rat baby. I hope both you and she are doing OK.
I was just coming in here to talk about rats. My friend forwarded me an email about a bunch of rats needing homes, and I said I would take 2 if needed.

I feel so weird. I had 2 rats- Ramona and Annabelle- and they both died a while ago, but I still feel like maybe I'm not "ready" to have more.
When I had them out to play I'd always sit under one of my old dressing gowns so they had a place near me to hide and feel safe so I cut one of the arms off and used that as a shroud. We went out yesterday and bought a statue of a mushroom with a tiny mouse sitting under it to put on top of her grave. Thats given me a bit more closure I think.

hellotampon, i know what you mean. I've been thinking about getting new playmates for matilda, but it feels like if I did I would somehow be being unfaithful to gretchen.
Hello fellow Ratlovers!!!
Hellotampon,I think providing homes to ratties is a wonderful idea especially if you've had them before.My ex and I didnt really feel that great about getting 2 more girls after Bjeaney past away,but it was the best thing we could have done.Mosey and Henny were skinny, mite bitten,nervy fluffballs when we got them.We deliced them, fed them up and now they are the shiniest,most loved Labrador like ratties.My point is,is that getting animals after a loved one has died is by no means being unfaithful.I will never forget Bjeaney ever.She was definatly one of a kind.She was so dog like!!Even though Henny looks so much like her,yet is so completely different.Please think about giving these ratties a home especially if you already have a cage and all that other stuff.:-) Best of luck!!
A friend of mine has a pregnant rat and will be selling the babies. I'm tempted... Very tempted!
Hey Miss Jane,
Did you end up taking any of the babies??
I was wondering about that, too, Miss Jane. Did you end up giving some new rat babies a loving home?

Hellotampon: What about you--did you ever end up adopting those rats you mentioned last month? I remember your posts about Ramona and Annabelle a couple of years back; my condolences that they're both gone now.

*waves hello to Datagirl* How have you been, and how are the girls? Are all 3 still doing OK?

I know I'm late coming into this conversation (I've been really busy the last month, part of which was spent overseas). But, FWIW, I think that getting a new rat (or rats!) after an old one dies isn't in any way unfaithful to the departed one. There's no "replacing" a pet as far as I'm concerned; all the rats I've had were individuals, and each will always have her own special place in my heart. (BTW: I also feel this way about my dog: When he goes, I'll get another dog, without ever forgetting him!) But I also see it this way: I have so much love to give to rats, and if I love them as pets, and I know of ones that need homes (and we all know there are always many who do!), then it's a win-win situation all around. Of course, everyone needs to do what feels right to them, at the right time; that's just my $O.02.

Cherish the rat! :-)
Hi Ratgrl,
Great to hear from you!!!
All the girls are doing fine,although the young Mosey was on antibiotics recently(but is now a popcornish as ever) and Poppet the old girl (now nearly 3!) had mites,they tend to get them in their old age.Anyway we seem to be on top of the mite problem and all the girls were dosed.The vet actually gave them all a drop of Revolution between the shoulder blades (for pups and kittens)that worked a treat!I still get to see the lovlies regularly,but really miss having them greet me in the morning.:-(
How are your ratties??
just got a baby siamese rat for my five year old. the thing is just so CUTE! wee little pink eyes and whiskery ratty face. i love it.
anything special i should or should not feed the little monster? just giving him the pet store weeds and nibblies but i wondered about fresh fruit and veg. the pet store said to wait a bit but for how long and then what's ok and what isn't? anybody got a website recommendation or personal suggestions? thanks!
oh, we were thinking about a different cage than the starter kit we bought too, seems a bit small to me and rats are smart, i thought he'd probably get bored stuck in that thing. and what about toys? i feel bad for even having an animal in a cage at all but there is no way we could just let him run around free. he'd get smushed or out into the hallway and terrify some other mum or kid with a random appearance. not good.
Hello, everyone!
Datagirl, I'm glad that all 3 girls are doing well, and that their medical problems have been resolved. Poppet will soon be 3 years old--wow! Pretty amazing to me, as all the rats that I've had that are now dead only lived to be around 2. So, hats off to you for obviously taking such good care of her over the years!

Sadie and Kyra are doing fine--they're healthy, happy, etc., etc. They're almost 7 months old now and still so puppylike; they're truly the friendliest little rats I've ever known! Not to diminish the memory of Sophie and Dana--I really loved them--but they were never as sociable as these newest girls. I'll do everything I can to give them a long, happy life.

Pepper: CongRATulations on your new pet! :-) I get the impression that this is your first rat, and that you would welcome advice, so here's mine, based on both my experiences and what I've gotten from my rats' vet:

If the baby is at least six weeks old, it should be fine to give him a regular rat diet. This should consist of primarily lab blocks, although you can throw some nuts, seeds, dried friut,and dry pasta into the mix *occasionally*. You don't want to overdo it on the aforementioned "extras," though, because rats are selective if they have lots of choices, and too much fat/protein/refined sugar in their diet can cause nutritional deficiencies. So he should't have too many treats, as doing so could cause him to forgo the lab blocks. While rather boring, the lab blocks are the primary source of nutrition for rats. BTW, small bits of fresh fruits and vegetables should be fine for him. You'll probably find that he'll esp. love fruit, as rats tend to have a sweet tooth. Also, all my rats have loved cooked pasta and rice, so that's an occasional treat that I give them, as well.

Avoid giving him anything like peanut butter, jelly beans, or gumdrops, as rats have no gag reflex and therefore could choke on such foods.

As for a cage, the bigger the better! If you're willing to shell out some bucks (around $100.00), you can get a very large cage with shelves, ramps, and lots of room to climb and roam. Your rat will really appreciate that! It's best to get a wire cage with a plastic or metal floor, and make sure that the bars are fairly narrowly spaced apart so he can't squeeze his way out! In other words, it's best not to buy, say, a ferret cage, at least not until he's much bigger and couldn't possibly escape from it. And for bedding, I use CareFresh--it's made from recycled paper and is considered the safest for rats. Avoid bedding that's derived from any type of wood, e.g. cedar. Wood shavings are bad for a rat's respiratory system.

Rats love to snuggle in cozy, dark places, so hammocks and straw huts would be nice to put in the cage for him, along with lots of wood chew toys for his dental health. Salt licks are also good for his teeth, as are paper towel/toilet paper rolls. Or even paper towels themselves, as rats love to shred such things and make little nests out of them.

You're absolutely right about not letting him run free; rats can easily get lost and/or injured this way. If you want to let him run around outside of his cage, it's best to do so in a small,enclosed room, such as a bathroom, where you can keep an eye on him the whole time. I cannot empasize this enough: rats must be constantly supervised when out of their cage!!

I've pretty much written a book--LOL--but I hope you find it helpful. Have fun with your new little friend, and best of luck!
coddamnit. he got out. already. it's only been two and a half days. the dirty little RaT!
unfortunately the door to the apartment was wide open at the time so we have no idea if he's even in the apartment still (lawd, i hope so. the naighbours. oh mercy).
we were having some trouble taking him out of the cage to play, little is still a bit skittish with the ticklies and mr rat kept getting away and running under stuff in the bedroom so i built an enclosure of sorts for the two of them to sit in when they interact. i used those large foam puzzle mats, they link together so they're really easy to make a square out of. i cut some in half to make the 'walls' of the enclosure, they're about 10 inches high. it was working great until grandma came over, then mr new pet got left alone in there and promptly escaped. good lesson for later, if there is a later.
when we find him i'll come back and re-read your post ratgrl. one question tho', what are 'lab blocks'?
They're compressed alfalfa (and maybe some other plants and stuff?) They're good because it helps wear down their teeth.

Hope you find your rat!
haven't found him yet and we've been looking everywhere. ack, i've blocked up all the doorways and under the closets as we've eliminated them as hiding spots (by dismantling and rebuilding them, whew) but still no luck.

ok, that's not what the starter kit came with at all. it came with hamster and gerbil pellets and seeds and these little pressed flakes. are the little tubey pellet things in that mix made of alfalfa? what the heck. we had rats as pets when we were younger but i have no idea about this junk. i think the pet store lady might be full of it.
Oh, pepper, so sorry about your little rattie escaping! I know from experience how hard it can be to find them, especially when they're new and not yet used to their new home. Rats are expert hiders/climbers, so he could pretty much be anywhere. I really hope he turns up safe and sound. Good luck, and please keep us posted!
Like alot of people I hate pet shops.They are usually full of it.They are rarely trained in the care of rodents as nine times out of ten rats are sold as snake food.I really think you should have thought alot harder and did alot more homework before getting your rat.Rats are sensitive,highly intelligent creatures.There is alot of info surrounding rats and their care.I also think that a five year old is far too young to have a pet rat.Rats are delicate creatures and many injuries of rats have been had by children dropping and stepping on them ect.One rat will also get lonely on its own.In the wild rats live in colonies and have distinct social orders.Sorry to be hard on you,but rats have been my life for a long time and it's terrible to think that they may not be looked after properly.
well, thanks for your opinion. i can see that you feel passionately about it.
ultimately i'm sad for my son to have lost his little friend so soon but to me it's just a small rodent and i'm ok with him getting out into the wild. the worst part for me will be finding little rat poops all over the place.
obviously i'm going to do my best to care for him as well as i can if and when he turns up but he's just a wee pet to me, not a big priority. i personally have always thought that animals shouldn't live with humans as pets at all, i think it's grossly unnatural and cruel. but then again, i'm not exactly a vegan anymore so... having a lonely rat in a cage isn't as bad as torturing and eating other creatures.
If you have always thought that animals shouldn't live with humans then why did you get the rat in the first place?A five year old will get sick of a rat in no time,then the care will be up to you(that is if you ever find him).Perhaps a cuddly toy would have been a better alternative.
perhaps Your five year old would get sick of a rat in no time but My five year old has been asking me for a pet for two years and i think i'm a fair enough judge of his maturity to decide for myself what he is and is not capable of or ready for. i got a pet for him because he's fascinated with animals and other small creatures and i want to encourage that. he already has fish and an auntie is sending him an ant farm.
again, thanks for your opinion i can tell you're passionate about this. however, i don't see the point in reprimanding someone for something they have already done. i can't exactly travel back in time and study up to your satisfaction before i buy a rat and bring him home. we already have him, if you care to contribute with something useful for the circumstances as they are i am more than happy to listen but if what you have to tell me is that i shouldn't have done it in the first place, kindly keep it to yourself. don't take it personally or anything, i'm not taking you personally. i simply don't find that the least bit useful. (i wish people would research a LOT more before they have kids but the majority of them don't do that either.)

that said, mr new pet was curled up into the smallest possible ball soundly asleep inside part of a tube toy. i thought i looked into all of the bits of that thing but maybe i missed him. or maybe he just decided to climb back into it. in any case, the enclosure seems to work but there will be no unsupervised cage-free times regardless. that was stressful. he woke up when i moved it and seemed happy to see me. he's a very affectionate little thing.
i'll look for those pellets in town, perhaps i can get them ordered in for me. his cage must be expanded, it's a small hamster cage and i just can't stand the thought of him cooped up in there even though he's still small. i might get another of the same size and attach them together and add some more climby things. what are these hammocks and straw hut things? they sound interesting. and that's unfortunate about the wood shavings, of course that's what they gave me to use and i bought an extra package since i wanted to clean his cage out every couple of days so it stays as fresh as possible. i'll write down the name of that paper alternative and pick some up. the ink in the newspaper is ok for them? he's got some wood chewy things already and i'll find some paper towel tubes (i don't recommend toilet paper tubes though, they can easily come in contact with human feces. the daycare center won't use them for crafts with the kiddies). and i'll look for a salt lick as well.
so, thanks for all your suggestions. i'll keep you posted.
here is a helpful site.(Im breathing a sigh of relief!!)
I think that recycled newspaper stuff is fine- when I had a rat, I used this other litter (which I, unfortunately, can't find online right now) that was like brown craft paper that was crimped. It was free of dyes and stuff, and it was made from scraps at paper mills, so there was no waste. I have some left- I'd be happy to stick it in a box and mail it to you; it will cost next to nothing to ship. It's great because you don't need very much- you put a few handfuls in, and it looks like it's not enough, but after a day or so, with the rat playing in it, it expands and takes up more room.

If you get a glass aquarium, you can buy extenders- I had one for my rat; it's a 3-floor wire cage that sits on top of the aquarium so they have more room. ((Sigh)) I had a spoiled rat.

Ah, here's the extender!

Pepper-- I'm so glad to read about the happy outcome and that the lttle guy is OK! What a relief; pretty amazing that he'd stayed close to home the whole time. You were very lucky!

The lab blocks that I mentioned should be available in any pet store; all the ones around here have them. In some stores you can even buy them in bulk. But they are the main staple of a rat's diet, so you should buy them.

Hammocks(many are made of fleece) and straw huts and such can also be found in pet stores. They may be marketed for ferrets, but trust me, rats love them too! If you can't find them anywhere, you could always order them online from, say, or

I have to agree with an important point Datagirl made: A single rat *will* be lonely without a cagemate. Rats are social animals and need constant companionship; clearly, most people can't be with their pet 24/7, so getting him a live-in friend is highly recommended. If you get him one, ideally it would be another male (assuming you don't want a bunch of rat babies) who's also fairly young.

The link that Datagirl posted is a great website; it will give you tremendous amounts of info re: all things ratty.

Good luck with everything!
So last night I went over to rat sit the girls while my ex was at squash.They hate to be locked in their cages at night so I go over play with them and give them plenty of attention and generally spoil them rotten!! Anyway,I had them out free ranging and had a small wooden block in my hand (one of their chew toys)I threw it to the other side of the room and Henny galloped over picked it up and ran with it to the nearest box.Just like a retreiver!!So now Im going to try and get her to actually retrive it and give it to me (for treats of course)I need to think of a low fat version of a treat.I'm just amazed.I saw Bjeany do it(our past rattie),but never from that far away.Amazing.

oh that so sucks about the cage mate thing. i don't really want two of them but i've been thinking about a bigger cage anyhow so...
actually, i have a friend who might help me build a cage, i can design it with whatever i want. it will have to go somewhere other than my son's room though.
i went to the other pet store and they do have some things that are recommended on that great site (thanks:-)). i also really liked the homemade diet ideas, i was a raw foodist for a long time so i'm down with the natural diet thing. i won't be feeding them anything cooked or processed except for those lab blocks.
polly, i'd love that paper stuff. i'm in canada though so mailing it might be a pain. let me know where you are.
I'm in Chicago- doesn't the post office make you tell them what's in the package when mailing it internationally? I'd feel a little silly saying, "um, rat's not used or anything, I swear!" Whenever I've gotten stuff from Canada off of eBay, there's a label that basically says what's in it- CD, book, clothes, whatever.

I have no problem doing it, though, if you want it. I can at least find out the brand name so maybe you can find it there.

I used to give my rat yogurt chips, similar to these, but they were strawberry flavored for rats. It was so cute- I kept them in a small Rubbermaid container and every night I'd let her pick one out, with her little hands. Sometimes she'd grab two. When she got sick towards the end (some kind of respiratory thing) and I took her to the vet, the vet said she was remarkably healthy, in terms of weight and stuff for a rat of her age (she was bout three and a half or so)- the vet said most people give their rats a really crappy diet and they get fat and that leads to problems. I gave her treats in moderation, so I think that made a big difference.

ETA: Also, she really seemed to like any of the treats made by Vitakraft I'd give her those sticks with seeds, that have a little honey coating on them. Then she could chew on the wooden stick inside.

One of the rat sites I was looking at advised cleaning their cage with bleach- is that really safe? I always used Murphy's Oil Soap and vinegar. Bleach seems way too harsh!
chlorine does totally evaporate over a bit of time with no residue so it's prolly better than an oil based soap. i use baking soda and castile soap for everything though, i figure if i wouldn't put it in my mouth i don't want to bathe (etc) in it either. baking soda is a great scourerer (hee!), deodorizer, cleanser, etc. and it rinses clean away. i have used it for underarm deodorant, to brush my teeth, as a facial scrub (it works great!) and i even hear you can use that stuff in baking, or something like that. wow! miracle stuffs, i tells ya.

polly, my mum lives in mich, i'll check with her first about sending you her addy. she mails me stuff i order online sometimes, it's an easy postoffice cross border transfer thang for her to do. tanks!!!
Murphy's is a vegetable oil base, so I'm guessing it's okay...isn't castile soap oil based, too? Maybe some of it is, or has oils added?

I don't know a whole lot about soap making, just what's more environmentally friendly and what' just plain bad.

I have this book about all the stuff you can do with baking soda (I have one for vinegar and one for lemon juice, too) so I know all about what you can do with this it...I don't do all of the tricks, but I try to as much as possible.
yup, castile is oil based. i won't clean the ratties cage with it but i do use it for everything else.
it isn't really great for brushing your teeth though, no matter what they say (blech!).
but it's totally biodegradable, i don't think murphy's is. the church ladies clean god's house with murphy's though so what the hey, eh.

ok, thanks a LOT! now i have to order all three of those books.
Some of those books are kind of repetitve because so much of what you can do with one ingredient is in combination with one of the others, but they're still good resources. this is the lemon juice book I have and this is the other one I have.

Sorry for the off topic-ness!

ETA: Murphy's Oil Soap is biodegradable! Yay!
thanks polly. i love that kind of book.

what's he doing when he seems to be purring? he's not upset or anything, rather enjoying a little lap explore and stroking, and apron pocket snacks! is he actually purring? very strange. cute but weird, who knew?
Yes, rats do something called bruxing. They grind their teeth together when they're happy, content, feeling safe. They also laugh when tickled, like dogs, but it's barely audible.

According to this they also brux when they're stressed. Doesn't sound like your rat is stressed, though. I love their description of the eye boggling, too. They're such funny little creatures.
i did notice a kind of mouth area sound when i was petting him but the thing i'm talking about is different. it's all over body quivering so much like a cat's all over body purr but tinier.
i had him on my lap for a while and he peed on me. dirty little bugger, guess i belong to him now. heh.
Man, that is one relaxed rat! So cute!

I found the bedding- here it is; I can still send you what I have left (probably a box and a half, if I remember correctly.) Let me know!
he freaking LOVES me. holy mack, the rat is attached. he does it, he purrs just like a cat. i rub him and he gets all kitty stoopid. dang it's cute. i pinned up the bottom of my apron so i could carry him around in it like a kangarat pouch while i did housework this afternoon (seeds and treats tucked into the pocket) but he HAD to actually be ON me. he climbed into my sweater and hung out in the most inconvenient places for doing chores. funny little thing.
i'll take the bedding for sure, thanks! i'll pm you my address.
i'm trying to poopy train him so i shredded and crinkled some brown paper bags today for a litter box. we'll see how that goes, his cage is just full of raisins by the time i get home every day and i'm going through a TON of bedding. i can't stand the thought of him in there with all that crap, not even over night. i wouldn't want to sleep in poop, why should he? ick.
How much do rats cost? I'm between getting a rat or a hampster? I know it's a bit third grade, but I can't have a cat or dog (my bitchy landlord) won't allow it, so I was thinking of a smaller pet. Any advice?
I remember my rat being really clingy the first few days- I think they're just starved for attention at the pet store. After that, they definitely still like you, just not as needy.

I was just at a regular pet store last night and I think the hamsters were between $10-$12, I don't remember how much the rats were- price everything out, including all the supples you'll need and whatever it costs to keep them fed and entertained. You don't want to underestimate!

Also, look online for advice from reputable sites- most of the employees at big box pet stores don't know a whole lot about the little details of the animals.
this rat was 15$. rats are friendlier than hamsters and smarter too.
Yeah, hamsters can be kinda dopey and sometimes bite for no reason. If all you want is something to be cute, get a hamster. A rat has more personality and will sit on your shoulder while you walk around. Hamsters will just fall off. I learned that the hard way...I was 8, what can I say?
Just bought a new betta named Miles at the pet store. He's cute. I haven't had a pet in so long, I feel as though I'm a kid again! biggrin.gif
Since the update of Bust (oh my god I never thought I'd miss this site so much) we have lost a few posts re this thread.Im sure all the threads have too.Anyway an update.We took Poppet to the vet last night and she's totally free of mites!! The revolution worked.She is however on antibiotics for a her breathing.She's a strong old rattie and we love her to bits.How's everyone else???

I am loving the 'busting at work option though hehe.'
i splurged on a Ginormous cage for mister wee rat and he has a small friend coming on tuesday. i just couldn't bear the thought of him in that tiny enclosure all alone all day while we're off at work and school, it was just too sad. but of course the only cage this size has bars that are spaced way too far apart for a little guy like him, he can just squeeze right out still. so, locked up all day in his small space he is, at least until he grows some more. i put his small cage inside the bigger one so he can have a multi-room apartment, heh. i made a hammock and a knotted hanging rope thing to climb and got a Huge wheel (he still likes the little one best though) and this funny little log arch thing and some recycled newspaper bedding stuff (i've been shredding brown paper bags up too, he really likes that). i'm looking for a big rock or a stump or something that he can climb on and that will keep his sharp little nails a bit more trim.
dang, but he's cute, he spent all of yesterday exploring his new space, totally into it before he even tried to squeeze through the bars. And he's been using a small container full of different bedding to poop in. i just collected some of his raisins and put them into it and cleaned up the rest of his space and now he's doing it all on his own. that didn't take any training at all, smart little thing. i wonder if the new little guy will catch on right away or not. guess we'll see.
oh, the two of them are terrors!!! squeeze right out between the bars, chew the heck out of everything, cute as the Dickens! we love them a bunch.

but they STINK to high heaven. i clean their cage a LOT but it's still so darn smelly. what can i do? i think i'm going to line their big cage with a towel that i can take out and throw in the wash every other day or so instead of the bedding but the smaller cage has to be cleaned every day it smells so bad. they don't seem to stink when i have them in my lap but dang! that cage. yikes and yuck.
any suggestions? i'm afraid of what winter will be like, all the windows closed all day, gah. stankeroo!!
Have you tried cedar bedding? I know they say some animals can be harmed by the dust, but they have a dust free cedar.
I have my dwarf hamster in Carefresh pet bedding. I originally bought it after reading all the warnings about other beddings... pine and cedar oils, chemicals, etc. It does control odor extremely well compared to other things I've used.
I have never had any trouble with cedar. In fact, it keeps mites away.
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