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yheah, mr glow likes that theory too.

but then i also feel like the submission theory carries out to the fans because as we run around the internet finding clues and solving puzzles, aren't we also entering numbers in our own way? pursuing a cause we just don't understand?
wait, do you have two usernames? cute!

anyhoo, i think i posted the other day that i wonder if WE'RE actually the subjects in the obedience experiment. i was joking, but actually...
hehe. exactly.

i shifted from glowlita to gluelita but my auto-complete sometimes sabotoges me. :/

luna, I totally agree -- why give us a little teaser of her backstory and nothing else? Why keep her alive for the whole ep just to die at the end? Why even have her as a character on the show? gah.

I'm a monkey in the obedience experiement, but I'm losing patience. The finale had better kick ass.
Ah, but is Libby really dead?
That's really odd, blanche. I dreamed about Lost last night too, and generally I almost never dream about TV. In fact my dream reminded me to come check this thread and here I see that someone else dreamed about Lost characters too.
I read in an AOL online article Saturday that the closest theory the producers would "support" is the "mad scientist/mind experiment" type thing.

Personally however, I'm leaning towards Purgatory.

Although, when you see the people in the flashbacks all being on the island now...GAH!

*succumbs to the ensuing madness....*
Ohhhhh Michael.
Can anyone think of a connection between Kate, Jack, Sawyer...and Hurley? Why do the others just want them?

Cool seeing Walt and Alex.

re: Sawyer saying that Jack was the closest thing he had to a friend: puh-lease. Add that to my list of "things that Sawyer would never say," right under "Scram."

Ok, Libby really IS dead, I accept it. Though I still don't see why they kept her alive for the entire show last week. But if she doesn't come back for some Hurley backstory next season, I'll feel cheated and I will be angry. Hear me Lost writers! *shakes fist*

I grow increasingly concerned that Lost will end unsatisfactorily.
from what I read, they are planning to continue with Libby's story. but...tonight's episode was boring at best.
yep - found this semi-spoiler re. Libby on lostpedia:

Producers have said that although the character Libby is dead on the island, the actress who plays her is not done filming and will be seen again on LOST. This was later confirmed to be that her past will indeed explored by more flashbacks from other characters.
I haven't seen the last two eps yet but wanted to respond to lot49's Q re Kate, Jack, Sawyer and Hurley - money? Kate's bank robbery, Sawyer's con, Hurley's lottery win ... and Jack's a successful doctor (as was his father=inheritance) so maybe there's money there?
Michael was SOOOOO annoying last night! I always thought Harold Perineu was a good actor...until last night. What the hell?! He was like a little kid having a temper tantrum. Doesn't he know there are OTHER ways to show frustration and fear than screaming constantly "I WANT MY SON!" and "IT has be done the way that I WANT IT DONE!" I'm starting to feel the way about him that I do about Josh Holloway. They are all one note and I just want to turn the channel when they are onscreen.

That African American woman looked familiar - the one who was questioning Michael. Did she play the wife on Rwanda or something? How do I know her? Anyone?
Hmm...I liked how Sawyer confided in Jack. And how he now thinks that"caught in a net" means having sex. I was glad that Sayid had suspicions about Michael too. Because he was so obvious, it was really sorta pathetic. But, I have to say, if my daughter was crying and saying "Please get me outta here mom!!" I would probably kill 2 people if I had to. Is that wrong?
All I can say is "Thank god for Sayid." (And I mean that in many ways. Naveen, call me!) But seriously, how could noone else think that Michael might be lying to save his kid? I agree with mirabella, he was so obvious.
One thing I liked about the episode was the use of flashback in such a short time span. And I thought Hurley did a great performance.
Was anyone else wondering where Rose and Bernard were in the funeral scene, though?
Sayid seemed to really be the only sane person in last nights show. Micheal was acting bizaare! If I was in his situation, I would have wanted to take an army back w/ me.

I am disappointed w/ the direction they are taking Echo.

If the next episode isn't better I am boycoting next season.
Sayid, Sayid! mmmmyeah, baby.
*Oh---er---realizes she typed her thoughts*

All the previews have said that our "questions would be answered." And they allude to the idea of "none of this being real."

Ideas on that, anyone?
Celimene, the woman is April Grace. She wasn't in Hotel Rwanda.

I recognized her as the interviewer who is talking to Tom Cruise in Magnolia. I don't think I've seen her in anything else.
Also, she was on an early ep of "The X-Files", which is where I knew her from.

Much as I love Hurley, I couldn't believe no one suspected Michael when he wanted to bring HURLEY and not SAYID. The "Red Beret".
has everyone seen this week's entertainment weekly? there's a four-page spread on the finale. some spoilers, but nothing egregious, and it's interesting stuff.
Did Hurley's mom die in the flashbacks? All I can think is Kate's mom died, Sawyer's mom and dad died and Jack's dad died. I can't recall if Hurley's mom died. Remember Henry told Locke that he was to bring Locke back, that was his mission, then how come Michael isn't bringing Locke? Locke's dad did not die, just a fake death.

My sister was basically screaming that everyone was stupid except for Sayid.
Also, when Walt was saying they did tests on him Michael is probably thinking medical tests. They are probably doing mental exams to test his abilities. I don't think The Others are bad. Walt says they are pretending, but we already know that from Kate finding the fake beard and glue.
designer, unless we haven't seen it happen yet, hurley's mom is still alive. His grandpa however, did die.
Thanks erin I didn't think his mom died, but couldn't exactly remember.
psst, blanche, i can't read your spoiler. and i want to! because i missed the may 3rd episode, and despite watching the past 3 episodes i have NO CLUE what's going on. i may have to hit up TVWoP or the dreaded lostpedia. not even sure i care that much anymore. this show has gone off way too many deep ends and come out of way too many left fields for me. definitely think the success has gone to their heads.

i'm just so happy desmond is back. he's my new hunka-hunka!
You know, say what you will about Lost. The long breaks. The slow episodes that barely inch the plot along. The occasionally bad dialogue and irritating character changes. The deal-breaker plot twists. The uneasy sense that we're building up to a disappointing answer to it all (or worse -- no answer at all).

You gotta admit: the show at least has the courage to have a seriously crazy-ass story and run with it.

Last night's ep actually made me feel a little less uneasy about whether the writers know what they're doing, even though I'm still clueless. Is the plot with Desmond's Penelope, who somehow knows that he must be somewhere with big magnetic issues, the first time we've seen any evidence of the outside world since the survivors crashed?

At least now we know why the plane crashed. But the randomness of the plane crashing combined with the very non-random links among all the survivors in their lives before the crash still makes me nervous that a huge chunk of the plot is going to be chalked up to "fate."
a couple of other thoughts:

How creepy was Henry Gale last night? I kept expecting him to shoot Michael. Just from a story perspective, I appreciate that they didn't. Letting him go with Walt in tow actually seemed like the most unexpected thing. I really hope we follow Michael and Walt a little next season...whether they get off the island or not.

And I actually don't think Locke and Eko are dead. Otherwise, why would Desmond have "sacrificed" his own life for Locke's? It just doesn't fit neatly, plot-wise.

Though I guess I never want to believe anyone is really dead. Which brings me to Libby -- I'm glad they're not done with her yet...though who is this David guy? Any connection to Hurley's "Dave?" I doubt it, but still.

Jack's "You gotta believe I would never have brought us out here if I didn't have a plan!" was awesome.

Kelvin is the same guy from Sayid's flashback in Iraq -- the one who convinced him to torture that other guy (sorry, details fuzzy).

I didn't think Desmond returning to the hatch after killing Kelvin made sense. Also, the flashback scene where he hears Locke banging on the hatch doesn't jive with the first episode of the season for me, when we first met Desmond...I definitely got the impression that Desmond had been living alone for a while and the day everyone opened the hatch opened was just another routine day for him.
I don't know if this is a spoiler or not. Probably not. Just don't read. Or whatever.

"Enough of this jibber jabber, let's roll"
Aw, I love Saywer.
Desmond is my new favourite character. So hot.
What about the foot statue? It FREAKED me out.
Has anyone ever noticed if Henry Gale only had 4 toes or not? And, looks like he's the boss of the "others", eh? That tricky fellow.
I was quite pleased with the episode last night. I will go crazy by September/October trying to figure out what's going on!

I dig the invisible ink everyone is writing with.
I don't know how to type invisibly, but I got somethin' to say!! In response to Desmond Locke hatch door from the previous episode and what lot said....ahhh. I won't say anymore.
go for it raskel! I actually think it's okay to post -- they're not technically spoilers the day after. But if you want to type invisibly:

\ white{your text}

Except don't use a space between the \ and "white."

wilhelmina, I totally forgot about the statue! That was creepy!

A couple of other things (I can't help it!):

Charlie said "They're not back yet?" when Claire asked him where Eko and Locke were -- since he was right there, I think he would have known if they were still inside when that magnetic explosion happened.

Also, I really don't get the magnetism thing. The button had to be pushed to release magnetic energy to prevent it from building up and destroying the world (right?). But there's a key that, if turned, lets it all the magnetic energy, once and for all? So now it's not an issue anymore? huh? Also worth noting that Henry Gale didn't seem surprised by the magnetic "explosion," or as bothered by it as everyone else.
I was just going to comment on where you said it seemed like Desmond had been alone for a while in the hatch when Jack and Locke got there. Wasn't when Locke was banging on the hatch when he spent all that time out there with Boone? So by the time this first episode of this season came around and they actually went into the hatch, he had been alone.

Maybe I'm mistaken. My timeline seems to be very off because this season was apparently only 2 weeks in Lost time.
I was just going to comment on where you said it seemed like Desmond had been alone for a while in the hatch when Jack and Locke got there. Wasn't when Locke was banging on the hatch when he spent all that time out there with Boone? So by the time this first episode of this season came around and they actually went into the hatch, he had been alone.

Maybe I'm mistaken. My timeline seems to be very off because this season was apparently only 2 weeks in Lost time.
I think the point was, if Desmond heard Locke pounding in the night, why would he just get up and go about his day, business as usual.

Though, it wasn't another 3 days until they got into the hatch.

And I'm sure part of his behavior has to do with the fact that this was his routine for 3 years or whatever. I'd just do what I was used to if it was me, especially if I thought the guy pounding might be one of the 'hostiles'. I wouldn't go running around looking for them personally. Stay where it's safe, where there's food and guns:-)
i guess i missed locke being massively distraught at causing boone's death. when he said that was why he felt it was his calling to push the button, i must've said "huh?" about 6 times out loud.

i keep thinking of henry gale saying, "we're the good guys." gotta be CIA.

good call on the sayid backstory-kelvin connection, lot! all i could think of was the crazy preacher dood from carnival.

did anyone else think of the monty python foot when they showed the foot statue? bwahaha!
mandi, i totally thought that too!

ok, so i just watched the ep and...damn! yoou know, whever i think i'm gonna stop watching, this stupid show draws me back in. that last half hour was some damn good teevee.

i totally thought kelvin was zeke, the Other, until he died.

also, have we seen widmore before? he looked so familiar!
Don't forget the guy from Sayid's flashback (now we know he's Kelvin) is Kate's dad.

I wonder if Libby went "crazy" after giving Des the boat. And maybe the reason she was into Hurley (or watching him in the institution) was cuz Dave is her husband. Or something.
Mandi, I thought that too. :-)Yes, it was crazy preacher man from Carnivale-Clancy Brown. I still love Sawyer.... he's so yummy.
My bad. Kelvin is Clancy Brown. Ooops.
yeah, Clancy Brown! I remember him from Pet Sematary 2 too *hangs head*. But I think Kate's dad is someone else that he worked with.

The timeline seriously boggles the mind. I just looked it up on Lostpedia (where else?) It's only been 20 days since they discovered the hatch. Boone and Shannon only died five days apart. crazy.
Kelvin isn't Kate's dad. Kate's dad was in Sayid's war flashback, but Kelvin (then known as Joe) is a different guy.
I just figured out that Ecko and Michael were both on OZ. Hmmm....
I was trying so hard to figure out where Penelope's dad was from. I thought he was on Lost earlier in the season, or last Season, but he was CALEB from the OC. I am addicted to Lostpedia.
And I was trying to figure out where Penelope was from, till I realized that she was in "Librarian: Quest for the Spear". Then I realized that I'd watched that.
Dave as in the dave who was hurley's imaginary friend?
Zillah, it's very brave of you to admit having watched The Librarian. :-O


i haven't watched the OC since the first season, but now i see it. that dude always seems to play rich bastards, huh? typecasting.

did anyone else expect a plane to come down when all the craziness in the hatch was happening?
and because you know they just had to, they are coming out with 'lost' action figures: Jack, Kate, Locke, Hurley, Charlie and Shannon.

no sayid?! no sawyer?!
but shannon?!?! wtF?
Maybe there is no Sayid and no Michael because the characters are all white, white, white and white...?
Oh, yeah. Jorge Garcia is hispanic, I suppose. Looks pretty white though.
no jin either!
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