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So...further down the rabbit hole we go. It seems like the time flashes are becoming more frequent and now several people have nose bleeds. Ben has managed to get more of the 6 back together. My head is still spinning after this one. Any ideas?
Well, my head just went BOOM. While it is nice to see Jin alive we all know that putting him with Danielle and the French is not goo b/c all her people died.
Hoo boy. I can't wait to see what Sun is about to do.
Interesting to realize that Miles couldn't be sure that he hadn't been on the island before. Don't know what it means but it was interesting.
I knew Jin wasn't dead. For some reason that one...that one didn't sit right with me. I thought they made it too cheesy with Sun visiting his grave last season and everything. I wasn't surprised to see him and when I saw the Frenchie's I figured it was Danielle. Interesting stuff. I have no theories now. I'm just watching and waiting to see where it goes.
So Jin must have been going through all the same time travel flashes as the rest of the group, but he was just floating out on the ocean and on this last flash they landed in the 70's along with Danielle's crew.

Miles probably is a child of the island. A few posts back someone said that Charlotte was born there. I don't remember where that idea might have come in and am curious. No mention of Desmond and family in this episode...Desmond has to go back to the island too, right? Or is he exempt because he was on the plane?
I was intrigued when Ben had everyone but Hurley rounded up. I wonder how they're going to get him out of prison? It certainly won't be without a fight. Man, I feel bad for Hurley. He's in for some seriously stinky shit.

I wasn't surprised that Ben was the one trying to get the baby. I thought the first time I saw it that it was him. It is interesting that Claire's mother just happened to be using the same lawyer as Ben. Hmmm...

So whatever happened to Claire? Does anyone have any ideas? She was never confirmed dead on the show, yet the writers never mentioned anything about her being back. So she could be dead. I really am dying to find out what happened to Claire. I have the feeling they are not going to tell us for a long time.

There's obviously still a lot of attraction between Jack and Kate. I really liked them as a couple.

Now...when are we going to find out what those smoke monsters are?
eyelet, Charlotte told Daniel last season that she was born on the island.
I wonder whether Miles was the baby at the beginning of the first episode of this season, the one who we wondered the significance of...

Ben's lawyer has fixed it so that Hurley is cleared of charges (the timing of the murder now coincides with him being in hospital, I think. I was looking forward to how they would bring off a prison break in/out.

As soon as Locke asked if anybody spoke French, I thought of Danielle and think it's really cool how they brought her back into the story.

I'm thinking that when the six go back/try to get back that they need to time it so that it was as if they never left. Everybody on the island looks to be dying already (nosebleeds) or are following suit and it's only been ONE DAY so there's no way that they're alive three years later (in the Oceanic 6 present).

I hope Ben doesn't kill Penny. I love Desmond and Penny (and little Charlie) and want them to be safe and happy.

I agree with the mind blown sentiments.
Just a warning: according to Defamer, the new Entertainment Weekly has some big spoilers. I haven't gotten mine yet, but I think I am going to hold off reading it for a few days.
I knew that was going to be Danielle too, even before they showed her pregnant belly.

As for Miles, it does seem like they were setting him up to be the son of the "doctor" in the Dharma videos. I know the idea had been batted around about it having to do with Sun also, but with the references to Miles having been on the island before, it seems that was likely him.

I don't know if I've ever been more addicted to a show.
All I have to say about the last episode of Lost is wow. Just wow. It's getting better and better and we're getting close to some answers about what the hell that island is and why it's there.

It was so sad how the girl who's name I'm forgetting the one who Faraday loves died. That last thing she said was, "Mom won't let us have chocolate bars for dinner." So sad. And the part about Faraday being there...could that have been a time flash that happened recently?
With the very brief scene that showed Daniel in a cave with the Dharma people, I think it was the '70s, I kind of think that at some point Daniel get seperated and maybe even stranded back in the past.
While it was not suprising to see that Daniel's mom is Finnola Flannigan, it was awsome to see it confirmed.
The image of Sawyer holding the rope going nowhere was a great visual joke.

Watching most, but not all, of the Lostaways end up at the church was just great. Now I wonder how they are going to get Kate and Sayid there. I am also curious where Locke is going to end up.
Musicfit- maybe we'll see that flash in an upcoming episode- because it is only now that he knows that the island is death for her- so maybe he'll go back and try to warn her (though you'd think he should know that it won't change the final outcome).

A friend of mine who I watch with thinks that maybe the whispers in the jungle in the first few seasons could be people traveling back in time and watching and whispering to each other. I don't know if that's it, but it's a really cool idea.
It was good, and I have some idea's but I don't know. I disagree with whoever said that the people on the island must be dead because it was 3 years in the past - I know the time jumps are still happening but I think that must have stopped at some point, perhaps when locke turned the...thingy. It just seems to me that if they go back and every one is dead then what the hell is the point?

I think it's pretty obvious that in one of the upcoming episodes we'll see Daniel seeing the young Charlotte - and since he said he can't change things I'm guessing he'll still tell her even though yeah, he should know he can't change it.

I wondered too if people in the woods in early episodes were actually those from the time jumps.

I'm also pretty sure that the last thing Charlotte said is some how significant, since pretty much everything is.
ketto, it would be pointless to go back if they're dead so I think that's why they have to go back to the present time on the island (or before) to save them from dying... I read somewhere that when they do go back they are in the same place but different time from the island-Losties.

I agree that Charlotte's last words are probably symbolic; who is the "we" that she refers to? presumably a sibling. I doubt it would be Penny as she grew up with Widmore present, didn't she?
musicfit they're all back on the island...and the first time they crashed they actually crashed into a different time period...and Locke is shown alive in the preview of the next episode. Desmond stormed out and didn't come to the island...color me confused.

Desmond is Faraday's what's going to happen to Faraday now that Desmond is no longer there? And something tells me based on past episodes that Faraday knows how to control which time he shows up in or at one point knew how to control it.

What do you think about where the characters are now and where they might be headed?
Music - they explained that Locke was shown alive because next weeks episode is all about how he tried to convince the others to come back and then killed himself. I think it's a pretty pointless episode, because I can tell you exactly what will happen: he will try and convince the others to come back, fail, and then kill himself - thus picking up where we left off earlier.

I'm sure Desmond will end up back there somehow. He's on a boat himself so it's really wide open how he could get back.

I guarantee at least one new person on the island - the guy from the airport/plane who was going to Guam. I just checked his IMDB profile actually and he's listed for at least a couple of episodes.

I think it's obvious that whatever Locke did when he left the island stopped the time jumps and I'm guessing that after 3 years, Jin got involved with whoever is currently on the island, hence being involved in the Dharma Initiative - but we still don't know what year it is on the island.

I'm glad that whatsername...Daniel's mother finally explained a few things, like how they found the island, a bit more information on what it is.
I thought the latest episode was completely brilliant (even if it was a Jack-centric episode). I didn't expect the return to the island to occur so quickly but I realise that now they will probably backtrack and fill in the blanks: Locke/Jeremy Bentham, what happened to Ben and what made the others get on that plane (including Kate - what the hell happened with Aaron?!)

I think that Ben went to fulfill his promise to Widmore of killing Penny and instead Desmond (or perhaps Widmore's henchmen beat him up instead).

I have no idea how the others managed to be there although I am sure all will be explained.

I LOVE that Frank is back in the mix and adored his "we're not going to Guam, are we?"

Curious about the man on the plane who offered Jack his condolences.

I saw the possible symbolism of Ben reading Ulysses - Odysseus, the sailor, (Desmond) being kept from his life-long love, Penelope (Penny).

Guffawed at Ben's droll wit (as I am prone to do) when Jack asked how he could read and Ben retorted, "my mother taught me" but Ben's mother died in childbirth (although did she not come back as a ghost?)

ketto, I agree that Locke stopped the time jumps when he left the island and, in doing so, saved the others but stuck them back in time... I think it will be interesting and probably very funny to see how they have functioned in that time (especially considering that time lasts longer on the island and that 3yrs has probably been longer for them...)

So, Charlotte mentioned listening to Geronimo Jackson and that was the record in the hatch way back in season 2 and Hurley brought a guitar ... I'm wondering whether that is of a bigger significance somehow.

This season is smokin' hot.
So if the time jumps stopped when Locke left the island, approximately where in time were they?
eyelet, we don't know that yet. Some time in the past, obviously, because the dharma initiative is still there. But they haven't told us exactly what year it is yet.

I also like the guy who plays Frank - he was in Planet Terror and I thought he was hilarious. He was also in the trailer for Machette they showed before Grindhouse. Too funny.

The man on the plane who offered condolences was the one I was referring too - he's slated to be in at least one more episode so we know he's on the island.

I missed the Ulysses thing - good eye.

I really feel like I need to go back and re-watch from the beginning because I know I'm missing a lot of details. But I dislike the script enough that I don't feel like sitting through all those slooooooooow mooooooving episodes.
So, I said a page back that I thought that Ellie (the blonde from Richard's 1954 camp, who Daniel sees the bomb with) could be his mother at a younger age; I said that at the time because Daniel said she reminded him of somebody. Anyway, I just read that Mrs Hawking's first name is Eloise (I hadn't picked up on that) and I think it lends credence to the theory.

Anyway, carry on ... I am LOVING this season!
Damn bunny! You're good. I just can't keep up with all the details. Maybe I should stop getting baked before I watch...
Hah, it's mainly lucky and an eye for detail; the bigger things blow my mind.
eta: Jeez, ketto, I don't think I could handle watching Lost high!

I LOVE that Locke is alive; I was hoping for that. Ben killing him though? whoah... Also, throwing this out there: could the reason that Ben and Widmore hate one another be because they fought over Ellie/Eloise and perhaps one of them (Widmore, methinks) have a child by her? I can't remember the backstory to Ben kidnapping Alex, whether it was because there were no successful pregnancies on the island or if there was more to it... we know that some people were born on the island (Charlotte), however, so maybe it was after a certain point i.e. the nuclear radiations from the H-bomb? Perhaps Eloise fell pregnant (with Daniel) and left the island to protect her baby. Also, let's not forget that Widmore financed Daniel's studies and he knew Eloise was in LA. Ben also looked mighty shocked when Desmond told them that Daniel was on the island, as he did when Locke told him about Eloise (which seemed to be what inspired him to kill Locke). I dunno, I'm completely losing myself here with this half-whacked theory.

Did anybody else notice the Christian (no pun intended, considering he's the other dead guy) mythology? Locke standing on the table with Ben kneeling before him looked like the Crucifixion to me; then there was Locke's sacrifice and his resurrection ... also Ben last week had that weird one-sided discussion with Jack about Thomas, the apostle, who wanted to follow Jesus when he went back to (Jerusalem?) At the time I thought it meant Locke and how the O6 had to follow him back to the island but now I think there's more of a significance, or just Ben using it for his own means.
So do you have any idea who that baby that Juliet delivered is?
I love having a show that makes me feel like I am not smart enough for TV. It is like the anti-Stargate (don't yell at me. I loved that show but it wasn't exactly plotted for Mensa club members.) As soon as I saw Horace (Horus?) I knew that I knew him from some other episode and it was important. Two websites and five links later, I knew he was the one who convinced Ben's dad to come to the island. Intriguing.

No idea who the baby is. ETA: But it is probably important. *sigh*
Double post: So, if we work under the assumption that the Island plucked out the ones that It wanted, Kate, Jack, and Hurley were all sucked back to 1977(?) The pilot and maybe Sun (if she was the woman who went off with the pilot), crashed in the current time (2004?). Sayid, I don't know for sure. Ben, who always wanted to be the leader of The Others, not only wasn't selected, but seems to have been hurt in his attempt at forcing himself back to the Island. Locke was selected but had to land in the current time period.

I have to assume that the crash happened in the current time. We know that the Dharma people live close enough that they would hear a plane crash.

Some of you probably already got here on the thoughts but these were revelations for me. wink.gif
And what was that time period where they were there for like, 2 minutes and looked around saying it was a long, long time ago and saw that the 4-toed statue was intact? That was intriguing. I was hoping to find out more about that damn 4-toed statue (and if indeed that was the 4-toed statue), but they flashed to the 70s. However, I am very satisfied with being able to spend time with the mysterious Dharma Initiative people and getting to know who the hell they were in the first place. VERY cool episode. I'll be counting the days until we get to see the next one.
Where's all the Lost commentary this week? I count on you guys for critical analysis and references to past facts. I think 12 year old Ben is eerily accurate. They really are in deep now, aren't they?
I don't want to spoil it for anyone if they haven't seen last week's episode yet -- but I wonder what sort of effect Sayid's actions are going to have on the people in present day??
Sorry for crashing in. I haven't posted on Bust in forever. But, they were calling the baby Ethan last week weren't they??

I agree 12 yr old Ben does a great job - the actor. So creepy.
Yeah, the baby's name is Ethan.
Yeah, 12 year-old Ben sure sent chills up my spine. Very creepy. Such a good little actor!

I'm wondering if Sayid's killing Ben is really going to kill him for good or if, as Faraday said, he can't really kill him because he can't alter time?
As someone pointed out in some other corner of the internet (Jezebel?), the actor who played Ethan was in his 40s when the character was featured a few years back. If he was born in '77, he would've only been in his late 20s when he was killed. (I personally thought he seemed about 30-something.)

I guess it was just an oversight on the part of the producers.

I am beginning to feel like it is some kind of crazy time loop. Like, a few seasons ago when Ben chose Kate, Jack, Hurley, and Sawyer out of all of the survivors, was it because he remembered them from when he was younger? But they didn't remember? And now they're also the ones who got sucked back to '77. I don't know what to think about Sayid's role in it. Ben seemed shocked to see him on the plane. My friend thinks that the woman who captured him works for Whidmore. On the other hand, if Ben got shot in '77, mustn't he have known? And mustn't he have survived?

ARGH mindfuck.
Yes, the 2005 Ethan had to be at least mid-30's, but with all this time twisting, who knows what could happen?

Trying to sort out this story is like remembering a weird dream, you almost have to do it in reverse.

These writers are really on their game now. There were a few things from earlier seasons that were dead-end story lines, like the couple that were bitten by a spider and buried alive in a shallow grave and the sister and brother who were lovers, but other than that, it seems they've known exactly what they were doing from the very beginning.

So far the only way they've shown the time travelers being able to change the future was when Faraday told Desmond what to do and it came to him as a memory in a dream. Maybe that's how grown up Ben is now receiving these memories.

I don't think the young Ben is really dead.

That's right, Ben didn't actually die. I should have said shot, not died.
It is just so confusing. I think I'm just going to have to give up trying to figure it out and just watch and enjoy. It gives me a headache!

It also occurred to me that Ethan is too old in the future/past/whatever. And Ben's character is an enigma. Seriously.
Widmore is an Other? W?T?F?
Who saw the finale? Any thoughts? I thought it was one of the best ones they've had, and I can't believe we have to wait 9 months to get any answers to all the questions!
i loved it. i've missed a few seasons, but i loved that they stopped compounding/complicating the problems and started to untie that gordian knot they created for themselves.
Well, in the words of Joeseph Lawrence, "Woah!'

I always thought that Ben would be the scariest villian that the Island could have but the LockeMonster is freaking me out! I didn't realize that Terry O'Quinn's eyes could have so much evil in them.

I have no idea what that episode was about but I had a great time being confused!
I watched the epi prior to the season premiere. Part of me is thinking that some of the clips they are showing (where the plane didn't crash) suggests that the inevitable will happen. We cannot avoid fate. So, the separations, running away, deaths...will happen in some other form.

At the same time, I'm trying to see what happens post-blowup and the events on the island are related.

Good episode and I agree,kittenb, very confusing at the same time.

Btw, could they play the "something weird is happening" music (GT's words) any more than they did last night??
I feel like they started a whole new show (hoping by now no need for spoiler blackout). Parallel worlds? An entirely new group of people on the island to get used to? I'm a little weary of watching these characters being corralled around at the end of a rifle by one group of bad guys after another. Not going to stop watching though.

On a side note--does anyone remember in first season the couple that were bitten by some spider and thought dead and then were buried but we knew (can't remember how) that they are just paralyzed and were actually buried alive? I'm just wondering if that story line went nowhere. There are probably quite a few loose ends like that. Will be interesting to see how many they re-visit in this last season.

edited to add: I see I asked that same question below. Must have been a forgettable episode for everyone but me.
You would be referring to Nikkie & Paulo. They were hated by the fans and the writers soon realized the mistake and killed them off. All things considered, they got a pretty decent end story, IMO. smile.gif
Aaaand, check.

They wrapped up Nikki and Paulo tonight. I feel better.
Yes. I love the very quick shot of Miles holding quite a big diamond. Too funny!
The last epi with Desmond? AWESOME.
It was a great episode but it felt more like a "Tune in next time to find out what happened!" Considering that they have 9 episodes left I'm suprised at how little is known. And the end of that episode was a big question mark for me.
Any thoughts about the final epi?

I will say that the ending disappointed me. Then again, Grey's final epi of the season was superintense that I guess I had big expectations for this show.
Yeah, I have thoughts.
The ending was an utter copout which I found actually offensive. If I had been avidly watching this for 6 years I would have been *pissed*. All the mysteries that were set up, all the puzzles, the invocation of time travel and physics... all led to some simplistic scenario where, after all it was only a dream but now they're all together *in church* so halleluia.

It annoys me on both a narrative and political level. Complete crap.

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