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48 more episodes...stretched over 3 years.
come on eileen
Kinda glad that there's only 3 more seasons left. I can't imagine this show going on for more than 6 seasons anyway.
I watched last night's eipsode but I was dozing off for most of it. Can you fill me in on anything I might have missed?

I got the big picture stuff like Juliette told Jack about Ben's plan, everyone heard the tape, everyone knows about Naomi. I wasn't awake enough for the part at Jacob's house. Did Locke see Jacob? Did Jacob talk to Locke? Then, of course, I saw Locke get shot but I don't know why it happened.

I spent some time literally bouncing on the couch as I sat to try to keep awake but it didn't work.
SPOILER ALERT Locke couldn't see Jacob, and told Ben he was off his nut & a liar & a fraud... then the freaky Blair Witch shit started. Locke turned to go & heard a deep & garbled "help me". He turns around & whips out the flashlight that apparently he forgot to check at the door, and the place explodes - jars breaking, shit flying everywhere, lots of fast-cut action, so it was hard to tell exactly what was going on. Locke hightails it out of the shack, with a creepy calm Ben coming out moments later, saying something dour... Locke alludes to going back & revealing Ben's batshit craziness & turning the Udders against him. (Badass move, Locke, sure; blatantly revealing your plans to unseat ArchNemesis in the middle of the jungle, not so smart, maybe.)

They head back, but Locke calls Ben out, fully aware they're going the wrong way. Ben takes Locke to the mass grave & pops a cap in him after hearing what Jacob said to Locke.

But it's OK! It's the island! Where some people die, and others conveniently heal at 100x the normal rate of recovery! Give it an episode or two, and Locke will come shambling back out of the jungle, mango & bowie knife in hand...

I don't think I can take 3 more years, honestly, unless there's some kind of major payoff to tide me over. This season's episodes are really, really good so far, but come on, give a girl a biscuit.

I do, however, appreciate the casting of background characters, this week especially - Napoleon Dynamite's Uncle Rico & Pump Up the Volume's babe-of-interest...
Holy Giant smoke monster batman!

WTF was up with ladt night??

Apparently there was a picture of Vincent (Walts dog) on the wall in Jacobs house. Also - someone mentioned something about seeing a spaceship near where the hippie vans were but I didnt notice.

Also - did anyone notice that that sexy Richard guy didnt age AT ALL? Ben was what - 12? Now Ben is around 35 and Richard looks the exact same. A little time travelling mayhaps?

Is Rousseau that little girl from Bens childhood?

I have sooo many questions in my head its fucktarded.

I like how no one stopped Locke from kicking patchy's ass. Even when Ben asked. I think we are on the verge of a major upheaval of power here. On the Others side AND the Losties side.

(Side note, when i got to work and typed in it came up as blocked because of 'swimsuits' I was sooo pissed that all my work wasting fun is gone and I tried it again and it worked! Lets hope it stays this way....)
QUOTE(DaisyJane @ May 10 2007, 09:05 AM) *
Apparently there was a picture of Vincent (Walts dog) on the wall in Jacobs house.

Whoa, Daisy, I totally didn't notice the picture of Vincent--that's really creepy.

Did everyone see the flash of Jacob when Ben got thrown back against the wall? I thought I was seeing things, but it was for real--they posted a picture on lostpedia (the best distraction ever). He definitely gives me the creeps.
Yeah, it was kind of ridiclulous that Richard didn't age at all. Maybe they did that so the audience would get that it was the same guy- he's kind of a minor character and Richard is such a generic name, so maybe otherwise we wouldn't have made the connection (though surely someone over at Lostpedia would have been on top of that shit!).

I don't think that little girl could be Rousseau. Rousseau is French, and she has a slight accent. Also, I believe her story about having crashed on the island and having her baby taken from her by the others, meaning that Ben is not Alex's bio-dad.

So many Daddy issues on this show, eh? It's almost getting to be too much.
My sci-fi lovin' geekgirl heart just went pitter-pat over that episode. I finally was able to watch it on

I think that Richard, the ageless guy, being one of the origonal inhabitants of the island is somehow immortal. Or some varition of an extremely long-lived person. That would explain the amazing healing abilities of the island as well as the whole sperm issue.
Now, how Ben became the leader of a bunch of immortal-types, I have no idea. Unless it was a staring contest or something.

It seemed apparent that Ben, while afraid of Jacob, had some sort of power over him/it/whatever. (Did anyone else get shades of Twin Peak's BOB with the whole Jacob thing?). Ben was able to stop the supernatural temper tantrum.

Ben's fear made me think of a great Buffy line: "Generally speaking, when scary things get scared, that's bad."
Im not going to ruin anyone fun with the show but I have a very good idea regarding time travel/parallel universes. It explains the dying baby thing, Lockes ability to walk, Richards non-aging.

I dont think Jacob is Locke with a wig. The nose was bublous-ier.

Im too tired to write much...
Usually they credit characters right away on IMDB, but Jacob wasn't listed in the cast. It's a mystery.
Oh man. OK, so I admit it - I got all misty at the Charlie crap. WTH, Lost - somehow I ended up giving a rats arse about that whiny punk, despite his seemingly endless supply of Sharpie chiches.
On Lostpedia, they have this comparison between Jacob and Locke because apparently a lot of other people thought the same. Jacob was played by a crew member, though. Which leads me to believe we won't be seeing much of him, or they'd have hired an actual actor to play him.

DaisyJane I'd love to hear your theory! Message me if you feel like it.

I'm torn between whether I want this to all have perfectly logical explanations, or whether I want it to be some awesome out-there sci-fi thing. I have no idea how they'd logically explain it all but it'd be interesting.

So, with the people in the Looking Glass underwater sea lab... I guess Ben was lying to Juliette when he told her no one was there anymore, huh? Doesn't seem like it'd be worth it for Juliette to lie to the survivors about it, does it?

KittenB, love your comment about Ben becoming leader via staring contest.
I'm very sad about Charlie too...which is weird, because I totally hated his character to begin with.

Kittenb, I was totally thinking of Twin Peaks as well... LOL. smile.gif

DaisyJane, I want to hear your time travel theory. If you want to write it in a spoiler safe way, write it in white.
There was a nice little article on Dominic and Charlie's possible demise in this weeks Entertainment Weekly. It seems that we just might loose him... blink.gif
I kinda doubt that we'll lose Charlie... it's too predictable. The fact that Desmond tried to go down instead of him seems fishy, like Blanche was saying. And with those 2 surprise babes-with-guns, it seems as though it may not go as planned.

I heard that we are going to lose an important character before the season's end, though; maybe it'll happen in the showdown on the beach.

Was that Nadia in Charlie's flashback (who called him a hero)? I'll hop over to Lostpedia to find out...

Yes, appartently that was Nadia. I would never catch half of these details if it weren't for the comments of the people I watch it with (and Lostpedia, of course...)
edie--I guess Nadia showed up in Locke's flashback where his dad's in trouble with the mob, too... I read about it on's recap of the Charlie episode (Doc Jensen has a theory that Nadia might be an important connection, since she's showed up a lot in flashbacks). I've been wracking my brain, but I can't come up with who she was in that flashback. Does anyone know/remember?

This episode absolutely killed me. I've loved Charlie from the start (though we had some trouble when he went batshit crazy at the end of season 1), so I was crying steadily throughout, totally believing he would be dead by the end. I re-watched a few episodes from season 2 this weekend, including Everybody Hates Hugo, where Hurley handed out all the food from the hatch, including some peanut butter for Charlie and Claire...I even got a little choked up watching Charlie surprise her with the jar of pb... Okay, I'm a saddo, I accept that. ::sigh::
Ahhh! Im back! My work blocked all last week for some fucked up reason and now its back. So now guarantees Ill be back permanently.

ANYWAY. Ill post my theory on the time travel thing right now. Its in white. [/color] So it may be hard to explain over email, cause i use my hands alot when I explained it to my friends.
Back in the 50s there was a real life organization that sounds ALOT like Dharma in Lost. They had some of the same experiments with animals and fertility and everything. They were also attempting to create a 'time machine'. SO, if we think that Dharma is based off of this real life group, we can asume they are attempting to build a time machine. But not technically a time machine, but more of a 'reality splitter'. It would split time, create two alternate universes and realities. Which would explain ALOT. But you can only go 'back in time' to when you created the time machine in the first place. So think of it as two parallel pieces of string. One reality where there is the time machine and another of the exact same time. If you were to 'reset' the first reality in which the time machine was created, that first reality would be going back and being reset every 108 minutes. Therefore, while the second reality is moving along, the first one doesnt really go anywhere. Over time, every 108 minutes, you would make a wide gap between the two realities.

this sounds really hokey I know, but heres how it explains everything. What happens if your plane crashes halfway between one reality and another? What if your plane crashes in the first 'reset' reality? Well, what would happen is, you get un-paralized, you can 'see' the future (because its already really happened in the 2nd reality). It would explain how Richard didnt age AT ALL between Ben being 12 years old and ben being 40. The reason babies die is because if the first reality is say, 10 years behind the second one (because of the 108 minute reseting) that baby technically does not exsist. I wouldnt be able to go back in time 5 years, and get pregnant because in the real reality, I dont have a child. Nature is 'fixing' this problem.

If Charlie is going to die, NO MATTER WHAT, as Desmond says, its because in the real future, he does not exsist. He died and you cant change that by going back in time.

It also explains why that girl says they all died on the plane. She says they FOUND their bodies. Remember "oh yea, you were that rockstar they found dead" Thats because they really did die. They all died in the 'real' reality but since they are actually exsisting in the first reality that has been reset, they are alive.

So anyways. Thats the theory. It sounds kind of crazy and a little too complicated for mainstream TV. But again, my disclaimer, its NOT my theory. Its just one I read that makes alot of sense.
I hope its semi-clear. I got 3 horus of sleep last night and may be just babbling.
Does anyone happen to know anything about the Lost "special" they're showing tonight right before the finale? I tried looking on, but I couldn't find anything about it. Is it the same "Answers" thing they showed last Thursday? :confused:
Wow. Time travel makes my head hurt.



I still can't deal with everything that happened last night.

Question, though: If the flashbacks were really the future, then why did Jack tell the other doctor to go and get his dad? His dad is dead, yo. Right? Right?

Poor Charlie. And who was Naomi then, anyway? Who's coming to get them? Was that Walt or the Smoke Monster? What is up with Mikhail never dying?
Seriously zillah. W....T......F.....

Youre right! Jacks dad IS dead! And did that tell us that within the next three years, jack OR kate will not die?

I was confused when I saw Jacks ex wife pregnant. I was like "huh? When did that happen?"

I dont even know where to start with last night. Something is up with Mikhail, because no one gets electrocuted by a uber fence, AND shot with a harpoon THROUGH THE CHEST! And be well enough to swim, smile, pull a grenade, and swim away.
Something is up with him.

And what are the chances of Pennys transmition being at JUST the right time? Especially if shes not on the boat out there?

Grrr I wonder whos funeral...
Because my brain works this way, I was all "Wait, so young Ben ostensibly met Richard years ago, and Richard hasn't aged. Mikhail survives just about every attempt to kill him, AFTER having been fatally injured....are the Others immortal or something?"

I was going to say that maybe Jack was just so drugged up that he was babbling at the hospital, but then I remembered that he tried to use his dad's prescription pad at the pharmacy. I can see forgetting in a drugged state that your dad is dead (and that would explain why the other doctor looked so confused), but why would he do something as stupid as use a dead man's name at a pharmacy? I mean, lying that "Oh Dad, you wrote it, you just forgot!" or something like that is a far cry from the pharmacist hearing "Dr. Christian Shepard's been dead for a year!".

And why was Penny calling?
The dad thing threw me off too. With the prescription, I figure he was just making that up to cover himself, but when he asked for his dad at the hospital, that's just weird. Maybe it does have to do with time travel and that has him all messed up?

When we realized it was a flash forward, it was really chilling and devastatingly sad.

We got mad because Charlie thought he had to die and so he let himsefl die to save Desmond, but it seems like he could have run out the door and closed it, right? Or does it not close from the outside?

I figured that Penny just had something set up so that something would indicate to her that something had changed and she could run over to her TV. It's far-fetched, but I didn't have brain space to think too much about that.

I loved how Ben was all, "Alex, this is your mother." It's weird how he nonchalantly decides to reveal things he's worked hard to conceal.

I assume the funeral was Ben's. And I guess that means Kate is with Sawyer, huh? I wonder if they have a baby. I wonder if Jack and Kate ever get together at all.

Did Naomi ever say she was from Penny's boat or did they just assume it because she had a photo of Penny?
I liked that theory, daisyjane, but I feel like it doesn't quite work now with last nights episode.
I think that Naomi said that she had been sent by Penny to find Desmond. Yeah, because she specifically said that she hadn't been sent for the 815 survivors since the world thought that they were dead; she said she was there for Desmond.

My friend actually called it being a flash-forward, but he was really surprised to be right! I was going to say something when I saw Jack's cellphone, but I thought I would have just been being nit picky, so I didn't. Darn! I could have called it!

I wondered why Charlie didn't run out of the room too, but I think that he had accepted dying, really, and that he still believed in Desmond's vision: he drowns so that Claire and Aaron can be saved.

I really hope that Claire finds Charlie's ring, or that will be really sad, especially since Desmond dived in the water and ruined Charlie's list!
Aw, that sucks. sad.gif I could hardly watch it--drowning terrifies me.
I just loved that the first thing Danielle said to her daughter was "Let's tie your father up."
So. That finale has me obsessing, yo. Obsessing. That episode just blew my mind! It was also just really, really well done.
Some thoughts:

* That glimpse of FutureJack was pretty damn bleak, no? It got me thinking about how much Lost is about redemption. Jack seems to be on a path of redemption, but clearly hasn't really redeemed himself fully by the time they get off the island - in fact, he seems to be in even worse shape than before he got onto the island. Kate, on the other hand, seems more balanced and happy - and not in jail! So what's the deal? What's going to happen that will so unhinge Jack?

* Why do you think people still can't find the island, after they've gotten off? Clearly they made contact with someone, so it doesn't appear that the island is in some other dimension or something else.

* This new twist on the narrative format really opens up the writers to take the shows in a lot of interesting, creative directions. With three seasons left, we "know" that at least two people get off the island (plus the mysterious dead guy). I always assumed that the show would end with a rescue (or lack thereof). But maybe they'll get off the island earlier, and then some people will try to get back. Actually, that sounds kind of dumb, but anyway, there are a lot more possibilities now.

God, I can't believe we have to wait 8 months! :-o
Yeah, that was pretty awesome. Now with every "flash" in every episode, I'll be wondering if it's in the future or in the past!

I kind of still think the series will end with them getting off the island. The writers probably chose to do the flash forwards (I'm assuming there'll be more) because they know we'll want to know what happens after, but they don't want to make episodes that don't show the island at all. I hope all the episodes have that island/outside world back-and-forth. However, it's also mighty predictable that it end when they get rescued.

For a second I was like "what- Jack and Kate knew each other before!!?" But then I wasn't that surprised when I realized it was in the future. So does that mean that Jack's Dad isn't dead, or does it have something to do with, like, folds in time and parallel worlds? (My friend was like "So it means his dad's not dead" and I was all "not neccessarily- folds in time!" but then I couldn't really back it up at all, and they talk about the island in past tense, so it must be in the future.)

And clearly they're not all going to die like Ben said they would. If she's not working for Panny, Naomi probably works for Penny's Dad, who knows about the island too, right, and who doesn't want her to be with Des. That would explain why she had the photo and knew his name.

I thought it was Ben's funeral, too, but we definitely can't be sure. Anything could happen in the next 3 seasons. Maybe it's Sawyer. (And of course they want us to think Kate's "him" was Sawyer, but really, anything could happen). But it is believable that there would be no one at Ben's funeral.

Man, Walt has hit some puberty! We were joking that when Locke was like "Walt?" it was not because he was surprised to see him, but because he looks 3 years older and it's only been 3 months.
By mistake I watched Pt. 2 of Through the Looking Glass rather than Pt. 1 then 2 so my head is completely blown. I need to download Pt. 1 to watch it.

The coffin was very small...
bump for knorl05.
u rock.. thanks bunnyb

soooooo... i know i'm kinda late on the lost train, but i'm fascinated with it all the same. tongue.gif

just watched the episode when michael kills annalucia and libby. then shoots himself. ack. bastard.
I'm rewatching Season 1, and just bought Season 3 in time for Season 4. I'm trying to get Mcgeek into it, b/c there's a sci-fi twist..and he's a uber geek.
yes now i'm all connected to, watching consecutive episodes of season three. i'm kind of getting sick of it :-/ but i will push through so that i can watch the new ones without missing a beat. there are still shows in season one that i missed but i figure, ah well.

and now, all i have to say, is the greatest loss this show has suffered is that of mr. eko.
When does Lost come back?

I wonder how they're going to swing the whole new season after the huge twist in the finale last season. I don't want to say too much because I don't want to ruin it for people who haven't seen it yet, haha.
I think it's Jan 31st? I got my season 3 dvd last night from Amazon, and plan to start watching (I missed a bunch of shows but did see the finale) before the new season starts.
petty/weird observation:

i love the juliet character, i just hate that she's all face lifted with a nose job and shit. i could understand if she were some high profile corporate person before she got to the island... but she's a bad ass fertility doc with a big heart. it just doesnt jive with me. :-/

either way. yes think it's a thurs the thirty first... i can only imagine how many peeps are gonna be tuned in!
So, I felt like last night's episode gave us some new weird stuff to think about. It was exciting when Hurley was screaming that he was "one of the Oceanic 6!" because it makes you wonder who else, other than he, Kate and Jack, get off the island. Pretty obvious statement, but plenty of delicious musing to be had from it.

I'm such a sucker, I actually jumped a little when Jack pulled the trigger to shoot Locke. I don't like Locke as in, I think he's a nice guy and I'd follow him (whereas, I'd follow Sayid ANYWHERE!), but I enjoy his character and I didn't want him to be killed off.

Speaking it was killed off, I was glad to see that even though Charlie was killed off, Dominic Mo-what's-his-name is still going to be around for weird visions and flashbacks and the like.

Was teh guy who parachuted at the end actually a rescuer of Penny's? For some reason, Mr. Mermaid thought the parachuter was guy that we've already seen, in that polar station that picked up the signal from the hatch explosion (the people who Penny was paying to find Desmond). Did anyone else recognize the parachuter?
mermaid: ah yes the parachuter, i thought he looked familiar. wasnt sure why though..?

i'm kind of disappointed with the episode, it was almost too complicated. are they crazy, are they saved, are they dead, there were far too many questions i think.. and i felt it was more a tease than anything else. no questions answered, just more questions asked. makes me wonder if there will ever be any sort of resolution to this thing.

anyone else notice the biblical references in the story... ie: benjamin and jacob. have you heard anything to support the idea that there are biblical undertones to this show?
I just watched last night's episode and I am sooo confused. I am tempted to hop over to TWOP to find out some of the things that I missed as far as hidden things and, yes, who that parachuter was.
I'm very confused. It was an interesting thing about the Oceanica 6, but I'm just left with more and more questions. Also, wondering how they're going to do this season with the writers strike?? I'm glad that Charlie's back in flashbacks.

Knorl, there are biblicial references. I think Lostpedia has a link to them.
Hmmm, I'm as usual ... lost.

I think it's fairly clear that the Oceanic 6 are not the only survivors but that they've left the remainder on the island (creepy guy: are they dead? charlie: they need you and jack: are you going to tell? all lead me to that idea). No wonder Hurley is in a poor state, as is Jack in the previous flash forward (which is later than Hurley's as he has the beard he's intending to grow.) So, the 6? Hurley, Jack, Kate, whoever Kate is with (please let it be Sawyer), the person in the coffin (who Jack goes to view in his flash forward) and one more person...

I read that the man in the chair (in the house Hurley saw) was Jack's father; he's credited as guest star. Um, wtf? I am so confused. It would make Jack's flash forward make sense; I thought him looking for his father was just a red herring though, I thought he was confusing past with present but if his father actually is alive then he would also be one of the 6.

sassy, there will be 8 episodes in total (as many as they could before the strike); hopefully the strike will end soon and they'll manage to produce the remainder.
I think it is okay that we are all confused. We are not supposed to know what is going on. I kinda loved the episode. tongue.gif
bunny: your post made me remember why i'm so addicted to the show. twists and turns around every bend, but if we can put it together, oh so great. i want to watch the next episode right now. ha.
QUOTE(knorl05 @ Feb 3 2008, 06:26 PM) *
bunny: your post made me remember why i'm so addicted to the show. twists and turns around every bend, but if we can put it together, oh so great. i want to watch the next episode right now. ha.

It's like one big jigsaw puzzle with several pieces missing (they'll turn up eventually, we hope.)

Any theories about why the people on the boat want Ben? I think he was a cult leader and escaped after giving out the kool aid.

As for the "Oceanic 6"... remember at the end of season 2 Michael was bringing "the four" to The Others? Those four were Jack, Kate, Sawyer and Hurley and we know that three of them are definitely part of the six and Sawyer is likely to be the one Kate is with so they are four of the six. I think Ben was the short man in the coffin with nobody at his funeral but he wouldn't be part of the six as he wasn't on the flight and could Jack's father really be classed as being a survivor from the flight since he was a cadaver in a coffin?
Any theories about why the people on the boat want Ben? I think he was a cult leader and escaped after giving out the kool aid.

But wasn't Ben raised on the island?
Did he not go as a boy with his father (the van driver)? I forgot about that. Where would the photo have been taken?
snow white
ok, so who do you think kate has hooked up with in the flash-forward? i'm hoping it's sawyer but i guess ya never know.

i'm so glad they brought back the polar bear and "monster" elements. i was starting to wonder if they had forgotten about them.

edit: oops, i didn't know bunnyb already threw that out there about kate.
So did everyone else get that Kate called her "son" Aaron? Am I the only one who missed it and thought she said "Eric?" So I guess that Claire must die or something b/c no way does she let her son leave the island w/o her.
I don't think she's necessarily dead... I think that she may give him to Kate to protect him. Or maybe Kate kidnapped him. OR she could be dead and that's why it hurts Jack too much to see his nephew so he doesn't. Remember what the fortune teller told Claire in season 1? that an other would look after him. Nicely done, script writers.

I also don't think Aaron is one of the Oceanic 6 he wasn't on the manifest but born on the island so another two reveals to go!

I am loving this season.
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