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I was so so pleased with the Sayid-centric episode this week. Have any of you seen Bride & Prejudice? It's a remake of Pride & Prejudice done Bollywood-style. "Sayid" is in it and he sings and dances. It's great.

Lunasol and Mermaidgirl, it was one of The Others. It happened in like, one of the first episodes of this season.

I actually started clapping while sitting on my sofa when I saw that Sayid would be the focus. It’s about time! Wasn’t his last ep in season 1? I also enjoyed last week's Hurley centric ep. Can’t say that I’m missing Jack at all. Now, just a little less Kate and Sawyer and it will be all good.
Lunasol and Mermaidgirl, it was one of The Others. It happened in like, one of the first episodes of this season.

Wait, are you talking about someone being gay? I think I totally missed that.

Thoughts on this week's ep? I enjoyed it a lot. I was glad to learn that (semi-spoiler in white) Claire was not as perfect as we'd been led to believe. I started clapping when they revealed who her father was - I've been in the camp that thought it was Christian ever since last season.

Can't wait to find out what happened to Locke next week!
No way! (at least, not unless we totally forget that it's Wednesday, which has happened more times than I like to admit...)

I'm with you. Banche - best episode so far this season, I'd say. Heaven forbid, we get some kind of progress in the island-as-what -now? story arc; Jack shows a shred of bastardly self-interest instead of the perpetual Dr Do-good; very nice fencing between Locke & Ben; and finally! we find out WTH happened that put him in a wheelchair. Good shit.
I will triple the sentiment that it was the best episode I have seen in a LONG time. Even the Jack stuff had me rivited b/c it had something to do with the rest of the story.
Locke blowing up the sub just floored me and I gasped when his dad pushed him out the window. Did anyone else think it was odd that Locke's dad looked like he hadn't aged a day? Locke looks about ten years younger in the flash back. I know it's only been about 4 years, but I have always felt that Locke's dad looked too young.
Now I am trying to figure out how long the dad has been in the hold.
I had the feeling he was gonna blow up the was a way to get OFF the island, and then he might not walk again.

And I knew his dad was going to be what came out of that box. The box manifests whatever they think about. So, if that one dude (sorry--loss for names. brain fart.) thought about the sub being blown up, the box brought about a way for that to happen. If Locke thought about his dad, the box manifested him.

Other than that, I'm still confused about everything. I love LOST, I just wish they'd kinda get on with it and give us something concrete!

wow, that episode rocked (I watched it last night).

The exchanges between Locke and Ben were fantastic; I love Locke and Ben is so evil.

kittenb, I don't think he was in the hold because Ben said "bring the man from Tallahassee" so he was obviously somewhere else... also, anyone else convinced Locke's dad is the original Sawyer (the conman who caused James' parents deaths and who he wants t kill)?

wow moments were the sub blowing up, Locke's father pushing him out of window (the scene from Hurley's accountant's window, part of the numbers curse?) and Sayid telling Alex that she looked like her mother.

all the best lines (bar Sayid's to Alex) were between Locke and Ben, some great writing there and those two can definitely act, it was so electric between them.

I was still a little bored with Jack and Kate; how many times did she have to ask "what did they do to you Jack?"
QUOTE(bunnyb @ Mar 23 2007, 08:30 AM) *
also, anyone else convinced Locke's dad is the original Sawyer

Oooooooooo. Good idea...
I think the previews want us to believe that it is Sun who is workng with them. She has enough other mysteries.
Well, I think the other day someone said they had been on the island for three months. So she is probably about 3-4 months along?
In island time, she probably only told her husband about the baby four days ago. j/k
And I still want to know where Rose and Bernard are, dang it!

yeah, dude, did they fall off the island?

Oh yeah, does anybody else think that John's dad is the guy who conned Sawyers parents?

I'm also wondering who knew who before the plane crashed. We know that Hurley was with Libby in the mental hospital, Jack and Claire are related, Jack met Desmond, Charlie met Desmond, Jack's dad met Sawyer days before he died, one of the women Sawyer conned was Juliet, Sayid knows that Russian dude that Locke pushed into the field, ect... I think right now the only person I can't connect to the island is Kate and Sun and Jin. And the people who died.

*edited* I found this link on abc's lost site. I quite using the message boards a while ago. (The boards are not the same, lots of "who are your friends" and "will harry die" which don't fit imo) Anyways,

It makes connections that I missed!
Wait.... Sawyer conned Juliet?? How have I watched every episode and missed that?
QUOTE(edie52 @ Mar 26 2007, 08:48 PM) *
Wait.... Sawyer conned Juliet?? How have I watched every episode and missed that?

Yeah, the episode where he's conning that family but quits becaus of the boy. At the end it kinda makes you wonder if he will ever con again, but there is Sawyer again, getting out of bed, dropping the suitcase of money with his "oh darn I'm late" shtick. That second woman was Juliet. I wish I had both seasons on DVD so I could double check!
I don't think that was Juliet: it doesn't mention in the connections and don't have her starring in that ep.

Also, Sayid didn't know the Russian/Dharma/Other; the guy had info on him and Locke.

There appears to be six degrees of separation between everyone on the island with lots of crossed paths.
What the hell was the point of this episode?
Erinjane -

were you talking about tonight's ep? how did you already see it? i'm still watching it! huh.gif
It plays at 7pm on a Canadian station and then 9pm on an American station here.

It felt totally pointless and didn't connect to anything. It almost felt like a flashback episode.
Oh, interesting!

I liked the ep - I enjoyed the meta-jokes about guest stars being killed off...and I always like it when they go back and show you the other things that were happening on the island...
I really liked it, too. It was like a format breaker for a heavily formatted show. And I loved how Sawyer was all "Who are you?!"

And the ending, totally my worst nightmare. Anyone think we will be seeing them again?
I was really unimpressed because I'm so frustrated with the show already and how slow moving it was. I'd rather see something that contributed to the story line happen. I do'nt know why I keep hanging on and watching this show.
Erinjane, I was where you are now earlier in this season. However, the recent run of solid episodes has won back a lot of goodwill for me so I was willing to go along for this little hour-long ride. I know how you feel though: earlier in the season, I was frustrated with the show and frustrated with myself because I couldn't stop watching!

I have to admit, though, that it's really shocking to me that they've only been on the island for 80 days. That's a little hard for me to swallow, given all that's happened. And when Charlie confessed to helping with the kidnapping, it occured to me that that only happened a few weeks ago, in Lost time.
Charlie confessing to that really made up for the ass he has been lately. Which I am sure he will return to being soon.
I feel like it was a pretty good episode, except that everything was happening to these people we don't know or care about, and who aren't really related to anything that's happened to the other characters.

They're just putting off showing us what we really want to see, which is Locke and his father, and Sayid/Kate/Jack/Others drama.
Thoughts on last night's episode? I'm up-and-down on it.

On the down side: was the entire episode a big wet kiss to the fanboys? "Ooh, let's handcuff two hot chicks together and have them fight and roll around in the mud! hott!" Also, I like continuity. I would appreciate if the writers would remember that Sawyer - just, like, a month ago - was the only person that could keep Aaron from crying.

Up side: good, scary chase scenes involving the smoke-monster. Also, I like when the show focuses on the socio-psychological and this was a good episode for that.

Not sure if I buy Sawyer as the leader. However, I think Hurley is a good leader and I think the way he propped Sawyer up is evidence of that.

/Lost geekery
I forgot to respond to this last week. I liked the bit with Lostzilla, as well. I had always assumed that the Others had created it. Now that doesn't seem to be the case. Hmm...

As for this week; when Juliet was facing down Sawyer and Sayid, I was thinking that I really liked her. But at the end, I have no idea what she is doing. She is very interesting to me, though.
I was glad to learn why Ethan kidnapped Claire and more details on the whole pregnancy issue on the island. Kind of creepy that they'd been giving Claire shots all along.

I wonder what this means for Sun's pregnancy.

I'm angry that Jack is so willing to trust Juliette. I am glad that Sayid isn't but it doesn't seem like his skepticism will matter.

I'm dying to see what's up with Locke's dad being there. That was a little too crazy, even for Lost.
Another interesting episode. I really was wondering if we were going to loose Charlie to Desmond's greed.

And Jin's ghost story cracked me up.
I loved how Hurley jumped at Jin's story even though he probably didn't at all get what was being said. I hope Hurley doesn't ever die. He's much-needed comedic relief.
Not my favorite episode of late. I knew they weren't gonna kill Charlie (at least not with the arrow- they showed that clip too many times), and I knew it wouldn't be Penny under the mask. But Desmond is always intriguing, and I liked that we saw more of his dark side.
Nice to see some focus on Sun. Please tell me she isn't going to die.

So what is UP with that island effecting sperm count? Of all the weird effects to think of.

And I liked the reminder that to the outside world, everyone on 815 died in the crash. Wasn't that what Boone heard back when he was on the drug filled plane?
So I can't be sure with our crappy reception, but the pilot looks a hell of a lot like Michaels' ex/Walt's mom... who supposedly died of cancer pre-crash. But Eyepatch got roasted by the force field & somehow lived to tell, so hey, anything's game.
The actresses are different so that's not her. She looked like a newbie to me.
Yeah, a little research proved my hunch wrong... the fact that she was possibly speaking Italian is what set off my radar - didn't Walt & his mom go to Rome?
Actually I think she was speaking spanish. I was only half watching but I was pretty sure Hurley said she was speaking spanish and then he translated something she said.
She was talking in a few different languages. Spanish, Italian and English.
Holy crap Tart, you saying "Eyepatch got roasted" made me laugh so hard! Such a funny way to put it.

If Sun is pretty much doomed, do you think she will try to get rid of the baby to save herself? I doubt it...just a thought. I mean, and she totally has a right to that choice. tongue.gif

Ah, I totally missed that. I was half watching medium and half watching lost. tongue.gif

I said something like that to my mom, daisyjane. It actually reminded me of the current discussion in

But I wouldn't expect them to bring up abortion on this show.
The pilot definitely spoke a few different languages. When she was speaking Italian, I think she said "I am not alone" or something with the word "alone" in it.

It was creepy when she told Hurley they found the plane. What's with that? That and the fact that eye-patch came back from the dead sort of affirm the theory that they are purgatory.

Speaking of Michael and Walt, I wonder if we'll ever find out what happened.

Sun and Jin's backstory is such a sad one. It makes me sad that they are genuinely in love but so many things got in the way of their happiness.

Jack was creepy too but unless they full-on brainwashed him like they did to Alex's boyfriend, I still trust him. I was thinking about how he hooked himself up to pump blood into Boone and then decided that he wouldn't do anything to endanger Sun.

Speaking of Boone, when he was in the drug plane, the radio voice came from the tail-section survivors. I think Boone said "we're survivors of flight 815" and the voice said "we're survivors of flight 815" Awww.... makes me miss Michelle Rodriguez's character (forget the name) and Libby.

I'm glad Locke will be back next week!
Nonononono! The writers, they promised! No purgatory, no aliens, no time travel (with a possible Desmond exception)!

If they go that route in the end, I am so dropkicking my TV...
So the island is going to turn into one big baby fest?Then charlie and Claire will do it and get preg again, then Jack and Juliette, then Hurley and...Rose....No? Alex?

Now two weeks ago, didnt Juliette say to Ben "See you in a week."
so when is Bens crew coming back into town? And why?

One thing I dont understand that kind of makes me mad - why arent they just getting answers? They have Juliette RIGHT THERE. If I had a woman who was part of a group that tortured, killed, kidnapped my people I would beat that bitch down until I got rock solid answers.

I got the first season on DVD and now boyfriend is staying up til 2Am watching it every night to catch up with me.

I'm pretty sure it's not purgatory (as much fun as that idea was) because Michael and Walt wouldn't have been able to "leave" (neither would anyone else, like the guys who took Juliette there).

I didn't even think about Kate being preggers, although she has the possibility now that she's been with Sawyer twice.

DaisyJane, you are so right about how annoying it is that they aren't grilling Juliette. They wouldn't get anything out of her probably, but I can't believe they are letting her live there even if beloved-Jack vouched for her.

Looking forward to seeing Locke again tonight. I'm dying to know what happened with his father, but also hoping that Ben gets killed. That might free Juliette up to actually tell some truths!
Yea i understand that theyve created this little pseudo-society but come on. No matter what Jack says - as soon as they bring an Other into camp youd think there would be a big uprising and burning-at-the-stake of juliette. I mean. No one wants to know about the smoke monster? Polar Bears? Horses? Hatches? Anything??

Maybe there WILL be a mutiny of Jacks leadership. Its about time.

And yeah - wasnt Lockes dad tied up in a room a long time ago?
First of all --- WHY OH WHY did Kate run to tell Jack about Naomi the pilot if "no one trusts him" anymore?!?

Stupid Juliette with her smirking.

This episode didn't have a flashback... I guess unless you count the flashback of Locke's last eight days with the Others.

I wonder what Rousseau is going to blow up. She's probably going to try to get her daughter, or something having to do with that.

Apparently, if you freeze frame at some point during an episode that shows the crash wreckage on the beach, their plane has a visible Dharma logo. So maybe their plane crash was totally simulated, which would explain why there were so many survivors with only cuts and bruises.

I love that they trust Sayid. I think I'd trust Sayid the most too, aside from Jack, who can't be trusted anymore.

Think what Juliette and Jack were debating about telling Kate was that she's pregnant too? I wonder what kind of contraception they have on the island. And if it would even work against the men's island-super-sperm.
Sorry mermaid, I cant read your post.
Mr.Daisy plyed my last night with wine and totally fell asleep halfway through the show. I woke up and the freakin NEWS was on.

Sooooo that means that Im going to watch it right now on and yes, I am at work.

Ooooook mermaidgirl i totally agree with you.

WTF? Why does Kate trust Jack enough to tell him something that important, especially after he told her to tell her that in front of juliette?

Now that Kate knows that pregnant women DIE on this island, why is she having sex willynilly? Didnt she hear what Juliette said and know that pregnant women have issues?

What youre saying about the plane having the dharma symbol would tell ALOT. It would mean that the crash was simulated - but then who are the bodies in the 4mile deep trench at the 'other' wreckage?

Yea. My vote - Sayid is the new leader guy! He has the most military experience, seems to be logical, and hes cute. Why did they chose Jack again?

Urgh that episiode made me mad. And Im subbing in an elementary library today. The next kid who comes in here is oging to hear "Does your mommy watch Lost? Do you? What do you think about Kate being pregnant? If this is true, that means two women will be kidnapped from the camp and given drugs to maintain the pregnancy. And also - why is maintaining pregnancy on the island so important? Who gives a rats ass, am I right? I think Sun should terminate her pregnancy. What do you think?"

**kid runs away crying**
I was so ready to slap Kate when she went running off to Jack. Why does she need to tell him everything? Argh.

I thought it was great the Rousseau just waltzed in, picked up the dynomyte, and Locke was just like "Later." That was a classic moment to me.

Looks like we might be getting a little closer to finding out what all of "this" actually is.
But who would terminate her pregnancy for her? Jack probably wouldn't (nor would she trust him to) and Juliette, well, that's even less trust and more unlikely that she'd even do it. Poor Sun. Does Jin even know she's pregnant yet? I forget.

I wonder who the focus of this week's episode will be.
Yes. Jin thinks it's a miracle baby.
Well, there are several herbs that you can use to terminate the pregnancy. Hasnt there been several episodes where she does herb stuff?

Also - did you see they gave the show 3 more years and then its done? They said they have it all laid out in a timeline and everything for the next 60 episodes or whatever. Nice to know at least there will be a resolution at some point.
Politics of abortion aside, I'd love to see Juliette be shocked and angry if Sun messed up her pregnancy with herbs.

Although, at the same time, I feel bad for Juliette. But I still dislike her. I feel like if she really hated Ben that much, she'd at least be more than willing to offer the survivors some information on what's going on. Maybe she doesn't for a reason that has yet to be revealed. Obviously Ben is holding something over her but without the submarine, she's sort of lost hope right?

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