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Regarding Sun's baby- my friends kept saying that too, that the baby's not Jin's, but we still don't actually know how long before they left the sex with baldie was, right? It still could be a miracle baby... do not disregard the power of the island!

When Sayid was being led into the trap, before he revealed that he knew, I was so disappointed... when we found out that he knew and had a plan, there was a collective sigh of relief in my living room, followed by a big cheer. He's still got it.

I thought Juliet was pretty unconvincing when she was pointing the gun at Kate. And something about that dopey half-smirk that's always on her face really bugs me. Though as a character I think she's alright. Looking forward to finding out more about her.

I am liking Sawyer and Kate more than ever this season. And really sick of Jack.

Anyone else see the tabloid pics of Evangeline Lily making out with the actor who plays Charlie? How weird is that?
I like Sawyer more this season than ever before. Somehow, his stupid little jokes feel like he is just trying to keep Kate's spirits up. I liked when he said "chain gang looks good on you, Freckles."
not sure how much of the torture crap i can deal with. i don't like cruelity overkill. not in books. (I couldn't finish memoirs of a geisha.) not in movies. certainly not in a convoluted tv show that prides itself on not making any sense.

that said ...
- i'm a complete and utter sucker for sawyer's tender moments. what's his new nickname for kate ... it was really too fucking adorable.
- i was tres amused by the red sox reference, and jack's reaction. interesting that they threw in that sudden timeframe mindshift.
- i can't really fathom how the others "aren't the enemy". and i don't feel like second-guessing their motives anymore.

next week: 18 October 2006 "Further Instructions": The fates of Locke, Eko and Desmond are revealed after the implosion of the hatch, while Hurley returns to the beach camp to tell the tale of what happened when he, Jack, Kate and Sawyer encountered "The Others." Meanwhile, Claire is shocked to find Nikki and Paulo in Jack's tent.

um, who the hell are nikki and paulo?

there'd also better be some comic relief, dammit.

also, some humorous trivia: petula clark's "downtown" was written by a guy named tony hatch ... no fooling!
Oh, on next week's episode it looks like Desmond will be....NAKED!! Hurley says "the explosion blew off your underpants?" Nice.

I think Charlie and Kate are engaged in real life (the actors).
I have to agree about the torture stuff. It's making me uncomfortable, and I got the feeling that they're implying something at least similar to rape that happened to kate and that makes me extremely uneasy.

(And even though I'm one of the people who can't stand this show but watches it, I do like Sawyer better this season too, everyone else can go to hell though.) tongue.gif
I watched the first two seasons on DVD and watching it on TV with commericials really sucks. I feel like it ruins it.

I didn't enjoy last night's episode at all.
Delurking to say word, Mermaid - Tartman & I were saying the exact same thing last night, during one of the 15 bazillion commercial breaks. I swear there's only 30 minutes of actual programming in the whole hour.

Yeah, strangely unsatisfying episode... I mean, another layer of Locke's backstory is always good, I guess, and it's nice that we are finally remembering (spoilers in white) there's effing polar bears roaming the jungle. (anyone else irritated by the tralala-let's-take-a-walk-alone crap, as if everyone's forgotten the security device/Others/black cloud lurking out there?) But still. And I see next week we're back to the Jack show again. Ohyay. Meanwhile, we don't know if Eko's dead, if Desmond's psychic, how the three of them survived the the Super-Implodo-Hatch at ALL, blahblahblah...

Sheesh. I'm gunning for this being the last season, as much as I love the show. I don't think I can take too much more of the runaround...
blanche, a makeout pic just for you! they've been an item from quite early on in the show.
because i'm a huge dork, i actually timed the commercials and the show at one point. smile.gif ok, i said i was a huge dork! but yeah, there were 4.5 minutes of commercial, then 5 minutes of show, then 5 minutes of commercial, then 5 more minutes of the show. so yeah,i'd say about 30 minutes is actually right.

oh yeah, spoilers below**

that being said- GRRR! the commercials totally ruin it and i'm so annoyed that i have to sit through all of that, or change the station and then forget about what was happening, etc. but i still need to know what's happening, even though it's so dumb.

polar bear? sweat lodge? blowing off underwear? desmond is psychic? locke used to be a weed dealer? wtf? locke has to speak to the island? mmmmmkay.
I'm glad you guys mentioned that. The commercials: GRRRRR!!! I don't know if the fact that the episode was lackluster made me notice the commericials more, or that there were actually more commercials than ever before. How freaking irritating!

I am considering buying a VCR so I can tape it and fast forward through commericials. I envy the people with TiVo.

I do like Locke's backstories more than most other people's backstories so I was okay with it, even though I didn't really learn anything from it.
ooh, hot makeout pic!
Ok, I may be alone in this but I loved this episode! I love John Locke and he may be the only reason I am still into this show. But then they showed scenes for next week and it was Jack/Sawyer.Kate and torture, torture, torture....AHHH!! I hate that stuff. I too would much rather find out what is up with Mr. Ekko, Desmond, etc...
"polar bear? sweat lodge? blowing off underwear? desmond is psychic? locke used to be a weed dealer? wtf? locke has to speak to the island? mmmmmkay."


i am utterly fascinated by locke. his backstory could be a show in and of itself.

i'm already indignant on their torturing kate to force her to proclaim her love for sawyer. go ahead and manipulate my emotions, fine, but not that obviously for chrissakes.

i reiterate, who the fuck are nikki and paulo? no fair throwing in new tailbies who have supposedly been there all along. and where are rose and whathisface?

boone's hair looked longer than it was when he died. and he only died, what, a month ago?
Locke was really wierd in this one, but I like his character sooooo much more than Jack! When we see his flashbacks, I actually feel sorry for the guy.

I hope Echo, lives.

The polar bear effects were laughably horrible.

I am sad that they are going to torture Saywer next week. The "Do you love him???!!" thing seemed kind of lame.
I do not understand the women on this show. Was Claire on this week's epsode for anything other than contractual reasons? All she did was tell Charlie to go talk to Locke. Kate may annoy me but she would have at least gone to talk with Locke w/o waiting for her boyfriend to do it for her.
And what was up with Charlie, anyway? He looked really healthy and clean for having just escaped the implosion. And why wasn't anyone else wondering where Locke and Echo were? After all, Charlie mentioned that Locke had been missing for a day. Is there no one on the Island but Jack and Sayid who could mount a search party? And why am I trying to find logical story continuity when I should allow myself to be distracted by the shiny things the writers keep tossing in my path?

It's not that I didn't like this episode, it's just that there are many parts of it that made no fucking sense! And it really distracts me when we see the extras. I wish this show would just kill of everyone who has not been given a character name. Some massive Lost-zilla related tragedy or something. Because, we have kind of seen almost every minute these people have been on the island. So to see some new person run up and start talking as if she knows people is just weird and annoying.

As for the polar bear, I had always assumed that the first polar bear had been a product of Walt's mind powers, something he subconciously created to get his father to save him. To see an actual polar bear den filled with old bones throws that theory straight to hell.

As for Boone's hair, yes it is nice to see that the afterlife has great hairstylists. I am becomming obsessed with the hair on this show. I also noticed Charlie's new do and the fact that the abduction is doing wonders for Kate's curls. They seem looser and softer than last year.
omg and also-why the fuck do they have to put evangeline in this little sundress-did anyone else notice all the "sexy" shots of her? I never really noticed that in other seasons, but all of a sudden it's like "oh we have a hot star who men love, let's throw her in a skimpy outfit for no reason at all."

grrr. this show is pissing me off. i think i'm going to tape it and watch it the next day, cause i just don't have the patience!
i'm already preparing myself to be disappointed tonight. and to be irritated at the commercials. heh. i think ii'm more excited to watch antm....
I'm not even excited about tonight either! I love Locke and am very curious to find out what the deal was with Libby. Do you think they'll ever tell us?
*sigh* Once again I have that "Twin Peaks feeling" - mystery on top of mystery, weirdness on top of weirdness, with no resolution to anything... that said, the trailer for next week sucked me in. I'll be there.

Gosh, I really need to head to Television without Pity's website. I've missed last night's episode. But anyone mentioning "Twin Peaks" and I'm there. I just need to catch up on the last couple of episodes. Been out of town, and no one I know has been either Tivoing or taping them. sad.gif
Oops. Guess everybody forgot about that nasty evil black smoke monster, huh?
Yeah, so much for the stare-down technique, Eko. I am really curious to find out once & for all WTF that thing is... I read somewhere long ago that the writers promised that there was a logical explanation for everything that happens on the island. And the Big Black Smoke Monster would be...?

Kudos for the creepy eyepatch guy, and for the "new" characters getting a little self-mockery in... "You're always complaining that we're left out of everything!" Not sold on the Juliet video - sounds like 6 kinds of shady to me.
So are they killing off every single one of the tail guys? Who else either than Bernard is left?
I watched the last five minuted with my arms crossed. What the hell!? Of course I missed big chunks and have to watch it all again on DVR. Oh, by the way, I think Juliet is Mrs. Calus in The Santa Clause. Check out the commericials for the third one.
I am so mad at this show (but of course I'm going to continue to watch --- why is that?)

I don't care that Ecko died. I don't care about Jack anymore. I do agree, though, that the video Juliet showed him was super sketchy and she's not to be trusted.

What has annoyed me the most abuot this season is that the flashbacks really haven't given us anything new about these people. The Locke flashback was the best one, but other than that, it hasn't shown us anything new about the characters and that is the point of the flashbacks. I usually enjoy the flashbacks the most because they elaborate why characters are acting the way they are, or they tell you how the character got to be the way they are, but this season's have been weak. Sun's flashback started off good, but in the end I didn't get any more depth about her from it.
I am mad that Ecko died, he was one of the more interesting characters.

Did anybody notice how freaking weak the dialouge was!!!!! Hurley said something like "Don't die, dude", that is terrible writing!!!!!

And did they say next week is the season finale? i am really loosing interest.......
And did they say next week is the season finale?

I know! WTF is up with that? SIX episodes does not constitute a season.
dear mr. lindleof, mr. cuse and mr. abrams,

you had gold. a really interesting and creative premise. you could've run with it for at least 4 or 5 seasons. and you fucked up royally.

three cheers for introducing new characters last season that no one liked (ok, except for ekobisi) and then killing them all off. because no one liked them.

and yay for introducing yet more new characters this season (some of them appearing completely out of the blue, like the kate clone, nikki) that no one cares about.

i don't even know what to say about your bold new 6-episode "teaser mini-season" concept. mind-boggling. and uber-audacious. even the soprano dudes gave us twice that much.

i imagine you guys - and your amazingly huge writing staff - are all smoking kind bud while you're making all this crap up. but you've succeeded in alienating i'd guess about half of your original audience. i for one don't even care anymore how any of these loose threads might be tied together. so don't care who lives, who dies, who's a good guy or who finally fucks.

oh and throwing the polar bear and smoke monster back in, evidently just for shits and giggles?

um, yeah. like i said. kind bud.

Disgruntled and Feeling Used & Toyed With
Dear Mandolyn - I lurve you.

However, I foresee my relationship with this show running much like Twin Peaks (again, can't help myself, but the parallels are striking) where despite my increasing frustration I tune in again and again in hopes that somehow, this will be the week they finally redeem the original premise and the first season.... only to be disappointed again. It's like that guy who made your toes curl when you started seeing each other but by the time you're invested in the relationship the sex is only ho-hum - and you keep seeing him/sleeping with him because maybe, just maybe this will be the time you reach those multiple orgasms again... and find yourself left high and dry. Again.

Not that I have any personal experience with that sort of relationship. rolleyes.gif
You are all so right; I too have a love/hate relationship with Lost.

I'm actually really pissed that they killed Eko - he was one of my favorite characters (still love Hurley and Sayid, too - where are more of their back stories, BTW?). By far the most compelling and mysterious on the show. I was not a huge fan of the tailees either, but I was annoyed that they killed Ana Lucia just when she started to get interesting. Grr.

As for the short season, I think the network gimmick is a good one for the most part - I hate those long breaks:
Lost producers hope a re-run free split season will help redeem the series and bring viewers back. Lost will run for six episodes then break for 13 weeks, returning with 17 more episodes to be broadcast without reruns. The network will compensate the advertisers by running extended versions of the episodes in a straight run following the completion of the third season. The extended versions will add additional footage into the season three episodes in an attempt to lure die-hard viewers back for another look.

- from, 9/27/06

The thing I try to tell myself whenever I start to feel manipulated and the plot and pacing start to grow tiresome (way too often!), is that only 70 or so days have actually passed on the island. Sometimes I think I'd be better off waiting until the series is over and then watching the whole thing on DVD. I think it looses a lot in the serial TV format.
LOST is becoming so Rambaldi. It tries to be so mysterious but it all goes flat. I am glad that Locke the hunter is back. I hated him all couped up in the hatch last season.

I thought Eko was cool and it sucks that they built him up to be an important character for nothing!

They need to stop diggging graves and start having those floaty fiery funerals like the Others. I am still watching but I'm not even half as excited as I used to be. I don't have LOST parties anymore. Too bad.
I think that episode was better than the whole last season.
Or at least a good part of last season.
Really? I wasn't pleased with it at all. Same old boring stuff. I mean, at least a little bit of something happened, but I'm not even curious to see what happens and if Ben dies or Kate and Sawyer leave. I was yawning through most of it.
I'm with you ErinJane, I didn't find it exciting at all. Although I felt that way about this whole season, so if I'm comparing it just to this season, it was good. The cliffhanger wasn't that great, but it wasn't terrible either.

I don't know what changed for me, but I just hardly care at all anymore.

I am glad that Jack didn't just do the surgery like they asked. I think he played it right and it was the first time this season that he didn't piss me off.

And I was glad to see Alex again and know that she really is trying to help them, even though the way they showed it was a little silly. Obviously she can't just run in and save them and she should know that. But I guess she was upset about her boyfriend.

Did anyone feel like they got anything out of Kate's flashback?
"Did anyone feel like they got anything out of Kate's flashback?"

yes. that she's more of an asshole than i thought. i didn't get that she was even trying to 'put her past behind her', or that she really loved cop-serenity dood. i suspect they were trying to drum up more sympathy for her or something, but i couldn't get past her duping nice-enough people so nastily, and for no reason. she didn't even make a stunning bride.

i was reading the "bitterness thread" on TWoP last night, and these asshat writer/producers are condescending idjits, and deserve every ounce of vitriol & crap criticism. and how dare they dangle "nuggets" in this new show taking over the weds 9pm slot?! fuck them & their high horses. february 7th can come and go for all i care. i'll be netflixing the rest of this season. or not.
I'm with kitten on this one; I enjoyed last night's episode. Actually, so far I think season 3 is a huge improvment over season 2.

Kate's flashback was pretty worthless- ‘cept it had Cap’n Mal, so I didn’t mind so much. wink.gif

Personally, I thing Kate, Jack, and Sawyer are the least interesting characters on the show. Why oh why do they get so much screen time? What about Sayid – has he had a back story since season 1?

I wonder if they’ll ever start back stories on the Others . . . that would be worth seeing.
First the hate...

What the fuck is wrong with the producers of this show!? They need to put down their crackpipes and get their act together. Why did I feel like I spent a most of the hour skipping past commercials. I mean it was just excessive. Bless my tivo, but the bleep bleeping got annoying. And I don't give two shits about the new groundhog day drama, I'm tryin' to watch my stories for fucks sake. A two month hiatus??? Are you trying to kill the show? All the actors getting island fever? No character developement, stupid bullshit flashbacks about the least interesting LOST personas. I'm afraid the show has lost me.

Now the love...

I'm glad they brought back Locke of the outback. I love when he is wondering the island having adventures. Fighting polar bears with a torch and a can of aqua net, priceless. And Desmond is sexy, that Scottish accent just makes me tingle all over. That is pretty much it.

I think Heroes is my new main squeeze. Lots of characters and plot developement!
welcome back, wasabi!

ditto, ditto and more ditto. (but it's a three-month hiatus.)

i take it nbc doesn't rebroadcast episodes on their website, like abc does? i'm feeling the need to jump on the heroes bandwagon, but i'm six episodes behind. wah.
Yup, I'm not impressed, either. And I just read those quotes from the producers about how the more aggravated the audience is, the better. Huh. Not so much, because at some point, we are just going to be over it! I'm Netflixing the rest of the season, too.

I kept thinking...surely there will be payoff at some point, right? Surely we'll find out what the deal is with anything!! The island, the others, the numbers, the mystery...and then I think: Twin Peaks. That show just fell apart. And that's what's happing with Lost, for me.

And I miss Syaid, too. He was one of my favorites. I liked the whole international-ness of the cast and then all I get is Sawyer/Kate/what's his name...I seriously can't think of it...oh! Jack! Yeah, whatever.

I can't get into Heros. I wish I could. I tried. I think watching entire seasons on DVD is the way to go with everything. I like immersing myself in a show for a little while.
Against my better judgement I watched last night. How dissapointing!!!! I am done, the show has just gotten boring. This season showed way too much Kate, Jack, Saywer crap. What about Desmond or Sayid? What is going on with Rose and Bearnard? Anybody else? The writing has just been crap.

I have been watching Hero's since the season started. Love it!!! But I think you have to watch every episode to know what is going on.

Maybe I'll lurk back in here next year to see if Lost any better and give it another chance, but for now it's just to lame for me.
QUOTE(ginger_kitty @ Nov 9 2006, 01:49 PM) *

What about Desmond or Sayid? What is going on with Rose and Bearnard? Anybody else?

Yes, I would like to see more of Desmond myself. I think he's one of the most interesting characters right now. I'm also hoping that perhaps the other hatch could blow off his clothes again? Please? Or it blow off Sayid's clothes. That would be a-ok with me too! biggrin.gif

And that is probably enough with my little fantasies.

I do miss Rose and Bernard. I just love them. They give me warm fuzzies and such.

Ok, I'm new here so I'm going to check out more of the board.

I am new to this thread and I'm bumming that there will be no new Lost this week. This is the first season Ive watched on tv. It's been good in places, eh in others. I'm over Jack. He bugs me. Just kind of a self-righteous prick. I am more sick of the Jack-Kate-Sawyer thing. I think I got sick of that during the first season. I mean, it got obvious pretty quick, there is NO chemistry between Kate and Jack in my opinion. Anyway, looks like that may have been settled.

Ok, it's late at night and I am rambling. I have declared the two random new characters "Hispanic Sawyer" and "Slutty Kate" to the amusement of my viewing group. Although perhaps it should be "Blonde Kate". I'm not totally settled on New Kate's nickname. The first thing I noticed about that new guy is that he has the exact same hairstyle and facial scrub as Sawyer. And he seems to have a semi-jerk/wise-cracking attitude only without the literary references. When "Blonde Kate" (I think I'm liking this better than Slutty Kate especially since I hate calling a girl slutty but that's a whole other conversation.) Anyway, when "Blonde Kate" showed up one of the girls I was watching with went "Damn, where is she finding a curling iron on that island." It's gotta be a Dharma drop. Anyway, "Blonde Kate": Same hairstyle, has only been seen in tank tops and shorts (variation from Kate's usual pants). Always wants in on the adventure although apparently she didn't give a damn for the first 65, 70 days or so. Wait! No! I got it! There can only be one adventuresome woman on the island. It's kind of like The Slayer, one dies then another rises to take her place. When Kate was removed from the island, Blonde Kate suddenly had the desire to be in on the adventures! That's it!

I do love Lost but I am finding that it is really fun to make fun of too.

Have any of you seen a movie called "Bride & Prejudice"? It is basically Pride & Prejudice Bollywood style, it features Naveen Andrews, and it is wonderful. My brain did have strange spinning sensations watching Sayid sing and dance with a huge grin. Wonderful, yet very weird.

Now I should really go to bed.
i've lost a lot of interest in lost. ha ha. but really, i used to get so excited about it (yes, i'm a big loser) and now i'm like ehhh. whatever. the commercials drive me nuts, and the show itself is just going way too far out there. it does feel like twin peaks, they just keep adding new weird things ,and not explaining anything!

i'm sure i'll still watch it, but man, they better have some stuff explained!
I'm not sure I'm going to continue watching it. Or I might just ignore it on TV and watch on DVD via Netflix.
Ok, it's late at night and I am rambling. I have declared the two random new characters "Hispanic Sawyer" and "Slutty Kate" to the amusement of my viewing group.

Apparently, the actress who plays her is Hispanic too, so I guess they're supposed to be new "color" on the island, now that they've killed off or exiled most of the non-white people (has anyone else been noticing that? Such a horror movie cliche). Hey! It just occurred to me that all the Others are white. White-supremicist "Master Race" colony?

Did anyone else hear that (spoiler in white) someone on the show is going to come out? Who do you think it is?

Also: Mando, I think I want to start watching Heroes too, but I'm in the same boat. I may buy the eps on itunes.

Lunasol, where did you hear that?

I have no guesses. Seems like everyone's flashbacks have shown relationships....

(hope that's not too spoiler-y --- I can't get the white text to work)
QUOTE(ImDancingBarefoot @ Nov 14 2006, 03:26 AM) *

"Damn, where is she finding a curling iron on that island." It's gotta be a Dharma drop.

biggrin.gif I love the idea of the Initiative just dropping beauty supplies. I bet they also drop Veet "bladeless" razors for the women as well.

I am still interested in the show. I want to see more of Locke leading everybody.

Is anyone watching Daybreak? It is pretty fun.

Lunasol, do you mean an actor or a character?

When LOST comes back on in February, it's going to be at 10 p.m. instead of 9.
bump for lovemypugs,

the thread hasn't been in action since the new stretch of eps started, which isn't too bad. enjoying it more than last season; enjoyed last week's ep (was so feel-good!) less angsty/I'm in charge Jack will be good and I think things are finally being answered or at least on the road to being answered.

major problem with this season: not enough Sayid! oh, and WHY would Claire cut herself a fringe (bangs) on a desert island after she'd been there for over six weeks? Pfft.
I didn't even realize how much I missed Sayid until I saw him the other week. And then I was like Hello!

This part of the season has been more fun to watch. I learned that I enjoy the show more if I don't examine it as hard.
Same here. I've learned to just enjoy the show and not analyze it too much. I also don't have cable tv so I have to watch the reruns on the abc website. Didn't watch last weeks yet.
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