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Having a Shannon action figure is so lame. um, dead characters kinda miss out on the "action" part of action figure, no?

luna, I totally thought that another plane was gonna come down too! Especially when they showed the hatch door flying through the air.
Link between Jack, Kate, Hurley and Sawyer......their dads all abandoned them. (Don't know about Hurley's dad, but he wasn't around regardless.) Michael also was absent in Walt's life...

I don't know if anyone's mentioned that, but it just dawned on me while I was trying to fall asleep.
So what are we to make of the connection between Greek mythology and Lost? It can't be meaningless that Desmond's girlfriend is named Penelope (Odysseus's wife, who waited for him to return from a voyage around the world and had other suitors lined up to take his place in case he never came back).

Also, on one of those crazy Hanso web sites they mentioned Persephone, who I looked up in my Greek mythology book because I couldn't remember what her deal was. In a nutshell, she was Zeus's daughter and was kidnapped to the underworld by Hades. Demeter, P.'s mother, desperately wanted her daughter back, but Hades had bribed Zeus by giving him the most powerful lightning bolt in the world (electromagnetic field, anyone?). So (bear with me) Zeus told Demeter she could only reclaim Persephone as long as P. had not accepted any food during her stay in the underworld. If she had accepted food (food drop, anyone???), then under something called the Law Of Abode, she would be considered a guest, not a captive, and would have to stay in the underworld as Hades's bride.

Sorry if I just blew anyone's mind. It's kinda blowing mine. But can I just say how much I love that there is a prime-time network TV show that has me reaching for my encyclopedia of Greek mythology? :-)
Kelvin = Guy in Sayid's was flashback = Kate's Dad

Trust me. I remember talking about it after the Sayid's flashback episode.

(I watched The Librarian too.)
penelope was actually refusing other suitors until odysseus could make his way home sapphy. but damn good call on the greek mythology connection, like i need another thread to add to the tangled web of theories, lol. and that giant foot fits right in: colossus of rhodes, anyone? :-)
Catsoup, I'm pretty sure there were two gruff-looking older American military guys in Sayid's Gulf War flashback. One was Kate's dad and one was Kelvin. I actually thought they were the same guy when i watched that ep for the first time, but sadly, no.

Too bad, cause that would have been kuh-razy! lol.

Also, jeez, that Dickens book - have we talked about that here? Cause it's about a guy who pines after his lost wealthy love. Her father refused him, he left to travel and make himself worthy, and so on...

My theory? all the lost writers want a chance to use their Ive-League degrees.

Also, there was a great, and very insightful, review of the finale on Salon this week.
that's right luna -- this is Kate's dad -- not Kelvin.

sapphy - you did just blow my mind! I didn't even think about Ulysses's Penelope. Also, there's the 18th-Century age of enlightenment connections -- John Locke, Rousseau, and now (Desmond) Hume. hmmmmmm. What does it all mean???
Oh fuck. I had a whole theory about him being Kate's dad. Nevermind...
I have been dying to get to this thread. I didn't see the episode until a few days after it aired so I had to avoid all spoilers and wrap ups.
My first impression is that Desmond is a stone cold fox (I don't care how 80's that expression is, it totally works for him.) I really hope that he somehow sticks around for the next season.
Other notes: once again, what was up with Charlie? Has he completely lost it or are the writers getting lazy? His whole "They're not back yet?" just made no sense. He should know. Couldn't he have looked a little harder? How did he think thoes in the hatch would have beaten him back to the beach?
Loved the character touches b/w Sun and Jin. Just some nice small moments.

I really enjoyed the finale. Which makes me happy b/c I was close too letting this show go. But they have pulled my back into the fold. I was not crazy about the very end with Penny. But that was mostly b/c I liked the idea that there is no "rest of the world" anymore, as Desmond says when recounting his trip to nowhere. With Penny and the Arctic(?) team, I guess that can't be the case.
kittenb, I really think that Charlie's non-plussed attitude means that he knows that Eko and John are okay (or at least that they got out of the hatch unhurt). That "they're not back yet?" line implies that they should have gotten back unhurt, and before him -- Charlie wouldn't have said it if he never saw them come out of the hatch. imho.
I don't know what to think of the last episode. We just ended up with a lot more questions.

I hope Desmond survives for next season. I liked that he made the plane crash, that was a cool twist.

I think action figures are a bit much at this point in the shows history. Regardless, I think I'll tune in next season.
I wasn't nuts about the very end either, mostly because I've liked how contained the show is to the Island--not half hour of the Lostaways and another half hour of people looking for them.

I agree that Desmond is a stone cold fox. Hey, we opened this season on his rippling back, and that's the way to my heart.
Oh yay!. I thought this thread was a goner.

All I know is that I really hope that the female characters get to do a little bit more than what they were doing by the end of last season! mad.gif

`Lost' cast talks Emmy snub, new season

KAHUKU, Hawaii - The hatch is history. That was just one of the third-season secrets revealed by cast and crew of the TV drama "Lost," who gathered here Tuesday night to mark the release of the DVD set, "Lost — The Complete Second Season."

"The hatch has definitely had its moment," confirmed executive producer Bryan Burk, referring to the mysterious underground bunker that was the set for much of the series' second-season drama. "Lets just say it was one big explosion."

"Lost" cast members Evangeline Lilly, Jorge Garcia, Josh Holloway, Terry O'Quinn, Daniel Dae Kim and Yunjim Kim were among the attendees at the party at the Turtle Bay Resort, about a 20-minute drive from where much of "Lost" is filmed on the north shore of Oahu.

Before heading in to celebrate their second-season work, the cast was asked to address their show's surprising lack of presence among this year's Emmy nominees. Though it was last year's Emmy-winning drama, "Lost" was not among the current crop of nominated series, nor were any of its leading actors recognized.

"My first reaction to it was, `Good.' I don't want us to become that show that becomes so righteous, so above everything else, that we're untouchable," said Lilly, who will serve as a presenter at the Aug. 27 Emmy telecast.

"When we started, our big question was, `Will anybody even watch this show?' And then when people started watching, we were thrilled. And then when we got recognized critically, we were beside ourselves. So, when we didn't get nominated, all we had to do was remember where we came from."

Writer and executive producer Carlton Cuse told The AP he wasn't losing sleep about the Emmy snub, either.

"Were we disappointed that we didn't get a nomination for the show? Yes." he said. "But the show has been so blessed: the attention, the success. We're not going to focus too long on what we don't have."

"Lost" fans can expect some big changes when new episodes return to ABC Oct. 4.

There won't be any more frustrating repeats. "Now, when `Lost' is on, it's on," Cuse explained. "And when it's off, it's off. And when it's on, you know it's an original `Lost.'"

The producers said six all-new "Lost" episodes will air in consecutive weeks this fall; the season's remaining 17 new episodes will be scheduled without interruption from midwinter to late spring.

As for the story: If the first season was all about the original plane-crash survivors adjusting to their new lives on a deserted island, and the second season was all about the so-called "tailies" (those who were in the tail of the plane, whom the originals had thought were dead), "this year," Lilly said, "we've opened this up to another whole other people, a whole other location, a whole other facet through which we can tell stories."

Michael Emerson, who plays the leader of "The Others" group, noted, "What I know is that we get to go live with The Others, where they learn a little more about their life and, hopefully, their mission, their agenda, whatever that might be. Maybe we'll get to warm up to them."

Producer Burk promised that many of the second season's looming questions would be answered in the first six episodes. But, warned actor Daniel Dae Kim, "I think for every question that's answered, there's another one that's posed, and that's kind of what keeps people coming back."

Cuse said the new season will include more action and adventure, and that new characters could well serve as love interests. And, he added, Sawyer (Holloway) and Jack ( Matthew Fox) will definitely be competing for the romantic affections of Kate (Lilly).

But don't expect the show to get all soft.

"There'll be a lot of love. There'll be a lot of comedy," Burk said. "But we can never forget that these people are in a very dark place."

The producers said six all-new "Lost" episodes will air in consecutive weeks this fall; the season's remaining 17 new episodes will be scheduled without interruption from midwinter to late spring.

This makes me unspeakably happy. biggrin.gif

**dances through thread**

Anybody know when the season premiere is?
Going to buy both Season 1 and Season 2 this weekend, and have Lost marathon this weekend...yay!!
brett, the season starts October 4th.
My boss just got into Lost. She watched pretty much the whole second season in a day and a half. I think that might be the best way to watch it.
I heard that Desmond is definately going to be back next season! (Hope that's not a spoiler unsure.gif) And they are adding three new regulars to the show.
Please let it be Clancy Brown!!! So miss him!! Ah, the Sawyer love will start again soon. I really need to buy both seasons before Season 3 starts up.
I've only watched the first season. I'm desperately awaiting the second on Netflix and hoping to finish it before the third starts on TV.

I've heard that the series went downhill though. Does anyone feel that way?
Isn't the Clancy Brown character pretty darn dead now? Of course that rarely means anything on sci-fi/fantasy shows.

mermaidgirl - yes but I have high hopes. I think the viewer complaints and the Emmy snub shoked the producers pretty hard. Fingers crossed!

Yeah, pretty sure Clancy's character is dead, but it was so good to see him on TV again! smile.gif
who's clancy brown again?
He was in a show called Carnivale. Played the preacher Justin Brown. He also does the voice for Home Depot ads, and plays a crab in SpongeBob Squarepants....
QUOTE(lunasol @ Aug 26 2006, 04:59 PM) *

who's clancy brown again?

He was the guy who was in the hatch when desmond got there. (I think.)
"Lost Actor Arrested for Traffic Violation"

those hawaiian cops need to leave mr ekobisi alone! why can't they go after the real felons with dog the bounty hunter or something?
No shit!!

I just ordered Season 1 from Amazon, and plan to get Season 2 in a few weeks. Yes, it's be a while... I can't wait!!
For anyone who owns Season Two on DVD -

Is Disc 7 just extras? I'm watching it via Netflix but if the seventh disc only has extras, I'm not going to bother having it sent to me.

Thank you!!!
I just saw a preview for the new season! I can't wait to watch it and then discuss it here (it'll be the first season where I am watching the series on TV).
When does the new season start?
mermaidgirl, did anyone answer you? it is just extras, hope it's not too late.
season 3 starts wednesday!!
my husband and i will be married 20 yrs tomorrow.
i don't want to go out because i'm afraid i'll miss the premier of lost. (don't own tivo, afraid the vcr won't work.)
how bloody awful is THAT?!

they'd better make it worth my while.
i forgot how it ended, too. *off to find finale recap*
oh, I meant to mention this earlier, but time gets away from me...I saw the premiere of this season's kickoff on saturday night. the cast members were there, too -- and I was shocked and a little freaked out by the screaming fans. the show was interesting, but I don't have a tv and onlyl rented the first season on dvd so far, so I was somewhat confused.

hope you all enjoy it!
"a tale of two cities": Jack, Kate, and Sawyer are held in unique circumstances by the mysterious "Others" as they are now prisoners in their camp. Meanwhile, back on the beach, a struggle for leadership and direction begins as Hurley makes his way back home with bad news about the other members being captured. Lastly, flashbacks reveal more about Jack's past with his father and Sarah.

they've got alot of friggin nerve, shoving yet another JACK BACKSTORY in our faces ... grrrrr! IPB Image
I thought that image of the plane breaking apart in the air was scary. I'm going nuts wanting to know what these Others are doing and why. And how they got there.

I wasn't too happy with the Jack backstory, I don't think it really added anything to my understanding of who Jack is, but oh well.

I wonder what Walt and Michael are up to at sea and how things are going back at the beach camp. I wonder if people are going to take Hurley seriously when he tells them about Jack Kate and Sawyer's capture.

I wonder if we're going to get the backstory on that other prisoner - the young kid. He was in the cage that they put Kate in later. Where did they move him? Was there punishment for trying to escape?

I love how many questions this show leaves me with. It's nice to have fictional things to think about.
Thoughts (and yes, this includes SPOILERS for people who haven't watched tonight's ep yet):

- That was one killer opening. At the "reveal," my friend and I were yelling "oh my god!" practically jumping up and down. Awesome!

- Did anyone else think the blonde woman (what's her name?) looked a lot like Penny? Or Sarah, for that matter. Or even Libby. I actually thought she was Penny, and then I kinda thought she was Sarah. Kind of distracting. We're just calling her Blondelady IV.

- The kid in the cage - was he the one doing work on Blondelady IV's house in the beginning? I think he may have been.

- Yay, Henry!!!! Or, Ben, I guess. He'll always be Henry to me. Any episode with him is a good episode.

- Did anyone catch what Steven King book they were reading? I'd put money on The Stand, for subtextual purposes (and I LOVED the meta-commentary from the book group), but I couldn't see.

All in all, I really enjoyed this ep. It's early, but after a lacklust second season, they seem to be back to form.
Luna, I think it was Ethan doing the work on Blondelady's house.

I didn't catch the book title, but personally I'm hoping it's The Drawing of the Three.
I didn't see which Stephen King book it was either.

It was Ethan working on the house.

The BlondeLady actress played Gia's girlfriend in the Angelina Jolie movie GIA.
i was very blown away by last night ... i'm still digesting it, actually.

but the one thing that stands out with me was that huge earthquake-type bang before they ran outside and saw the plane break up ... what the hell could've caused that? the plane was too high up for any type of explosion on board to have caused that much of an effect on the ground. which jibes with something on the island causing the plane crash. which jibes with locke's belief that 'the island' brought them there. which jibes with the fact that julia (julliette?) has jack's life on file.

the jack backstory would've been jucier if dad and sarah had been having an affair. but it is interesting that we now know that jack pretty much caused his father's death.

i'm not happy that they have a sympathetic Other: julia/juliette. i want to hate them, but i like her.
RE: lackluster season 2 & hopes for good things this year based on good first episode - remember, last season opened with Desmond/the amazing apartment under the hatch (and "Make Your Own Kind of Music" on the turntable, compared with "Downtown" this year - what's with the 60s pop standards?), so a great opening doesn't ensure good follow-thru!

Holey crap, that was a thrill. How could Danielle not know about that entire village? One would think after 16 years she'd have explored the entire place pretty thoroughly.

I think Julia (?) is just as manipulative as Ben/Henry Gale (Benry?) Making sure Jack saw her munching on the grilled cheese sandwich as she went out the door...

BlondeLady also did a stint on ER a couple of years ago, as Carrie Wheeler's lover (the staff psychologist at County.)

Spoiler-ish: On one of the entertainment news shows last night it said that Michael was permanently gone from the show. However, it did *not* say the same thing about Walt...

So, Mandi - did you stay in or go out and trust the VCR?

Re: earthquake before plane crash - remember in the season 2 finale when Desmond says that he was responsible for crashing the plane? As a result of not entering the numbers in time, the "electromagnetic occurrence" caused the earthquake (much like the one that was caused by Des/Echo/Locke - wonder what the repercussions of that will be?) that is what presumably brought the plane down. It was a little eerie how Benry and the "village" responded so quickly - almost like they knew it was coming.

As for the 60s pop songs, I first guessed that the records were hold-overs from the Dharma Initiative - but Juliet had a CD (how did that get there?) . . . or maybe all the Others really where part of Dharma Initiative and they just have no contemporary music in their collection wink.gif, but that doesn't make sense either since no of them looks old enough to have been there for 40 years ('cept maybe creepy beard guy who doesn't have a beard anymore - what's his name?). I'm certain that Juliet is *not* on the up and up.

I was a little annoyed by the Jack back story too (enough already!), but may be it does serve a purpose - Jack’s stubbornness has caused problems in the past, but maybe it will help as he fights against Juliet and Benry’s mind games?

Looking forward to a great season 3 . . .
I wasn't thrilled with last nights episode.

really lackluster I am sick of Jack, and his past. mad.gif I hope they kill him off.

I wanted to know what happened to Locke and Echo.

Saywer was pleasently hot, though! I wondered if that kid that helped him escape was just one of the others trying to gain his trust or something?

I wandered what Stephen King book they were discussing to.

Ben very creepy!
re: Rousseau not knowing about the village. I could believe that she might have known but just wanted to stay as far away as possible from the Others as possible. The other possibility is that they "hid" themselves from her in the same way they hid from the Lostaways.

Or maybe the writers didn't know about this village in the first season. wink.gif

but Juliet had a CD (how did that get there?)

Remember the food drops from last season (or was it season 1?)? I'm thinking the Others get their stuff in a similar way. Everything in the "village" looked pretty new.
I am so confused!! I really thought, for the whole episode that Juliet was Desmond's girlfriend, but that was Penny? I thought it was silly that they made Kate wear a dress. But I LOVE "Benry". He is such a cool/creepy actor. I loved when he said "I guess I'm out of the book club?"
Do you think Benry really got caught in Rosseau's trap by accident? If only they knew they had the Others' leader in trapped in the hatch!!!

How do you mean that Jack was responsible for his dad's death? I feel like I missed something because I didn't come away with that impression.

Maybe the 60's music because that's the most recent music they've been able to get?

I agree that the electromagnetic thing in the hatch was what made it seem like an earthquake.

What do the Others do that brings them to Rousseau's side of the island (enough to get caught in a trap). Also, the lab where Claire was is closer to the beach and the survivors camp than their village is. Are there two groups of Others? The people who were in the fake village when Michael was tied up aren't the people we saw in this episode.
I heard that it's actually Walt who won't be back (and maybe Michael too), because the actor is hitting puberty and it makes no sense as only a few months have passed on the island. I'll miss Walt, but not Michael.

I also thought that Juliet was Penny at first, and then I thought she was Sarah too, and I thought that there was going to be a very weird Sarah/Jack reunion. They're really way too into same-looking actresses. Though I don't think Libby looks as much like the other 3.

I think the assumption that Jack is kind of (indirectly) resposible for his Dad's death is because Sarah said he was stinking drunk when he called her about Jack being in jail, after having been sober for 50 days. I'm kind of glad she wasn't sleeping with his father, I thought that would have been too melodramatic and unrealistic. Then again, this show is all about the unlikely coincidences.

How do you guys think they got all of the Jack info? Do you think it was dropped from a plane?

Oh! And how about when Sawyer throws Kate the fish biscuit, and then he gets that really silly dopey in-love look on his face? All of my friends and I burst out laughing.

Mermaid, good point about the lab- it was much nearer to their camp. I'm trying to remember if we saw any of the same people in the lab as in the new village. Well, they did refer to a "him", whom I now assume is Benry. And Benry was also at the fake village at the end of the season 2 finale. So I would guess that they're all connected, are highly organized and have a few different stations.
Of all the things I'm wondering about the Others, the one I'm most eager to learn is why they choose certain people. When they stole three and then nine Tail Section Survivors, Goodwin told Ana Lucia it was because they were good.

Kate, Sawyer, Jack, Hurley were all on the list Michael had, but we don't know why the Others wanted them. Ethan and Goodwin were told to "get lists" as soon as they saw the plane come down.

There is a pretty good LOST FAN discussion board that has theories about how they got Jack's info including the simple explanation that they are hooked up to the Internet and can access all government agency files. Someone thinks that they got him to tell them all of it while he was drugged.

There is also talk that Kate was raped. We see her put the handcuffs on but they don't fight. Then when she is brought to the cage near Sawyer, her wrists are all cut up, indicating some kind of struggle when on. I don't think the Others are the rape type, but maybe they tried to inseminate her or something? They seem very into pregnant women (Rosseau and Claire).
I was finally able to watch the episode. Took me awhile.
I really liked it. First, I have to agree that a killer action-packed season opener does not promise a great season and second, the show is in a different place now. It makes sense that they would go for a quieter, character driven story.
Kate was definetly manhandled after her breakfast. I would buy forced insemination, but a rape seems unlikely, as if that would be considered "in bad taste" for the Others, if that makes sense.
Sawyer was really working for me. Nice to know that the Others have a talented hair stylist on hand. He had a great cut.
I was sighing over the "Jackback" (TM: SFX Magazine!). I really should care more for the lead characters but when does he get to stop sounding so self-absorbed and rightgeous? I mean, goodness, suck it up!

Looking forward to next week. Sayid. Yum!
I second the "Sayid. Yum!" sentiment.

I have been really disappointed with the show.....If tonight's episode isn't better I think I am going to quit watching.
I am a thread killer....where are all the reactions to last nights show?


I knew Sun wasn't carrying a miracle baby!!!!!

Next week is the show I have been waiting for, I want to find out about Locke, Echo, and Desmond.
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