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Maybe the monster really was a "security system" used by the Others, but when they confronted Jack and gang that time they figured they didn't need to use it anymore?

I only want to watch tonight's episode to see the previews for next week. I hope they show them all week on ABC because I think I'm going to watch Good Night and Good Luck instead.
It's a clip show tonight, right?

I don't even know what to say.....What the *&^% just happened?!?!?!
My Lost buddy and I had spent the five minutes up to the end teasing each other--then we froze and didn't speak or stop staring at the screen for another five.

I did not see that coming.

I assume that this is he's getting Walt back?
Is it me or is Henry Gayle fucking CREEPY?!? I saw him on a rerun of Law & Order: CI (mmm, D'Onofrio) and was like "Eeek! It's creepy Henry!"
Not just you, bethbrew. He is creepy.

It occurred to me last night that Ana Lucia and Libby are played by the two actresses who were busted for drunk driving a couple of months ago. Coincidence? Punishment? Were they out commiserating the deaths of their characters?
I missed the first third of the show and was never able to figure out why the hell Ana-Lucia was driving around with Jack's dad. So that was weird enough.

Then, gunfire for everyone!

the HELL?
You know, while the last 2 minutes were mind blowing, the rest of the episode sucked hardcore. I was just about to flip to Bedford Diaries for god's sake. Bad dialogue all around. Sawyer said "scram." I mean really, people. And at this point, who hasn't had ad rink with Jack's dad. I am beginning to think he's an "Other." After all, wasn't the coffin empty when Jack found it the first season? Maybe Jack's dad is the Great Puppet Master of the Island?
I kept crossing my fingers that Ana Lucia would shoot Sawyer because I hate him so much now. Talk about your ONE note actor! I don't even care how hot he is (okay so the beginning of the sex scene was nice). And why is this show so PG-5!? I mean, NOBODY has had a real sex scene in the entire show yet. And I was really glad when the two ugly drunk girls were killed (sorry, but they are just "ugly" all around), and I can't wait to see what Henry Gale gets up to when he returns to the Others!
Ok, not sure if this is a stab in the dark, but the screenplay that Sawyer was readin (the one Jack threw in the fire) was called "Bad Twin". When I saw that I said Michael has an evil twin, definitely.
What do you guys think about Henry telling Locke that he was coming to get him? Is he lying to get him on their side? Maybe the Others are the good guys. The castaways are a bunch of murderers for the most part.
I am getting very disturbed at the disappearance of the monster. What the hell?
And what was the point of the Sawyer/Ana Lucia thing? To make her look like slut? Was she sleeping with Jack's dad?
Henry's trying desperately to mess up Locke's head - first the whole "why do you let him (Jack) talk that way to you?" thing and now "I was coming for YOU." You, John Locke, who are the most special person here, we just had to have you with us.
AND was Michael also fucking with them all by saying there are only about 22 Others and that they only have a couple of guns and that the Lost Boys can definitely defeat them with ease? Or did they tell him he had to say that in order to get Walt back and in reality they have larger numbers and are prepared for the attack?
Did you catch the Hanso Foundation "commercial"?
I did! I shrieked--Lost buddy missed it.
I show sucked up until the last 5 min. The whole Sawyer and Ana thing was stupid . I thought she was messing with him and would grap the gun and run off.Lot 49 when he shot libby I thought the same thing
Okay the ending was shocking! I missed the first 2/3 of the episode so I didn't really fully understand everything. I can't believe I missed out on the sex secene!! But it sounds like I didn't really miss out.

celimene, I was wondering the same thing about Micheal fudging the truth about the numbers.

I am glad they killed Ana Lucia off. So many questions though. Why the whole build up and anticipation with Hurley knowing that lady from the mental ward if she was just going to killed off?

What about next week? It looked like they were going to kill off Echo. He is one of my fav people on the island. I'll be p*ssed if he dies so soon.
And ANOTHER thing that pisses me off about Sawyers stupid character. AS IF he wouldn't know Ana Lucia was only sleeping with him to get his gun. NO, that wasn't obvious AT ALL...sigh
ginger kitty, I was thinking the same thing about them killing off Libby -- obviously, Ana Lucia's backstory has been resolved, but Libby's hasn't, so why would they kill her?

But mrlot and I were thinking...first, in the preview for next week, one of the characters (I think it was Kate) said "She's dead," not "They're dead." Plus, Libby was holding blankets and other stuff in front of her, which may have protected her a little? As long as she's not dead, she should be fine in a couple of days, since the island has healing powers...

kittenb, we thought that Sawyer said "scram" too and just rolled our eyes. No one says scram. That's just bad writing.

I'm sure Michael was lying about the number of Others, and that he's made a deal with them to get Walt back.

celimene, Sawyer being so dense irritated me too...what, he didn't notice that the gun was missing when he went to put on his jeans? The gun that he wears in his jeans? That was lying right next to his jeans? sheesh. I did think the "pre-sex scene" was kinda hot while it lasted though.

Who was that that Jack's dad was arguing with? Was it Ma Baaaybaaay Claire?

Apparently, the flashback for the season finale is Desmond...yay!
celimene, that's funny that you wanted her to shoot sawyer, because i was wishing someone would shoot her. As she was sitting on the couch at the end I went, "Oh, I know what's coming next."

lot, i agree about sawyer not knowing he didn't have the gun. It's kind of hard to miss something you wear tucked in the back of your pants.
I was just walking through Times Square and there was a LOST billboard advertising the season ender--everybody BUT Ana and Libby were there, and it's been up for at least a week.
just watched the ep last night. had a similar experience to others here: my brother and i were making fun of it for 55 minutes, but then were totally silent and gripped for the last 5.

who was it that made the "bad twin" point? interesting. i was wondering if michael had been brainwashed.

who else totally thinks that australian woman was claire's mother? which would make claire and jack half-siblings.

all in all, i'm happy they killed off ana lucia, cause she's annoying. i hope they didn't kill libby, cause she's still got unanswered questions, though this show seems to have no problem leaving questions unanswered.

right when he shot libby, both my brother and i were like "oh, guess those two are being fired for bad conduct!"
I was thinking that too, b/c of thier dwi, incident.
According to this interview with the Lost writers, Michelle Rodriguez had only wanted to do one season. They basically say that they knew people would assume she was killed because of the DUI, but that she wasn't. Also, they're very careful about saying that Libby was "gunned down" and "shot," but not "killed." My money's on her surviving.
so, apparently in the credits of Mission Impossible 3 (directed by JJ Abrams) they thank the Hanso Foundation.

I'm starting to think the psychological experiment is on us, lost fans.
Spoiler alert re: Libby: The actress has been cast in another show next season, however, the character will appear in Desmond's flashback.
Found this on Televison W/O Pity.
I missed the fake commercial, when was it shown (racking brains and can't think of when there was TV in background)?

I think Libby will survive; there's no point to the build-up of her "stalker" story otherwise. Other than that, nothing else to add. Silly me came into this thread before I watched epsiode - MUST restrain myself from now on!

Oh, and I like the theory of it being Claire that Jack's father was looking for. It makes sense as she's the only Australian character.

I read today that Maggie Grace and Ian Somerhalder have confirmed they're a couple.
did anyone call the phone number from the hanso commercial?

shannon and boone are a couple in real life? that's kinda creep. they did have good chemistry though.

raskel, i called the number. the only interesting thing was that the "hold" music was a radio station playing geronimo jackson.

the more and more i think about it, the more i think jack's father might be some sort of mastermind. and i think he may stll be alive.
Whoa, I just called the number. They list extensions for all these different people. Men's names. I pushed 2 for Alvar Hanso, and got a Verizon voice mailbox that said a bunch of stuff in Spanish and then a women's voice said "Where is Alvar Hanso? What have they done with him?" Oh, and Geronimo Jackson. I felt scared though, like I was being brainwashed. Maybe I was. Shit.
If you download this week's Lost podcast (the official one) you'll be greeted with the dulcet tones of Naveen Andrews, and then there's a short interview with him. Interesting guy, and did I mention that even his voice is sexy?
I think Sayid is so hot.
I still haven't seen last week's episode. I've read all about it here and on Lostpedia, but it's the ONLY episode I've missed.
I hate sayid's hair, but...he's got some sexy arms.
You don't like the jerry curl?
I like it when he pulls it back in a ponytail.
mira, the number freaked me out too. it was spooky.

just read the TwOP recap for last week's episode. so funny.
okay, so I noticed the fake hanso commercial and went here:
but I don't understand?????
I went ginger_kitty and it eventually said:

Code: heir apparent

And at the bottom it said 'sublymonal message unlocked".

this is the print out from the ? hatch....there must be other button pushers on the island.

not only is there hanso commercials, but theres hanso ads in some news papers........i'm going NUTS now
i kinda wish they'd take some of this creative energy and put it towards some plot development.
Has anyone checked THIS out??

It's on the official LOST website.

Isn't the sublymonal thing advertising for Sprite? I read that at the TWoP boards. What's up with that?

I really like the episode. I liked how Charlie was giving his confession to Mr. Eko, and the psychic showed up. I also was wondering if the girl who died, but not really was the one who Jack's dad was arguing with last week? Or was it Claire?
I read that too....Sprite, and to get into you had to put in the code, by clicking those tv screens the right number of times. And at the top of the screen it was spelled subLYMONal....what the hell is a lymon?

The psychic was the same one that Claire went to, wasn't it?

I kind of think that woman Jack's dad was arguing with will turn out to be Claire mom. (And Claire and Jack will be half siblings, but obviously will never know that.)

Oh, I have so many questions....
lymon=lemon-lime, i think. man, how lame
Yes, Mirabella, you are correct! That's exactly what it is. I had read on the net somewhere earlier this week that not only would Sprite be changing their ad campaign, (which I'm assuming is in now with LOST) but also making some changes in their formula.

Also, there's a guy on the LOST web message boards that's basically figured all this stuff out. He's got his own "myspace" site, with pics, links and ANSWERS.

If Y'all read a little bit on the LOST message boards, you get to his link. Sorry to be so vague, but I'll post back if I find out which board posting is his.
Oo! Quietmadness, what's his myspace name?
is the show trying to make some statement about submission out of fear/faith? i always feel like it sort of could be but i never know if that is just me reading in.
glow, that's what i think. actually, i think this week's ep went a long way towards confirming the theory (text in white for the purists) that the island is purgatory. everyone on the island is being forced to prove themselves/ find some sort of faith.

me? i'm just freaking pissed off that they killed libby. without explaining her backstory! why tease us with the whole she-was-in-the-institution-with-hurley thing is there's not going to be any payoff?!?!?! lame-o.
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