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Full Version: Celebrities that should be made to fade into obscurity Pt.II
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I went to a John Mayer concert about a year and a half ago. I was in love with him and his music, but at the concert it seemed like he was "phoning it in".. like he didn't really want to be there, and was above coming to Canada to perform at a concert.

He just seems less and less appealing as I get older.
cloris leachman, the old old celebrity (B list) on this season's Dancing w/ the Stars is just downright creepy.

I mean, her boobs are ginormouse & Obviously FAKE, and she has these sad, skinny old lady bird legs & a mouth that would make a salior blush.

where is your Dignity Old Woman??
yeah i saw a bit of CL, i avoid that show like the plague, but i have to tell you, she was freaking hilarous on the roast of bob saget. she was seriously so baudy i gained new respect for her. she was like this years lisa lampenelli, and i just love lisa. she's panty peein' funny. when grow up to be an old woman i can leave the horrible clothes and big boobs, legs etc, but i soooo want to be that baudy dame that makes everybody blush.
oh not me gt: when I am old I want to wear good pearls, a soft dusting of Chanel No 5 & cashmere always and never forget what being a real Lady is all about.

I find a lot of the bawdiness in the old folks most unbecoming and embarrassing for them.
This woman is no celebrity, but she's on TV and she IRRITATES THE HELL OUT OF ME!
She's the host for that show 'The Dish' on the Style channel. Basically, she stands there and insults people. She can't get a good acting gig so she does this awful show, insulting women who are successful.
I wanna see one of the celebs she's slammed knock her teeth down her throat, or at least make her cry. Jackass.
QUOTE(Jezebel @ Oct 12 2007, 05:22 AM) *
Sandra Lee is totally mental. I'm not sure I want her to fade into obscurity though, because when she's not infuriating me I do find her pretty entertaining. I like watching to see her crazy 'tablescapes' and Sandra's Cocktail Time and all of her many uses for packaged cake mix and taco seasoning. But yeah, she basically represents everything that is wrong with our society all at once.

She is definitely something else, with her Barbie doll looks and her crazy tablescapes. But watch her 'chef-ography' on the Food Network and you might develop a new appreciation. When she was all of 9 years old, she took care of her younger siblings while their single mom was going through major depression and couldn't get out of bed. Mom wasn't working, the family was on welfare, so Sandra did all the grocery shopping and made the meals for her siblings. They also did things like collect cans for recycling money, or odd jobs for the neighbors, just to make some money to buy groceries. When mom got better and found a new boyfriend, the family moved with the boyfriend to southern California. Sandra was sent to Wisconsin to live with her maternal grandmother who taught her how to make meals from scratch, how to budget, etc. (even though Sandra had been budgeting since she was 9). When Sandra was in high school, her grandmother passed away, so Sandra started waiting tables, moved into her own apartment and basically lived on her own, shopping, cooking and providing for herself during her last 2 years of high school. I could go on about how she eventually turned herself into the businesswoman she is today, but you can read more about Sandra here. These days, she does a lot of giving back, as a member of UNICEF, Project Angel Food (providing food for people suffering with life-threatening illnesses), spokesperson for Share Our Strength (providing food for homeless/low income children), and as a 'celebrity chef' host of DineOut LA, an organization that raises money for AIDS care.

I'm also a big Cloris Leachman fan and hope I can only be so sprightly at her age, and have her salty wit. Who says dignity is defined as being 'ladylike' and serene? As far as I'm concerned, dignity is being able to hold your head up high, no matter what your age, and not apologize for who you are or minimize yourself in any way.

Buuut...since this thread is all about celebs we desire to fade into obscurity, may I just say this: Meg Ryan. Enough already. You've already ruined two of my favorite movies/storylines by re-making/re-telling them. You're not cute, you've got too much botox in your upper lip, and the only good movie you ever made was When Harry Met Sally. The red light is blinking and it's time to get off the stage. Please. Just pack it in and go home already.
Y'know what freaks me out about Sandra Lee? I always feel like the second the camera is off she spits out whatever she was trying to look like she was eating. She's like the anti-Nigella.

Vince freaking Vaughn. I just don't get it. I'm over the whole motor-mouthed-aren't-I-clever schtick. And why is it okay for him to get all schlubby while his costars keep being pristinely coiffed women?
perez hilton; "celebrity" used loosely. what a dirty tampon. he routinely calls miley cyrus a whore, is neither witty nor satirical with his penis graffiti, and crucifies smokers.*

*yes, smoking is bad. but to hold patrick swayze's feet to the fire to quit when the guy has less than 2 years left? the damage is done, man. let the guy have some sort of crutch on his way out.
Ever since he was on Project Runway I have hated Tiki Barber. I just wanted to share that. I hate him and his oversized neck.
I have never been able to stand obnoxious celebrities, probably one of the worst in history is David Lee Roth. Grr.

Lars Ulrich from Metallica also really gets to me, not because of the whole napster thing though. He's just whiney and annoying all around.

I also disliked Liza Minelli for a while, but now I love her in a kitsche sort of way. She plays up the kitsche a lot, and its great.
Lars Ulrich needs to be punched in the face.

Oh and Vince Neil, what a useless douche bag.
anna k
Agreed on Lars. I watched Some Kind of Monster, and got so sick of him talking. I however liked him in an old clip on Youtube of him circa 1991 being interviewed in Danish. He reminded me of the Swedish Chef and looked adorable.
QUOTE(foryoursplendor @ Feb 10 2009, 03:48 PM) *
I also disliked Liza Minelli for a while, but now I love her in a kitsche sort of way. She plays up the kitsche a lot, and its great.

My dad used to live next door to her cousin Rocky. She was... interesting.... too. My type of person! lol
QUOTE(culturehandy @ Feb 10 2009, 04:46 PM) *

Oh and Vince Neil, what a useless douche bag.

*chalks up another vote for this one*
I definitely would enjoy punching Vince Neil and Lars Ulrich in their faces, but also Kid Rock. I probably don't need to mention that "All Summer Long" song he did, well anything he's done actually. *pukes*
u2, madonna,rolling stones......just go away....
Lars Ulrich bugs the fuck out of me, and I'm a huge Metallica fan. He's a tiny little Napoleon in that band.

I'm sick of Bono, too. I know, he's a great person and he does a ton of charity work, but I'm still sick of seeing him everywhere.

I used to hate David Lee Roth, but I've come around on him. His heart is in the right place, and he's said and done some pretty decent things in the last few years, things you wouldn't expect out of a 1980s cock rocker.

I want to throttle Dmitri Martin. He wasn't funny on his little tiny segment on The Daily Show which was barely ever on, I don't know why he deserves a whole series of non-funniness in his own show. He's the kind of person I really want to reach out and strangle.
I want to throttle Dmitri Martin.

hee hee, i like him smile.gif

but ditto on the bono thing.
i want to like dmitri, but in trying to watch one of his comedy specials, i kept thinking, he's got horrible delivery, and his timing is all fuckered up. i found i couldn't do it. i occasionally laughed, but i gave up, i turned the channel, and i was glad i did.

and lars is one of those guys that, if you saw him in front of a bar, getting his ass kicked by a bunch of other guys, when they were thru, you'd shake each of their hands and offer to buy them all a drink. all week.

bono, u2... madonna... they're all just uselsess, and i'm tempted to say the same thing about u2 junior, coldplay. ok, i'll say it about coldplay. we already have one u2, and i'm sick of them, last thing we need is a clone. oh and take that loathesome gwenneth with you. ick. (besides, what the hell kind of name is gwenneth? it's goddamn gwendolyn, you jackasses.)

brett michaels. yes i watch your skanky show, rock of skank bus, but you're a jackass, you aren't even 2% as cool as you think you are. your shit was played out almost 30 years ago. hide under a rock already. you've already shot your wad. you couldn't write a good song if you had 15 ghost writers and a gun to your head. GO AWAY.

and while i'm at it, anyone who was on flavor of love, i love ny, real chance at love et. al., just go away. you're not cute. go away so i don't have to watch your stupid shows.
The new GNR needs to go under a rock and die.

Specifically, Axl needs to be kneed in the groin.
and let's not forget the octo-mom. you know who i mean. she looks like a dimestore angelina jolie. hell while i'm at it, angelina jolie can take the boot too. her and all her 12 babies.

and i'm with 30's girl. no meg ryan. i've never ever liked her. she needs to go, (if she hasn't already).
hee hee, i like how gt bolds the celebu-tards so i can get to the hatin' quicker.

thanks catlady, it's cos they make me pig biting mad!!!!
(i've got plenty of hate to go around for celeb-U-tards.)

ETA:isla fisher. if i can get a gutfull of you from your shopaholic commerical alone, it's time for you to go.

will i am. i wish u weren't.
Jonah Hill. I HATE Jonah Hill. HATE HATE HATE him. He's not funny even in the cruel tradition of funny fat guys. In fact, I think I'd hate him even more if he was thin.
genghis cunt
I'm tired of Jonah Hill, Danny Mc Bride, Seth Rogen, and all the other guys that lick what's his name's butthole to get into his stupid bro movies. WHY CAN'T GIRLS BE FUNNY?
QUOTE(genghis cunt @ Mar 16 2011, 12:36 PM) *
I'm tired of Jonah Hill, Danny Mc Bride, Seth Rogen, and all the other guys that lick what's his name's butthole to get into his stupid bro movies.

I assume you're talking Apatow. Ugh. I hate him, too. Especially "Knocked Up".

But the second Bridesmaids trailer looks kinda, not entirely painful. We shall see.

I can't hate on the McBride. I can't. Not only did he wrest his name from the hands of ShaNaNa's Bowser, but he's Eastbound & Down.

QUOTE(genghis cunt @ Mar 16 2011, 12:36 PM) *

1) "The definition of "crazy" in show business is a woman who keeps talking even after no one wants to fuck her anymore." -Tina Fey
genghis cunt
Can I please marry Tina Fey?
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