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Full Version: Celebrities that should be made to fade into obscurity Pt.II
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I just saw a commercial for Rachel Ray's new show where she says, "Risque...that's sexy." And she sounds totally wooden with a layer of fake on top...and her grin is like the Joker's! Bleh.

But she's Oprah's new toy, so I bet she'll be around for awhile.
Rachel Ray talks too goddamned much. Anecdote after anecdote after anecdote. Plus, I hate her calling extra virgin olive oil EVOO. WTF?
And she tips for shit on $40 A Day...nice example! I know it's just a show, but I think of her as a big cheapskate. A verbal tipper, like, "Oh this is the best food! You're the best server!" And then leaves 5%.
See, now that really pisses me off. My people take care of me, so I take care of them. That's some bullshit!
I find it funny that Larry the Cable Guy says all these incredibly hateful things, then they cast him in a kid's I missing something? And not only just in the movie, but as a pretty central character. Doesn't make much sense to me but hey, maybe I'm just a crazy liberal...
My brother has a theory about a special circle in hell just for people who tip like that. It looks a lot like a cafe in France where the waiters ignore you, then eventually bring your food and place it just out of reach, then whisk it away and give you a whopping huge bill. Over and over and over again. Hee
Re. LArry the Cable Guy: someone posted this link somewhere in the lounge a while back. It's an open letter from David Cross to LTCG. Here's a great quote:

"Okay, here's what I said in the RS interview: 'He's good at what he does. It's a lot of anti-gay, racist humor -- which people like in America - all couched in 'I'm telling it like it is.' He's in the right place at the right time for that gee-shucks, proud-to-be-a-redneck, I'm-just-a-straight-shooter-multimillionaire-in-cutoff-flannel, selling-ring tones-act. That's where we are as a nation now. We're in a state of vague American values and anti-intellectual pride.'"
lively- i never did understand the whole gretchen wilson "proud to be a redneck" thing. why. why is this something to strive for? last time i checked, the connotation -- if not definition -- of a redneck was an uneducated, backwoods ignoramus. who prides themselves on that??

baffles the mind.
I particularly hate the redneck pride thing because it feeds so significantly into why Bush was re-elected, and as a result, has huge negative implications across the world. Imagine all the people who have died because we, as a nation, prefer to have a guy who doesn't come across as stuffy and overeducated.

lot"still bitter after 1 1/2 years"49
Either David Caruso or the director of CSI Miami, preferably both, must go away. Soon.

On the set:

Caruso: "Aaaaaaaaaah. But theey didn't teell yooou about the caaaandlestick hooolder."

Director: "David, put more purr in your lines! Puuuuurrrrrrrrrr them, I say!"
yes!!! I second that. And all the CSI shows should shoud fade off with them...
My eleven year old neice went to Larry The Cable Guys website and tore him a new asshole. She is completely disgusted by his whole schtick and told him that he is racist and should be ashamed of the example he is setting for kids like her, especially now that he is a big part of "Cars".

I am so proud of my girl :-)
That's awesome, yuefie! Go her.
I would like to see Paris Hilton fade into obscurity, or better yet, burst into flames. I can't effin' stand that silly twat!!! I'm not sure why I have such a nasty hate-on for her, but everytime I see her image I start to grrrrrowl! Whew... I feel much better... Thanx for letting me get that off my chest!
I'm sick to my tits of Lindsay Lohan.
Who is this Larry the cable guy? Is this some kind of American thing?
Sadly, yes, it's an American thing. The fellow likes to play the stereotypical American southern rube to the hilt. Even though he's from middle America & was privately educated in Florida. Anyhow, he's created the persona of Larry the Cable Guy. Ratty flannel shirts with the sleeves ripped out, jeans slung so low you see about three inches of ass-crack, baseball caps & workboots, swilling cheap beer & drivin' a beater truck. For an example of one of his bits, he knew it was true love because it was the first time he'd ever taken his pants off to have sex with somebody. In short, he appeals to the lowest common denominator comedy-wise. His audience often doesn't seem to understand that it's them that he is parodying. I cringe when I think about the fact that the delightful Lewis Black actually wrote the forward to his book. He has an on-going bitch-slap fight going on with David Cross.
Paris Hilton and her *&!8#@? new *album
Ohhh maaaan I got a few to name...

-Yes, Larry the Cable Guy... and all his redneck ringtone followers...

-Paris Hilton, because she got famous doing absolutely NOTHING except being a shallow, self-involved girl who claims to be "shy" on interviews... yet shows her coochie to the whole damn WORLD. What makes me even more unconceivably mad about her... is that there's TONS of girls who look up to her and try to be like her, stating how much they love her... but why? All she does is pose for a camera and sleep with over half of hollywood. If her parents weren't the Hiltons themselves, she'd be nothing... ugh. I really needed to let that out, sorry. :s

-The Olsen twins, because they have an empire of a following of young girls who adore them, which they are well aware of, because that's hence how they've became the rich women they are today... YET they've dressed like hobos and looked like twigs... I understand people dont pick anorexia and it is an illness, but perhaps they shouldnt have the business they have any longer- focusing on young girls, if they have that illness... because young girls dont understand it's an illness and they'll want to simply starve themselves for the look as well. My recently-turned-12 cousin is on the athletic side and she owns Olsen books, etc... but seeing them nowadays she actually asked me if she was fat! I asked her why she thought that and she said because the Olsen twins are so much skinnier and she thought maybe SHE was the unhealthy one. WTF?

-She's not a huge celebrity, only to anyone who's seen Howard Stern at night, that Andrea chic. (that's her name right? Or is it Amber? I dunno.) She's Miss Howard Stern for the show and the woman is incredibly dumb. Her voice is extremely high, almost like a child's, and she doesnt even know who the first president of the US is... or what the 4th of July celebrates besides her dad's birthday. O_O She makes me cringe. egh.

Sorry for the novel here, I seem to do that often, typing practically a novel :s buuut, I felt I should explain why these people in particular should fade or burst into flames... either one, really.
I hate Paris Hilton for all the same reasons as you but here is one thing that pretty much sends me into a fit of rage!
“There's nobody in the world like me. I think every decade has an iconic blonde - like Marilyn Monroe or Princess Diana - and right now, I'm that icon.”

Yeah uh huh thats right!
Since themasochistmuse mentioned Howard Stern's show it reminds me of how much I hate Howard Stern. Asking women to take off their tops on a radio show does not a hero make. What a dickwad.
thingsarenice: I know precisely what you mean. When I do watch it because nothing else is on, I end up having to just turn the television off because he just acts like a pervert to women... I'd like to see an actual smart woman appear on the show and put him in his place. smile.gif
I will admit, however, that I did watch it more often when he had more actual celebrities of both male and female kind that he asked real questions to rather than "are there panties under that skirt?"
anna k
The only women he doesn't act like pervs to are famous actresses who have a lot to back up with. Like when Rose McGowan came on and just played along with Howard's schtick, but wasn't diminished. Other times he had girls from Penthouse who had crazy backgrounds, of being teenage runaways or teenage strippers. One girl had been in a ballet academy for a few years and had a reserved but cool demeanor.

I like his interviews, but I don't take him seriously when he's doing the sex talk. His social satire and real conversations are much more interesting.
Ready-Steady-Go - Paris Hilton just might be our generation's iconic blonde. . .but only b/c the world is going completely down the shitter. She's the perfect representative for our times.

(sorry, I'm not usually this cynical - really! blink.gif )
anna k
She is perfect as the iconic blonde. And since Factory Girl is coming out, it's so apt. A movie about a rich blonde party girl who was the trendsetter of the time. With socialites and party girls getting more coverage, the story of Edie Sedgwick is perfect timing.
I must bump this thread back up to express my continued abhorrence of all that is Rachel Ray. I mean, really. If you are going to go out of your way to make up all sorts of cutesey abbreviations and acronyms for things, than please stop fucking following them up by saying the damn thing you were supposed to be avoiding saying in the first place!!! Fr'instance: "Use EVOO, that's Extra Virgin Olive Oil" OR "Mmmm delish, it's really delicious." GAH!
AAHHHH!!! The name "Rachel Ray" alone makes me gag!! I watched part of her show once and she kept saying "hot ham" in this really whiney, nasaly voice. Hot haayum. I wanted to strangle her.
As much as I try to avoid anything having to do with her stupid joker smile, I invariably wind up somewhere that her idiocy is being broadcast. Even whilst talking long distance to my grandpa, I'll hear her nasally shrieks in the background! Fuuuuuck she annoys the hell out of me.

I also loathe Emeril. Bam upside your head, assmunch dry.gif.

Me aggro? Nah.
After reading your post yuefie, I can't scourge my brain of the image of Rachael Ray with a joker smile, (which is so true!) I can just picture this weird morphing of Rachael Ray and the pictures I have seen of Heath Ledger as the joker. Its very disturbing. She bothers me immensely as well, her and Martha Stewart.
Bono. I fucking hate Bono.
thank fuck someone else hates bono and rachael ray. I hate them both too, but everyone else I know loves both of them so much, I was beginning to think maybe I'm not the only one who thinks they're over promoted and over rated. (and way too much out there all the time)
One of these days, smoke's gonna start coming out of Rachel Ray's orifices and her skin will peel away to reveal an evil robot.

I don't really hate Bono, but he is pretty annoying. I'm really disappointed in U2 all around. They're a classic case of "selling out."
I don't hate Bono, but my granny does. Ever since he stomped on the Irish flag back in the 80's (?) to symbolize his disgust with the fighting in Ireland. You don't just stomp on the Irish flag and get away with it. At least according to old Irish ladies.
I think that Bono sincerely cares about world issues, but it seems like he's in outer space when it comes to the real lives of his listenership. It's hard for me to criticize him, because I think that U2 has made a huge contribution to the music world, even if they're not a band that I worship. I think they're worship-worthy though, but only for their earlier works. I just see them as whores these days, and Bono is the pimp.

I wonder what it would be like to hang out with Bono. Would he even be able to talk about "normal" everyday stuff? It seems to me that he'd be annoying in a small group of people sitting at a restaurant or hanging around a campfire.
haha - I just came in here and had completely forgotten I'd posted that - lets just say that it probably belonged in 'inhebriated ramblings' as much (if not more!) than this thread.. hahaha

but I really dislike bono - I do think he's trying to use his celebrity to do something about causes that he is sincerely behind, and he does it actively, not just handing over money or lending his face to a campaign. However, I think he's kind of overstepped his bounds... it annoys me that he is meeting with world leaders about this stuff, and the only reason is because he is a rock star. I'm not saying it's a bad thing, the causes he's behind and the things he's trying to get done. It just irks me that most people who are representing something are elected by the people they represent to - well, represent them. The people who are listening to everything he has to say like he's god are doing so because he's a ROCK STAR, not because he came out with a platform and his country- or even a civil rights group or something - elected him to be their spokesperson / leader. Thank fuck he seems like he is genuinely trying to have some ethics about what he does, because if he wasn't, he could easily be really corrupt with things. That's my issue with him.

and Rachael Ray - yuefie, you are so right about the joker smile! I have never been able to put my finger on that damn smile, but that's it! And she's just annoying as fuck. and she talks with food in her mouth (watch $40 / day) blech.
$40 a day should be called "Irritating Rachel Ray and her REALLY Cheap Tips" grrrrr. It annoys me to no end the stingy tips she leaves in nice resturants.
Britney. I just don't care.
Ahhhh Rachel Ray. I didn't used to have a problem w/her until my mom started watching that $40 a day travel show. Now every time she and her girlfriend visit we have to go find another random place in Chicago. They always have a list of food that they want to check out. I don't know why this annoys me so much except that it seems that RR's $40 never covers drinks (does she only drink water?) or tip (as someone mentioned below.) And she must order the cheapest thing off the menu b/c mom is always suprised how much the meal totals. None of us ever have a lot of cash so this always leads to the uncomfortable "What can I buy" conversation that makes me want to squirm right out of my skin. I pay for myself but I am still there while the conversation is going on. Anyway...

In the book Bright Lights, Big Ass, Jen Lancaster has a a very funny chapter called "The Only Thing We Have To Fear Is Rachel Ray" all about the horrors that errupt when her husband falls in love w/ 30 Minute Meals.
I guess I don't have that huge of a problem with Rachel Ray, but I try to only take her in small doses. She doesn't try to come off as anything more than she is, and at least she makes all her own food unlike Sandra Lee. But yeah, her personality can be annoying and she doesn't tip for shit. I can forgive a person for a lot of social faux pas, but cheapskate tipping when you know she has the money to do better, is just unforgivable. People don't work for minimum wage in those restaurants just for the pleasure of serving her.

Sandra Lee has got to go. I'm done with her. Pah-tooey.

You guys probably don't watch this, but a character on Metalocalypse last season wished revenge on Rachel Ray in a satanic church. He wanted her eyes to fall out or her tits to fall off. It was way funnier than I'm making it sound right now.

Bono's getting on my nerves, too. I believe he sincerely wants to make a difference, but what business does he have with the president of the World Bank?

KittenB, I'm totally going to order that book. I've got another one by that author on my shelf waiting its turn to be read.
Sandra Lee is totally mental. I'm not sure I want her to fade into obscurity though, because when she's not infuriating me I do find her pretty entertaining. I like watching to see her crazy 'tablescapes' and Sandra's Cocktail Time and all of her many uses for packaged cake mix and taco seasoning. But yeah, she basically represents everything that is wrong with our society all at once.
the thing about mayer is he's an utter ass. i think so much of his music is just for that cliche of getting laid. the way he treats women is beyond reprehensible.
OMG, John Mayer is the biggest fuckin' douche! Even his mildly amusing turn on Chapelle made me hate him.
I'm so with you on John Mayer. Blech. It's wuss "rock".
I hate that guy too. That song where he sings about girls becoming mothers or whatever really bothered me. He's both creepy and wimpy.
Resurrecting this thread because I am completely in hate with John Mayer and our supply clerk listens to him ALL DAY.

Something about his voice and the way he sings "Your Body is a Wonderland"...

...kinda makes me think of Neverland.

I once saw him on some show, singing that song. Grossed me the hell out, because he got his mouth so ridiculously close to the microphone, like he was gonna make out with it.
I need to put in my bid to end the idea of Celebrity Babies. Don't get me wrong, Suri Cruise and the Jolie-Pitt children and Violet Garner-Affleck are all lovely but enough!
Amen. It just furthers the cult of the child, and we don't need more of that. Our population's booming as it is.
omg....*shudders* i hate the cult of the child. the weird hair they make their adherents wear, like that weird bowl cut, the funny little clothes, and that glassy eyed stare... and how they talk.... ewww. oh wait... i'm thinking of kindergarten. sorry.
anna k
My mom and I talked about that, about the big deal over the Pitt-Jolie twins. I told her that the first celebrity baby I remembered hearing of was Madonna's daughter, and I think a naked pregnant Demi Moore started off the celebrity baby craze. Before that, most children of celebrities were only known of if they became famous in their own right, or infamous (Christina Crawford, Christian Brando). Liza Minnelli was an early celebrity baby.
*snickers at gt's description of kindergarten*

I'm worried that these children will grow up to be even more maladjusted than most celebrities. I mean, having cameras shoved into your face by paparazzi since you were born can't be good for someone.

And I'm chiming in on the John Mayer hate, he strikes me as someone who learned to play the guitar just to get laid.
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