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Full Version: Grabbing or hitting a guy in the groin?
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"It is among the worst places to get hit, but I wanted to dispel the "one love tap and he's helpless" myth. As bad as it is, it simply isn't THAT bad."
"The lesson here is that even though groin attacks are indisputably painful, they're not the panacea of self defense."
"Anyway, males and females both have many nerve endings in the genitals, so it stands to reason that this area is especially vulnerable in everyone."

You are very desperate for reassurance that this isn't an inherent male weakness about which women feel superior.

"Some women want to act like the groin hit is debilitating to men, but doesn’t faze women, and thus gives women some inherent superiority.
"Logically, I’m quite certain that most women don’t really feel this way.

Orly? I don't think that you are, but this isn't the forum to work out your issues in and seek reassurance for your fears.

"Also, a hard flick to each testicle didn’t even faze me, as didn’t some of my more abusive experiences described below."

I don't think that we are interested in how you can prove to yourself and us that you aren't weak by way of your testicles.
Auralpoison, you like to eat testicles? I sure don't want to get fellatio from you!

Cami, your grasp of the obvious is uncanny. Although nothing in your post is actually wrong, it is somewhat misleading, because it omits the detailed explanations that back up my claims. Since everything I've written is true to the best of my knowledge, I see no harm in posting it. Also, you don’t seem to be confirming or contesting my claims, so I’m not sure what your purpose is in addressing them.

The one psychoanalysis you do offer, “You are very desperate for reassurance that this isn't an inherent male weakness about which women feel superior,” only seems to reiterate the feelings I’ve described in my previous posts.

I do find it interesting that despite the fact that your only participation in this thread is very recent, you went to the trouble to read and quote so many pages of posts, only to assert your disinterest in them. My question is, “why?” This seems to be a common behavior pattern among members of the lounge, and it never ceases to amaze me. Is it morbid curiosity, a lack of better things to do, a secret fascination with this topic, or some other reason? I'm not flaming; I seriously want to know.


Is "Orly" supposed to mean "Oh, really"?
Now don't get teste with me.

This is quite the interesting thread.

I do not recommend hitting a male attacker in the groin for self-defense unless you do so with enough force to knock him off of his feet; and with that goal, hitting him (or her, it does not matter the gender) in the abdomen, solar plexis, or throat will be equally as efficient. I have asked some of my male friends, and my boyfriend who has military training as well as defensive martial arts training, and they all concur that it is perhaps not the best method of defense, because if not executed correctly it can really piss the guy off, and put you in more danger.

If attacked, I wouldn't really want to stay within that close a range to my attacker, because it gives him (or her) many different opporunities to harm me. I think I'd rather grab a baseball bat, take a swing (use your resources, busties, whatever you can find) and get the hell out of dodge.

I am not quite sure why this topic is in the LTAS section either... it seems to more appropriately fit in a survival / self-defense or perhaps general health category. I am not even sure if my comments on the topic are actually off-topic, or if the thread has just gone off on a tangent over time... *chuckle*.

I hope this helps answer (one of) the initial questions posed. =)
it's in this forum because a tr*ll put it here and the rest of us (despite Many requests to do just that) can't seem to let it die. so, let's make the best of it girls.
ap have you watched any of those freaky tv shows where contestants power eat as much as they can of something nasty? there was one i saw once where every second thing was something normal like hotdogs or spaghetti alternating with tongue, eyeballs, and of course testicles. it was the most disturbing show i have EVER seen.
*seconds AP on the calf fries*

Hells yeah!!! With extra hot sauce!

I've actually cooked 'em up from start (yes, the actual removal) to finish. Ah, the benefits of being part country girl/ex-professional cook....
Sixelcat, I really couldn't bring myself to actually cut off some animal's testicles. It's not a moral issue, since I eat beef, poultry, fish, etc. after it's been killed and gutted. I guess it's because I'm a guy, so I can imagine how profoundly devastating it would be to lose those precious jewels. :-(

Pepper, I think the show you're talking about is Fear Factor. Ironically, they have a lot of neat athletic challenges on that show, but all anybody ever remembers is the gross stuff (or "Gross Factor" as some like to call it).

Cami, I love your "Don't get teste with me" retort. You may already know this, but the correct singular for "testes" is "testis", not "teste". "Testy" only means irritable, with no reference to male genitalia. "Testee" is a synonym for examinee. Your reply is still funny, though.

Wow, Sixelcat, I've never made them from scratch! That's awesome!

It took me a long time to neuter my cat. A *really* long time. Like, he peed on all my mom's stuff before I neutered him. He was cranky for three days after that & gave me accusing looks the whole time.
Aural, bummer that you don't get to fellate Nuts-o.


Want that I should comfort you?
It's been a few years and I don't have the clipper-thingy, but I DO have some rubber bands....if you wanna catch 'em I'll mix up some seasoned flour and turn the Frydaddy on....
omg, i want pictures. ha!
I don't like where this is headed. On the bright side, you guys did get Pepper to admit that she wants pictures of my genitalia.
oh, you're not a tr*ll at all are you?
and Don't email me again you nasty fucker. you're foul.
Pepper, are you talking to me? I haven't been e-mailing you. I sent you a private message once a long time ago to thank you for the time you spent talking to me in this forum, and since I never got my message sent to my e-mail as I requested, I'm not even sure you got that. That is the only thing I ever sent to your e-mail.

To clarify, have you been getting obscene e-mails that you just assume are from me, or are you getting private messages from my user name? If it's the latter, perhaps someone guessed my password and started sending these messages.

By the way, why do you put an asterisk in the word troll only to type out the word fucker unaltered? Fucker is the profane word, not troll. Seriously, though, I've seen you complain in other threads about these e-mails, so if you could clarify what's going on, I'd appreciate it.
mmhmm, of course.
fucker is a word i don't mind at all. i could live forever without having to meet another tr*ll though.
you don't get the use of the asterix because you have zero netiquette. whatever, you're in the realm or the efilorp4 now buddy, i won't speak to you again.
I still can't believe you won't even consider the possibility that I'm telling the truth about those e-mails. I mean, why would I write the kind of stuff I write here, and then sent you obscene e-mails and lie about it? I write dirty enough stuff here; I have no reason not tell the truth about anything I write outside of the lounge.
ok, fine. i made up the story about those emails because you piss me off. now go tr*ll some other forum and let this frikkin thread DIE already!
please let this thread die...
notice the _ after my name? obviously not posted by me. silly.
As I said in the community thread:

To be honest, I didn't expect anybody to buy the gag. All I did was write like a foul-mouthed third-grader, but some people actually bought into it! It must have been a more life-like impersonation than I thought. Don't worry, real Pepper, I didn't post anything really offensive under your name - except the laughable English that you always use anyway.

I did succeed in getting you to post in the groin attack thread again, though, as you have promised many times not to do. Doesn't that suck?
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