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Full Version: feminist idols
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Mary Magdalene :-).
this month's Smithsonian Magazine has a great article about her (I'm right in the middle of reading it), and how certain male Christian thinkers have promoted a certain image of her to reinforce their idea of what Christianity and the Church should be.
Emmy Gilbert
I can't think of anywhere else to put this, other than the buffy thread, but I don't want to randomly post in there.

Joss Whedon got an award from Equality Now, and this was what he said
bella coola
[font=Book Antiqua][size=3]Deepa Mehta! I haven't even seen any of her films yet, just an interview about 'Water' and I'm already inspired. She's standing up for the opression that's going on in India (and has been for eons). She's looking at the Hindu faith and pointing out where they're manipulating their holy text to push women down in the name of patriarchal power and economics. She made her films despite death threats, attempted suicides of others, hunger strikes and riots! Incredible woman
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