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I don't know where cybercandy is, sorry!
Does anyone know if you can buy replacement underwire for bras? I've tried looking at a couple of different fabric stores around me and they don't seem to have them. It seems like they have every other component- the hooks, the padding, but no underwire.

I have a few VS bras that are still in good shape, but the underwire got cracked. They're still sort of wearable, but they throw off the balance of my boobs or they poke me!

You can get underwires here, if you end up not finding a local store that carries them
Go to Our Products then Bra Hardware
I've seen underwires at fabric stores like Joann's. Go to one of the superstores~

I saw this girl wearing an adorable Dr Seuss Lorax t-shirt recently. It was a small fitted t-shirt, sorta light gray, and there was black print all over the front and sleeves, of Dr Seuss trees-it was one large scene-and in the middle the Lorax was standing on a tree stump-and across the chest it says "I Am The Lorax, I Speak For The Trees". I tried looking everywhere online for it, on Ebay and I searched for it on Google. Unfortunately I didn't get the chance to ask her where she got it-but has anyone else seen one like this? Thanks for any info!
Is this it, Humanist? There's some other ones on Delia's that are really cute and they're on sale!
omigod, that shirt is too fucking cute!

good for you, polly! i tried to do a search for it last night, and it kept coming up with hits but no good links ... wtF?

does anyone know where i can find:
- rit dye?
- hemming tape?

there isn't any joanne's nearby.
yes, i know, my non-craftyness is showing.

sometimes wal-mart has rit dye in the laundry detergent aisle. or, you could try this.

hemming tape is also usually at wal-mart (the ones with a fabric section). barring that, joann's does have a website that you can buy stuff off of (i've gotten yarn there). or ac moore would probably carry it as well.

hth some.
Yeah, i've always seen Rit Dye at regular grocery stores...maybe they don't have as much of a selection, but I couldn't say since I've never actually dyed anything (other than tie-dying but that was a long time ago).
I've found RIT at Dollar General before....
Ok, I am not entirely sure what I am looking for, so bear with me here. I bought the cutest shoes in Dec. They are like espadrilles without the ankle ties. Well, because of having no ties they will not stay on. I have yet to wear them because they just flop off the back of my feet. Any suggestions? I am thinking that something may exist that is like a heel gripper, but may be wrong. Otherwise, maybe I'll just have to sew ribbons on them? Any suggestions would be much appreciated.
not sure if these work...(i saw them advertised on the view last week)...they are suppost to keep your heel in place
air plus
I'm looking for a cheap, but well-built free standing cabinet to put towels and sheets in. I found this one at Target. It's basically what I want, but it's only 12 inches deep. I'd like a little more room than that, but not for much more money. I've tried Ikea and The Container Store. Any ideas?
awesome, maxine. Thank you, they look like they will work. I'm going to look for them in a couple hours. I'll update soon.
hey thanks polly! that's almost exactly it-but it did actually say "i am the lorax, i speak for the trees" instead of "plant a truffula tree"-I'm sure it is made by the same company-I'll have to search for "Doe"'s other stuff. Thanks for finding that-and thanks mandolyn for looking!
humanist, my pleasure. i live for finding shit on the internet!

thanks to brett, polly and vp for the help. i did find the hemming tape, but haven't had a chance to search for rit dye.

polly, i'm bummed. i'm looking for a freestanding bath cabinet too, and i assumed ikea would be the place to go. crap.

of course, in a perfect world, i'd be able to afford this. le sigh.
Next time I have to go to the actual Ikea store, I'll look for something- they sell stuff in the store that they don't have online and vice-versa. I'll let you know. I feel a visit coming on in the next month or so! I'm sure there will be some cute summer-y thing from there that I'll have to get!
isn't it almost time for the twice-yearly big ikea sale? wasn't the last one in november? or do they only do that once a year?

where can i find classic clothing that's trendier than lands end and eddie bauer (yawn!) but not as teency-shrunken-cropped trendy as gap, old navy, jcrew, banana republic or ann taylor? why is it so hard to find work clothes that are true-to-size? i just want a blazer and a sweater or two that cover my damn ass!

mandolyn - I know nothing about your size or style or where you are (this place may not be available to you) but I know I was having the same problem with the "teency-shrunken-cropped trendy" clothes and then I was thrilled to find this store at my local mall. At first glance I wasn't sure if they had the "type" of clothes I would wear and be happy with BUT let me tell you...... they have some really really classy things and if you mix and match your own look, you can come out with some awsome looks. I know it says plus-size but that doesn't mean all their clothes is super huge and yucky.... I just fell in love when I went in this store and I am the LAST person you'll catch in a MALL shopping for clothes. I HATE the mall and I hate clothes shopping because it is depressing for me, but this store just lit up my whole day when my friend dragged me in....... I felt so beautiful in the stuff I tried on.....
So, maybe this store is something that will work for you..... if not, good luck on your search!
mandi: j jill? ny & company?
actually, j jill is one of my mainstays. altho they're getting rather xtreme bohemian. and i just discovered ny & co not too long ago (i used to love lerners), i must needs explore that store a bit more.

voodoo, there are some ashley stewart's sort of nearby me. they remind me a little of dress barn. i've done ok at dress barn on occasion.

i guess every store is hit or miss. sometimes you just hit them at the right moment. i wish i had the patience to weed thru the messiness of marshall's and t j maxx.

thanks for the tips!
actually, j jill is one of my mainstays. altho they're getting rather xtreme bohemian

okay?! i know. i'm in it for the classic well-made peices like my tencel wide leg trousers from a few years back. but lately it's like dude do you have j jill elves on speed embroidering the shit out of everything OR WHAT?! still. you can occasionally find a nice pair of pants or blouse. the basics like jeans and cami-tanks are good. i just want to see a skirt without a hankerchief hemline for once though.
Talbots? Its kind of overpriced though. Not exactly trendy but a little less sporty than lands end and eddie bauer.
OK not sure if this is the place to ask but I need a good exfoliation system. I have that wierd skin condition on my arms where the hair follicles get extra cells in them leaving my arms covered in little bumps. I want a good chemical or physical exfolliator. Recommendations? Oh and I am also looking for a good way to get rid of old scars. I don't heal easily and I have bad scars (the doctor was super surprised by them) from where I was innoculated as a baby but I'm more interested in targeting the more recent ones. And if there's a better place to ask this let me know too.
for the scars, mederma.
are you removing hair on your arms? if so, i would say TendSkin, but even anyway I might say TendSkin although it's pricy for just a try. The Avalon Organics exfoliators are good or you could try a salt or sugar scrub from Trader Joe's or wherever.

dusty, yheah talbots is a good one too....liz claiborne? i found some good things at macys too...or a Jones New York outlet store?
There's a blog I read sometimes where she's always raving about Anthropologie...
Mando, I have no idea about their sizing, but what about Club Monaco? They had a good mixture of cute stuff and classic stuff the last time (a while ago) I was in... and they're a chain so should be easy to find.
runningwestward - I have the same thing. It's called (though I'm sure you know) Keratosis Pilaris. Mine is mostly on my upper arms but also a little on my legs and it's got a lot better since I was a teenager but flares up every now and again.

I find that if I use any kind of harsh or coarse exfoliators on it, it reddens and gets much worse. I used to do that a lot as I thought I could kinda 'scrub' it away, but it would just get really scaley and raised. Mine seems pretty easily irritated. My mum's a doctor and she recommends that I avoid bathing in hot water as this can cause it to flare up, and make sure to moisturise frequently. I know it sounds like a really lame way of attacking the problem, but really, that's what I've found works best for me. For some reason, sunshine seems to help too, if only for the tan making it appear a little less obvious.
Anyone know where I can find those looooooooong (very long) tank tops that I keep seeing women wearing right now? Usually layered under another, shorter tank top, or under a t shirt. I want the length that kind of bunches up right at or below the hip bones.
try american apparel
runningwestward, maybe a lotion or creme from the Eucerin line? sorry, i'm clueless about anything dry skin. i swear my pores ooze olive oil.

many thanks to sybarite for club monaco & glow for jones outlet and dusty for the talbot's suggestions. it feels better just knowing i now have nearby options! it's gonna hurt my wallet, but i suspect it'll be well worth it.

i've never seen these long tank tops. like i said, it if covers my ass, i'm there.
That's exactly what it is Beansalad. And I get it on my arms too! I hate it. I have very muscular arms from swimming so I'm kinda self conscious of them. I've had it for ever and to add to it I scar really easily and badly. All in all a bad thing. I've been dealing with it fine and I don't mind explaining it to friends who break down and ask when we are one on one. But in the last few weeks I've been feeling like shit about it since the jackass in my research group pointed at my arms and asked about the bruising and the scarring and the "rash" and what did I do to my arms... blah blah blah... in the middle of a lab meeting in front of 10 other people. I was so embaressed. So every since I've been in long sleeves and angry (and hot!). I thought I'd see what I could do about it. thanks for your advice! do you have a moisturizer you find works better then others. I find that the alpha hydoxy stuff makes it worse and so does stuff with perfumes. Glow/Glue I'll try mederma thanks!
I use Vaseline Intensive Care moisturiser - the Aloe Vera one - and I find that works pretty good. I also use baby oil when I get out of the shower - if you rub it on before your skin dries it's supposed to moisturise better than if you use it on dry skin. Plus you don't get so much of the greasies that way.

Perfumed stuff makes mine worse too. It totally goes through phases though. It'll be almost gone for weeks and weeks and then it'll suddenly come up, just when I want to wear something sleeveless *sigh*.

That guy in your research group is a cock. He has no right to embaress you about something like that. Don't let some slimy little boy who gets a kick out of picking on other people's insecurities get you down. Just think what he must have to hide. I have scarred arms too and I know that sometimes people look, but I don't care. They can judge me all they like but I refuse to let a few scars dictate what I wear.

Phew. Sorry bout the rant guys.

And I dunno whether this helps you US busties at all, but over here in the UK, Topshop and H&M are FULL of those kind of vest top. I love them. I have a really long body so they are a godsend.
WOW... I checked out TOPSHOP online and picked out 4 awsome tops. The long tank / vests and a couple other things and was all excited and went to check out and...... they don't ship to the US. It figures...... oh well. They do have some awsome looking clothes though.
I ADORE Topshop. In Birmingham we have a huge store with an enormous variety of clothes... I always find so many things I love there. Their boy-jeans are the best.

Sorry to gloat. Hehe.

I did hear a rumour though that they are launching/have launched some stores over in the states so maybe soon the online store will start shipping there too?
running, no prob. sorry i was going in the wrong direction with my arm-repair suggestions, but i am glad beansalad came to your aid :-) good luck. and scew meany guy.
"Scotch glue" an animal based glue to repair my antique furnture so the movers won't feel free to toss it about? Little pieces of moulding etc have fallen off in a few spots. Also I might want to sell it some day. so, I looked up care advice on web sites and "scotch glue" is a glue you can use cold and just wrap the parts until they dry.

Of course, when i try searching on the internet it gives me sites for 3M scotch tape and glue sticks.

Does anyone know if "scotch glue" is called something different in America, or if any stores sell it?
voodoo_princess sp

whammy bar - check this link and you will find the same kind of glue you are referring to. It is not the brand name you are looking for but this is an animal based "hide" glue used in woodworking. My father is a woodworker by profession and they use this brand in his shop. They make really expensive, high quality stuff, so I guess this glue is good stuff since they use it. Plus this glue is "ready to use" and require no heating so that's a plus. Maybe this will work for you.......
I forgot.....
click on PRODUCTS
then scroll down and look for LIQUID HIDE
has anyone seen a skirt with cargo pockets that is longer than a mini? i'm looking for something about knee-length, and probably khaki. thanks!
Gluelita - you were on the right path too. I want to tone down those damn scars too. Or else maybe I should just find some hired goons to take out the guy who started this all.
oh, one thing that's helped me with nasty acne scars on my face and back is Organic Rosehip Seed Oil from, Mountain Rose Herb Farm} face looks 100% better than it did a few months ago. I put it on with little cotton squares after washing my face at night, and about 20minutes before I go to bed so it can soak in a little bit.

I also love MRH's lemon face wash - 100% natural and really gentle, and their facial steam is amazing.
PMS bars. Remember those? They were chocolate bars with filling of different kinds. I think they have been discontinued. BUt I thought I would give it a try.
peacereverie, could it be these you're thinking of?

ETA - I actually saw them yesterday at my local healthfood grocery store while I was in line to check out.
Or maybe these? No raspberry, though....
Neither of those are what I'm talking about. Remember the PMS bars they used to sell on the boobtique, with the pulp comic ladies looking all scared on the front?
PMS bars were made by True Confections which seems to no longer trade; at least their website (with a link to PMS bars) no longer operates.

I googled PMS bars.
I'm looking for a red sarong to go with the bathing suit I'm ordering in the next week or so. Just a plain red sarong.
That's so sad that PMS bars no longer exist. :-(
I am looking for a cd that was put together by an opera group (don't know their name) and it is basically what i would describe a "dance re-mix" opera...... like when pop stars re-make one of their songs into a fast, danceable club song..... same thing but these people did this with opera..... singing opera, speed up with an awsome club beat etc...... i saw the making of the cd on the tele but i don't know who they were and i can not find it on the net, or anything like it...... i have found opera sung with a electronica beat in the background but it was really slow and mellow singing, not at all dance cluby, poppin whatever....... has anyone ever heard any cd like the one i am looking for?..... i don't care who it's by, i just want some jammin opera to dance to
brett - red sarong.....
search ebay for THIS item number.... I couldn't get the link to work, but you can search the #
it's 9329837826.......
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