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a one-piece bathing suit with a D/DD-cup that isn't lands end fugly and that isn't a miraclesuit.
Hey mandi, I found this site called Swimsuits For All that has some cup sized swimsuits. Not sure what their selection is, but it's worth a shot, I suppose.
Where can I find.... a place which accepts paypal and stocks the "What would Joan Jett do?" t-shirt. Or is it a bust exclusive?
Punkerplus, there are some on ebay. Other site/shops have them, but all the ones I know of (like don't take paypal. Does paypal no longer give you a "credit card" number that's attached to your paypal account? I use to use that feature ages ago, but haven't needed it for a while....

humanist, that shirt you are looking for is actually an urban outfitters urban renewal shirt. right now they have quite a few dr. suess shirts in the stores (i couldn't find them on their website), but unfortunately, i think the lorax one is out of print; at least that's the case in the philadelphia area. i know this because i've actually been trying to find that shirt plus an "if i ran the circus" themed shirt that urban had a few months ago. if you end up finding one though, let me know so that maybe i can find one for myself!! good luck!!
Voodoo Princess looking for opera thing... is it that Simon Cowell produced group Il Divo?
Check that out.
a washable, black v-neck plain n' simple lightweight cardigan that covers my ass, is not old navy/gap/banana republic teenytiny "shrunken" and goes with everything.
mando, i'm not sure this is EXACTLY what you're looking for, but i saw this at target:

hope it helps!
does anyone know where i can find a crewneck vest like the grey one that scarlett johansson wears in _lost in translation_? the only sweater vests i can find have scoopnecks or v-necks. thanks!
lowredmoon, that's pretty durn close - many thanks!
Does anyone online sell L'oreal Mermade conditioner? Sometimes it turns up at weird little hole-in-the-wall beauty supply stores, but I haven't seen it in a while, and I'm down to the last few scoops (it's thick stuff).

It usually comes packaged in a big jar (with a cool, retro design that though I'm a fairly practical girl is at least part of the appeal), but I seem to remember it in a regular bottle years ago, and I'm pretty sure there was once a companion shampoo.
hey folks,

I think there used to be a thread about undergarments, but it must have died in the last forum explosion. so here's my question: has anyone ever found a strapless bra that works? for a 36-c gal. thanks for any help; maybe point me in the right forum direction, if there's a better place for my question.
have a look at bare necessities. they have great selections in all sizes. (and they have a great return policy, no worries.)

apologies for xposting, but i could use some help: i offered to help with lil preggo cousin's baby shower in november and my mom came up with the perfect idea of sesame street (the shower theme) cookies as favors. trouble is, the major places on the web don't do them, or if they do, they're too big. i don't have much hope for the local bakeries either, and i can't spend like $5 each on them. i need approx 40, assorted, individually-wrapped, elmo, cookie monster, big bird, and maybe two others. i found the cookie cutters on ebay, but there's no way i can make them myself and make them look professional. as examples: disney cookies, elmo cookies (but they're kind of large & they only do elmo), Carebears cookies.

any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!
mando - If you get those cookie cutters, be sure to flour them before you press them into dough - I had some like that when I was a kid, and I remember the dough sticking to them a lot. And I think cookie decorating is indeed possible for you - whip up some royal icing in various colors, and use little ziplock bags for pastry bags, cutting off the takes a little practice, but its not too bad. I'm sure tart might have some other ideas for you, with her professional skillz.
You rang? happy.gif

Turbo's right on, Mando - if you have steady hands, you can definitely handle flow-out icing. Find a cookie recipe specifically made for cut-outs, so they don't spread at all, and roll the dough a little thicker (1/4" or so) so they're good & sturdy.

Royal icing is nothing but eggwhites & powdered sugar, but you can usually find non-raw-egg-based mix at craft stores, in with the cake decorating supplies. Make 1 batch good & thick, so it holds a firm line when you pipe it out. Use this to outline all the details on your cookies, and let it dry at least 2 hours, so it's completely set.

Make another 2-3 batches of icing, but this time make it thinner, somewhere between poster paint & heavy cream - you want it to "sheet" smoothly when you dribble a puddle onto the cookie, but not be so thin that it's transparent or soaks into the cookie. Tint with abandon. Use a small spoon to flood the outlined areas with color - use enough icing to fill the spaces, but not so much it spills out over. You can use a toothpick or chopstick to coax the icing into the corners.

Let the cookies dry overnight, until the icing hardens. You can go back in & add more details with some thicker icing, if you want, or stick on candy confetti bits with a dab of icing. Just don't refridgerate them - the royal icing will soften up in the humidity of the fridge, & your colors can bleed.

Craft stores sell cellophane candy bags that you can slide over the cookies, & tie off with some ribbon. Store at room temp in a dry place.

It looks scary, all these instructions, but I know you can do it! On the other hand, where do you live? Sugar cookies ship pretty well, and I'm up for a barter/trade if you can't face doing them yourself...
many thanks, turbo & tart!

i know i should try. homemade would make it all the more special. and while i loathe cooking of any kind *ducks tomatoes* i LOVE to bake. and after tart took all that time to write out such wonderful instructions, i'm inclined to at least make an attempt. but i think i've only done rolled cookies, like, three times in my entire life. i'm more of a drop-by-teaspoon type (ie: lazyass).

but tart, if i wind up paying for someone to make them, i'd just as soon pay you. let me do some more digging locally, and then i'll let you know. i'm in NY, btw.

*bows to the culinary high priestesses*
I *knew* tart would have a better answer! Mando, I love cooking, but I am a remedial baker, and I've done iced cookies like this sucessfully, I'm sure you can handle it..even if a couple cookies need to be sacrificed as you get the technique down! ...And tart's always a great backup!
Definitely give doing it yourself a shot, Mando - the feeling of accomplishment is a wonderful thing. And if they don't turn out quite exactly the way you want, it's ok. Make the trial run in the next week or so (so you've got time to find another route if making them yourself won't work for you), then send the results to band practice with Danny regardless of appearance. Nothing makes band friends like cookies. smile.gif
Can anyone help me find a name necklace? My step-sister turn 16 this year and I would love to get her one of thoes signature necklaces. I think she would love it. Gold would be great, as the girl loves her bling, but I just cannot afford the $130+ prices that I have found so far on-line.
I'm desperate for new shirts. I've started going dancing at goth/industrial nights and while I don't want to wear the full-blown goth get-up, I'd like to not wear the same two black tank tops every time. I want some interesting and comfortable tanks to wear out dancing and I can't find anything that isn't:
A: expensive.
B: Trashy.
C: Unwearable with a bra. I have big breasts and I require a bra with the dancing and movement. Any suggestions?
zora, not sure your size, but have you tried Torrid? Like Hot Topic, but plus size, and more for grown-ups. Also, try H&M or Urban Outfitters for some cute tops. You can always goth it up with some jewelry and makeup.
Okay, I posted this in the Apparel thread but no one answered. Does anyone at all know of any good plus size stores in Toronto? Anyone?
Heya gorgeous smile.gif So I don't live in Toronto... I don't even live in Canada... But I do have crazy mad google skills (Heh, I always wanted to say that) and they've got one called 'Maximum Woman' at
3801 Dundas St.W
Toronto,ON, M6S 2T4

Phone: 416-767-7007
And their website

Also, this website lists lots of places inside their paragraphs. (They list the clothes and then in parentheses where they got them and the address of the place)

Woooow, you are so awesome, thanks! I guess I'm a bit lazy when it comes to searching for things, I never seem to find what I'm looking for.

Now I just have to look up some sex shops and see where I can find a sexy plus size corset top! tongue.gif
(cross-posted in the hair thread)

Please forgive me ladies, I confess it's been several months since my last haircut...and nearly a year since I had a "professional" one. However, my dear grandmother has taken pity upon me and volunteered to pay for me to get a color and cut at the place she goes to. It's not too old lady-ish, so I'm taking her up on it. I want to do *something* with my hair, but I never know what looks good and I don't trust the new person so much to just leave the decisions up to her.

Does anyone know of a good hairstyle site that doesn't have a million pictures of celebrities, just pictures of normal people with normal (but not boring) haircuts?
Most online places bite some major ass when it comes to showing hair styles. They're all either outdated, bad quality photos or bad camera angles so that you can't even tell what the style looks like.

I think your best bet will be going in a bit early for your appointment and look at some of the style books they've got there. I usually pick my haircut from those.

Also, there's 'Hairstyle Magazine' that you can pick up at walmart for about $2 if you thinks it's worth shelling out for. Not too bad for something you can keep and use awhile though.
polly, if you go on livejournal, search for a community called madradhair. There are a lot of emo kids but you can usually find some good cuts. In fact, they even have a bunch of files of different hair styles on their community info.
kittenb- Wal-mart and JCPenny both made name necklaces at one point. I'm not sure how much gold would be, because I always looked at silver, but those prices were fairly reasonable. Check on their websites.
anyone know where I might find bon jovi baby clothes or things?

one of my very best friends (vintage 1983) is pregnant and is a huge bon jovi fan and I have just spent the last 2 hours online w/ little luck.

I'm ok w/ getting her some other cool " question authority" or " my mom ROCKS" type stuff too, but I really want to get her something meaningful.

any help would be much appreciated bc I am way out of my element when it comes to babies anymore.
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