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Full Version: Flamewar! Flamewar! Party Time! Excellent! (The argument thread)
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pops head out of her cave looks around gives sybarite the finger for oppressing me in my search for self fufillment that I am achieving by cornrowing my cooter fro, popping back into my cave to continue...
*falls over laughing in KY and jello*

help help I'm being opressed!
It's all fun and games until somebody loses an eye!!
But MOM you're ruining all our oppressive fun.

I want a spanking now.
Well now, if by braiding your noni hair you are expressing yourself, that's alright then.

That finger is phallic though.

*slides around in KY and jell-o* Ew! You guys wimmin! Chemicals!

*frantically searches for place to meditate calmly... and dry off*
Awww meditation, I suppose we could all clean up, and have a pillow fight or something, but I still don't have my spanking. And I want to build a fort.
I knew you were all lesbiannas. Feminism is just your gateway to jello wrestling.

Typical. rolleyes.gif
*chases down CH and throws her over her knee*

You asked for it!

*smacks CH repeatedly on the ass with a foot long, double sided, jelly dong.*

Had enough? How’s that measure up to your silly flogger? Stop denying that you want the dick!
pfft... admit it, syb, you're getting all wet.

ooh, pillow fight! *chases GGG*
I'm such a slave for cock! I cannot deny!

Could you stick that dong up my ass while you're at it? Just let me slip into my bikini before, I want to join the pillow fight after!
*peeps head in (from own cave) and rolls eyes - rolleyes.gif *

jell(y) wet t-shirt comp, showing off your tatas to the patriarchy and indulging in sex play? tut-tut, bad feminists.

off to manicure nails
Oh bunny, you know you waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaant in. Join the crowd of good, boobie showing off women!
I'm still laughing about WB's dislodged pon. Bwahaha!
dude. For real. I was laughing still as I ran for the office bathroom! lol
Feminism, shmeminism. You wouldn't know it even if it's unshaven, vagina dentata bit you on your saggy, bra-less tits! Manhaters!

Pssst... hey you so-called feminist whores! The Patriarchy just called & they want their jizz receptacles back, so you needs to get back to slobbin' the Man's knob! You know you love it!

Girlbomb, get back into that kitchen & make me my Frito chili pie, bizznatch! Best be quick about it, too cos I'm warmin' up my bitch slappin' hand! And so help me, I'm wearing my best semi-clean undershirt & if I smack you & get some blood on it there will be hell to pay!

Greenbean, is your head flat cos I need someplace to rest my forty ounce...
*prances back into room*

I'm baaack, bitchez! I was busy servicing my man and making him dinner naked, whilst simultaneously scrubbing the toilet and scrubbing the cat's ass with my toothbrush.

You know, I was thinking today about how feminism has made us women hate our Very Natural roles as cum dumpsters and fetus incubators, so I'm launching my anti-feminism campaign now! I intend to join with the MRAs and Religious Right in their Very Holy and Correct mission:

Women Really Enjoy the Cock, Ho's! Eat Dick And Serve Superior Hot Oppressors Lunch Enthusiastically, Sluts!

or alternatively, WRETCHED ASSHOLES

Now I'm going to go masturbate furiously to a picture of Ralph Reed fellating a sheep, for which I shall do numerous rites of penance with a cucumber.

*prances out*
Luci, if you're interested, I know a nice Promise Keeper/NRA member/Aryan Pride fella I can introduce you to. He knows Rev Phelps personally & bombs abortion clinics in his spare time!

And don't be wasteful of that cucumber! The right wing church ladies do love their cuke sandwiches!
You wanna be anti-feminists. Everyone knows good women don't talk about sex or masturbating, go get husbands and have tons fo kids, then buy a mini van to haul them around in.

*dolls self up, and goes to meet a man who can take care of me*
*sighs with frustration and puts down the DV camera*

Now that you've all stopped squirming in jello, what am I going to send to Girls Gone Wild now?!

*gathers up ratty unbrushed wig, cauldron and other accroutements of feminist disguise and emerges from the cave, blinking*

Man, I gotta go call my sugar daddy. He's late on the rent.
*Flashes her tits at sybarite*

get me some more tequila and I'm all yours!
What are we all too busy shaving our legs, being good women. Fine then, be quiet and soft spoken!
Actually I was making an audition tape to send to a local porn agency. Sorry! Career comes first you know.
Yah I participated in a gang bang, it's all about getting men off.
Well, what else would it be about? It's not like women can have orgasms. We are just a dead cavity that men can do what they want with right? Am I missing something here? I mean I know we have to moan and pretend to enjoy it but really it’s all about them right?
Nothing but a hole and a hearbeat. And make sure that after you have the gang bank, you drink the cum out of a martini glass (ick, saw that in a porn once, made me gag). And then rub each other down. Oh, and make sure that you have huge, obviously fake tits, too, that way, you'll be more attractive to the men.
bumpity bumpity
Her videos are really free!
Out out damned bot!
at least they were honest. they are an asslick.

So, you feminazi lesbos, what the heck is up?
I've been using my strap on because I'm so desperate for cock, you want some you lesbo beeeyotch?
I worship at the altar of lezzie cock.
make sure you get on your knees like a good woman should. I'll see you down there.
I'm already on my knees. Women are allowed to stand? Since when? How come I didn't get the memo? Oh, it only went to the men. That makes sense.
Pugs, women must listen to waht men say, we shouldn't think for ourselves, we are there for men's pleasure only.

*strips down to my skivvies*
in light of the incident in the committed thread, I think you all are whores.

Which one of you bitches is going to take me on???
As your designated representative from the Patriarchy I've been directed to tell you that we, your father-leaders, need to see a little less wit and a bit more Jell-o. So... kindly STFU and start making out with each other. In two-pieces. Or less. Thank you. I have to get going now or I'll be late for the Marilyn French bukkake.
Fuuuuuuuck youuuuuuuu! Fuuuuuuuuuck youuuuuuuuu! I'll kick all your asses!!!!!!
Ooooh, a man is showing my attention! Must do something about that!

*starts to shows tits*
oh, you're such a SKANK! You're all going to Hell!!!
I'm dragging all of you whores with me!
wait, you're going going somewhere without me? FUCK YOU!
*winds up and gives ophelia a smack on the ass. With a tuna*
Oh, REALLY? You're not only whores and skanks, but you're LAME!
Tree, shouldn't you be braiding your armpit hair at some sort of feminist rally?
Oh good cod. It is not all about you. Go away already.
what happened to all the swizzle stick jizz suckers? fuck all y'all! you can kiss my krinkle kut!
*realizes i'm way out gunned, runs out quickly before the cat fight starts*
What's wrong GT, can't handle it?? Huh??

Ooooooh well then.

*sits down* I have no one to flash my cooch to. But Brit and Paris do it all the time!!!!
*sneaks in wearing a huge fake mustache, and a huge gold chain around her neck* prepare for a patriotic patriarchal spanking!!!
*spanks culture with a beer in her hand, gargling to the tune of 'my country tis of thee * that will teach you to want a job! eat patriarical poo, you chach flashing, snow shoveling spooge shampooer! silly canuck! diss hair's gawd's country!
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