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Full Version: Flamewar! Flamewar! Party Time! Excellent! (The argument thread)
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Okay, this is not the thread for this, but I must.

I must say that I freaking you bitches to pieces wub.gif ((girlbomb, aural, doodle, bunny, mornington, pixie, treehugger, everybody))

Now, lets stop all this shit slinging and have a big group hug.

You jizz soaked ass-peddlers.

Especially doodle and girlbomb.
You, my darling doodle, are a feculent, odiously suffocating manifestation of contraceptive personality. A Promise Keeper would do you some good as well.
And you, girlbomb, are right about being above it. You toe-sucking spawn of a syphilitic swamp hog.
You are both blandiose crack snakers. Fanks a bunch for setting us straight rolleyes.gif

P.S. You live up to your title, Aural. Indeed, you do biggrin.gif

*hugs yuefie back* I shouldn't admit this in this thread, but this is harder than I thought it would be. i love you guys too much! You putrid Cespool Sirens!
Well, I hate you all, you fascist, anti-feminist cunts.

You forgot your crown, Bitch! *hurles tinny sounding tiara after doodles flouncing figure*
pixie, you slit slut cum bucket! how DARE YOU?
just for that, I'M LEAVING!!!!


pixie, that was da bomb!

oooh tes flounces ... in her big, fat, FUR COAT!!!

Oh, yes I did.
AP, you jealous bitch. you only call OHTERS pathetic little cock gobbles because YOU AINT GETTING ANY! who the fuck would want to fuck you anyway, you tenement whore????

AND YEAH bunny the bitch, i HAVE A FUT COAT. MADE OUTTA YOUR FUR. slut.

I'm REALLY leaving THIS time!!

Ah, is that why it's so silky smooth and you love to wear it?

Would tell you to go stick your insult up your ass but know you'd like that.

speaking of which, AP how's that reeking dildo working out for you?
You little pussyfarts sure are an uptight pile of PMS .
yeah, you just stick that carrot/pickle/banana/pepper cock where the sun don't shine!

I see ya lurking GGG...catty bitch got your tounge!
Where are all you cocksucking bitches at?

Not too good at the cocksucking so you're off practicing.

The girl next door is more WOMAN than you, do you know why your guy's (all you lesbianese, this is not directed at you so look the fuck away) cock looks like a popsicle? cos she wears multi-coloured lipstick.
Yup, I was off practicing (cause practive makes perfect) so I could teach your amatuer little ass, heh. *mwah*

The real problem here is that most of you are American.


*repositions crown and flounces again*
Is flouncing like farting? Because this thread reeks.
Reeks of what? bullshit? envy? Like the rest of the lounge just now it reeks of antagonism but at least thaat's the point here.

I am *NOT* American. Yankee doodle dandees can kiss my non-BUSHy ass.
NO, it reeks like boiled egg, pickel, cheese and beet sandwiches.
C U Next Tuesday* mornington (when you're back from Belgium) and we'll party some more in here!

*thanks to user with same handle smile.gif.

You are all a bunch of Lilletts (UK brand of tampons that are stuck up pussies).
So where have you lebaneses been? Too many cocks in the pieholes, hoebags?
Ok Yuefie, you sucubus, puss filled white cunt trash! You said you missed the action in here I am!

Where's my bunny bitch too?
you *talking* to me? mad.gif

hah! I was on way in here to call you out for being a scared pussy and running away from a fight- too scared to take us on? you Lil! get your scurvy, magoot-infested ass back in here! all of you bitches!
Fuckin' feminist bitchez can't even keep a good argument going.

You're almost as useful as a rancid jar of Nutella. Almost.

oh that was pathetic! what kind of eloquent feminist are you? Get back to the food thread with you, you're a rancid PBJ sandwich.
shit girl, you wanna start somethin? you reallly wanna start something, with ME?????!!!! i'll kick you to the curb little miss raisinettes!!!!!

lessies. rolleyes.gif
"But if the thing is true, that the tokens of virginity were not found in the young woman, then you shall bring out the young woman to the door of her father's house, and the men of her city shall stone her to death with stones..."
Deuteronomy 22:20

That's all I'm saying, whores....
I think now is probably a good time for me to announce that NONE OF YOU BITCHES would know what feminism was if it smacked you across the face with a wet flounder, which it is seriously getting ready to do, because it is so fucking annoyed by what you're perpetrating in its name. I mean, consorting with men? Owning children? Eating CHEESE? What kind of fucking feminists are you? Don't you know that real feminists refuse to wear ALL COSMETICS, especially the patriarchy's lip balm? You can tell a real feminist by the lip dandruff flaking off onto her chin! Her HAIRY chin! And speaking of hair, unless you can braid your pubic hair and fling it over your shoulder -- and not in a cute, man-attracting braid, either! -- I don't want to know you.

REAL FEMINISTS refuse to have any sex at all, especially the fun kind!
REAL FEMINISTS only donate money to save FEMALE whales!
REAL FEMINISTS eschew meat, dairy, wheat, gluten, tampons, money, automobiles, and celiac sprue!

The rest of you are just fake-ass WANNABEES, attracted to feminism because of all the GLORY and FAME and CULTURAL APPROBATION we get.

Furthermore, I object to the title under my name that says "hardcore BUSTie." I am a VANILLA BUSTie, thank you very much, and I'm not a bustIE, I'm a bustYR.

QUOTE(girlbomb @ Jan 23 2007, 05:31 PM) *

The rest of you are just fake-ass WANNABEES, attracted to feminism because of all the GLORY and FAME and CULTURAL APPROBATION we get.

I am here for the tits.
you said FLOUNDER!
and Cheese!
and DAIRY!
and Wheat!
and and and
I am bleeding out of my sacred vessel here and ravenous.

oh wait feminism right... focus focus...
Here for the tits GGG!? Don't you know none of us feminists have tits? We all got voluntary mastectomies as to reject the male's ideal of women!

Calling GirlBomb a dude, Bitch? Yeah, she wishes she was a dude. A big hair-ass dude. Thats feminism!
Infact why isnt her name not DudeBomb instead of GirlBomb? Or is she refering to 'bombing girls?' cuz thats more like it. Bomb all the stupid fuckin girls for acting like girls. fuckin stupid girls not knowing how to be feminist. Youre all stupid fuckin girls!!
greenbean??? are you a little irritated? You need a hug?

sad.gif blink.gif unsure.gif
I didn't want to hug you anyway! laugh.gif
Greenbean needs more fiber, not hugs. lmao

wb, don't you KNOW that referring to your uterus as a SACRED VESSEL is the first step down the road of radfem? Welcome! I expect news of your divorce and conversion to lesbianism immediately, or I will swoop down upon you and ensnare you in the great hirsuitness of my braided pubic hair, dragging you off to my den where you will join with me and my coven as we eat babies and castrate MRAs. All make-up, hair gel, soap, deodorant and tampons will be confiscated at the door of the Cave (note womb imagery), as all are tools of the patriarchy, which we will crush with the mighty power of our Scorn Rays.

*see, I'm just not as good at this as the rest of you. Sigh.*
Take your fiber and SHOVE IT walkingbitch!

Pugs, women hugging other women is infantile and NOT feminist. I'll take a firm handshake thankyou.
Sacred Vessle= Stink.

Stinky lessies.
I don't need the release of shoving a fiber enema, but sure seems you do.... quick, I'll hug Greenbean and someone shove fiber up that ass STAT!

Hey Luci, I'll match my braided armpit hair to your pubes. Is it a French Braid?

Is it wrong that I am enjoying this as much as I am?

Hey triple g?
*sniffs the air*

does it smell like fish in here.
something definitely stinks, that's for sure.
I'll show you a Scorn Ray, Luci! And get that fuckin smiling dog outta my face! And another thing...OWW! Who just shoved fiber up my ass?!? Wait, I do feel much better now.
instead of insulting one another your time would be better spent going and shaving your legs.
It's the diet for the new womyn: Fysh and FybHer! We're making herstory here, people!
bunny, why don't you go and shave your pussy like good women do.
Tell you what... I'll shave my legs when Luci cuts off her French Braid...
good women don't say "pussy". pussy is a cat.
go an clean up "down there" I forgot, being a good woman I can't refer to "down there" by anything other than "down there".
That's FREEDOM braid, thank you.
You can call it your loolie...
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