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Full Version: Bowels! Inflammatory disease, irritable syndrome and other delightful digestive disorders
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snow white
i forgot this thread was here! despite alot of ppl haveing intestinal problems theres a total lack of good support groups for it, online or local. so hopefully...maybe....this thread can come to life. but i read through alot of the posts since i was last here.

enfermera, i just started taking acidophilis. i've taken it before with no noticable effect but i figure every little thing might help. and maby this time will be different. i've actually become a vitamin freak lately, just figuring, why not use all the help i can get? i take an antioxident pill, b-complex vit, iron and acidophilis. i was taking a multi-vit on top of it but i know there are some vits u excrete if u'r in excess and some keep building up in your body and may reach a toxic level, so i need to read up on what the hell i'm doing.

i've also started working out to hopefully jump start my metabolism and gain some weight. i bought some protein supplement so i won't burn up my muscles with all the work outs. i am totally gonna give it an honest try and see what happens. i've been doing alittle better i guess, good enough so i have energy to go to the gym. but on monday i have an appointment to see a new specialist, i want to look into remicade infusions.
i'd taken it before too, snow, with little to no observable effect. this stuff, however, has a HUGE number of cultures, and lots of other bacteria in addition to the acidophilus. it's pricey, and, like lots of remedies, i am not sure if it is really what is helping and what's just coincidence. my symptoms have always been come in spells (although this seems like the best and longest break between i can remember), and i've been really fortunate to not suffer from the excruciating pain and wasting that the disease tends to be associated with--although i've always been super skinny, it's not related to the uc. i'm also taking a blend of omega-3 fish oils and omega-6 evening primrose with hopes that it's good for my guts and the acne i've struggled with since i was 11 as well.

and...i know this thread doesn't get a lot of traffic, but i just want to wish everyone a happy new year! i, for one, am definitely looking forward to a fresh start, even if it's an arbitrary one.
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