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Full Version: Sew what?? Make your own clothes!
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It would be a shame to see this thread die off.
Hey guys, just jumping in here, but I need some tips.

I want to make curtains for my house. I'd like to get the fabric from Reprodepot. Some of the fabrics that I think would be suitable for curtain making are out of my price range. So I was looking at their cheaper fabrics, but they are 100% cotton and I'm afraid that the pattern would fade when it was sunny out or that they will look cheap, like I hung sheets in the window.
Anyone use their 100% cotton fabrics?
I heard about this site on the radio yesterday and it sounded cool... and what do I find there but a link to BUST, thus confirming its coolness! This site has been made by a young Australian woman: Fitzpatterns. There are some free downloadable patterns and some that you can pay for. They are instant!

Although many charity shops can be fished out of good vintage clothing and fabrics, lots of them have boxes of vintage patterns. I regularly pick up patterns from the '60s, '70s and '80s for about a dollar and either make them as is or modify them slightly. Awesome!
hi ladies!
i just got a sewing machine for christmas and although i have no idea how to use it, i'm determined!
the last time i sewed was in grade 9 home ec class, so i need a little help... i'm wondering if any of you can recommend a good beginner's sewing book. something fun and contemporary with some easy first projects.
any ideas? thanks in advance! smile.gif
i got a sewing machine as well! and two copies of Generation T since that was the only book i asked for this year. Gen t is a great book about altering tshirts but i don't know if it's what you're looking for. i love that book and soon all my tee's will be beyond ordinary.
lucky both of you!!
i want that book too. is it as good as it looks? i make stuff out of old t-shirts all the time, it's great!

I just bought Sew Easy: The Built By Wendy Guide To Making Your Own Clothes .... it's fun and contemporary and comes with some simple patterns in the back. Only thing is, I made things according to the size I *should* be on the sizing chart and they came out mahoooosive!! ...

The patterns that come with the book are very basic though, and a good place to start from if you want to learn how to customize / design your own patterns.

I have made three garments from it so far, and they all look very home-made, and not in a good way.

I hope that I will get better at making things soon.
I'm thinking of making some pajamas; I don't know what style I'm going to do (no full length night gowns, but maybe a nightshirt or 2-piece top and bottom.) I found the fabric I want, but I'm not sure if it will be good for PJ's- it's quilting cotton. I assume that's pretty strong?

I'm buying it off eBay and most sellers list their items as 1 yard, but many have more than that available. Any estimation on how many yards it usually takes to make pajamas? I haven't bought a pattern yet, so I wasn't sure.
I keep forgetting this thread exists. So caught up in drama...

Anywho - after years and years spent stitching at my mom's dining room table, or huddled into a corner of my apartment on a small desk or on a plastic folding table in the hubby's office (which was responsible for an embarrassing accident and a permanent scar on my ass), I finally have a dedicated sewing space. Incidentally, I did costume several shows under those conditions, including having to build several pieces right from scratch, all while dodging dogs and the distraction of my family. Go me.

Anywho - I scavenged a piece of furniture from our neighbor - a hideous piece of white painted particle board built into a cupboard and secretary-desk drop-down table the neighbor was using for his computer. Mr.Luci secured it to the wall for me, because having a machine on the table part made the whole piece start to tilt towards me. But now it's all solid and the next step is building the larger pressing surface and mounting my iron. Totally excited about this. I've never had a sewing room, and while I will eventually share the space with Mr.Luci's desk and our officey stuff, it's all being arranged around me. I can leave my cutting table up and leave fabric scraps all over the floor and I can stop where I need to, instead of having to accomodate other people.

Okay, this sounds stupid, really, but dammit! It's exciting! I have a functional studio space! As long as we don't decide to move our bed from the loft into the bedroom. Which we won't. Because now the bedroom is my studio!

I have been drinking Vin Santo. By way of explanation.
Porn Star
Hi. I want to ask all of you to recommend me a great book. I have some days of and I want to read one but I don't know which one. biggrin.gif
a great book about sewing?
you know, any time i check out the library's collection of stitching and craft books i come away with some terrific selections. i'd try there first, that way you get a good variety and can try before you buy.
or are you interested in making something in particular?
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