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Full Version: i am gonna miss 'em....(the so and so just died thread)
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I don't think there will be a conclusive report as to what is ACTUALLY wrong with her until later tonight. I've just read a bunch of articles that said everything from stable, critical condition, brain dead, and dead. The majority seem to think she's in critical condition, but I haven't read any that had any info directly from the family or the doctors saying she's not expected to survive (excpet the already debunked Time Out new York). It sounds serious in any case.
"Richardson is being transported to New York this afternoon so her mom Vanessa Redgrave, two children and other loved ones can say goodbye before she's taken off life-support, friends said."
AP, that report sounds suspicious to me. If she's as bad as it sounds, she would only be moved to a different facility if there's hope she will get better treatment there. It's far more likely that her mother and children would travel to her if it's simply so they can say goodbye.
if she does pass she will truly be a great loss to theater and film.
how incredibly awful and random
That's what I thought, too, RV, but the general consensus amongst the media even twelve hours later is that she was indeed flown to NYU's Lenox Hill Hospital. Lenox Hill is pretty much one of the top neurological hospitals in the US, so I'm taking it to be true.
Yes the general consensus does seem to be that she's been moved to NYC; I hope it is because she will receive better treatment, life-saving treatment, and not to say goodbye.

The alarming thing (other than the randomness of it, which brings home that accidents happen all the time and can seem innocuous but prove fatal) is that the news has said from yesterday, apparently a quote from a member of staff at the Montreal hospital, that an announcement is expected from her family today, which doesn't sound promising to me.
Bunny, I also hoped that the move to NYC might mean she could possibly recover, but I suppose not. Now I wonder (and forgive me for sounding cold here) if the move might have anything to do with avoiding the red tape involved with moving a body from one country to another. I don't know what kind of delay (if any) there might be, but even if it's one day, I'm sure it would be far more comforting for her family to not be stuck in a hotel somewhere, waiting for her body to be released when they could be at their home in New York.

This whole story makes me feel so sad. It's so tragic, something that could happen to anyone at any time.

I feel a bit crap knowing that the last thing I saw her in was an episode of Top Chef.
She was taken off life support this afternoon. sad.gif
Links, polly? None of the news websites are reporting it so I don't believe it yet...

Saying that, on one of the websites there were photos of Joely Richardson and Vanessa Redgrave each arriving at the hospital and they don't look good sad.gif. I saw a video of Lauren Bacall too; looks like loved ones are saying goodbye, there would have been a press release about her status before now if there was any progress and people wouldn't be visiting if she was in surgery. It's so sad.

eta: okay, I saw the tmz line but I'm waiting for an official statement.
Years upon YEARS of evolution, and our skulls still can't completely protect our brains. It's a very sobering thought that a tap on the head can take someone down a few hours after its occurrence.
It's official sad.gif (BBC).

Her poor family. All I can think about is Liam Neeson's character in Love Actually, who is a recent widower with a young son and has some really touching scenes. It's heart-breakingly sad and so ... futile.

rose, Top Chef was the last thing I saw her in too but I was struck then by how beautiful she came across as a person.
Yup, it's official. i feel so bad for her family. sad.gif
How terribly sad for her poor family sad.gif
I think that the Yahoo/AP obit was lovely. It really highlights her theater career.
I don't watch Top Chef but apparently she and Liam threw wonderful parties frequently in New York and she was an excellent cook.
anna k
I feel sad too, more for the suddenness of it all. I knew her name, but not her work, but thought she was a classy beauty and liked this Vanity Fair portrait of her and her mother and sister and another woman. They all just radiated beauty and intelligence and grace.
Now that it is official, I must say again how terribly sad I am about how quickly it happened. I feel very sad for her family. Over on Defamer, they have put together a few clips from her career:

It is just so sad when someone so young, productive, and lovely dies.
They concluded that she had an epidural hematoma. That's treatable, too.
thing that strikes me as saddest is that she was just learning to ski. she was on a bunny slope. being a skier, or a former one since i haven't skied in more than 20 years, i would hope that if you are going to die that way that you are some double diamond expert skier who accidentally went off a cliff, you know someone who loves it, so atleast they went doing something they love. it's heartbreaking to think she was just figuring that out....
Her poor family. It is so sad in that it was sudden, could have been prevented, or could have been any of us learning how to ski... I feel like anything else I could say about this would be a cliche.
Richardson's death happened so fast; all I can do is echo how sad this is. I loved her in Handmaid's Tale, where she got a chance to show what she could do. Such a shame. Her poor family.
jade goody died (and somehow is a footnote in american press??)
Every one of us needs to go for cervical smear tests regularly. *frets*
QUOTE(bunnyb @ Mar 22 2009, 10:20 AM) *
Every one of needs to go for cervical smear tests regularly. *frets*

I was wondering about this, did she just not go? Or maybe she went and it was somehow left undetected?
**this is slightly off topic, but since we're talking about it, I feel the need to get on my soapbox for a minute**

I don't know if this is what the deal with Jade was, but in the UK (and now in the states) if you are otherwise healthy and have a normal pap smear, they tell you to only go every 3rd year for one. I have a friend who went religiously every year since she was 18 for hers. She'd always been normal. in 2005, again, a completely normal pap smear result. in 2006, her smear test result came back with stage 2 cervical cancer. She had to have major surgery on her cervix, 1/4 of it was removed. She's fine, no recurrence and she's expected to stay completely in remission since they caught it quickly. However, if she had followed the regular recommended schedule for smear tests, she would be dead. I've talked to a nurse at my gyno about this. She said that any patient can insist on having the smear test done each year, even though they say healthy women only need to do it every 2-3 years. please insist on this. I've seen firsthand how fast moving cervical cancer can be - and if it's caught early, it can be treated very successfully.

**off my soapbox now**
I've had it done every year now since I was 16 or so (not because I was sexually active then; I was being checked for other stuff and they just did the pap smear since I was there anyway) and only recently, on the wedding message board I post on, heard that some places were recommending only doing it every other year as long as you've consistently had negative tests. That just sounds crazy to me, and there's no way I would go without having one done ever year. I'm due in a couple of months, in fact!

It's just not worth not having it done.
Wow, scary Zoya. I've had walk-in doctors here tell me that I only need to come every 2nd year now that I've had at least 4 normal ones in a row, but my GP told me that only applies if you've had the same partner. I go every year regardless just to be safe and because I've had my fair share of partners in the past. I know the women's clinics here really push for women to get them done once a year.
I find it shocking that some doctors say to only go every second year a friend of mine has a dr who said the same thing.

Since my bedroom door has been slightly more like a revolving door, I was going twice a year, even though I was playing safe.

it takes all of what, 5 minutes to get an internal, get your cervix, uterus and fallopian tubes checked out.


I've heard some women go 10 plus years without an internal!!
I believe Jade did get a letter saying that she had abnormal cells that should be treated, but she ignored it.
x-posting with the Whedonverse thread...

Andy Hallett (a.k.a. Lorne on Angel) died from heart disease yesterday. He was only 33. I had no idea he was even sick. How sad sad.gif

I just came on to post the same thing. I don't usually take celebrity deaths personally, because they're all just famous strangers to me, but I'm pretty upset over Andy Hallett's death. I guess I just really, really loved his character. Lorne was such a sweetheart. I had no idea he was so young - that means he was in his 20's on the show! So sad.
If you haven't been to the dentist in a while, GO. Andy's heart failure was initially caused by an infected tooth five years ago. So honor Lorne & get your teefus checked out!
I already posted this response on my Facebook page, but it's TOTALLY true- get to a dentist, ladies! And a good one! We had a patient whose last dentist ignored his (our patient's, not his own) gum disease. The patient ended up in the hospital with a blood infection and was EIGHT HOURS away from dying. He was on antibiotics that were about $1200 a day and his total hospital bill was well into the six figures.

I hadn't realized that about the teeth until you ladies posted it. Scary! I guess I better get to a dentist, because it's been a few years since my last visit *blushes*

If anyone is interested in sending a card Andy's family has set up a PO box for fans (found it on Whedonesque)

Andy Hallett
PO Box 294
Osterville, MA 02655

It's not the type of thing I'd normally do but I guess because his celebrity status was smaller it feels more personal and I think it really would be nice (but sad) for his family to see how much people loved him. I sent a card today.

RIP Marilyn Chambers
interesting read, star. particularlly the jezebel comments. i am always amazed at people's insistence that they know all about someone they've never met. she couldn't possibly have been a complex human being who probably had a love-hate relationship with her porn career. heavens no, she hated it and only wanted out from day one. nevermind that when she started in porn, her movie, along with deep throat, were cultural touchstones, they were x rated movies that most middle class couples went to regular movie theaters to see. they thought that x rated movies were about to go mainstream, she was a pop star, everyone knew her name. and for an aspiring actress, that's half the battle. i don't claim to know if she loved her work, or if that was facade, but i know that people are way more complex that the reductive little cliches of porn stars manufactured by faux saints who are really just condescending assumptive assholes.
My cod, but so many of those Jezebel ladies are fucking tedious. "Slut-shaming", "body snarking", etc. I'd have been banned after one post.

RIP, Ms. Chambers.

BTW, I stopped by a more male oriented site to see what they had to say about her death. Many men had fond memories or her (Even a few gays ones!) & only one mentioned the whole "died alone in her trailer". It was immediately followed up by a guy that likened what happens to ex-pornstars is like what happened to pro-athletes that retired before megabucks contracts & free agency: "They get left behind."

From the AVN
By Mark Kernes

SANTA CLARITA, Calif. ” Marilyn Chambers, star of such golden age classics as Behind the Green Door and Insatiable, was found dead Sunday in the mobile home where she had been living for the past several months. She was 56, but would have celebrated her next birthday on April 22. Chambers was found by her daughter, McKenna. No cause of death is yet known, and an autopsy will be performed.

Chambers, who said she began performing under her real name because she was unashamed of what she did, was nonetheless born Marilyn Ann Briggs, and she made 16 movies during the period 1972 to 1986, mostly for the Mitchell Brothers and Caballero Home Video. It was at Caballero that she created the series Marilyn Chambers' Private Fantasies. During this period, she was married to her manager, Chuck Traynor, and though they were divorced in 1985, when Chambers made her comeback film for VCA Pictures, Still Insatiable, in 1998, she requested that Traynor be present for the filming to lend her moral support. The comeback, however, was short-lived, generating just nine movies, some of which were non-sex roles. Chambers tried her hand at producing as well, creating what was hoped to be a continuing series, Nantucket Housewives, for her own company, Damaged Productions.

More recently, Chambers essayed the voice of title character in the upcoming feature, Porndogs: The Adventures of Sadie, a live-action comedy directed by Greg Blatman, featuring canine actors with voices dubbed by such familiar porn names as Ron Jeremy, Tera Patrick, Evan Seinfeld and Heidi Fleiss.

According to a synopsis on the Internet Movie Database, "Sadie, the most beautiful Yellow Lab in the whole wide world, lives an idyllic, pampered life in the suburbs. One day, she comes into heat and has no idea what to do with her new found feelings and urges. When she learns that her loving owners are about to have her spayed, she runs away to the big city where her sexual adventures begin."

"We had a great time doing the voices," Jeremy told AVN. "We went up to San Francisco for it. Marilyn was looking great and really excited about it."

"My greatest memory of Marilyn is, I was just a kid out of New York 28 years ago, and Bob Vezey was shooting a book, 'Marilyn Chambers' Love Positions'," Jeremy continued. "He was shooting a layout for both Club magazine and for the book, and I had just won a trip to Mexico on Wheel of Fortune, but when he called me to do this, I cancelled three days off my Mexican vacation. So I got to do this book. The book was supposed to be softcore, but I kept getting an erection, because when the pressure is off, you get a boner even quicker. And Bob Vezey was saying, 'You've got to hide it, Ron; we don't want to see it.' So Marilyn says, 'Hide it right here.' Oh, my God - right into the vagina. And Chuck Traynor looks over and goes, 'Well, so much for softcore.' I was in heaven. I was in love with her from that day on, for life. And I stood in when she had a scene with her boyfriend on Insatiable 2; I stood in for her boyfriend."

The pair had also been signed to appear in an off-Broadway production of "Deep Throat The Play," with Chambers scheduled to play the role, especially written for her, of Linda Lovelace's "aging porn star girlfriend," according to Robert Interlandi, who was handling rights for the project for Arrow Productions.

Lovelace and Chambers had been long-time friends, having both been married to Traynor at different points in their careers.

"They were supposed to do the final contract signing for 'Deep Throat The Play' today," Interlandi said. "It was originally going to run in Boston, but we got kicked out of the theater, so now it's going to play in mid-July at the World Theater in New York. Funny enough, that's where Deep Throat originally played, so it makes full circle. But she really wanted to be a part of 'Deep Throat The Play' in some fashion, so they wrote her into the script."

"What a charming woman," echoed the play's producer, David Bertolino. "I'm shocked to hear that she passed away. I was just notified this morning. She was starring in our show. We're opening on Broadway in July, and we're just devastated over it. I called Marilyn's house this morning and I was speaking to Peggy McGinn, who is Marilyn's best friend and also her attorney, and she told me that Marilyn on Friday got my text letting her know that she'd be getting a call from our general manager to finalize the contract today, so she was very excited about coming on board. We're going into rehearsals in June, and we're shocked, we're devastated."

Bertolino said that Chamber had spent three days with him in New York in January, where she auditioned for the associate producer and director, and "she aced it; she was wonderful."

Howie Klein, co-owner of Caballero Home Video, also recalled Chambers as "a really nice, very pleasant woman. I liked her a lot."

"We went on the road together to promote her stuff," Klein remembered. "We hit Cleveland, New York and Philadelphia. One thing that really sticks out in my mind, when we were in Philly, she took me to this place that had sensory deprivation tanks. It was incredible. We both went in these sensory deprivation tanks. It was really neat. I also took her to IVD's first open house that [Frank Kaye] had way back in '82 in Hightstown [New Jersey]. He was new in the business and he had an open house, so I took her there."

It was on that same trip that Chambers encountered the publisher of a fledgling adult-oriented magazine.

"The first interview I ever did for AVN was Marilyn Chambers," said AVN founder Paul Fishbein. "She was in town to promote the theatrical release of Insatiable 2. So I put on a suit and went down to the hotel to interview her for one of the early issues of AVN, and I was completely intimidated, I was nervous and I could barely get the words out. I started to interview her, and she had her bodyguard in the room, but after a few minutes, she sent him out, and in the middle of the interview, she stops and she looks at me and she says, 'God, I'm horny!' I didn't know what to say or what to do, so I just went on to the next question and finished the interview. I was totally terrified of her. And I told her the story about 20 years later and she just laughed her ass off and said, 'Ah, I probably would have slept with you.' I was just so nervous around her."

Chambers' very first movie, though, was Behind the Green Door, a landmark for its time both because it featured the "99 and 44/100 percent pure girl" - Chambers had appeared recently as the "cover girl" on boxes of Ivory Snow detergent - and because it featured her in a scorching interracial scene with popular performer Johnnie Keyes.

"We were really close," Keyes told AVN. "I'm still in shock. It's like it's not even really hitting me yet. I don't know what my feelings are. It's like my brain is protecting me right but the gloom is starting to set in."

Other performers of the day were more forthcoming.

"She made an impression because she was my first big star in porn," recalled Tom Byron. "The first day I showed up on the set, we were shooting dialog sequences at the Palomino Club in North Hollywood, so I just remember it being a very surreal experience, being with Marilyn Chambers in the place where they shot the fight sequence in Hooper. Plus Redd Foxx came to the set that day. Apparently, he was a friend of Marilyn's and showed up. I was so green, Marilyn had to teach me a couple of things, like how to put my dick in her ass. As a matter of fact, she might have been the very first girl I ever fucked in the ass, now that I think about it; yeah. I just remember little patches of it, because it was just such a surreal fucking experience."

On the other hand, Paul Thomas found Chambers and her people somewhat intimidating.

"I was cast in Insatiable 2 opposite her, and when it came time for my scene with her, I was a little bit nervous about it," he said. "And then she marches in with her manager Chuck Traynor and her hairdresser and a whole entourage of people, and it became more like fucking a corporation than a person, and I couldn't achieve erection; I couldn't come close. So they brought in the girl who was about to do the next scene, and she fluffed me, and I got hard immediately, and Marilyn came in and I got soft, and they brought the girl in again and I got hard. I think Shanna McCullough was there too, helping me out. Finally, it just didn't work, so they called the scene, and I finished it a couple of months later at [Godfrey Daniels'] house with Cara Lott as a stunt butt, and that's my Marilyn memory."

Chambers' final hardcore movie in the early days was Marilyn Chambers' Private Fantasies 6, for Miracle Films, which produced nine of her films altogether, but during that period, she was making inroads into the mainstream film career that she'd always wanted. In 1983, she starred in the sexy spy thriller Angel of H.E.A.T., and in '77, snagged the starring role in David Cronenberg's horror film Rabid. She also created several sexy titles for cable TV, including Party Girls, New York Nights, Bedtime Fantasies and Sextrospective.

Finally, Chambers decided to once again take the plunge into XXX, signing a three-movie contract with VCA Pictures, all of which to be directed by her longtime friend, Veronica Hart, the first of which was Still Insatiable.

"It was really great, because we had a mainstream writer write it, who had had a couple of very successful books, but he was a big fan of Marilyn's," recalled Hart, who took the news of Chambers' death very hard. "Marilyn had come to [VCA owner] Russell [Hampshire] and we were so thrilled to be able to get her for this three-picture deal, and I was so delighted to be able to work with her because she was my girlfriend and we'd worked a lot of stuff before. We did a lot of R-rated stuff for cable."

"When I first met Marilyn, I was just getting into the business and she was already such a huge star," Hart continued, "and when I saw her, she had her entourage around her and Chuck [Traynor] was there, and she was such a big star, and I thought, 'Oh my gosh, if only I could be like Marilyn!' She was so sweet to me, and then it was such a thrill to be able to work with her, first acting in the R-rated stuff, and then directing her in the X-rated stuff. She was such a good actress. We always talked about that we were going to do like a Cagney & Lacey; she always wanted to do some kind of police detective show for cable. She said, 'Hey, we can do this. We're good actresses. We can do this.' And she was just such a great actress and a really good person. She loved animals and she loved kids, and she was just a really, really great gal. I'm so glad I got to work with her and I'm so sad."

After her VCA contract was completed, Chambers worked a variety of jobs in the Los Angeles area, including salesperson for an adult DVD distributor, salesperson at a used car dealership, and as an animal rescue worker. She also worked as a home care nurse shortly after the death of her parents in approximately 2004.

"She was working at an animal place the last time I knew," Hart said. "It was like an animal care place. She was hauling bags of feed in, and she didn't want anybody to know. But she said it was good because she was losing a lot of weight. She had gone through a lot. She lost her mom and her dad, and that was about - I guess that was about five years ago, now. And she went back and she became a home health care nurse, but I don't think she could make a successful living at it, but she wanted to take care of people. She'd taken care of her parents."

In all, Chambers appeared in just 23 hardcore films, including Behind the Green Door, The Resurrection of Eve, Inside Marilyn Chambers, Beyond DeSade, Never a Tender Moment, Insatiable 1 & 2, Charli, Up 'n Coming, Marilyn Chambers' Private Fantasies 1-6, Still Insatiable, Dark Chambers, Edge Play, Marilyn Chambers' Guide to Dirty Dancing, Nantucket Housewives, Marilyn Chambers' Guide to Anal Sex, Marilyn Chambers' Guide to Masturbation and Marilyn Chambers' Guide to Oral Sex.

No information has yet been given out about the actual cause of her death, nor what funeral arrangements have been made.

That guy is a wonky writer. He made it sound like Linda Lovelace was going to be in the play, but Linda Lovelace has been dead since 2002, so she can't be in any play.
I am unfamiliar with Chambers' works. It is ridiculous that people are so fixated on her home.

Eve Kosofsky Sedgwick died, only 58 I think. She'll be missed by many.

Well in to my second or third glass of wine at this point of editing- I think that one of the most heartbreaking things about her death is that she had such a profound impact on the academy, or portions of the academy, and yet her obit is listed almost nowhere as of this moment. The Nation has an obit, but not the New York Times, etc, and it calls to mind that film, (once, twice, thrice again, been drinking), where Emma Thompson plays a dying prof and no one cares, or The Invasion of the Barbarians, and the son of the dying prof must pay students to visit the prof and pretend to give a shit for his life's work. I don't know why I think the academy, in itself a false construct, should have greater impact in the world, and yet my world is built around the premise that it might matter. and then I feel like an absolute asshole wherein the death of a porn star, doubtless she was many other things as well, but that her death receives such wiespread attention when one of the people responsible fot the creation of queer studies is so easily forgotten, or not even noted as the case might be. {hopeful that I am not being super-offensive, but a drunken grad student types these words}
anna k
I too was annoyed with the majority of the Jezzies' condescending attitude towards Chambers and how "sad" and "damaged" she was because she was in porn. I really liked her former co-stars recollections of her, they were sweet and kind and really painted her as a nice and generous person.

I hadn't heard of Eve Kosofsky Sedgwick, and assumed she was of the Sedgwick family that produced Edie and Kyra, a rich blue-blood family.
QUOTE(anna k @ Apr 14 2009, 09:47 PM) *
I hadn't heard of Eve Kosofsky Sedgwick, and assumed she was of the Sedgwick family that produced Edie and Kyra, a rich blue-blood family.

Me too. Seems like she wrote some good stuff, though.
RIP J.G. Ballard
Wow. Ballard. That's a toughie as he was an interesting motherfucker.
Wow, Bea Arthur died.
RIP JG Ballard, his stories are awesome, and as dark as anything I've ever read.

Eve Kosofsky Sedgwick was one of the few academic writers on Shakespeare I was actually inspired by; there was one essay in particular giving a feminist reading of his work that was great. She and her contributions will be missed.
anna k
I was scared of Bea Arthur as a kid, but later thought she was awesome. RIP.

I'm a little embarassed that I didn't know who JG Ballard was, or that his books became Empire of The Sun and Crash, I wouldn't have guessed the same author wrote them.
RIP, Bea. We will miss you.

I remember watching the Golden Girls with my folks in the eighties & my mom once telling me how back in 1972 she had to watch Maude at a her friend's house because it was too controversial for my grandparents. I think it was the first tv show where a character got an abortion.

Weirdly, I discovered Ballard via Joy Division. I read Crash, the Atrocity Experiment & Running Wild in junior high. It wasn't until a film class a few years later that I realized he'd written EotS.
Damn. I was all ready to enjoy a pleasant Sunday morning Earl Grey with some Aw, Bea.

I guess watching you do your thing on Youtube isn't a bad way to spend a morning, either.

You're a heroine: RIP, sister.
I'm not even a huge Golden Girls fan but there was just something about the women on that show...
Thanks Bea. We owe you for all the you gave us.
I can't believe Bea Arthur is gone. I was really little when the Golden Girls first aired but I've been watching it so much recently and I love it. I'm sad to see her go.
I was a young teenager when The Golden Girls first aired, and I remember identifying with Bea's character Dorothy in this weird way. She was tall, gawky, had a dark sense of humor, and she used to talk about how when she was in high school she didn't get many dates. As crazy as it sounds, watching a senior citizen character on this show made my junior high and high school years a little less lonely.

Maude was a very groundbreaking show for its time. She was one of (if not the) first character on television to get an abortion. Many stations wouldn't air that particular two-parter.

Bea was funny, talented, and gracious. I am gonna miss her!
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