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Full Version: i am gonna miss 'em....(the so and so just died thread)
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GT, I am with you. This makes me so sad.
Divala, I thought I just saw him on the Daily Show recently as well.
What a true journalist. At least he died, doing what he loved--preparing for his show.

What I liked about him was how passionate he was about politics...just like me! I looked forward to curling up on the couch every Sunday with my cereal and watching him. He seemed like a really decent man as well. I really feel for his family.

RIP Tim Russert
zelda, i'm with ya. he was kind of a tradition; oatmeal Sunday breakfast in front of Meet the Press and all the other political shows. Sigh.
This news makes me very sad. What a great journalist. What a fantastic career. 58 is far too young. My dad just turned 58.

I'll miss his commentary during this year's election.
My super-wonk sis and I used to call him her boyfriend. Must remember to call her. RIP Mr. Russert.
Hubby and I were devastated to hear about Tim Russert whom after Al Sharpton and another candidate called him Brother Russert on air, he will always be Brother Russet to us. sadness
Byebye, Cyd Charisse. Hopefully you are now singing & dancing in a good rain.
oh no.... I didn't hear that Tim Russert had died until reading it here... he was the speaker at my sister's college graduation about 5 years ago - his speech (which came across as more of an interesting talk) made what could potentially be a boring ceremony, really really great and interesting. And he was so genuinely excited to be speaking at and getting a degree (though Honorary) from Notre Dame that it was just fun to watch and listen to him. That makes me really sad.

and Cyd... I loved her. sad.gif

when i was deciding what name i wanted, cyd was one of the top 5, in honor of ms. charisse. i love gene kelly movies, but the highlight of all of his movies are the ones with cyd charisse in them. usually she didn't have any lines, she didn't need them. she was that unforgettable brunette in the dance scene. as much as i love all the dance scenes in singing in the rain, hers was always my favorite. even better was coming across the even better dance number in the bandwagon with it's hypnotic noir tropes. quite possibly my favorite dance number ever filmed. it's some comfort, if slightly cold that TCM is going to play bandwagon on the 23rd at 6am. i can only hope it's eastern time. if it is, i'll be going to bed at 2. wherever you are, cyd, thank you. for the inspiration, and just for dazzling me everytime.

anna k
Cyd Charisse was fantastic. I think it was Silk Stockings where she and Gene Kelly did this very playful, sexy dance, and she was dressed in a beige long-sleeved dress and kicking and swinging her legs about.

I also liked Janet Jackson's Alright video, which featured Charisse, as well as the Nicholas Brothers and Cab Calloway. It was magic.
i'm shocked.
Whoa, whoa, whoa?! George Carlin?! That's crazy! Shit, piss, fuck, cunt, cocksucker, motherfucker, & tits!
yea. i was coming in to say the same thing.

george carlin. so sad. sad.gif
The Seven Words You Can't Say on Television.

I think I first watched George Carlin when I was 7. One of his HBO shows. I just loved him. sad.gif

Oh, yeah, this clip is totally NSFW.

ETA: Neither is this one:

Pro-Life is anti-woman/Not every ejaculation deserves a name.
George Carlin-shocked and sad. Gonna miss him.
QUOTE(anna k @ Jun 19 2008, 10:49 AM) *
Cyd Charisse was fantastic. I think it was Silk Stockings where she and Gene Kelly did this very playful, sexy dance, and she was dressed in a beige long-sleeved dress and kicking and swinging her legs about.

Silk Stockings was with Fred Astaire.

Yeah, I was sad to hear about Cyd and watched Singing in the Rain, just so I could see her cameo in the "Gotta Dance" sequence.

But I was coming in to post about George. So sad. He spoke the truth so we could laugh at it. sad.gif
R.I.P. George Carlin. He's always been one of my favorite comedians.
Mr Pugs's a shame but everytime I think about him now, I can't get past his role in Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back...freakin hysterical.
RIP, you atheist jackass. : )
Sigh...he hated religion and republicans so much...gotta love him...
QUOTE(Mr Pugs @ Jun 23 2008, 12:04 PM) *'s a shame but everytime I think about him now, I can't get past his role in Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back...freakin hysterical.

"Yer doin' it oll wrong! Ya gotta give 'em some incentive! Like this!

*holds up sign that says "Will give head for a ride"*

Hey man, I'll take a shot in the mouth if it'll get me a couple miles down the road....."

I agree Mr. Pugs. Freakin' hysterical.
Hahaha!! I haven't seen that!!
In case Busties need another reason to love Carlin:
Dody Goodman from "Mary Hartman, Mart Hartman" & "Grease" passed.

I loved this show. "Mary Hartman" was so weird, yet very honest. It was very frank.

And I am a million years old.
Didn't Astaire identify Cyd Charisse as his favorite partner??

She was gorgeous!!
The best 4th of July present a girl could ask for- Jesse Helms died!

In his honor, here's a little video.
Larry "Bozo the Clown" Harmon, too. For being a clown he was pretty all right in my book.
I know it's not a person, but...

My alma mater's mascot passed away a couple of weeks ago.

Uga VI, the 9-year-old English Bulldog (would have been 10 on July 22) who represented the University of Georgia passed away from heart failure at his home in Savannah, GA, on Friday, June 27, 2008. His registered name was "Uga V’s Whatchagot Loran?” The identity of Uga VII will be announced at a later date by the Seilers (the family that has owned the entire Uga lineage).

Estelle Getty died this morning.
I know that most people will miss her because of Golden Girls but I always loved her in that 80's movie Mannequin:

I don't care if he puts a rubber glove on his head and runs naked around the store screaming, 'Hi! I'm a squid!'

I loved that line.
Awww...that's sad. Ironically, she was the youngest of the Golden Girls.

ETA- Oops!! I meant that she's younger than Betty White and Bea Arthur (only by a year though).
I was just coming in here to post about Estelle Getty as well. I really loved her on Golden Girls. sad.gif
R.I.P. Alexander Solzhenitsyn. One of my favourite writers of all time... and the inspiration for my screen name. (Zoya is the main female character in his novel "The Cancer Ward")
BERNIE MAC!!! sad.gif

i'm shocked! he was only 50!
my mom called me while I was out at the park, I'm fucking shocked. He was 50. Damn.
fucking shocking. sad.gif
Wow, Bernie Mac is gone. I used to love his show, esp. when he'd look into the camera & say "America..." What a shame. sad.gif
Very sad about Bernie Mac. sad.gif
The world lost a very funny man.

The Kings of Comedy show cracks me up.
This is a quick word and remembrance for Alexander Solzhenitsyn. Thank you for witnessing, writing, surviving, and being.
Aw, Isaac Hayes. Walk on by, brother, walk on by.
boohoo isaac hayes! wah!

and bernie mac too? wow, how unexpected was that? he was such a young man.
Celebrities usually die in threes- I wonder who's next. Maybe it was supposed to be Morgan Freeman.
Paul Newman is rather ill, is he not...
don't even joke about morgan freeman! damn why's'it that the brothaman's gotta always be the one to go and get killed.

i'm gonna miss isaac hayes, yeah he was a crazed hubbard-ite, but i swear every set i play that even touches on soul results in one of his songs getting played. the man had a gift, and as one of the masters/ origninators of the 70's soul genre called "baby makers," he's probably the only one who could make the carpenter's hit (they long to be) close to you, and make it not just funky (which he did) but sexy as hell too. sigh. if i didn't blow out my reciever last week, i'd be playing "runnin' out of fools' in his honor.
no, it was james earl jones who had the recent health crisis. that would just be a dreadful tragedy, i can't imagine the world without That Voice happy.gif .
well, I would say that Isaac Hayes is number 3. Solzhenitsyn was 1, Bernie Mac 2.... Although when I told people that Solzhenitsyn had died, most people were like "who?" so maybe he doesn't count. But in my world, he was a celebrity smile.gif
I didn't know who Solzhenitsyn was. I was going to suggest that it may be going to be Paul Newman.
I hadn't heard about james earl jones. I suggseted Paul newman because of the cancer element.

Pepper, what was up with James Earl Jones?
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