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Full Version: i am gonna miss 'em....(the so and so just died thread)
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I'm very sad about Heath Ledger's death too. How awful.

So sad. His poor family. I know what they're going through right now and really hope they can pull together to support each other at such an aweful time.
A news report I heard last night said he recently had pneumonia- I hope he didn't pull a Jim Henson and just not get it treated.

Very sad. He was also fun in 10 Things I Hate About You.
So sad...10 Things I Hate About You was one of my favorites too.
I just learned that Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, the father of transcendental meditation, died yesterday. He was the maharishi that The Beatles followed in the late 60's. He lived to a ripe old age of 91. Not bad!! R.I.P., Yogi.
"We're gonna need a bigger boat." Roy Scheider.
AP, I was just coming in here to post about that!
anna k
I had a crush on him when I watched Seaquest as a kid.
jeff healey dies of cancer at age 41. sad.gif
While the deaths of entertainers are sad, I cannot help but feel weird that we live in a world where the media machines turn 24/7 over Heath Ledger, but there has been nary a mention of the passing of Barbara Seaman, who was a truly important figure in the his-*oops* HERstory of America.

Rest in peace, Barbara.
Gary Gygax died. RPG geeks everywhere are in mourning.
well, i dunno. Jeff was a local around my home town. he was a husband and father, an incredible musician who could play so many instruments and so many different genres. he was consdered one of the best guitar players ever in fact. he couldn't see so he made beautiful music. i think of him as more of a person than an entertainer like that heath dude. he certainly meant more to me...
Anthony Minghella died.
I loved him. sad.gif

He was so young, too.
Anthony Mingella was way too young to die. His films were great; not one wrong foot. Got some great performances out of people too. Such a shame.
Arthur C Clarke died - he wrote (among other things) the story that was adapted into "2001: a space odyssey" - he was 90, though..

What! Arthur C Clarke! sadness
RIP Arthur C Clarke.

Seems like too many talented, creative people are dropping off lately...
Here is a "tribute" to Arthur C Clarke in the form of a gamma ray burst
so sad about Clarke. so talented. the last of the first.

i wouldn't be surprised at all if the gamma ray burst WAS him. (muito thank you for sharing that, missladyj)
Charleton Heston.

Goodbye you gun-toting NRA motherfucker. I do love Planet of the Apes, though, you damned dirty ape!
aural, you beat me to the punch. i was going to say that right now there are some damned dirty apes ripping a gun from charlton's cold dead hands....
lol, i was coming in to make a damned dirty ape comment, too!!

...ah, i fuckin' love that movie.
it's that or run thru the streets screaming, "charlton heston is people!!! charlton heston is people!!!"

a comment, which is/was not apparently obvious...
gt, you're not alone.


"s green"
Humphrey Lyttelton

I know this won't mean anything to you unless you like jazz or ISIHAC, but this is... well, he was a fucking inspiration. As the man himself said: "...and so, as the sand castles of destiny are washed away by the incoming tide of time, it is clear that the grim deck-chair attendant of doom will shortly be upon us..."
A guy I've known for a decade, or so, commited suicide by hanging himself.

I know this thread is meant for celebrity deaths... but it doesn't explicitly state that.
sorry. please don't take it personally. i suffer from depression so i can understand why someone would do that. sometimes it just feels like the better choice. but a writer once said after a close friend of his committed suicide, that he hated it. because suicide doesn't end pain, it just transfers it to the people they loved. ever time i think about going off the deep end, i guilt myself in to not doing it. but that's me. forgive the person you were talking about. i can tell you, no matter the life they tried to present, they were in a lot of pain.
Oh, thanks!!!! ohmy.gif *hugs back*

I didn't even expect a reply, I was sort of talking to myself, because I'm feeling so totally blank...

That's a very interesting thought, that suicide just transfers pain to other people.
I actually hate him for that, too.
I went through much more misery in life than he did, and I've been contemplating suicide myself often enough, but I'm a fighter, and he was an nihilistic ass always on cocaine, which caused his depression.
But no matter what caused it, I know emotional pain can be much worse than physical pain, so I don't take it personal at all! wink.gif

Oops, of course since this thread is in "Media Whores" it obviously is for celebrity deaths, so, sorry, for being a bit off topic!

i bumped the "death of a loved one" thread in F&F for you~
Thanks pugs and humanist!!! *big-bustie-group-hug*

Your kindness makes me blush!

...darn, I knew there was a thread for this, but I haven't been here for a while. *slaps forehead*
Albert Hofmann, the first person to ever take an acid trip has passed. He discovered it would fuck you up by accidentally ingesting some five years *after* he first synthesized it. He was 102.
AP - I came here to post the same thing! great minds think alike.... maybe if I want to live to 102 I should start taking acid again.....
rip robert rauschenburg.
Such a talent. A fave artist. A highlight of MoMA.
Sydney Pollack died of cancer. sad.gif
RIP Sydney Pollack sad.gif.
I just found out that Utah Phillips died last week. I grew up listening to him - I still find it necessary to tell his "Moose Turd Pie" story on occasion like it was some kind of life lesson. I never get upset by famous people dying, but this time, I teared up and had to call my dad.
Holy crap- I didn't hear about Utah! I have that album he did with Ani DiFranco. Gotta dig that out!
Yves Saint Laurent.

Zoya, you beat me by 5 minutes!

This is such a loss for fashion.
I was in the basement the other day & found my very first designer dress. A hideous YSL number in plaid with a high neck & ruffles. My mother bought it for me in Denver when I was seven. As ugly as I think it is now, I thought I was le merde then.

Quiescat in pace, dans la paix peut il se reposent.
"Bo Diddley, Bo Diddley, Have you heard?" You're dead. RIP. Amazing guitarist & one hell of a hairdresser.
For folks in and around Idaho...J.R. Simplot, The Spud King.
bo diddley is someone who i'll miss. his song "book by the cover" was one of the first songs i looked for for years not knowing who sang it. once i found it i was obsessed. where ever you are thank you. you made my first summer in nyc a ball.

ysl-- one of the first fashion designer to have black women on the catwalk. and far from a gimmick, he consistantly had women of color wear his clothes thru his whole career, and models have said doing the runway for him was the first place where they felt fully embraced, not just an after thought.
Oh no!!! Bo Diddley! ohmy.gif

I'm such a huge fan of his music, especially "Bo Diddley is Loose" ("Ellas Mc Daniels is my real name, I'm the cat, who wrote 'I'm a man'...")
He was just so raw, compared to all the other 50s rock'n roll and R n' B artists, and he still recorded cool stuff in the 70s (Stop the Pusher)

...and he was hilarious in Trading Places, where he played the pawnbroker:


Shame, the quality of the clip is so bad, you can hardly see the great face he makes, when Dan Aykroyd asks him, how much the gun costs.

What a loss.
Edwina Froehlich, co-founder of La Leche League.

I had no idea it was started right here in the suburbs of Chicago.
Tim Russert just died of a heat attack. He was only 58.

Wasn't he just on The Daily Show last week?
s'sad. being an political addict, i'll miss him. i can't help myself, i wake up early on sunday to watch the sunday news shows, and meet the press was my favorite. it was so smart. lately i've started to appreciate political show interviewers and their styles, chris mathiews' constant interruptions throwing his interviewees off their talking points, keith olberman's intellegent lead ups digging out some small gem, but the thing i liked about russert is he always seemed to know the right question to ask. he wasn't reading off some pre-made list on auto pilot. he was so quietly probing. he never needed cheap pyrotechnics like o'reily and his lot. he just listened.

he was pretty amazing.
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