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Full Version: i am gonna miss 'em....(the so and so just died thread)
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moolah, i hope you're kickin' ass in the great wrestling ring in the sky.

Evel Knievel, daredevil supreme.
RIP, Moolah. Those plasticized blow-up dolls they parade around now have nothing on you.
dude, no one is mourning the loss of kevin dubrow. i shall listen to a little quiet riot in his memory.
anna k
I liked that Best Week Ever honored him by showing the a clip of the Paris riots without sound.

I got Quiet Riot and Ratt confused, and thought that Stephen Pearcy had died.
Evel Knievel's funeral was this morning in Butte. It's the biggest funeral Montana has seen in years.
It's sad that Karlheinz Stockhausen has died.
So cool, and such an inspiration for many of my musician friends.
Legendary soul man & unapologetic wife beater Ike Turner has shuffled off this mortal coil.
anna k
Even though Ike is rememebered as a cokehead wifebeater, he was still a great musician/songwriter and his songs were sampled in later rap and dance songs.
uck. from this article about his death:

Ike Turner denied the allegations but later acknowledged in a 2001 book: "Sure, I've slapped Tina. There have been times when I punched her to the ground without thinking. But I never beat her."
Ugh. That's so wack.

And did any of you see feministing today? The New York Post's headline: "IKE 'BEATS' TINA TO DEATH!" So digusting.
Maila Nurmi, tv's Vampira has died. For the uninitiated, she did a horror movie show in LA during the fifties & was in Ed Wood's "Plan 9 Frome Outer Space". She tried to sue Elvira for biting her schtick (Which she bit from Charles Addams in the first place!), but lost.

A ghoulish good bye to you, Maila.
Brad Renfro has also passed on.

This is cruel, but who wants to bet it was an overdose?
i just heard! brad, you crazy bastard. you were a really good actor.
yeah, i'm almost 100% sure it was drugs.

goodbye, vampira. sad.gif
geez, i can't believe how young he was.
I think I recall him having drug problems.
I remember us girls in grade school crushing over him~

Loved him in Sleepers.

Supposedly he was partying with friends the night before but had been working on his drug addiction.

It's so sad sad.gif.
Holy crap,

that's a shock. I also remember crushing on him.
Brad Renfro news was a total shock. Well I mean not TOTAL shock b/c of his prior drug problems, but I really believe he was trying to get clean. Its just so damn hard to do that. My heart goes out to him and those close to him.
anna k
I remembered liking him from The Client and Sleepers. He was a good actor, but seemed to get into drugs really early, probably around age 13-14 and may have either OD'd or his body gave out.
i still can't believe brad died. (well, i can, but i don't want to.)

i feel like having a brad renfro marathon tonight. *sigh*
Bobby Fisher died this morning at a hospital in Iceland.
Sam the Butcher (Allan Melvin) passed away.
Ohh. Sad about Sam.

However I had no idea about Brad Renfro. That makes me really sad.
OMG. Suzanne Pleshette died.
heath ledger is dead!!

i'm completely freaked out. i really loved him.
QUOTE(faerietails2 @ Jan 22 2008, 02:57 PM) *
heath ledger is dead!!

i'm completely freaked out. i really loved him.

Me too. I just saw "I'm Not There" last night. My Dad is really freaked out too. He loves "Brokeback Mountain".
Heath Ledger died.
i'm freaked out too. wtf? that death was from leftfield.
I am so incredibly shocked and saddened about Heath. WTF? I can't believe it. I've loved him from 10 Things About You and A Knight's Tale right through to Brokeback Mountain.

I feel the need to memorialise him by watching some of his movies.

His poor daughter.

This year's Oscars (if they are televised) are going to have a few young faces in the "this year we have lost" section.
Geez. I'm surprised about how sad I am that Heath died. It's really tragic. For his daughter and other loved ones, and because he's played some interesting roles very well and we won't see anything else ever.

I know what you mean, bunny. I might brave the cold and possible rain to go see "I'm Not There" in a while. Seeing as how we're not gonna have many more chances to see him on the big screen ever again. sad.gif

I feel so bad for michelle and matilda. This is all so sad.
no! i loved him ever since 10 things! brokeback? the patriot? candy? he was big!

i wonder what they're going to do with the batman movie...
It is tragic. I haven't seen I'm Not There yet so there's that, at least. Supposedly the new Batman movie is in post-production so we should still see him as The Joker, in his last movie sad.gif.

My heart aches for Michelle and Matilda.
Oh NO!
I just heard about Heath-baby.
What a freakin waste....
Poor Matilda.
I'm in total shock. He was a really good actor. I feel really sorry for his family.
I keep reading news articles for updates. CNN said that it was Mary Kate Olsen's apartment he died in... did anybody else read that? I thought it was his home. Were they together or just friends? eta: can't seem to find where I read that now. Maybe he was renting from her since breaking up with Michelle.
NYtimes is now saying that it wasn't actually Mary Kate's apartment, that was a rumour. They were rumoured to be dating, but i dunno... so tragic. I loved him
Yeah, I saw that. NYtimes is reporting that too. She's in Cali right now. My friend thinks he was probably just renting her place or something.

He was currently filming another movie, too, according to imdb. I wonder what's gonna happen with that.
He wasn't actually at her apartment though. He was somewhere else, unrelated to the Olsens. I'm just curious as to how that rumour got started in the first place.
yeah, i think the times article now says a police was quoted saying that.

that' article's getting mighty elaborate now...
Oh my god, I still can't believe the news about Heath Ledger. I used to be practically in love with him when I was younger and he was just so talented and amazing. I didn't even know that he had any kind of substance abuse problem and he was the last person I would have expected to end up like this. sad.gif
I don't think it was an accidental overdose, due to substance abuse; I think it was suicide sad.gif.
Just fucking awful. All I can think is what I thought when River Phoenix died - what a waste, how much good work he had ahead of him.
i know everyone went gaga for his performance in brokeback, but i adored him in ten things i hate about you ... one of my i-can-watch-it-over-and-over-again flicks.

so so sad.
I'd never expected that. I am shocked.
another high school crushie sad.gif
I'm way sad about Heath too... I thought the same thing, bunny - I wanna have a memorial movie night for him.

Poor Michele and Matilda. sad.gif

It's been a while since a death headline literally made my jaw drop...
I'm really shocked about Heath, too. I suspect that his involvment with drugs is fairly new. He and Michelle Williams have not been broken up for very long. Maybe the break up depressed him so much that he turned to drugs ... or suicide. Whatever the cause, it's absolutely dreadful. I feel so terribly sorry for his little daughter.
News articles are conflicting: one I read had a lot of "sources" who said that he had been battling drug addiction for a while and that's why Michelle and he broke up (despite her been madly in love with him) and that Jake Gyllenhaall had been worried about him and wanted him to get help. Another source (or maybe same one, can't remember) said that he had been miserable since break up, was in deep depression and had trouble sleeping. Another article said he loved life and was really enjoying the new film. His family released a statement saying it was accidental and there was no note so maybe it was a tragic accident. Whatever the reason, it's such a horrible loss.
ugh. I too am very sad. And surprised about how sad I am. I was very shocked to hear about this. It is terrible.
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