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Full Version: Aliens and spaceships and monsters, oh my! The all things sci-fi thread.
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haven't seen much lately, exempt the start of a new series called 4400: the Returners (I don't know if it goes by this name in the States, though)
In a way all is fine, acting and everything is quite good, only I had hoped it would somehow be more science-fiction like instead of mystery, more like X-Men or something like that.

Okay I just read Robert Heinlein's star ship troopers which is my father's favorite book and after reading it I can see why. He tried to convince me that because the women are pilots it's somehow not sexist despite the fact that women are totally objectified and marginal to the story.

I stopped reading Stranger in a Strangeland because I think that Heinlein is a total pig. I feel the same way about Asimov and Bradbury. I still read their work because it is brilliant but am always disappointed in the treatment of the female characters.

I do love Marge Piercy's women at the edge of time. And Octavia Butler's work. I need more Octavia Bulter.

My favorite sci-fi film( well actually my favorite film ever) is Blade Runner. Rutger Hauer wrote a book about his experience making the film. I would have to think that it would be a life changing experience.

I read the short story and it was way different from the film but still great. Dick is a total nutjob but ya gotta love him

I recently read Philip K. Dick's The White Castle. My friends and I are still debating what happened at the end of the book.
Thanks for revising this thread. This was the one I created ages ago.
Right now I am catching up with Stargate: Atlantis. I cancelled my cable right in the middle of the season so I kind of know what happens but now I get to see it!
lol, how in the world did this thread die a slow painful death with only your original post to it's name?!!

second on the octavia butler love! i need to read more of her work.

anyone else grossed out that tom cruise might make a cameo on the new star trek movie? because it's downright sacrilegious to me.
the whole tom cruise in a startrek is kinda funny because he is a Scientologist which is a cult started by Hubbard who orginally was a sci-fi author. but he definately should not be in the future.

kitten , I haven't read that one. Has anyone seen that film that was kinda like a cartoon but not that was based on one of his books? with Robert Downey Jr in it. I think?
A Scanner Darkly? not yet but boy has it on dvd so soon.

kitten, I have had The Man in the High Castle for years and really must get around to reading it; the same goes for reading some Octavia Butler.
Scanner Darkly is pretty good, it's a bit of a mind fuck, but worth checking out.

I hate the idea of Tom Cruise having any part any anything Star Trek. I wish they would create a new ST series for tv! I'd love to see something pre-The Next generation to fill in the gaps.

I am so sad that Stargate SG1 ended I loved that show so much. I still watch reruns religously. I just can't get into Atlantis, though.
thanks a Scanner Darkly will have to remember.

I have never been a Stargate fan. Don't know why.

the last ST debacle with that douche baggy captin Scott what's his face and the absolutely horrendus opening song. Uggghhh. I mean why on earth would anyone fuck with the ST opening? It's ST for fucks sake

anyone up for an online scifi book/film club where we would pick a book or film, and come here to discuss? it is so hard to find female sci -f i fans I am totally excited about this thread!!!

I'd be up for that, missladyj! I haven't read that much sci-fi as a genre and find that it and fantasy are often mixed up/overlapped ... is Ursula Le Guin a scifi writer or a fantasy one?

Also, is Firely scifi? I LOVE Firefly.
Firefly is sci-fi, bun!

gkitty, it takes me longer to get into atlantis than the original; it's not on the regular tv here (it's on the fee-paying channels) so I have to go for dvds... But I'm re-watching sg1 at the moment.

I've been going through an old sci-fi kick; some of the books from the 70s are great! I keep meaning to go back and watch all the old doctor who series too.
I would consider LeGuin a fantasy writer. But I'm not a purist. I love that shit too.

have you seen any of the new Dr.Who? I got to watch a few over the summer and I really liked the new Dr.
Missladyj, probably my only issue with older sci-fi is that it is so sexist, which sucks because the stories otherwise are great. Personally Clarke annoys me far more than Heinlein, and actually I quite like Asimov. My dad had dinner with him once /brags

I like Marge Piercy but prefer her earlier stuff.

I love Firefly and the new Dr Who and can't wait for Battlestar to start up again.

I have to say I'm not a fan of fantasy generally. It crosses a line of credibility for me; probably just me being a snob. For some reason I can buy spaceships and jump drives and terraforming, but not, say, flying dragons. I make an exception for China Meiville though, 'cause he's just epic.

Has anyone read Kim Stanley Robinson? He wrote the Mars trilogy, but I think Icehenge and Antarctica are better.

Awesome thread!
QUOTE(bunnyb @ Oct 11 2007, 05:38 PM) *

Also, is Firely scifi? I LOVE Firefly.

Bunny,[i] bunny[/i]! "You live on a spaceship, dear." Of course it's sci-fi! tongue.gif
sybarite, I totally agree. I do like Asimov but still think he is a pig. He hit on my aunt at a mensa convention once. I love all the robot shit. And I have read the whole Foundation series.

the only Clarke I have read was 2001 which I liked. Why does he annoy you more than Heinlein?

the name Kim Stanely Robinson sounds familiar to me. Not sure why. I think I read something once.

I have been really wanting to read some Harlan Ellison. Anyone familiar with this work or have any recommendations?
yeah, the sexism in old books annoys me too - although I find some of the old books tend to leave women out altogether, which is somehow better than only having them there to faint, but not much (actually, the sexism in sci-fi in general is shitty, although I'd say it's getting better). I've really liked Trudi Canavan's stuff because she always has (good) female protagonists. Chris Wooding too.

I started with fantasy, and moved into sci-fi, even now I tend to watch more sci-fi than I read (but, conversely, read more fantasy than I watch). Even now, I tend to prefer near-future stuff, like Greg Bear, over some of the more out-there stuff. I can remember reading Stephen Donaldson's Gap series, but never finished it as it scared me (and besides, the library didn't have the last book, which was on the lame side). I was only about thirteen at the time.

missladyj, yeah, series three ended a few months ago over here. I loved it, and my brother is getting it on dvd so no doubt I'll steal it and watch it over again. I'm looking forward to the new series, except I'm not overly keen on the actress who will be the new companion (the runaway bride character, who I wasn't delighted with either). We'll have to see.
syb, I tend to feel the same way you do about fantasy!

count me in on the marge piercy love. but i guess i watch more sci-fi than i read. i was on a feminist science fiction kick last month, but now i'm reading non-fiction. go figure. lol
Mornington, do you mean Catherine Tate plays the new companion?? Because that would suck.

A nice exception to older sci-fi's general sidelining/dismissal of women is a story called 'Houston Houston, Do You Read?' I tried to read older feminist sci-fi by Joanna Russ and Ursula LeGuin(although she is arguably fantasy) and couldn't get into either.

Missladyj, Clarke annoys me because his stuff tends to suggest a God-like solution to whatever plot he's got going, unlike Asimov who at least always had the humans working it out for themselves. It pissed me off years ago so now I don't read Clarke at all.

Has anyone read Brian Aldiss? What does everyone think of William Gibson: does his stuff still count as sci-fi?
I used to be a snob about fantasy books and then I read some.

I couldn't get into Joanna Russ or Ursula LeGuin either.

morn, the other assistant is coming back, isn't she? I read that she was doing Torchwood for a while. I haven't seen much but I liked the Runaway Bride and will watch Christmas special with Kylie.

Glad to hear Firefly is scifi, although the spaceship really should have given it away.

So, where's all the Captain Jean Luc Picard talk? Hmmm? The Next Generation is the only Star Trek I'll watch, but the parents are huge Voyager fans.
syb - yes! aaaargh! I died a little death when I heard that news. I think martha is going to do a few cameos and will be in torchwood for a bit (at least that's what I heard). I just don't like catherine tate!

I tried to read the earthsea quartet, got two books in and had to find something else as I just couldn't take it. I was forcing myself to read it at times, and while I liked it, I just couldn't really get into it. Maybe I'll pick it up again in a bit. like, when I've finished every other book I've got to read and then some.

mm, patrick stewart *fans self*. I loved voyager, tbh, but tng will always have a special place in my heart. I've even been known to like the films. My mother is a closet trekkie (but she's a special case... with severe stargate addiction too)

I keep meaning to read foundation - I've read the first book at least twice (and really liked it), and recently got a big collection-style book secondhand, but it's on the list. I like seeing it there. I always used to get annoyed with my small-town bookshop and library because the sci-fi stock was never very good (much as I love Pratchett, there is only so much of him and Tolkein one can read)
the only Brian Aldiss I have read is the short story that the movie A.I. was based on. Which is a great movie until the end, which drags on forever. I teach a class called Science and Society and I have my students read the short story and then watch the movie.

I would definately consider Gibson Sci-fi. I have read Neuromancer which I love, and was a huge impact on the Matrix.

I will watch the original star trek and The Next Generation. Last night I got to watch some of the Celebrity Roast of William Shatner which was funny as shit.

I have always thought that I was either part Vulcan or part elf because I have really really pointy ears.

I am really glad that this thread is alive and kicking!
bunny, I love Firefly!

I watch both Voyager and The Next Generation. Patrick Stewart is just dreamy. I always thought Riker was so over the top and cheesy, my hubby and I joke about him all time. But I never really Deep Space Nine. It always seemed like a sci-fi after school special. I even enjoyed watching Enterprise(waits to have stuff thrown at me). I agree with missladyj, that they shouldn't have changed the begining and I hate that stupid song. But I love catching references to later Star Treks, and kind of seeing how the federation guidlelines were implemented and why. Also agree, that William Shatner is just funny as hell!! Did anyone see the How William Shatner Changed the World, on the history channel? Too funny!

I think I am going to buy the Babylon5 box set. I was hardly ever able to see it when it was on TV and really liked the episodes I did see.

I definately watch more sci-fi than I read. I am a self confessed book snob. My hubby is an avid sci-fi reader though, one of these days I'll probably break down and raid his collection.

gingerkitty, shiny. That is all. Actually no: I need to say that I could watch "Our Mrs Reynolds" over and over again forevermore and still giggle like crazy!

This blog mentions a few young adult SF dystopias that may be worth a read.

When is comes to Star Trek, I am a huge Deep Space Nine fan. I think that the characters are so much more complicated than on the other shows. Esp. Garek and Quark. ANd the acting was just a little better than on the other shows. Avery Brooks could go over the top but he made it work. I also loved the whole war story. The space fights were riviting. I think it works for me in a way that none of the others do b/c is got a little dirtier and gritier than the other shows did. I caught the episode where Dax and Worf first hook up and it was a real WOW moment! Very hot.
I call my hubby my Kligon Warrior.
Is anyone else counting the days until the new Battlestar?
Yes but really only b/c then they will finally release the last damn season on DVD. mad.gif
Has anyone heard anything about some new FOX series called The TErminator the Sarah Conor Chronicles or something like that.

I saw an add for it this weekend. I want it to not sux.
I don't think it will matter is The Sarah Conner Chronicles sucks or not. If the writer's strike continues, it might be the only thing to watch. rolleyes.gif But it does have Summer Glau on it and that girl can kick some ass!

I'm going to xpost this in the YouTube Thread. I've been having a mini-Doctor Who fest today. On one of David Tennant's video diaries, I saw that the cast appeared on The Weakest Link. Guess what I found on YouTube?

Doctor Who on The Weakest Link

Thsi will link you to the first in a series of 6. It is pretty fun to watch if for no other reason than the pretty factor.
Re: Sarah Connor...just what I was coming in here for! There's a really interesting conversation going on over at feministing regarding one of the promo posters:

...and I'm interested to know where you gals stand on this: sexualized, dismembered woman? or does that "not count" since she's a cyborg?

I think I'm in the ew camp. I mean, the Borg Queen in Star Trek: First Contact was a badass, and she was also "dismembered" when we first laid eyes on her. And I think she's fucking hot, but she wasn't presented in a sexualized manner (okay, not until she started hitting on Data). This, however...
Okay, I don't get it: is it an issue because she's sexualised AND dismembered or because she's a sexualised cyborg? cos if it's the latter then seven of nine, anyone? I don't find this promo any more offensive than, say, the advertisments for perfume in every magazine/on tv.
interesting debate to be sure. I am not so offended by this ad. It makes me think of Donna Haraway and women and the integrated circuit.

she is on some other shit. I wonder what she would say about this?

Wouldn't even consider discussing cyborgs and feminism without her and not one comment ( I admit after a minute I started skimming) refered to her. She has alot to say about this topic. YOu can be a feminist and a cyborg. I posted the link in the comments section there as well.
snow white
i hope the sarah connor chronicles are good. i'm not much of a sci-fi fan or and not at all a terminator fan but i saw the commercial for this show last nite and i really want to see it! i'd love to get sucked into a really good sci-fi about a chick. oh, and i like the sarah connor ad, she has a sweet face off-setting the hardcore cyborg bod, i think it's a good combo and u can tell she owns it.
Oh, I definitely agree that cyborgs can be feminist. I don't think it's the nudity or the dismemberment that makes me go "ew," so much as the fact that it's a typical gross FOX show advertisement. Nudity? Fine. Ah-nuld came to Earth naked when he played the Terminator. But the whole hair-strategically-covering-nipples thing is so...ugh. (Like a typical perfume ad, as bunny said, rather than a woman ready to beat your ass down).
I find something asexual about it, though... yes, there are breasts but I definitely get an androgynous vibe from it too; maybe it's due to Summer Glau appearing childlike (she was a prima ballerina so is dainty like).
If anyone wants a totally feminist show with no ambiguity on whether women are being respected or not: it's Battlestar Galactica on the sci-fi channel. There's a female president (Mary McDonnel), female captains of entire military fleets (Michelle Forbes), female chief fighter pilots, female cyborgs that are lesbians and also straight badas* ones (Lucy Lawless) - this show BLOWS ME AWAY, it's just unreal. Unbelieveably, the main execs/writers are male. These women take no prisoners. They literally *box men in the boxing ring* on the ship as well as arm-wrestling, drinking contests & poker tournaments. And *not* in any sort of condescending light at all. Two of the main male characters (higher-ups in the military) discuss one of the female officers behind her back agreeing that she is the meanest & toughest officer either has ever met in his military career. These women are gorgeous, but not in a soft, innocent or helpless way like that half of a body I see in that picture someone posted below. That just looks ridiculous to me after being spoiled by Battlestar. Women *have* to be tougher in the military in order to get ahead and Battlestar blatantly expresses this. I have bought every season DVD and every (made-for-TV) movie the show has come out with.

As far as that picture down there, if you ask me, that *is* an attempt to be offensive, or simply disrespectful, however you want to put it. I mean: the caption is "Terminator" (of course, we all know this translates to "terminate" "her") and then they've removed her pussy. Her power. Okay, well, I think I'll just ignore it and not give it my attention span (dollar vote). In contrast, the new (made-for-TV) Battlestar Galactica is called RAZOR ("raise" "her") and it is very aptly titled. Because of Battlestar, I have higher standards now for tv and movies and ignore anything doesn't meet them.
snow white
QUOTE(faerietails2 @ Nov 26 2007, 10:13 PM) *
But the whole hair-strategically-covering-nipples thing is so...ugh. (Like a typical perfume ad, as bunny said, rather than a woman ready to beat your ass down).

deffinatly looks more perfume add-ish than kick-ass, but i can forgive a mediocore ad in hopes of an original show

u know what it reminds of...those "dexter" ads
She is a cyborg, her pussy is not her power, her power comes from being the combination of human with machine. Cyborgs are beyond gender. under her skin she is neither sex . She has none of the genes that make her female She is beyond sex, sex is a coustume she wears she is not female in the traditional sense she makes space for the destruction of gender and gender roles. She reveals them for the farce that they are. She is beyond, sex, or gender and represents a new possiblity.

has no one read the Cyborg Manifesto? For fucks sake! I see no point in discussing that image without referencing Donna Haraway.

Whther we find the image offensive or not is completely beyond the point
I wouldn't necessarily say your beyond sex...if you're not beyond sex-y...she is definitely a picture of a sexy young piece of cyborg...the titillating stare in her innocent yet hungry face, the cascading waves of hair flowing gently over what there is little doubt are perkily delicious breasts, and the fact there's no pussy brings to mind mmm, more of a mermaid fantasy than a smart, ass-kicking human-machine hybrid, but okay. I didn't say I was offended by it, I'm not, it's nothing more than the same type of boring ad plastered all over the media every minute of every day and it would take something a bit more clever to offend me...but when I say it was an attempt at offensiveness I mean it looks to me like another attempt to pander to violence-loving 20 year old males than to make a point that this woman is smart or kicks any ass...after all, it seems difficult to kick any ass when you are strung up by metal hooks and have no legs or arms. But okay, maybe it's a good show...
I am fer sure watching the show. fer sure
Is anyone going to watch Tin Man tomorrow?
bunny, i don't have cable but i keep reading articles on it. i love when they make sugary movies over into something completely 180 and caustic. tell us how it is- it will prolly be netflixable eventually...
bunny, I am definately checking out TinMan tonight. It looks like its going to be good.
snow white
awww, i am so disappointed in "tin man". i've only been able to bring myself to watch half of the last 2 episodes, it's just too predictable w/ really bad acting~shit, i had been looking forward to that show too
Just went and bought Blade Runner the Final Cut and watched it on new 42 inch flat screen tv.

. Sooooooo fucking incredibly awesome. Awesome, shit !

saw this via Digg the other day:

an open letter to the sci-fi network

the sci fi channel version of Dune sucked. I get what he's saying but they could just as easily fuck up the foundation series too. And how can he not mention more female sci-fi writer like Joanna Russ, Marge Piercy or Octavia Butler. Couldn't their work translate to the screen as well.

on another note . I watched the Sarah Connor Chronicles and I liked it. Summer Glau kicks so much ass! yeee haw!!
I really liked that article. I even posted a comment there about how the evolution of the SciFi Channel was one of the reasons I was glad to no longer pay for cable. I wonder what they would do with Octavia Butler?

I had no idea that The 4400 had been cancelled? how did that happen?

As long as I ignore everything in Terminator 3 (gladly as I hated that movie w/such a violent fury I can barely talk about it!) I really like The Sarah Conner Chronicles. It should be fun. And any new TV show is embraced by me at the moment. However, here is my big complaint. In whoes scary fantasy does that kid look like a 15 y/o?
Watched the first two eps of the Sarah Connor Chronicles and I have to say I liked them more than I expected to. I love the idea that people were sent back in time far more often than is suggested in the Terminator films. I also think Lena Headey is a good choice casting-wise, although I think the dude playing JC utterly lacks charisma. Love Summer Glau.

I skimmed the article posted but didn't see a mention of making the Foundation series into a TV series. Is this in the works??
Anybody check out Battlestar Galactica: Razor? It left me with tons of questions!!

We rented Sunshine, which has a lot of wholes and I kept asking, 'why did they do that?' But visually, the movie is awesome. Like candy for the eyes.

I am very mad at the sci-fi network for getting me all hooked on Threshold with a marathon...only to find the show has been canceled. sad.gif

kittenb, Am I wrong or didn't another network pick up the 4400? Crap, I can't remember which one....sorry.
Have you ladies seen the new sci-fi blog: io9: Strung Out on Science Fiction?

Here is their list of the GreatestSciFi Dance Routines of All Time


word on a new on-line Firefly novel (novella?).
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