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Full Version: Aliens and spaceships and monsters, oh my! The all things sci-fi thread.
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awesome site kitten!
I thought this was awesome -

Thwarted fans are so awesome.
Jericho was awesome. Did they cancel it in the end or make a second series?

Last night I watched Next and 28 Weeks Later, which were both better than I expected. Next looks like a banal action thriller from the trailer but was based on a Philip K Dick story and was interesting on the time travel paradox before the shooting started. 28 Weeks Later had a decent storyline but was redeemed by the presence of the epic Robert Carlyle. It's rare you get a truly talented actor doing a sci-fi film so it's great when it happens.
Was anyone else excited about V: The Second Generation? I was so excited that I actually bought it almost the day that is came out.
So I am reading it now is just not as good as I was hoping for.
Basically, Kenneth Johnson, who created the series, was not happy with the way the miniseries ended. So he wrote this novel that recreates who the story should have been. If you have seen the movies, pretend the second mini-series never happened. This book picks up 20 years after Julie & Elias had sent out a message to space looking for enemies of the Visitors to help them fight.

Here are my complaints about the book, written in spoiler-type:

First, there is no romance b/w Julie and Mike. I may have rolled my eyes at Marc Singer's acting, but I always liked the romance.

Second, the 12 y/o Ruby, Julie's adopted daughter, is totally unbelivable. And I want to like her but I just keep saying "That is not how a child talks!"

Third, did I mention that this is 20 years later?! And the Visitors are still trying to get all the water? What is taking them so long? It doesn't seem that the Resistance is doing that good a job anymore so why is it so hard to win this war?

Fourth, the Resistence is doing some dumb amature stuff! Are they new to this fight?

So, I am not sure if anyone else cares, I just needed to vent for a second. Thanks!
QUOTE(sybarite @ Feb 10 2008, 10:55 AM) *
Jericho was awesome. Did they cancel it in the end or make a second series?

Apparently not cancelled, because there was a new episode on last night (last night? night before? all of them run together.) I only caught a smidge of it. Anyone else see it?
I taped it will be watching it tonight.
Okay, I just finished Jericho and I thought it was pretty great! Here are my strongest impressions:
Did the gov't rescue come w/some sort of free teeth whitening service? I seriously considered adjusting the brightness on my television for a few characters.
Love see Esai Morales. I think he is going to bring something great to a show that is already loaded w/strong male actors.
Nice to see that some of the women are standing up and being a little less...well the women in this show have often struck me as being stereotypes who stood around wringing their hands and supporting their men. I liked that Darcy knows how to work a gun and I loved seeing Mimi pull her man out of the tax fraud? whatever thing he signed.

All in all, I am very happy with it!
And now here is some porn! Some Dalek porn!

Not safe for work.

Goddess, I love!
kitten, i think i love you wink.gif

that's fantastic. seriously. dalek pron.
so. per.fect. *smacks whip*

io9 is totally new to me. i suspect that i now have a new way to waste hours and hours.

muito thank you, kitten!!!
i heart i09, kitten! thanks for the hookup
10 days until the final season of BSG. I am practically peeing.
At last.
I have a quick BSG request. I looooooooooove the show but don't have cable. It's Netflix for me! So if BSG stuff is talked about in this thread can we please use spoiler bars? Please? For me? Otherwise I will have to avoid the thread.

I know that there used to be a BSG thread that I knew to avoid. rolleyes.gif Gods, this is one of the very few shows that makes me miss cable.
I'll be in a similar boat kitten, so second your request! (Please?)
The paper's television section today has a big ole picture of David Tennant with Catherine Tate beside him, as the new assistant.

I hated her in the single Dr Who episode she appeared in and am tempted to boycott the new series, as I know that her presence in it will just make me want to throw things at the screen.
Catherine Tate really she seems like an odd choice to me . I am happy to know that Billie Piper will be coming back for a few shows smile.gif . On that note has anybody seen the previews for Secret Diary of a Call Girl I was shocked how skinny she got. Maybe it's just me I only have every seen her on Dr Who but she seemed really really skinny.

Whoooooo BSG next week happy happy joy joy smile.gif
I actually liked Catherine Tate and "Donna." It was an interesting juxtopositon to see the Doctor, The Great and Lonley God, deal with someone who was so rooted in the day to day and the mundane. And I have to assume that after the events of "The Runaway Bride" her world view has opened considerably.
I'm am just going to miss Martha. I loved Martha.

I didn't know that Billie Piper was coming back at all. That seems...weird. The love story was so tragic and gut-wrentching I don't know if they could ever resolve it to my satisfaction. And I really hope she hasn't gotten skinny. I love how all the Doctor's companions have some booty to them. Such a nice change from American TV. rolleyes.gif
so is there anyone else here who is a stargate sg1 fan? i am just finishing up the 10th season and am dying to see the movie! my whole family are stargate geeks. my 5 yr old sings the theme song when he wants to watch it!
I was going to mention something in the Kvetch fan once I saw you were a SG fan but I hadn't gotten around. I was a huge fan of seasons 1-7ish. Season 8 was good, Seasons 9 & 10 were unnecessary. I have not seen the new movies yet but I'll watch anything w/Michael Shanks. I love him w/an unholy passion. cool.gif
oh kittenb... micheal shanks... oh my goddess he is tasty. i heard a rumour that he was going to be in chicago this summer for gatecon or comicon or something and i swear, i will move heaven and earth to get there if it's true! of course, the rest of sg1 is nothing to sneeze at either...
damona, i love stargate! I'm too poor to buy the movie yet (so don't tell me what happens) but I've just finished season ten. I'm going to agree with kitten that it was a tad unneccessary, but I still loved it.

but then I have massive crushes on ben browder and claudia black so...
I never really got in to SG1 but I love Atlantis .
i forgot that i'd posted here already... ugh... dain bramage, i swear. anyway.

i'm not a big fan of atlantis, it's just kind of "eh" as far as i'm concerned. the mr thinks it's great, but i just can't really get into it. i hear that amanda tapping is going to be in most of the upcoming season tho, so i might just have to go back and watch the last couple seasons so i can watch her!

i didn't mind season 10. they stretched it out a bit, but it was pretty good. i loved the episode "200". that was a really good one. what freaked me out was season 8, when teal'c suddenly had hair! that was just beyond bizarre.

i swear, if someone lined up sg1, (and i can't help it, i always include richard dean anderson, even tho he's technically not sg1 anymore) and said "choose", i would never, ever be able to pick just one person to take home with me. not in a million years. they are all great eye candy and just generally awesome people. and i mean both the characters and the actors, btw.

does anyone remember the show andromeda??
I loved andromeda I have most of it on DVD. It had it's cheese factor but over all I loved the show. I will say it went a little haywire the last couple of seasons.My bf loved it to mainly because it was GR he's a hugh star-track fan. I never really got in to any of the ST. I watch parts of deepspace nine but that's it .

Yeah a new Dr Who soon smile.gif
I've only seen 2 episodes of Andromeda, the eps that Michael Shanks was on. rolleyes.gif Kevin Sorbo just bugs me on a deep level.

I went through this period of tracking down everything Michael Shanks was ever in. I suffered through a CSI;Miami episode, a really bad Mary Higgens Clark movie, and the Andromeda episodes. On a brighter note, I also saw 2 wonderful episodes of Outer Limits, one of which he was all young, hot and shirtless. They are both available on Netflixs Instant Viewing thing, if anyone wants to see them.

ETA: I learned yesterday that Amazon.comis selling the current season of Battlestar Galactica episode by episode for about $1.90@. I know that in the end it would make more sense just to buy the DVDs but I am pretty sure I can't wait that long. Especially since it is the last season.
Did you ever notice that sci-fi shows seem to pull from one big pool of guest stars. If you watch enough of them you will see the same people pop up ever where. Case in point Connor Trinner (Trip from Enterprise) showed up on Stargate Alt, James Marsters has shown up of every thing from Smallville to Torchwood since Angel ended and he was on Andromeda.Ben Browder Claudia Black both on Stargate SG-1 after Farscape's end ( might have something to do with both being on the Sci-Fi network). The list goes I hate to think of these actors being type cast for only Sci-Fi roles ormaybe they hunt them out because they enjoy them. BF and I have a lot of fun pointing out people we know from other shows smile.gif
aand... Adam Baldwin (Jayne from Firefly) in Stargate SG1, as was Morenna Baccarin... and now Jewel Staite is in Atlantis...

sometimes I wonder if i notice because they've been in shows I love, or because they're being classed as "sci-fi" actors. And sometimes I wonder if they've been chosen because they played whoever in suchandsuch show rather than because they were any good... G finds it funny when I get over-excited about seeing actors from certain shows in other programmes (I think nearly falling off the sofa going "omg it's selmak" on seeing sam's dad from stargate on house didn't help...)
I'm brand spankin' new to the group and I can't post a new thread, but I can reply and I saw this topic and I LOVE anything extraterrestrial! I want to see a UFO so bad.


Always look to the skies!

Let's see if this reply works...

greygirl, welcome smile.gif. New posters are restricted when it comes to posting new threads because generally there is no need and your query/thread idea can already be found elsewhere.

I am a recent convert to Torchwood, mmmmmmmm, Captain Jack...
Thanks, Bunnyb. Do you think I can post a NYC event here? It's free and I just run the organization for fun. It says "Media Whores" so I'm ... whorin'! wink.gif

(Freaky Female Filmmakers - a networking mixer for women artists who love horror, thriller, sci-fi, and fantasy. It ain't just a boys club! tongue.gif )

okay, i wrote this out earlier, right after mornington's post, and the server was having fits, but i don't want to rewrite the whole thing!

i have noticed that too! watch the first few seasons of x-files... i think every sci-fi actor worth their salt has been on that show! my mr says it's because so many of the shows were/are filmed in vancouver, so they just trade extras. some of the stargate discs have outtakes and stuff, and one of the little shorts was a few minutes of a hockey game between the smallville cast and the stargate cast.

the guy who played sha're's father... ugh, i cannot think of his name... anyway, he turns up all over the place. he was in the mummy, with brendan fraser. i've seen him in a dozen other things but i can't think of anything else off the top of my head.

i really liked andromeda. i only have the first season, it's hard to find around here. (i know, i know, amazon, but i don't use credit cards or even have one anymore.) i'm not a big kevin sorbo fan, but i liked him in andromeda better than in hercules. i just drool over keith hamilten cobb, the guy who played tyr anasazi. lexa doig is so pretty, too. she popped up on stargate in the last season or 2. i thought it was pretty cool when i found out that she and micheal shanks were married. i'm not sure which one i'm more jealous of...

kittenb, i have a great pic of m.s. with his shirt off. it's tasty.
damona... show! show! I find MS really, really annoying in the extras on SG1 discs, but damn is he hott. and he's married to lexa doig? wtf? noooo... she's so pretty.

I never watched andromeda much, but liked what I saw. part of me loves kevin sorbo for hercules... that and xena were my after-school staples as a kid (I lived in a land of no decent telly... india in the mid 90s). but yes, much better in andromeda.

mm, torchwood. mm, james marstens... funnily enough, I'm actually getting to quite like the doctor's new companion; I know I said I hated catherine tate (and I refuse to find her show funny) but I do like donna noble to a certain degree. she's got sass.

greygirl - there's a thread in "absolutely fabulous" called "shameless self-promotion" where these things go. but welcome! if you've got any questions, post in the community thread and someone will answer.
QUOTE(mornington @ Apr 15 2008, 08:34 AM) *
greygirl - there's a thread in "absolutely fabulous" called "shameless self-promotion" where these things go. but welcome! if you've got any questions, post in the community thread and someone will answer.

Thanks, Gals! I gotta get the news out. Sorry to interupt. I'll be back....
I love spotting actors jumping from one sci-fi/fantasy series to another, especially Nathan Fillion , who played Caleb in Buffy before playing Captain Mal in Firefly. Unfortunately, he's also apprently been in Desperate Housewives...

Less impressed by the woman who plays Starbuck in BSG turning up in the new Bionic Woman though.

Adam Baldwin played a badass way back in Full Metal Jacket. I've never seen him not play a badass, actually.

I've only seen the first epi of the new Dr Who, which confirmed my worst suspicions. It was all kinds of wacky... I hate the wacky episodes. Apprently the second one was better.

We've been having a Torchwood marathon here and it's been epic, except for two irritating filler episodes.

I do spend time away from the TV/DL'd TV, honest...
morn, i am a computer idiot and don't know how to post pics, but i do think i can manage to attach it to an email if you pm me your email addy. i have a bunch of pics of the sg1 cast, cuz i am a true dork. i even have micheal shanks as my desktop pic. *hangs head in shame* i need to get out more. laugh.gif
It's nice to see Torchwood fans popping up now I love this show. The relationships areso confusing who likes who etc and Jack as eye candy doesn't hurt smile.gif

As hard as I have pushed I just can't get my BF to watch Torchwood are Dr Who . Ahhh Adam Baldwin and Nathan Fillion one of the many reasons I loved Firefly .
Well I don't know about the rest of you but I spent Saturday night crying my eyes out over the Torchwood season ender. I guesed in my the previews that somebody was going to die but I never thought they would kill off to Tosh and Owen. The whole thing with Jacks brother Grey so just sad. Are there any UK girls here I know where a season behind are so on Dr Who but want about Torchwood what season is the UK on?
Well I don't know about the rest of you but I spent Saturday night crying my eyes out over the Torchwood season ender. I guesed in my the previews that somebody was going to die but I never thought they would kill off to Tosh and Owen. The whole thing with Jacks brother Grey so just sad. Are there any UK girls here I know where a season behind are so on Dr Who but want about Torchwood what season is the UK on?
lunia, that episode aired a couple of weeks ago, you're not as behind as you might think.

and i cried like a fuckin' baby.
Lunia, there's only two seasons of Torchwood so far. They're waiting to see the viewing numbers before the BBC commissions a third season. Hopefully they'll officially decide soon, since Torchwood's finally finished airing here (I watched it on YouTube, so I'm more on the British time line as I saw episodes the morning after they aired there). And yes, I was a little teary at the end! I'm fine with Tosh going away, she just never really got interesting for me. Although, to give the actress her due, her death scene was not only brilliantly acted but was shot in all one take! Apparently the entire film crew was just blown away. I am extremely distraught over Owen, though! Since his "death" mid-season he has become one of my favorite characters. There have been hints that if the show gets picked up for a third season he might still be around/come back. Russell T. Davies has said that they have been working on pre-production and are just waiting for the word from the Beeb. *crosses all parts*

So, since I don't actually have a television, what season of Doctor Who is being played here? On what channels? I looked at the BBC America website a couple of weeks ago and they were just starting the Freema Agyeman/Martha series (which so far has been my favorite, I liked her better than Rose!). Although, Donna is growing on me, she's not nearly as annoying as she was in her Christmas special.

See why I don't own a TV? I'd never leave the house! laugh.gif
I also love Torchwood, but haven't finished season 2 yet. I have quite the backlog on the DVR. I'm a complete spoiler whore, so I know how it ends. Damn you! (btw, thanks kitten for that site - I LOVE it!)

Is anyone watching the Sarah Jane Adventures? It's kind of cute - really geared toward kids, but mildly entertaining. Doctor Who is still my fav of the Davies universe and that's 90% due to David Tennant (I just want to love him and hug him and squeeze him and hear him say "brilliant" all the time). I've watched the first ep of the new season (it was only OK) and I already miss Martha - I'm with you sixelacat, I just love her (even more than Rose).

sixelacat - the latest season (4) of Doctor Who is airing on SciFi, I think just one week behind the UK. It's on Friday night right before BSG and right after Sarah Jane. It's a geek fest. smile.gif
Hmm this seems like the right thread. I'm still waiting for the next Heroes season to come out on DVD. Do any of you fine sci-fiers have a tip on when that might happen?

Also, I finally saw the movie Sunshine and want to gush for a moment about the lusciousness of Cillian Murphy in space (or anywhere really...) It's not often that a sci fi movie comes out that gets the full thumbs up from me and my household.

Also, the Twilight Zone DVD set: science fiction, fantasy or spec?

Did anybody see that?? BSG fans Just watched the new ep for this week.
At the end of tonights ep they showed the clips for next weeks show. Then a few random clips of the show. One of which was what looked like Gaius coming out of the cylon goo pits( not sure what there called). Anyway was this from an old show are did they just give somthing away?
Lunia, I too cried at the end of Torchwood, especially at the last conversation between Owen and Tosh and Jack's freezing Grey. So sad. I quite liked Tosh and will miss her character, should we get a third series!

I am resisting your BSB post though until I see it myself tonight. I just saw last week's episode though which was awesome. I can't believe what Tyrell said about 'settling' for Callie and I'm intrigued about how all the new Cylons are trying to make sense of their feelings. Can't wait for the next one: I'm loving this season so far!

I have to say I'm going off Dr Who. Not just because of Donna: her character is decent and compared to Martha she does have more sass, as previously noted here. It's just the wackiness creeping in. I'm not a fan of the references to previous Dr Who aliens or characters (probably heresy) and from time to time I just want it to be less silly. I hate it when people say sci-fi is silly, but I miss the gravity of the first and second series.
Dr Who
I will say that since David Tennant took over the role I find the shows cheese factor went up. Don't get me wrong I love DT and I loved the original guy ( can't remember his name right now) . Tennant is just so natural goofy to me that it comes thru on the show ( just my personal op)
Here's keeping my fingers crossed that Torchwood comes back smile.gif
I wanted to ask does anybody here watch Bloodties ( not really sci-fi). It's a vampire show that was on Lifetime ( I know LT huh.gif ) but I really like the show. Yes it's got some very cheese moments but all and all I really enjoy the show ( kind of a guilty pleasure). It's up in the air if there will be a 3rd season but you can get season 1-2 on i-tunes.

I am very excited to find this thread! I'm a bit behind judging from the comments here - I'm in Australia :-( I have about six episodes left before I finish Season Three of Battlestar Galactica, and then a long, long wait to see season four because they don't air here, so I'll have to either download it or wait for the dvd set to be released in the US.

My problem is - where do I get my sci fi fix in the meantime? Something on DVD would be preferable....I've recently given up on Stargate Atlantis, it's just too cheesy, though I still have a soft spot for Rodney...Likewise Andromeda, it's (sorry to those of you who still love those shows!). Torchwood started airing here but has already been cancelled, but that's out on dvd so may be an option....any other suggestions would be most appreciated.
Everyone keeps talking about Torchwood in here. What is that??
Torchwood is a British spin off from Doctor Who. I don't know what channel it is airing on these days.

Here is a clip from Joss Whedon's new show, Dollhouse. It looks much more interesting than I thought it would. Not a big Dusku fan.
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