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Full Version: Aliens and spaceships and monsters, oh my! The all things sci-fi thread.
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I have always avoided the Stargate shows/films as they struck me as somewhat cheesy. However, as I await BSG related shows The Plan and (more)Caprica, I decided to check out Stargate Universe, drawn in by the presence of that great Scot Robert Carlyle. It certainly has cheesy moments, but doesn't require previous knowledge of SG and episode 5 has me thinking it is actually quite good. My only problem is its pro-militarist line which is fairly overt unfortunately, nothing like the critique of BSG.

Also loving season 2 of Dollhouse, which I class as sci-fi becuse of its preoccupations and because of the last apocalyptic episode of season 1.

Autumnal weather=more TV viewing for me, apparently...
so who watched V last night? I have to say I am interested and will keep watching .
I really liked it. it was kind of slow and pensive feeling, although the action did move.

At one point, my boyfriend said, "I bet her partner (Alan Tudyk) is the turncoat." I replied, "Wash would never turn against the human race!" Immediately after: BAM! He's a lizard!
What a great thread...I'm so happy there are other geeks like me in the Lounge! I admit it; I even love original Trek.

Anyway, has anyone checked out the animated series Mushi-Shi? Even if you generally hate anime you may love this series. Each episode is a separate story, so it doesn't matter what order you watch the episodes in. It's breathtakingly beautiful, each story is entrenched in the natural world and there is a subtle, lyrical quality to the stories. Each one reminds me of a zen koan; a little kernal of truth, beauty and the paradoxical nature of life.
QUOTE(missladyj @ Nov 3 2009, 08:01 PM) *
so who watched V last night? I have to say I am interested and will keep watching .

I almost died when I saw the ad that this show is back. V scared the hell out of me when I was a kid (or maybe it just grossed me out!)
I have been watching Caprica. It is gorgeous. anyone else been tuning in?
Missladyj, I've watched the first 3 episodes and I have mixed feelings. I really liked the pilot and I like most of the cast (nicely creepy to see the allstar football player from Friday Night Lights in there) but I hate the opening credits and I'm not sure about how they're handling the Zoe/machine conceit.. Basically I like the themes and ideas but am not crazy about how they're being played out.

To be fair I (and everyone else) have been spoiled by BSG...I'll keep watching though.
I have to confess that I have never seen BSG and I know I know I should get down with that. I think visually Caprica is stunning and I kinda have a crush on Sam Adama.
OMG Caprica got amazing... and is now off the air until the autumn!
the finale was amazing.
What about Mamoru Oshii? here's the trailer of 'Assault Girl' - has somebody already seen it?

Assault Girl Trailer
my mom got the X-Files on dvd and i've been rewatching those. i'd forgotten how scary/spooky some of the episodes are! i had to stop watching them when i was alone here at night, because every creak from the wood floors had me jumping!

on another note, my kids have watched stargate sg1 so often that one day the audio was accidentally switched to french... and i didn't notice for almost 15 minutes. yikes.
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