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Sony has announced the price for the PS3.
$499 for the 40 gig version and $599 for the 60 gig. The new controller looks just like a PS2 controller, for which I am grateful because that seems to be the only controller that's comfortable to use for my weak little hands. There's a few changes to the dualshock system but really, who cares?
Of course, I won't be buying one for a few years after it comes out, but hey. When the PS4 comes out, I'll probably be able to afford the PS3.
isn't it supposed to be all wireless and motion-detectory too? or is that gamecube? also one of them is supposed to have this new blueray technology but again i can't remember which one...

for the psp, g is playing dax right now. it was too hard for me. their poker is fun.
What is a DS? he went and bought the thing anyways....he's happy with it...i haven't had a chance to play with it yet. he got the poker and actually got addicted to playing my spongebob game on psp..its funny...when you run out of lives, spongebob gets really close on the screen(all you can see are eyes and a nose) and he glares at you! LOL
All of my friends were pretty unhappy with their PSPs. Most of them traded them in for Nintendo DSes.

Common complaints about the PSP:

1. Not enough good games.
2. It's probably cheaper to buy a dedicated portable DVD player than to have to re-purchase your favorite DVDs in the PSP's UMD format. Or just use a laptop with a DVD-ROM.
3. The analog controls blow.
4. Battery life is too short.

I might get a Nintendo DS, now that Metroid: Hunters is out.

Gluelita, I think you're thinking of the new Nintendo console, the horribly named Nintendo Wii.
Actually, the new PS3 controller also has a motion sensor. I forgot to mention. I know that retailers aren't carrying as many PSP dvds because who the hell wants to watch a tiny movie?
Ben is thrilled with his DS. It also has the benifit of being able to play GBA games on it.
I like the DS too. Ben just got Metriod and as soon as we find a new stylus, he's going to play the hell out of it.
thank you anti-o.

for the little nintendos (that's the ds right?) i liked twisted wario. particularly the eyedrops and the booger-sniffing.

psp is overall lame. lumines made it worth it for a while but not really.

i want the brain game for mini nintendo.
WarioWare is an awesome game. Kept me entertained in the car on the way back from CA for HOURS.
Anyone get Kingdom Hearts 2 yet? I'm so excited, it's going to be my birthday present and I can't wait!
Hmmmmmm...a DS sure would brighten up the day. There are great games out for it. My guy bought one for his sister, who never plays it, and wants one right now pretty bad himself. I am happy with my SP for now, though.
Hey, what happened to Zelda? or am I so lame that I just missed it?
Zelda is being released for both the game cube AND the Wii. I'm such a dork that I misread the news the first time and thought it was just coming out for the Wii and I almost cried. Seriously.
Not sure when the release date is.
Okay...I finally tracked it down as September 1, 2006!
Good God they are making us wait too long. I am sick of seeing teasers and testers and want them to just release it all ready.
However, if they are trying to iron out some bugs, then the delay is all right.

I just got kingdom hearts 2! it's amazing..and totally addicting. I'm at work right now and can't stop thinking about it. I love the disney final fantasy connections.

I went to a Superhero/Villian banquet the other day and I went as Aeris from Final Fantasy XII..the people who got it were highy impressed :-)
Starleybeth....high five. Thanks for tracking that down!
Ben got me Kingdom Hearts 2 and gave it to me today as an early birthday present! woo!

I'm taking a break from the prolouge. I wonder if they could have possibly made it any longer?

I realized my 2 criteria for an awesome video game.

1. Obsessive
2. Stupid

Hence my recent and re-renewed love of Tetris 2 for the SNES. Playing it now in my spare time. I'm on level 61 and it is so damn hard.
Zora, no problem. I had to know, and I was surprised to find out how much digging it actually took. It was not easy to find.
zora, there is nothing wrong with tetris 2! i played it for years and years at my grandparent's house until their last controller gave up the ghost.

so, is anyone else way less excited about the new nintendo system now that it's called the Wii? i mean, revolution sounds cool, and wii sounds like i'm a three year old going down a slide. i still want one, though, if only for duckhunt 2.

also, i bought a ps1 last night from my friend's roomate who is moving out. seriously, now i just need to track down DDR and a floorpad for it, spyro, tomba, and crash bandicoot for it and i'll be happy. i also get to inherit my brother's games from years ago when someone stole his playstation and left most of his games. so i'll have coolboarders and oddworld.

last night i was playing some xbox game (honestly no idea what it was), but there were these glowing balls you picked up that were weapons or defensive things, and you went around beating the other person up. i would run around until i found that 'punch' weapon, and would then chase my friends around while punching them, and giggle madly while doing so. it cemented my thought that i'm mostly not cut out for video gameness.
Guess who just passed round 70 in Tetris 2?

Aww, yeah. *thumps chest*

Tyger, I totally agree. The Revolution had a great ring to it. Now that you have a PS1 you should get monster rancher. The original. It's tres awesome.
I just got the new super mario (DS version) and i love it. but i find it very frustrating that you can't save except when you finish a castle. is it just me??
*bumpy for ms starpiste*
I'm not up to date on the latest game systems - I think I got left behind when I got addicted to Daggerfall, almost flunked my year and swore abstinence. I'm that stays-up-all-night-to-get-to-the-next-level girl you may have heard about (and then the next level, and then the next)...
I will say that my guilty pleasure is the last slew of GTA posters, particularly the women. The lollipop girl has this hard edged vulnerability that I find compelling (the dark circles under her eyes).
thanks so much for the bump, gt!!

I'm looking for a rec for a DS game that's like Super Mario. Has lots of levels, is good for short or long play, fun, but not too complicated. Games that are like zelda are over my head and I find the lack of guidance frustrating. On the otherside I have a bunch of puzzle games, but not finding those as interesting these days.
Im still stuck on my N64 and original NES biggrin.gif im such a dork
Bumped for Ifjuly.
Thanks a lot! It makes me sad there are cobwebs here.

I'm a video game newbie--growing up my parents had an aversion to the idea of my sister and I playing, which was sort of clueless in retrospect because we both frittered away hours playing games on the computer instead. When I moved cities and fell in with a crowd of hardcore Nintendo loyalists, I was clued fiance has been playing video games since he was a wee lad; he still has his Atari and Intellivision memorabilia and has Starcade episodes on DVD. When the Wii came out it piqued my interest (as apparently it was designed to do...), and the turning point involved my fiance showing me his old Animal Crossing town on the GameCube (via the Wii, ha), introducing me to Zoo Keeper on his DS (!), and then buying me my very own Metallic Rose DS for Christmas. I'm so in love--even more than I anticipated I would be. I'd watched people play lots of fun looking games before--Simpsons Hit and Run, Katamari, Okami, Zelda--but had no idea it'd be THIS much fun.

But it's hard to find the games I'd like, just because of the signal to noise ratio in video game culture for me. I have zero interest in combat or shooter games (I guess I fit a stereotype there...), and love life-sim and puzzle games. Animal Crossing, Puzzle Quest, Professor Layton, Word Jong, Exit, Prism, Electroplankton, and The NYT Crosswords have been my favorite DS games so far. I'm trying to branch out a little.

My one girl gamer friend recommended Kirby Canvas Curse (which is out of print but not hard to find through third party resellers). Has anyone played it? And has anyone played Neves or Ninjatown? Or deBlob for the Wii? Just curious...
Whoa, no posts here for a long time.

Anyway, has anyone played the new Zelda for nintendo DS? I think its called Spirit Tracks. I love zelda games, but I'm just wondering if its worth the $40.
bumped for Gradient
foryoursplendor, you've probably made a decision on this already, but imo Spirit Tracks is kinda boring. i'll admit to not being a DS lady but I AM way into Zelda and this one strikes me as rather worthless.
HOWEVER i am totally psyched for the new zelda that's under wraps. internet rumblings re: the cover art are that the Master Sword has been personified and is a character now, sort of a midna-esque daemon that requires your undying love and will annoy you until you give it.


ifjuly, also, in regards to amazing Wii games, I'd check out Super Mario Galaxy. it's been out for quite some time but is still awesome. it doesn't get terribly violent and it's basically a huge eye-popping gravity-defying puzzle game.

if anybody is out there still reading this thread: i just recently parted with my wii and am maybe thinking about picking up a web-based morg game. any recommendations? I played kingdom of loathing for a while in the early 'noughts, and attempted second life a few years ago but it was a bit much for me. Chatroulette has been my gap filler of late, and that can't be a lasting endeavor, i don't think....
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