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Full Version: Get your mind out of the gutter: The Inadvertent Inappropriateness Thread
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i ate a weiner and a pickle at hot dog johnny's in buttzville NJ a few weekends ago!
The former gov. of Iowa, Tom Vilsack, is running for president in 2008 and I can't help thinking "ballsack" every time I see or hear his name. Is that bad of me? tongue.gif
And how about Representative John Boehner from right here in Ohio? I don't care what he says, his last name has to be pronounced 'boner'.
QUOTE(LoveMyPugs @ Feb 2 2007, 02:44 PM) *

There is an Irish cream liquor next to Bailey’s Irish Cream in our local liquor store called, Ryan’s Cream.

What made me laugh is that "Ryan's Cream" is such a dumb name for that! Couldn't they have used something more Irish sounding? Actually MY boyfriend's name (Waylon) would sound better- he would never let me live that down though. ha.


Last summer on the way to a festival we had to stop at Dick's sporting goods store to get some mini propane tanks and Dick's, Hooters, and some store called Cohoes were all right next to each other.

hellotampon, you reminded me that very close by me, is a "Hooters", with a "Curves for Women" right next door.
Ok, speaking of Doggy Style, I drove past the lil' strip mall in which it is located this evening, and there is now a store called Hit It Big right next to it. Dude.
the town where i grew up has a dick's and a bj's next door to each other.

so, my friend is working on this project that's gonna be a video projected on huge screens with lots of images from pop culture in it and he's doing the styleframes for it right now. i noted that the picture he'd chosen to use of tiger woods looks like tiger has a hard on, so later he was editing it and said "i'll get rid of tiger's boner, just for you". i mean, yes we were talking about boners to begin with, but damn if that wasn't the dirtiest thing i've heard all day. hahaha.
in 7th grade i played in a town softball league on the blue jays team and we were always made fun of because our caps had 'BJ' in giant letters. this was before i really knew what it meant but i knew i didn't want it on my head.
A few years ago, my brother introduced me to a drink that consisted of vodka and a ginger beer called "Cock and Bull". For the remainder of that drunken weekend, I couldn't help myself from calling it "Cock and Balls". Heh.
every bustie needs to own ikea's "FEMMEN VÅG" shower curtain.
mouse, my dog is looking at me like he can't figure out why i am laughing. that is great.
I don't know, maybe this word doesn't mean the same thing everywhere but it really caught my attention when it came up on the top of my gmail screen: The Cornhole Outlet.
Oh, god, kittenb! The best thing about that site is that it links to the American Cornhole Association, and they have t-shirts!
Well, at least the shirt shows that they get the joke.

My best friend, who's gay, an Ohio University Cornholer's teeshirt.
Dude. I had never heard of cornhole until I moved to Ohio, and laughed for about a week straight. Now I have a friend who paints cornhole sets, and it is always funny to observe the reactions when she tells people that. laugh.gif
I have never heard of cornhole until now.

Okay, so this is kind of cheesy but when I was in Toronto for my internship and I would wait for the streetcar I just started looking at a bunch of places on the TTC map at the stop. And as I was looking at the names I found one place called Old Cummer. tongue.gif
Hahahahaha!!!!! Mouse, that is friggin' hilarious!!!! *rolls on floor*
so i was watching the news today and discovered there was a town in WA state called...Tillicum
i guess its pronounced till-ih-cum...but i still thought that was pretty awesomely inappropriate.
Not only is it a town, it's name is everywhere. There's a restaurant here called "Tillicum Bar and Grill," and every time we drive by it my boyfriend says, "So, how long do I do this?"
body shop nut scrub and nut butterr
I'm reading a Nora Roberts novel & one of the characters is reminiscing about her sons camping out: "Boys do like to pitch a tent."
zora wait-- there's a tillicum in portland too? or are you in seattle?
There's a creek near here where the guys on my fire department go camping on the weekends. Honest to shit, it's called Bloody Dick Creek. It's even on the map. Wonder how it got it's name.
They've added a new attraction to one of the blue highway signs on the way back from my parents' house: Mountwood Park.
bumping this thread because i was reading (via defamer) about oprah's "man talk" show and the host was saying "facials aren't just for women" and the first thing i thought of was cum...

i caught a bit of it, it was so funny. oprah was making a joke about how the dude who admitted to having had a facial was more trepidatious about saying he had than the guys talking about having erectile disfunction! i laughed and laughed.
I never stopped in this thread because I never thought I had anything to contribute...then, suddenly today, it was up at the top and I remembered something stupid I said a few months ago- LeBoy and I were at my parent's house and I grabbed some leftover tuna casserole they had in their fridge. Normally it's something LeBoy would eat, but my mom had put peas in it, and he doesn't like peas.

I offered him a bite anyway, and he said no, because there was a pea in the bite. I plucked it out with my teeth and said, just as my dad was coming into the room, "there, I sucked the pea-ness off! Eat it!" I realized what I said and LeBoy and I just looked at each other and cracked up; my dad didn't really hear what I said and was just confused.
omg, polly, that's HILARIOUS

pepper: yeah! it is impossible not to! HAH
thanks, reminds me of the scene from The Critic where they're making fun of Orson Welles and the frozen pea commercial he did in real life. laugh.gif laugh.gif laugh.gif
I walked in the room where someone was watching Rachel Ray's 30 Minute Meals and heard "The nose knows when the nuts are done".
watching the finale of "Top Chef" the judges are speaking to the three finalists - Dale, Casey, and Hung.

the judges address all of them, asking about their dishes -

when they get to Hung, the first thing they say is "Well, Hung..."

nice one.
I was reading a design blog, and I saw a picture of this Christmas tree and it just looks really phallic to me. It's a Christmas tree. I'm going to hell.
crap, that site is blocked here at work.

but this one isn't.

he heh.. stink horn....
A real sign found in downtown Columbus right now: "Gay St. changes to two-way Nov. 7".
A bit out of town from me, there's a construction company called Active Erections...
i kid you not. Ther logo is also incredibly...ballsy. tongue.gif
drums, pleeeese post a photo. that's too funny.
That's awesome.
And it reminds me...several years ago, I saw a banner on a worksite fence that read, "Dick Construction Company / Hard at work".
Incidentally, Dick Construction is still around, but I've never seen that particular wording again. laugh.gif
ha! awesome. i also like when building sites say things like "another fine erection by blah blah, inc."

some new friends i have just met refer to a jacuzzi as "cooze". which is my favorite euphemism for ladybits. i CANNOT deal with it when dude says "yeah, after i worked out at the gym i had an awesome cooze".
i wish i had a photo! unfortunately ( it was on the way to this training centre we went to for school) everytime we passed it we took the pic too late or too early or whatever.. damn camera phones....

Anyway, another company i just remembered is called Viagra fencing, their moto? "We'll get it up!" or "we'll erect it!", i can't remember the exact wording, but it was good biggrin.gif
Courtesy of Google Ads:

"Buy Angie Bowie's Bisexuality at"

It took me a minute to realize she'd written a book....
There is a television programme called "Unique Whips". It gives me a dirty giggle even though it's about pimped rides.

In the car with my uncle & grandfather on a longish roadtrip, "Do you want to borrow my vibrator?" My grandad has a massage pillow with heat for his neck/back on long drives, he was offering it up to my uncle. I dug my fingernails into my thigh to keep from laughing.
AP... that's good.
Are my boyfriend and I twisted or does this:

make everyone giggle?

Here is the actual whip:

Try Me!
Sound Of Vision

Not sure this was posted before...tongue.gif
i call hoax on that one. but the roleplay whip is pretty funny.
I was curious about the idea of purity rings and how virginty is being marketed for ca$h and profit.

Check these out.

Anybody else look at thoes and see something really dirty or am I just totally going to hell? Seriously, if it had been a Rhorshack test, I would have failed.
I'm going to hell with you, kittenb, because yeah, those do look dirty. laugh.gif
sorry kitten, not seeing it.

When I was working in a call centre, I called a person with the name Siwaporn Parkbongkoch.

That's right, PORN and BONG and COCK (koch) all in one name. I almost fell off my chair.

Every time I go to the states and I see "fish taco" on a menu I giggle. That's dirty slang for vulva amongst me and my pals. I was telling this to some people I was hanging with down there but as soon as I said "fish taco" one girl goes "OMG! I LOVE FISH TACOS! The ones here are really good!" I had to recover from laughing hysterically before I could continue with the story.
kitten & lilac, we can all go down in flames together, because I saw the same thing.
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