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Full Version: Get your mind out of the gutter: The Inadvertent Inappropriateness Thread
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I actually gasped when I first pulled up that screen. It just can't be accidental, the way that they look.

Oh well, at least I'll be in good company. Maybe geekchicknits can put in a good word for us.
You know, I'm usually the first person to see something perverse in things...but I'm not seeing this one. I'll have to look at it again in the morning.

I'll put in a good word for your perv souls, too, if I can't figure out what you are seeing. Hee.
Kitten, is it the logo you're looking at? Cause I see something kinda dirty too.
I must be missing it. I'm not seeing the dirty either, other than the fact that the idea of buying and wearing a 'purity ring' makes me want to vomit.

On the goofy names tip, I went to high school with a Persian girl who's last name was Maboubifahrti ("mah BOOBy FARTy"). What caps it, though, is that she dressed like a total slut in micro miniskirts, tight sweaters and high heels - in high school. I mean, yeah, it was the '80s...but, still. And knowing what I know about how conservative some Persian parents can be, particularly when it comes to how their daughters look, it was pretty amusing. Maboubifahrti.
ok, I'm just gonna say it.... the heart is an open loop - think about it as the "female" part. Where the cross sits in relation to it, it kinda looks like it's um.. going into the female part. (or getting ready to go into the female part)

... I cannot believe I just spelled that out. Or maybe I just have an extra dirty mind. smile.gif
hehe...even after the description, I don't see it. I mean, I do see the parts, but I guess I am not interpretive when it comes to abstract shapes. Oh, well.
no way!
ha ha ha ha! thats so funny rudderless.
yeah, those purity rings are dirrrrrrryt. speaking of names that are terrible in english, my mom went to thailand last year and apparently common parts of names in thai sound like "porn", "tit" and "kitty/kiddie". she swears up and down that she met someone with "kiddie porn" in his name.
...and then of course, there is the legendary restaurant in San Francisco - Phuket Thai. Which I think you're actually supposed to pronounce Poo-kit (which is still pretty damn funny) but of course everyone calls it "F**kit Thai"
I was in South Carolina this past week, and I know the SC Gamecocks are a college team and all that, but still, there's no excuse for this kids' book:
aw, zoya! i remember phuket thai. it's at the edge of lower haight... one of my friends lived a block from it.
bumpity bumpity
Christine Nectarine
i didn't see this thread before - phuket thai is definately on par with a Vietnamese resto near my parents house: Pho King Restaurant. try to say it without giggling!
i see this everyday on the way to school and everytime i see it i laugh a little inside. hee.

omg pepper!

yeah pho restaurants really need to be careful, especially if they're expecting people to pronounce it correctly.

there used to be (maybe still is but i can't seem to find it...i thought it was on western but i may be wrong) a pho place here called "what the pho".

Why is it that I can't get my mind out of the gutter even when I'm watching Serious Television for Serious People Like Myself?

... was half-paying-attention to an episode of the BBC nature epic series WILD CHINA yesterday only to be completely undone by repeated references to the "gei wei" (=manmade prawn farming enclosures) of the mangrove swamps off the coast somewhere ....

"spring arrives, and it's the season to open the gei weis"

"they tend the gei weis very carefully"

"gei weis have made the area prosperous"....

etc etc etc

I'm SUCH a child...
I saw this headline thins morning: "Heidi Montag's terrible taco!" I knew that is was making ref to her doing some Taco Bell charity thing where she wore stilletos & a pair of tiny little white butt shorts, but I couldn't help a giggle.
I can't believe I didn't post this before. I went to Brussels this summer and this is one of the metro stops:

It actually means "Arts and Law," but...
QUOTE(hellotampon @ Oct 13 2008, 01:36 PM) *
I can't believe I didn't post this before. I went to Brussels this summer and this is one of the metro stops:

It actually means "Arts and Law," but...

There is a show on Animal Planet called "Untamed & Uncut". It always gives me a dirty snicker because it sounds like a gay porno.
QUOTE(zoya @ Oct 6 2007, 05:02 AM) *
watching the finale of "Top Chef" the judges are speaking to the three finalists - Dale, Casey, and Hung.

the judges address all of them, asking about their dishes -

when they get to Hung, the first thing they say is "Well, Hung..."

nice one.

Zoya! I know a guy named Hung Dang! What is it with poor, unassuming Asian parents? He's Hung DANG!
Okay, mine's kinda nerdy, but...I've been keeping tabs on the contestsed Senatorial races and the Republican in Georgia who is trying to maintain his seat is named Saxby Shambliss. However, when the news anchors say it it sounds like Sexy Shambles. I swear every time they said it on election night my husband and I would look at each other to make sure they didn't say what we thought we heard. It's now an ongoing joke between he and I.
I'm taking an undergrad course in infant behavior and development. A model of infant and toddler play includes "thrusting," like verbal interjections, hitting people, or introducing new ideas. But all this talk about boys' thrusting behaviors just makes me feel like a pervert.
QUOTE(Lily_Anne @ Nov 24 2008, 02:39 PM) *
Zoya! I know a guy named Hung Dang! What is it with poor, unassuming Asian parents? He's Hung DANG!

My father-in-law worked with a woman that was named Connie Lingus. Seriously. Her boss made an exception for having your last name on your name tag for her.
A woman with the first name Poon worked at the McDonalds in my hometown. Yes, she wore a nametag.
My friend's neighbour is a realtor named Randy Dick. And my doctor is Randy Siemens.
my friend was making dried beef jerky when we were on the phone the other night.
her husband called out to her from another room, asking her what she was doing.
she yelled " I'm jerking my beef ! "
there was a long mutual pause on the line between both of us & then we both just Cracked Up. laugh.gif
A bus I saw in Dusseldorf, Germany this past summer:
hahahha that's awesome. there was a restaurant near where i went to college that was named "flickers" but the sign was all caps, closely spaced...
FLICKERS" from anywhere except up reaaaal close reads explicitly as "FUCKERS", unfortunately.
I have to report myself for being accidentally inappropriate on the phone at work today; a friend and I were discussing the impending snow and the possibility of sledding. He thought a couple of inches was adequate for said sledding, to which I replied, kinda loudly, "I prefer at least six inches." Again, the mutual pause and giggling.
I just saw a commercial for Universal Technical Institute. They keep saying, "UTI dot edu" over and over again.
Llamas, I found myself in a similarly awkward moment with Two Beeps's mom one winter. We were speculating whether or not it would snow the next day, and she was expressing her preferences for snowfall, completely oblivious as Beeps and I bit our cheeks to suppress giggles.

Mama Beeps: "I hope we get a few inches, at least. No more than twelve inches, though. Twelve inches is too much. But seven inches, maybe nine... that's just right."

Me, with Beeps's elbow wedged firmly into my side: "Oh, I agree completely."
so a guy that i'm working with at the box office is wearing a shirt that says 'benevolent glory hog,' but he ended up covering the end of it, and a lady came up and asked him what his shirt said, after she found out, she said, "oh. i thought it said 'benevolent glory hole.'"
hahaha!! that's hilarious, GT

I love this thread. I am absolutely the queen of inadvertent inappropriateness. I swear, nearly every day I will say or write something that everyone around will laugh at, and I'm like "what? what?!!" until they point it out. Granted, I do have a love for the purposefully inappropriate (as BunnyB can definitely attest to...) so I suppose it just rubs off subconsciously.

anyway. (sort of) derail over..

the funny thing is, i thought the same thing-- i just didn't say it. he kept covering up that side of the shirt. he was horrified afterwords, although he thought it was funny too. he was a flaming queen, so that kind of made it even more funny. he said his friends gave him the shirt for his birthday....

i'm kinda like that, zoya. if i'm comfortable with someone, then everything is dirty, when i hang out with mr. t, and her roomate, it's just constant, and nothing is out of bounds. they are both super kinky, so we joke about crazy shit. i actually love being the butt of jokes, cos i can give as good as i get. when we are with a whole bunch of people i don't know, however, i get too nervous to pay attention to the subtext, and i get super polite. so i'm sure i come across as kind of a angelic and naive (perhaps even a bimbo, which is why i dislike parties). she's making all of these rude jokes and i only get them 2 minutes after. we were having dim sum for a friend's birthday party last saturday. it's a lot of the heavy hitters from the local kink community, and she's making all these dirty jokes about me, and i'm like huh? OH! so much so, a person i had met earlier looked at me funny and asked if i was a pervert or fell in with a bad crowd. which is funny cos anyone who knows me.... well, there's no doubt.
little man was trying to describe a video game he played at a friend's house the other day.

"you know the one mom, the one with the gorilla. i think it's called "Honkey Dong". pft *dies laughing*
I'm the same way as both of you, zoya and gt. If I'm comfortable and I know the person can take a joke, my sense of humor gets rather raunchy. If I don't know the person or if I'm not comfortable then I am pretty quiet and people assume that I don't have a sense of humor and get easily offended. I hate parties for the same reason as you, gt and would rather hang out with a small group. Usually in a new situation I have at least one person apologize for swearing in front of me, which is funny because most days it seems like every other word out of my mouth is dirty.

Uh...I got nothing else for the thread.
Oh this is the best ever.

Wasn't too sure where else to put it, I thought here was appropriate.
I nearly made this for my daughter today.
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