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Full Version: Get your mind out of the gutter: The Inadvertent Inappropriateness Thread
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This is secondhand inappropriateness, but my friend just emailed me that she had copy machine training this morning, and her trainer referred to a task that the copier could not do and that they had to do manually as a 'hand job'.
at work on our closing read out it says "cum amount" and "cum totals"
apparently accumulative can be shortened to cum.
and no one thought this was weird when they were doing the programing? yeah, right.
From an "employee of the quarter" nomination (I work for an aviation company):

"The Captain was appreciative for [employee's] personal attention to his briefs."

And last week, from a conversation among marketing managers, referring to a large grouping of print jobs, sometimes called a "gang run":

"Well, B said we have to get those all to the printer at the same time so they can gang-bang them."
Not that inappropriate of an example, but when I worked at a bookstore, the short form for Random House on the computer was "Random Ho." Every time I typed it in, I'd hear some girl saying in the back of my head, "Yeah, I went with my boyfriend, but then I caught him making out with some random ho so I left with my girls."
Road sign seen today: Humps for 600 yards.
there is a commercial for a technical college that plays ALL THE TIME here. it is for Universal Technical Institute. i'm sorry, but i would not have any desire to go to a place that keeps repeating "UTI! UTI!"

also, re: beaver stuff! both my mom and best friend went to beaver college, in pennsylvania (which is now, as of a few years ago, the stupid "arcadia university"). my mom was there in 1969 and said that the little old ladies who ran the school store couldn't figure out why the "BEAVER 69" shirts sold so much faster than any other year!
there's some tool company called "rigid"... the complimentary calandar they send out every year is full of (guess what?) pinup girls.

the other summer i drove through kansas. all of the service stations were called "kum & go". gets better their radio jingle was "all day, all night, we kum & go".

has anyone seen the t.v. commercial for the "head on" migrane stick? i still can't understand how they got that one to air before 11pm
The mascot for the high school in Kansas I attended as a freshman was a beaver. And we had a Kum & Go!

But that's nothing compared to my college roommate's hometown of Licking, Missouri. Picture cheerleaders jumping and yelling "GO LICKING! YAY!" *double hurkie*
Hee. I went to college in Licking County, Ohio, in which the Licking River and Licking Memorial Hospital were also located.
I pretty sure there is a Frenchlick, Indiana. I thought it was naughty when I was younger.
i'm sure i've mentioned this before in this thread, but if you drive a few hours west of beaver college, you're on your way to intercourse, pa--but be careful, if you take a wrong turn, you'll end up in blue ball....and if you get really freaking lost, you'll end up in virginville. no joke.
Sixelacat, was your freshman year in Scott City? Their booster club's stickers said, "I've got Scott High Beaver Fever!"

I always bring back lighters from the Kum & Go for my big city friends.
Oh, good god aural, I didn't think anyone would have ever even heard of Scott City before! Yes, that tiny, tiny town is where I spent 8th and 9th grade. Yeesh, I'd forgotten about "Beaver Fever"....
mouse, do you live in massachusetts? Cause they play that commercial all the time here too! And I was like, "UTI? Do they even know what that stands for??"
mouse - a friend of mine lives in pa, and she said at the one airport she always flies out of there are all these innuendo souveniers of Intercourse and Blueball right next to all of this Amish craft stuff. she says its quite strange and keeps meaning to take a picture of it.
book in a garage sale today:
Europe through the back door, by rick steves
(what makes it funnier is my friend's dad looks exactly like rick steves. i'm talking lost at birth twinness)
I'm not sure if any of you Busties have ever been to Newfoundland - they have the best names for towns and villages! I spent the majority of my childhood summers there and I swear someone was dipping into the Screech a little too much when they came up with them!

Dildo Run
Conception Bay
Tickle Cove
I would keep going but you get the point. My favorite hot chocolate cup when I was little, was this joke mug my Mom had with all the names of these coves and bay's made up as one dirty joke.

My other one is just sweet not gutter. I used to play on a street by my house called "Old School road"..I joke you not, everytime they replaced it another kid would go and steal it! The picture was in Vice mag years ago...
october--yeah! they're all in amish country! intercourse has a lot of cheesy souvenirs you can get with lewd sayings, but the town itself is middle-a-nowhere pennsylvania farmland where horses and buggies abound, as is blue ball.

is there really a place named dildo??????? yeesh!

cstar--no, i live in california. i used to live in massachusetts, however! but as it's UNIVERSAL technical institute, i'd imagine they're everywhere. and yeah, seriously....i kind of think that UTI is a pretty commonly known acronym. weren't there any ladies on the founding board to go "uh....maybe we should rethink that one?"
Speaking of oft-stolen signs (I can't remember whether I've posted this or not), one of my high school friends went to Catholic University of America in D.C., and in one of the parking lots the 'Reserved Parking for Cardinal Hickey' (one of the school administrators) sign was taken practically weekly. Yes, she had one. :-)
mouse, there are actual numerous places named dildo in newfoundland. i love hearing stories of town names from my newfie friends
This is both Overheard and Inadvertently Inappropriate, so I'm cross-posting:

In a meeting today (I'm a marketing writer), we were discussing the re-branding of one of the company's service lines. The marketing rep for that service line was particularly thrilled with one change - dropping the tagline that's been used with the logo for years, often on the shirts they wear at trade shows. Her statement:

"As a woman, I don't particularly want to walk around with 'Fast, Efficient and Easy to Use' across my chest!"
Speaking of strange place/road names, there is a route 666 that actually goes through my hometown. We used to joke that this was evidence that our town truly was a portal to hell!:-)

When my friend moved away 10 years ago she paid my little brother and his friend to steal the sign for her. She still has it. They have now put the sign up really high along the route so people cant steal it.
Octobersky, if it's in Ohio, I've seen those signs!
best book ever: europe through the back door

also, on the side of a truck driving home the other day: mr goodfellow: the wood experts
i caught lady and the tramp on tv and before i remembered that his nickname for her was "pidge" (short for pigeon), i could have sworn he was calling her "bitch". which would actually be appropriate.........and yet so not.
The town I used to live in had an oil change shop called Oil Can Henry's and their slogan was ..

If you love it lube it.

No joke. :-)
Acme Electic: Let us check your shorts
not inadvertent, but punny nonetheless: a canadian apparel company called modrobes' slogan is "i want you in my pants".
I went shopping for camping equiptment, and found that one of the portable cookers (the tiny ones) was called: the Pocket Rocket.

And the salesperson couldn't understand why I kept smiling...
today i was reading an advert for western australian egg's (where i live) and it read no joke, "getting laid in WA." I laughed over it for a good 20 minutets :-)
There's a sign just outside of the city for a farm called 'Independent Breeders'.

I so want a shirt with that. Or not. Can't decide.
"the horny part of the hoof"

I should stop trying to revise because this is getting silly.
ok... this cracks me up everytime I see it... When I was a little girl, my poor nurse of a mom had me calling my vagina my noni.

So you can understand why everytime I pass the HUGE HONKING SIGN in the window of the local mom and pop pharmacy I laugh at:

You've got to love translations... especially Japanese to English!

The name of this very silly (PG) anime my guy and I just rented: "Real Bout High School: Enter the Samurai Girl." Perverted translators, much? *chuckles*
theres a billboard in my 'small' town...that has a red background, and says three words in small print...'my boogers itch'.....i was wondering if some sign guy was getting revenge or if it was his last day or something...heheehe
I went to school in Jamaica for a while and they sold packets of "Cock-Flavored Soup" in the grocery store. (Chicken soup.) I bought dozens and gave them away as presents and I still have one on the shelf in my kitchen.
that's priceless aquagirl. i wonder if their still available to stock up on when i go.
hee, my mom brought me back a package of cock soup. i had it printed onto a shirt, the front of the pack on the front of the shirt, the back on the back. it was a favourite for a long time.
ms goofball: it's an ad campaign for cartoon network unfortunately. it would be awesome if it was just a sort of revenge thing. hee.

i always love the vice tidbits section where they have things like cock flavoured soup, pussy scented incense, etc. basically an entire trove of inadvertent inappropriateness.
There's a Big Bone Lick state Tennesse, I think. I'd love a T-shirt.
hehehe me too!!!

There's a brand of fish sauce I foun once and have never seen anywhere else... Cock's Fish Sauce. In the same store was another of my favorite items: Instant Potato Fufu (I instantly start thinking of dirty scuptures made out of mashed potatos).
There's a factory by where I live that's called "Dyck seeds", I keep wondering if I should take a picture of it lol
Michigan has some interesting coincidental exits. For example:

Exit 69 on I-75 is Big Beaver Rd in Troy, MI

Exit 69 on I-94 takes you to Climax, MI.

I chuckle a little every time I pass either of them.
Had to do some serious digging for this thread...

Anyway, there's a dog grooming shop in my inlaws' town called Doggy Style. They had to have done that on purpose...right? huh.gif

i was wondering what had happened to this thread. there's a yoga studio with an unfortunate logo:

is it just my dirty mind, or does that look less like a sitting yogi than a nice little turquoise buttplug??
Oh, it's a turquoise buttplug, totally. Very cheerful. biggrin.gif
I'm going to have to agree with the butt plug.
I was just reading a news article about Troy, MI denying Hooters a liquor license, and it contained this quote:
"Critics are concerned that the restaurants' scantily clad servers don't fit the image the city seeks to project in its Big Beaver commercial district."
Hooters article
There is an Irish cream liquor next to Bailey’s Irish Cream in our local liquor store called, Ryan’s Cream. Guess what Mr. Pug’s first name is? He laughs and points it out every time we go there. He laughs and says, “Hey baby, want some of my cream?” LOL
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