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Full Version: Best Breakup Music
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pick up some alanis morrissette.... that should help.

oh, and meredith brooks' BITCH - it isn't about moving on but it sure puts me in a better mood...
oh, and catie, good call on willie for breakup songs.... those are good choices any day
Garbage for moving on!
Porn Star
Dr. Alban for crying....Enemy
Right back at you Anodecathode-just separated from my husband. Hang in there.

Might I suggest that if you REALLY want to get in touch with the heartbreak, try I Envy The Wind by Lucinda Williams.

Gutting. Every time.
"cathedral" robyn hitchcock
i think magnetic field's 69 love songs is a good album for breakups... it has some really good songs about breakups... but it also has all sorts of differnt songs about love... happy and sad. there's a good variety of happy and sad songs so, i don't become despondent & kill myself...

but other than that,
i really like the beatles "for no one" (because really, it describes everything perfectly), white stripes "don't know what to do with myself" (when i'm feeling campy), elo "sweet talking woman" (when i feel like it'd be nice to hear a man sounding sad & desperate wink.gif ), and the beatles "here comes the sun" (when i want to feel like there are good things coming in the future)
That reminds me to pick that box set up again. My stupid ex roommate stole it from me.
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