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OK .. I'm lovin parts of CSI:Miami right now, notably Cooper and Ryan .. Oooh yeah. :-)

But Marisol & Horatio? GAG! And they get married .. ewwww.

CSI:NY still my favorite CSI this season, great shows with unique plots. I love the interaction between the characters.

CSI:LV .. ugh, Nicky, get rid of the hair. I really have nothing to say about these past few episodes because they are just BORING to me.
Poor Nicky. Screwed again. At least he has a decent haircut again.
William Petersen was on the Early Show today. Tomorrow it will be Szmanda (le sigh) & Helgenberger. That is all.
Has anyone bought and played the computer game CSI. That thing is a lot of fun, it's a bit tricky though.
Has anyone bought and played the computer game CSI. That thing is a lot of fun, it's a bit tricky though.
So the finales are upon up and I must say I'm rather saddened by CSI:LV. I know that Brass is going to bite it and that irritates me! I like him as a character and I'd honestly rather see someone like Warrick or Sarah get offed than him.

CSI:Miami - I'm sad for Horatio that Marisol died but man am I happy she's out of the picture. Yuck. I can't stand her. She's got to be the prettiest chemotherapy cancer patient I've ever seen and that's not necessarily a good thing. I couldn't buy into her ..

CSI:NY .. haven't watched it yet. :-)
For reals! Why shoot Brass? Pop a cap in Sara or Warrick! Warrick is hot, but I find the character to be so irritating.
Oh man .. CSI:NY .. waaaa Flack is hurt! But that's OK because Mac was totally sweet in the end. ;)
I am so very, very annoyed by tonight's finale. They can shove the last two minutes up CBS' ass. Sara. MEH!
OMG .. I cannot believe they played the mortality card. You know the, 'someone close to me is dying/dead and I realized how alone I am' one. ICK! Grissom & Sara? I want to barf! This has nothing to do with being a slasher either, I swear ..

*shudder* I'd rather see him and Sofia if he has to be with a girl, yeesh, even Catherine for that matter. Sara just needs to go away.

But I'm glad Brass is OK and didn't die that would have been really upsetting to me since he's one of my favorite characters. Who knew he was so hairy? ;)
When I saw Grisom in his pj's in bed talking to someone all I could think was "Lady Heather...please god let it be Lady Heather...please got don't let it be Sara....please, please let it be Lady Heather....please don't let it--- OMIGOD it's Sara!!!"

What sort of finale was that? Where is the suspense? At the very least they should have not shown us, and given us the summer to hunt the reruns for clues to who it might be.
And let's be real, we all know who it SHOULD have been.

That's right. Me.
This sucks ..

"That sound you heard at 9 p.m. on May 18 was collective gasping from millions of “CSI” fans as they watched an intimate scene from the show’s season finale, in which Gil Grissom (William Petersen) chatted casually with co-worker Sara Sidle (Jorja Fox) -- in a bedroom.

The two investigators are in a relationship, executive producer Carol Mendelsohn confirms. And it’s “not so new.”"

(taken from Chicago Tribune)

And can I say again, ew? I mean, He rebuffs her all the time. Unless they get off on that I don't see how this can be a "not so new" thing. I think their ratings are slipping and they had to do something they said they wouldn't do. They also say that this won't turn into a soap opera but if it's not, why did you make that scene happen?


Next season Grey's Anatomy will be opposite of CSI and I think that it'll be interesting to see what happens. I know myself I haven't been thrilled about this season of CSI and the ratings did show that I wasn't alone. I'm currently catching up on this past season of Grey's ANatomy and I think it'll be interesting to see what happens this new season.

Personally I think CSI is slipping because Billy Peterson doesn't want to be on the show anymore and it is affecting everything. They've had some good plot lines but I'd really hate to see this finale be the shark jump. :-(
Ok, I am all caught up on my CSIs now, I can come back in the thread.

I don't think it could have been Lady Heather, not after the last one she was in. Did you see the look on Grissom's face when she handed him that condom in a baggie? And even if Grissom could get past that, I don't think he could have gotten past the scene where she's whipping the perp.

I don't have issues with Grissom and Sara; watching all the eppies close together over the past week, I notice they've been building character to show some kind of off-camera relationship. (Anyway, in my slasher mind, Greg is there but out of camera range in that last shot, and Sara is only there to be inseminated as their surrogate babymama. Heh. Ok, who's gonna write that for me?) But what was up with that Hawaiian shirt? Was that to show that he's changing, becoming more relaxed? If so, ew.

I only wish these effing TV and movie producers would spend some more energy on hooking older male characters up with WOMEN THEIR OWN AGE. Hello! I mean, my god, it would actually be a BOLD, DARING, and GUTSY thing to do, nowadays! Imagine the ratings!! Or...I know, how about hook Catherine up with some really hot young guy, and just let it be like any normal relationship in the world? Radical! Ratings! Skyrockets!
I don't mind them pairing Grissom up with a younger woman, that doesn't bother me. What bothers me is Sara! He looks, most of the time, like he can barely stand to be around her and I don't get how they can have a relationship when he's constantly looked perurbed at her. I'm in serious denial about their relationship, maybe it's a coverup for his relationship with Nick or Greg .. yeah that's it! :-)
*bump* for auralpoison and csi geeks everywhere!
Thanx Bunnyb, I am a tard sometimes!

Okay. So the season starts September 21st. I think we all know they totally jumped the shark with the season finale & the reveal on the Gil/Sara 'ship. I'll probably still watch because I want to have Billy Petersen's babies (Shut the fuck up, Speedy. He looked gorgeous in his tux last night on the Emmy's.) & this will be his last season as Gil Grissom. His contract is up, he's bored, & he & his wife bought an apartment in dowtown Chicago so he can return to the theatre. I don't think the show would last long without him.

I got two mini spoliers: Somebody is gonna hand our beloved Greggo's ass to him while he & Sara are out on a scene. I think it would be really funny if it was a Samoan lady like IRL, but whatevs. This is the really weird spoiler. *KFED* aka Cletus Spears will be making his acting debut as a kid that hassles Nick & Warrick in the field. Yeah. KFed guest starring is one of the final nails in the CSI Las Vegas coffin.

I dunno what Eric Szmanda is gonna do after it's all over, but he can stay at my house.
I agree, I'm not much into this new season of CSI. I'll still watch it but not with any great anticipation.

On the other hand, I'm looking forward to CSI:NY this season - mostly because last season was so enjoyable.

CSI:Miami will be interesting since Horatio and Eric have gone after Marisol's killer. I am hoping that they SHOW that on the show instead of referring to it in the past and just carrying on as normal. ETA: I did see that they find out that Ray is undercover AGAIN (how did he manage? He's supposed to be dead) and Ray Jr. is a drug mule? COME ON .. how freakin far fetched can we make this show? *grumble* I may just take all the CSI shows off myseason pass list.

But yes, GSR is the death knell for the show .. yuck. And KFed? Let me barf ..
Edward Furlong is joining the cast of CSI:NY in a recurring role.. that should be, uh, interesting. smile.gif

I may just remove my CSI and CSI Miami subs, I just think the outline for Miami is way too farfetched and I just don't know how they'll recover from last seasons finale in Las Vegas ..

I hate when TV disappoints me
The KFed ep has been shot & will air in October. Sigh. He'll also be doing a stint as *himself* on Entourage. Die, KFed, die!

Another possible spoiler: Nicky & Cath are out having a drink & somebody slips her a mickey. Her life & her family will be threatened. It sounds fishy to me... who'd mess with the daughter of Sam Braun? I know it's not bigtime common knowledge, but they had appeared together publicly with her as a member of the clan. Also: The producers/writers have intimated that G/S have a brother/sister 'ship & not a romantic one. Damn straight!

It sounds like they're getting all personal & angsty. Grrrr! This year it's going to be going head to head with Grey's Anatomy, so there's supposed to be some kind media blitz.

Here's a link to a new season photo.

I've kinda gotten into the last season of NY. But only because I want to make out with Flack. Or Danny. Or watch Flack make out with Danny.
Tomorrow on Spike there's going to be a CSI marathon. I'll probably be watching that as I will have nothing better to do.
Today's Spike marathon seems to be all of last season, so if you need to catch up, now would be a good time.
CSI: NY spoilers: "Oedipus Hex." The episode features the murder of a Suicide Girl, a member of a group of women Zuiker describes as "a collection of modern day pin up girls. They're the Bettie Pages of this generation. They're extremely gorgeous, with multiple tattoos and piercings. They all take the last name 'Suicide.' It has nothing to do with committing suicide. These are young girls that have a hardcore freedom of expression. They exude confidence and strength as a woman." Also the opening scene of the season premiere is going to be Mac Taylor in bed with Claire Forlani's new character, Peyton Driscoll.
“CSI” actress Jorja Fox reveals her thoughts on “CSI”’s new competition with “Grey’s Anatomy.” According to Fox, “There will be very little about our show that will change. I don’t think we’re going to try to be more like ‘Grey’s.’ I think that would be really foolish of us to do. I think that we’ve got a loyal following for what we’ve done, and they’ve got a really amazing following for what they’ve done.”

Surprisingly, Fox didn’t learn it would be revealed Sara and Grissom (William Peterson) were involved in a romantic relationship until four days before shooting the scene. Much like the fans, Fox seems to be in favor of the pairing. “These two people, they have a lot in common. They’re both really not great with people in many respects, and they’re emotionally detached in many respects. If two people like that can kind of find each other, there’s something really beautiful in that,” says Fox. “You have to think all over again, really who is this person and how would she respond and how would she be in this situation. Because she had a couple of boyfriends that she liked, but her sights have sort of always been on this one man.”

To read the full story, see The Boston Herald.
K-Fed is doing a CSI? Oh, it's so over.

Supposedly in the KFed ep (Fannypacking), our beloved Greggo hits somebody with a Denali & accidentally *KILLS* them. Thus raining a shitstorm down upon him for a few eps. It sounds like a really VIOLENT episode.

CSI Miami: Rio (spoilers in white)

I had serious reservations about even watching any of the CSI shows this fall because I just lost interest in them. Last night kicked off the premieres and it wasn't nearly as bad as I thought it would be.

As we all know, well, those who watch the show. Horatio married Marisol Delko (Eric's sister) and then within hours of being married to Horation she is murdered by a member of the Mal Noche gang. Horatio and Eric go all alpha and decide they must all die.

Off to Rio they go to track him down and they find out that Ray Caine is involved in the drugs again leaving poor Yelina home in a huge gorgeous house all alone. Ray Jr. has become a drug mule (how retarded!).

Blah blah blah .. very predictable overall, nothing to get all that excited over. It certainly didn't inspire me to watch the other episodes in the season.

Developments I don't really like ... Natalia is now a CSI, err, wtf? The mole was made a CSI? This makes no sense and Ryan is the only one who seems to believe it's not OK and he treats her like crap which was the best part of the show.

I think I'll be taking this off my season pass list on my TiVo ...

Thursday is CSI:LV (I think) so we'll see what a train wreck that is. I've now heard that they are planning on brushing off the carrot they dangled at the end of last season -- we'll see.

Who the? What the? Where my Greggo at? ONE scene. ONE! This is an outrage!
I decided to just throw a tantrum and deleted CSI:LV from my season passes and recorded Grey's Anatomy instead. *gasp*

One day they say that Grissom and Sara have had a relationship for a long time and the next day they are saying that nothing will come of it. I just can't buy that. You can't take it back once it's out there ..

I am boycotting CSI:LV. I am strange.

In another words .. CSI:NY was decent. I am a little confused by the additions in the cast because the new cop they showed looks an awful lot like Aiden, I know it's not her but it's strange. I guess they figured that people were upset when they killed her off and they'd bring back another snarky brunette noo-yawker.

And Mac .. seriously, good for you!
I'ma give it another shot, but if next week is still Greg lite, I'm writing a letter.

Also, I never needed to see Cath with a tampon or find out she has a bush to comb perp hair out of.
I think that one reason this decision was so easy is how bad the last season was. I didn't care if I wanted it or not. I just feel like Billy Petersen has given up. We know he wants to retire and it shows in his lack of caring about the role.

If he leaves the whole show will go down the tubes (see Stargate SG:1 for reference for Richard Dean Anderson left).

On the other hand, I do feel that the characters of CSI:Miami are invested and want to be there but the writers have taken the storyline into bad soap opera'ville and it's not good.

I think I'll rewatch the old episodes and remember when it was good ..

Oh yeah ... if you didn't catch it, check out Smith.

I enjoyed it and it had a few surprises that I didn't see coming ...
A bit o' fluff from the TVGuide.}
Okay. So tonight's the night our beloved Greggo gets his ass handed to him whilst trying to be a good Samaritan. The adverts look pretty nasty. Pig noses, costumes & the big beat down. It will also be KFed's big acting debut. Fannysmackin.
I missed it last night. Was it good, as in worth the hassel of downloading? I didn't like last weeks episode with the talking corpses.
Worst episode ever. And I'm a fan.
I'm telling's getting nearly as bad as the sopranos last season!
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