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So, just out of curiosity, any news on the next book?
Bellatrix Lestrange has been recast for OotP, it's now going to be Helena Bonham Carter (another good call, I feel, she has the sunken eyed, crazy person look and I need someone I dislike in the role).

Zora, I wish there was news on the next book.

At least JKR has an abundance of paper to write on.
sorry for x-post but I've just realised that a play I'm seeing in London next month has Fiona Shaw who plays Aunt Petunia in the leading role!
oh that's awesome bg!

I can't WAIT till Order of the Phoenix movie comes out. It was my favorite book after #3 and competes with #1.

The US is really messed up on the drinking thing. When I was a wee 17 year old college freshman I could drink with my professors at art openings and special lectures. We had wine and cheese, sometimes dinner and dancing. Now these very wealthy parents of very stupid children have sued a fancy school or two, like MIT and BU got sued because a kid who had never had a drink before swallowed an entire bottle of vodka, passed out somewhere and died. So, now you cannot have a bottle of beer or a glass of wine on or near any campus without severe penalties, even if you're 90.

So unfair. When I hadn't had a drink before, I knew enough to stop at one or two servings of beer or wine. sorry your child died of stupidity, but why make the rest of us suffer?
I love the idea of HBC as Bella.

Looks like the next book will be out next year (I'm guessing the summer). I wish it weren't so close to the movie 5 release! What will I have to look forward to after that?
the 6th film?

I am soooooooooo looking forward to the book but *sniff* I'm sad it will be the end.
so true, bunny b.
Did anyone watch "Robot Chicken" Sunday night? They had the funniest HP sketch, Harry, Ron and Hermione had to try and defeat the puberty monster. It was hysterical...I really hope I'm not the only geek who found it funny.
I just read that JKR might be killing off Harry for the final book, and she definitely is killing off 2 other main characters. I didn't know she had the final chapter of the final book written back in 1990....
yeah she's had the final chapter written since the beginning. I think Harry will die too.

I can't wait 'til the book, sooooo excited but no publishing date (although my money's on next June).
I just saw the interview on TV and it was odd because I'd been thinking about the end yesterday and I was calmly sure I knew who would die.

Harry dying makes sense (because Rowling said she wanted to prevent sequels written by someone else!)

Although that wouldn't really prevent it -- someone could just magically resurrect him or something. Stupider things have happened.
I don't think Harry will die, but I think he will lose his magic.

Spoilers for book 6 (highlight to read):

It's pretty obvious that Voldemort made Harry into a Horcrux when he Avada Kedavra'd him as a baby. The obvious solution to this is that Harry has to die to neutralise the Horcrux, but it's his magic that is all tied up with Voldemort's - turning him into a Squib is the neatest solution. And I really don't think that JKR is brave enough to kill her protagonist, or that it fits with the style she is writing in.

Book 6 makes it abundantly clear to me that JKR is writing in a traditional hero narrative style - Harry the hero is trained up by the mentor who has previously stood between him and his enemies, then the mentor succumbs to the enemy (perhaps voluntarily, if we believe that Dumbledore's death was a prearranged contract with Snape), leaving the hero alone. That's not a narrative that ends with the hero dying usually, though self-sacrifice is a possibility - Harry being forced to sacrifice the thing he loves most, his magic and place in the magical world, makes most sense.

And my narrative theorising predicted that Snape would teach DADA and Dumbledore would die in book 6, ya know, so I clearly must be right :-)...
I feel bad, but i dont care at all if harry dies, i just dont want hermione to die! shes soooo badass
So... I'm a bit early (approx a year) but when the new lounge came about I started to wonder about this thread and how we do white text now - just click white on palette?

test: I like the theory that Harry loses his powers but i think she will be tempted to kill him off at he's "her's".
Maryjo - INTERESTING post!
But I was under the impression that someone had to be killed before the horcrux was made (and the incantation had to be used to secure the piece of soul in the chosen object), and Harry *would* have been an attractive murder for the last horcrux (but he wasn't killed. So maybe there isn't even a seventh horcrux? If I've overlooked something important in the text, someone correct me).
I agree: really don't see JKR killing Harry. Aside from her style of writing, she developed his character far too much to be able to kill him, I feel.
Testing the new white:

I think that if Harry's a Horcrux there will probably be some kind of explanation as to why he;s an unorthodox horcrux - to my mind, the horcrux-ness that would have been contained in some kind of object if Voldemort had succeeded in killing him was instead instilled in him, thus giving him the Voltemortish powers (parseltongue, etc).
White: It would certainly be JKR's style to make such a shocking twist, and to come up with a way to reasonably do it. But I can't help but feel that Voldemort would somehow know he had accidently made Harry a horcrux, and for this reason would not be hell-bent on killing him.
Hm... really thinking about it, it does seem equally possible that he is a horcrux. It's just the type of twist she would put in there. But I really hope not dry.gif
I wonder what you think of a few things:
In the fourth book, Dumbledore had a triumphant look in his eyes when Harry told him Voldemort had used his blood to resurrect himself,
The significance of Harry having his mother's eyes,
Snape's loyalty: was his murdering Dumbledore prearranged?
The fact that Snape and Voldemort never appear in the same scene together
Is there any significance to Dumbledore's scar (mentioned in either book one or two)
Spoilers in white: If Harry is a Horcrux, or his scar is or whatever, I hope there's some sort of other major twist to it. Because everyone thought of that theory as soon as they read the book, and I would be sad if it were that predictable. I mean, I know things like Dumbledore's death were predictable so I should't expect too much, but I want there to be something surprising. I have such high expectations, and they'll be so much hype with it being the last book, I hope it can stand apart from all that and be as good I hope.
battygurl - I hadn't thought of that theory at all. I think would be very surprising. happy.gif

This is a really interesting conversation. Now I am tempted to go back through all of my books again.
ooh nice pic kittenb! Me likey.

I'm always tempted to go back through the books again but *sigh* I don't have the time (and yet how is it I have so much free time to post?)

I think the scar is the horcrux and that which makes Harry special and the symbol of the boy who lived- either his scar or his magic- will be destroyed. Personally, I hope it's the scar as to make Harry a squib is heartbreaking; he never belonged until he became part of the magical world.
oh how simply AWFUL that would be, (potential spoiler ahead in white)

if harry didn't DIE, but lost all of his magic and became a squib. oh, so UNFAIR! i would cry so MUCH!!! it would be much much worse to have had that and then to have it taken away from you.

but that WOULD be a great alternative to out and out killing him. and still not having anyone else write a sequel. however, if voldemort can come back, i suppose harry could too, somehow.

i don't think that harry is the character who will die. i've speculated on it being either hagrid or remus, as these are both people that harry looks up to and who would protect him if they could, now that he is no longer at hogwarts and dumbledore cannot look after his well being. ginny is a good bet, as well, because she is now more important than she was, although not as important as ron and hermione.

on a totally different note, does anyone know how to get a student id in order to take the WOMBAT exam on the jkrowling site???

tes, you can't (scroll down - the door to sit test was only open for few days in April and people who sat test were issued code so they could retrieve results.

Daniel Radcliffe is 17 today! Aw bless.
well, THAT sucks!!! if it was only available for that short of a period of time, then they should take the wombat link OFF of the site! grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

thanks for the information, though. i was beginning to feel like a real dweeb because i couldn't figure it out. i AM a nerd....i can spend HOURS on that site and all of the links. not to mention the slash. hmmmmmmm.

i suppose THAT is what i will do after it is all over. read loads of slash. and hope that someone else will come up with another series that i love as much.

I don't know why ev eryone is so conviced that Harry is the one who will die. It is still a children's book after all. Unless Borders is planning on hiring pediatric grief counselors for the release week, I just don't see it happening. As for It won't happen. I won't let it.

Thanks bunnyb. It makes me happy too.
i don't know what this would mean in terms of storyline, but if someone had to die BEFORE the horcrux was made, and everything was set up for it, and Harry was the one who was SUPPOSED to die to finish off the horcrux, couldn't something ODD have happened, for example, a sort of horcrux but not quite was made? you know, like a cooking recipe, or a potion when the wrong things get added, and it sort of works, but not the way you expected it to?

i don't think harry is the one who will die. but who knows? i've been waaaaaaaaaaaaay wrong in the past. i got some things right in this last book, and some things wrong.

Tes, I would cry and cry too if that happened.

Kittenb, I think I spend too much time on the internet with HP related stuff. As soon as I read the 6th book I was on here and mugglenet and other places wanting to see what people thought, and so many people were like "OMG Harry/Harry's scar is a horcrux!" I just think it can't be that easy if so many people got there right away... there has to be something else. Maybe Tes is right and it's a horcrux gone wrong, an unpredictatble horcrux.
I don't think Harry will die. BUT, if he does, that will break my little heart. Please don't kill him JKR!
BTW, am I the only one that thinks Daniel Radcliffe is babe-a-licious wink.gif ?
jsmith, you may be interested in NAKED Daniel:
You know, it's really misleading to say NAKED Daniel and then not have a link to a pic ;)

Is that article for real? I can see why he would want to do something completely different than Harry Potter, but there's no way he'll escape a) packs of fangirls only at the play to see "Harry Potter" and b) the assumption from serious professionals that he was only given the part for his fame and connections, and isn't a real actor.
I suppose he'll be hoping that his performance in the play will lead him to be considered a real actor...

Personally, based on the HP movies I think he can't act, but maybe he'll redeem himself.
It's possible. Sometimes stage actors are wooden in movies, so maybe he's a closet stage actor. I'll still feel bad for him if it backfires on him.
That was rather nasty of me battygurl, apologies unsure.gif .

I think he's trying too hard not to be typecast, although he is always going to be Daniel Radcliffe, the boy who lived/ was Harry Potter.

I think he's adorable; he was on Jonathan Ross's talk show one night and he was so hyper and exciteable I kept laughing.

i have a suspicion that you are right, hunnybunnyb. i find myself getting upset when i read things that say that emma and daniel and the others might not be doing the next movies. i flail my arms about and say, BUT THEY HAVE TO!!!! no one else will work for me!! it won't REALLY be harry!!!

i've been trying to find good harry/draco and snarry slash that has the characters really really DOWN, so that i don't get withdrawal. i'm already wringing my hands because the last book is going to be, well, the LAST book. (a slash plug here: mirabellafics. house of hobbits. she is writing a WIP that is SO good! she really nails the characters, while aging them. they are still believeably the SAME characters. i usually refuse to read WIPs, but i make an exception for her. i can post the link if anyone is really interested)

and daniel says that HE thinks that rowling is going to kill him off.

*sobs* sad.gif
She can't!!!! :'(
It just wouldn't be right.
Besides, a lot of readers would probably be piiiiiiiiissed.

WHoaa.. hm.. interesting link bunny! I wonder how that play would be recieved...
J.K. Rowling will "mourn" when she finishes the seventh book:

funny that she uses "mourn" in the context of finishing the series and then also when describing the death in book 6...
Helena Bonham Carter to play Bellatrix Lestrange.
i'll take a link to that slash, tes...when you have a minute...
the link to the harry/draco slash is house of hobbits

once you are there, click into Mirabella's fics, and once you are there, click into Harry Potter. once you're there, there are several short stories that are fun, eg: malfoy's guide to.... for example, but the WIP that i'm in love with is the Shadow of his Wings, affectionately called sohw.

seriously, it is THE best harry/draco i've ever read, and some of the best slash around, period. mirabella is a fabulously gifted writer.
Ooh, tes thanks for reminding me about that one. I'd started reading it, but stopped (uh, I <i>try</i> not to let slash take over my life completely, and I had a paper to finish, and then I was too tired to pick it up again for awhile and then I forgot). I'll have to finish that one sometime. I remember I liked The Malfoy Guide to... as well.

Did you know that you provided my very first intro to slash, in the precursor to this thread? You were raving about a Snarry piece, so I tried it and I was hooked. Something about a cauldron... I didn't save the link. It totally blew my mind. I was addicted.
ooooooooooooooooo!!!!!! i LURV it!! a bustie provided ME with MY very first link to slash, too! (although i have been reading kirk/spock fanzines and books for years!! spock, with his huge cock and green cum, is truuuuuuuuuuuly a tasty morsel!!!)

mira is ALMOST finished with SoHW, which is pretty amazing. i can't BEGIN to think how long it would be if it were a BOOK. i was almost exclusively a snarry fan until mira.

*happy sigh*

Some of you may find this interesting smile.gif.
its coming soon!!!! the release date for the new movie is nov. 21st.!!!!
for years i put of reading harry potter - i didn't want to be one of the masses reading the series. but, in june i decided to give harry potter a try. i read harry potter and the philosopher's stone in june, and just the other day i finished reading harry potter and the chamber of secrets. i'm already 1/3 of the way through harry potter and the prisoner of azkaban and all i've got to say is the series is amazing!
welcome to the club, bush_goddess!

woot! I didn't expect film to be out until next year! I thought they were still filming!

I was so excited today as a workmate has a photo of herself in front of Platform 9 and three quarters (she's posing with a trolley pushed towards wall)!
The fifth movie is coming out on July 13, 2007.
The sixth movie is coming out on November 21, 2008.

Not sure why they're planning that far ahead, but we still have a wait for the next movie. They're still filming.
Ooh next summer will be fun as that's *hopefully* when new book is out!
*refuses to let this die*

there's an itv drama coming up starring both julie walters and rupert grint.
What's itv?
And who is Julie Walters? Was she in the movies?
ITV is a British TV channel, cos you know the movies are British? It's being released in States and Canada too.

And yeah Julie Walters is in the movies: she plays Molly Weasley.
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