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Rupert Grint has gotten to be quite cute. He doesn't seem to know it yet.

But my all-time favorite character is Minerva McGonagall
i just finished (due to time constraints) the half blood i am stuck in anticipation of the next book...crap......
News story last night: JK Rowling hand-carrying hand-written seventh HP novel on to plane from London to the US. Had to talk her way past security -- there can be no leaks!! So this means, they will start printing it soon!

Thought I'd pass this along .. it's a clip of Daniel Radcliffe acting very UN-Harry Potter like .. it's fun.

Warning: it's not Harry Potter related at all and is adult humor. smile.gif
Oh, the Ricky Gervaise comedy pain!

Daniel Radcliffe so still cannot act, though.
OH MY GOD! Sweet Daniel Radcliffe??!!
I couldn't understand half of what was said (sound was poor) but OH MY GOD!
QUOTE(wombat @ Sep 15 2006, 11:41 AM) *

News story last night: JK Rowling hand-carrying hand-written seventh HP novel on to plane from London to the US. Had to talk her way past security -- there can be no leaks!! So this means, they will start printing it soon!

Wombat, it's true that she took her manuscript on the flight, but she's not finished writing it yet. It's still a work in progress, she just couldn't bear to leave it while she went to New York. I think we still have awhile to wait before they print it.
I heard it was done -- besides, the lead time to have something printed, the cover art done, the manufacturing, distribution, publicity etc, is three months at the very shortest -- I work in publishing but not on stuff that is even NEAR as big as Harry Potter.
She updated her official website a few days ago to talk about going to New York, and said she wasn't finished yet. (On the main page of, click on the News section for a book 7 update.) It's possible she's just being mysterious about it to put us off, but it sounds like the first draft isn't done yet, never mind editing.

Neither she or her publishers has announced that it's done, but there's always a million rumours swirling around about the progress of her books (one refuted story was that she's written it and it's 750 pages). When I worked at a bookstore people were constantly phoning me and telling me that they'd heard that book 5 was out, yet it hadn't even been announced yet, and didn't come out for another year and a half after that.
Stills from Order of the Phoenix I'm so excited! although so long to wait.

I thought Imelda Staunton was an inspired casting as Umbridge but I expected her to look more toad-like.

I don't think there's any way at all that the seventh book is finished. JKR is a perfectionist and she'll be even more so with the last in the series. I don't know how long the publishing process takes -anybody any ideas? but I think it will be out no earlier than June or July (hey, not that I wouldn't love to be surprised!)
Ooo! So exciting - I also expected Umbridge to be more toady, but they seem to have done a good job "outfitting" Imelda Staunton - love the pic of her at her desk!

There was some talk of the book 7 release following on the heals of the movie 5 release (July 13, 07). I think there was even speculation that it would be released on Harry's bday (July 31). It does seem more and more unlikely, though - it's gotta take at least 6 months to edit and print, right?

*BTW* Mugglenet has a pic of Luna Lovegood in addition to the pics bunnyb posted!

mmm . . . can't use html code?
prophecy_grrl, in new reply the world icon is for inserting links or you put url=then address in square brackets, what you want link to say, then close with /url in square brackets.

I'm holding our for June, the last three have been June and I like the theory of it being on Harry's birthday. Luna's cute but thought she'd be quirkier looking.
OMG - watch this. I am *SO* excited!!! I'm glad I found this through google video as I saw the teaster preview and it felt wrong but now I'm reassured. I wasn't able to put my finger on what I thought was wrong but this version made me realise it's the city shots - they look wrong, they look as if they belong in some Hollywood blockbuster filmed in NYC or LA.

Harry looks more like his younger self with the shorter hair.
Yes -- Book SEVEN -- this SUMMER, yes, JKR was carrying it on the plane this FALL -- The Chicago Manual of Style says there is 10 months of advance time between dropping it at the publishing house, and when it actually comes out.

*Does the "I was right" dance*

That's really great, bunny_b. Thanks for that. Book five is my favorite book, besides book three. Oh. It's just going to be so great. I take a day of hooky and go see it in the theater at like, 1 PM Tuesday, and I can get in and see it on the big screen with the big sound -- I mean, the special theaters we got here in the last couple of years that went back to having really big screens and really good sound, and big seats.

Where did you hear about book 7?
*bump* to say...

The new book is called Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. And it is, as you all know, due out in July!

The countdown begins...what do you all think the title may mean? Any thoughts?

ETA: I have to admit, I'm a teeny bit sad about the last one coming out...
squee! I read that too and was coming to post it! The book isn't finished yet according to her own update son website.

Deathy Hallows? I'm thinking Hallows is a place... Ominous sounding as rhymes with gallows amd that's all I have, oh All Hallow's Eve too. It is capitalised so that's why I'm thinking place but it may refer to the revered ones - Dumbledore, James and Lily? deathly to Voldermort?
Oh my goodness! I've been poking around online since around 10! Work really isn't that busy... anyways, I just finished reading The Half Bllod Prince, and I'm on the rampage for clues!
ok, so even though we now KNOW the title of the next book, i'm still trying to get to the name by playing around on the site. did anyone else do this? i get to the point of finding the key, but i CANNOT grab onto it to unlock the door! sad.gif

if anyone else has managed to do this, could you let me know? i'm making myself crazy!

does anyone want to talk about who might be slated to die in the final book????? huh.gif ohmy.gif
Well, on her website she says she's not done with it, but I think that's a bit of dissembling on her part -- occulmency anyone? because according to my experience in the book pub biz as well at Chicago Manual of Style she would need ten months of lead time to get it published by July 7 2007, which means she was dropping it off in September when she took the plane to the US.

I entirely picture Harry living in Grimmauld Place with Bill and Fleur and his Aunt Petunia, being able to talk to Dumbledore because he will now be in a Headmaster portrait, and...??

wombat, she said she's not finished with it (considering how upset she was when she killed off Sirius I am sure she would be expressing some emotion at having finished the series). Besides, it was on the aeroplane from the States back to the UK where she had the manuscript so she wasn't dropping it off.

I was thinking about Mr Olivander being killed by the death-eaters in the last books and I'm thinking it's because he wouldn't tell Voldemort about the shared properties of the wands ...

I'm hoping it's released at 7 minutes past 7 on 7/7/7 (being the seventh book and them supposed to be in their seventh year and Ginny being the seventh child of the seventh child...)

I maintain the Dumbledore isn't truly dead and, tes, I'm thinking Harry will die.
From the classic-heroic genre it seems to me clear that JKR is doing, I say tha Dumbledore is definitely dead and Harry will live. But many will die and the Wizarding World will change beyond recognition... these feel to me like incontrovertible facts, and only the details remain to be determined.

I hope to go to a bookstore at midnight too pick up this one.... smile.gif
I've only been a big fan of HP since a little before the 5th book came out, so I'm a relative newcomer. I haven't done the midnight release thing yet, but I'm planning on doing it with this one with a bunch of friends and some family. We're going to go to what's supposed to be the best release party in the Chicago area, at The Magic Tree, a children's bookstore. Here are pictures from the release party for the 6th book. They get the whole neighborhood they're in into the party.
Tes, go to, it gives complete instructions of how to get the title. I would be delighted to discuss who dies in the next book!
(cross-posting in the Buffyverse thread) I was reading the IMDB message boards for Tony Head (who played Giles on Buffy) and someone suggested that they should cast him as the muggle Prime Minister (he doesn't actually have a name, does he?) in the 6th movie. Mmm, that would be good.
I just want this book 7 to come out -- pleezpleezpleez.

I will block my ears against all media, and any jerky people, go buy it, and shamelessly throw everything aside that day/night for however long it takes to read it.

Favorite so far: 5. close seocnd: 3.

Can't wait for movie of #5!!
ooh polly, that would be so good! I'm thinking that the new minister of magic (in book 6) -can't remember his name and don't have book to hand, the one who looks like a lion- should be played by Stephen Fry; he is so good at reading the books on audio (bunny sis is currently listening to them after I bought them for her for Christmas) and I love him so.
Polly, I went to a midnight release party at Women and Children first for the sixth one and it was so fun.
I used to work at a book store, and the Harry Potter launch party was so much fun! I remembering having to work at my other job when OOTP came out, and I came into work that night, and we got to dress up, and we had games and activities, it was so wonderful!
Apologies if some has posted this already or if any of you have seen this before. It's a Harry Potter spoof from Robot Chicken - I died laughing the first time I saw it...
regarding who will die in the next/last book: i believe that the latest word is that two people will die.

1. i don't think that it will be harry. rowling has set in motion a classic hero story; heroes in that situation don't ever die.

2. i think that it will be harry. rowling has specifically mentioned that she hates seeing other authors take up where the original had left off. NEVER with any success. think scarlett in gone with the wind. then think scarlett in that travesty of the literary equivalent of remaking previously successful movies by turning them into a franchise.

so, who else?? if we follow the classic untried hero logic, it would have to be hagrid -- or one of harry's best friends (ron or hermione). in the classic storyline, all of the heroes allies would be picked off one by one until a situation has reached explosion point.

what do others think?

I still think that it is Harry and Voldemort who are going to die. I think that they are a part of each other, no matter what, and what happens to one happens to the other. I don't think that Voldemort is going to live. I think it will be the fina showdown.

I really do think that Harry will die.
Tes, a couple of my coworkers and I have had extensive discussions on that question! Rowling said that two characters will die that she didn't intend to die; so does that mean that more than two characters will die, but the rest will be according to her original plan? If you go with that, then it kinda eliminates from the said two what I consider to be the more obvious choices that I kinda assume are going to snuff it, like Wormtail and any or all of the Malfoys. Also Hufflepuff Justin, for some reason. I can definitely see her killing off Harry to preserve the integrity of the series, but if he dies, Voldemort has to die too. I can't see Rowling leaving Voldy alive with Harry dead, as I'm sure the ending will be classic good-conquers-evil, one way or another. But you could consider Voldemort to be one of the obvious deaths, too. Too many possibilities in that statement!

So I've been coming at it from the angle of, who definitely needs not to die to ensure a proper happy ending, not nessesarily for Harry but for the wizarding world as a whole? So far I've got McGonagall, the Weasleys (except for Percy, he's an obvious death for me), Hermione, and Tonks and Lupin; McGonagall will be the new headmistress of Hogwarts, the Weasleys will finally be influential in the Ministry of Magic and otherwise, in a nice, Muggle-born and Muggle-friendly way, and the last two need to have their own personal happy ending! Also, at least 2 of the trio need to survive, as it would be psychologically cruel to leave only one alone.

Wow, dissertation much? tongue.gif
Just thought I'd mention this... hope you're sitting down!

OK - I'm offically a dirty old lady. Holy crap. wub.gif

thanks, redhead!
Just thought I'd mention that Harry Potter 7 comes out July 21st!!!! YAY!!! I already preordered my copy! smile.gif
You have just made my day Jasmine77!!! I was in such a shit mood at work, and now! Hurrah!
mine's pre-ordered too; OoTP the film is out the week before.
July's gonna be a freaking HP orgy...woohoo!
So aside from the obvious of who is going to die, does anyone else have any plot ideas?
consider it wishful thinking on my part, if you wish, but i think that sirius will somehow be able to communicate - if not actually pass back --through the veil. this will make harry's life somewhat less empty.

so, what are we going to learn about harry's parents? and what about his aunt? what is up with her??? anyone care to speculate?

I don't think that Sirius is dead. He just went where people don't come back...

Petunia is maybe a squib? Or maybe she has magical abilities? Tes, what do you think?

I am not too sure, I've been wondering what is going to come of Draco and his family?
In July I'm going to re-read the first 6 books (and not for the second time, I do this every time a new book is due out) but I'm tempted to read them earlier...

Obviously horcruxes is main thing in book 7, as is Ginny, the Malfoys are in deep doodoo, Sirius AND Dumbledore will communicate somehow, Snape will redeem himself (he's not bad, it was pre-planned with D), Wormtail will repay his debt to Harry, the significance of Harry having his mother's eyes will become apparent, Petunia will be revealed as a squib... and lots and lots of surprises and shocks and all loose ends will be tied up and then it's over. *sobs*

Also, it will be revealed that Mr Olivander was killed by the Death Eaters because of something to do with Harry and Voldermort's wands, the shared properties of which will be tied up with prophecy.

As to who dies? I think she'll kill Harry, Voldermort has to die and I think there will be big deaths again and that they are needed, just as the last ones have been; however, we're not going to like them, but we don't have to. I am staying away from any possible spoilers as I DON'T WANT TO KNOW and wish that it hadn't been leaked about Dumbledore.

i really don't think that she will kill off harry.

the malfoys mr and mrs are dead or wish they were.

draco hasn't proven to be a complete horse's ass yet. (that could be the slash rather than the canon talking)

i don't think that petunia is just a squib. there is SOMETHING ELSE, or dumbledore wouldn't have made such a fuss about harry having to be there. i don't think that he was protected by a squib, or by wards placed by others. i think that petunia fell in love with her *shudder* husband, and was somehow brainwashed into giving up her life as a witch. either that, or she gave up powers, whatever because she wanted to be different than her sister. sibling rivalry sort of thing.

i also think that ginny will die.

harry cannot be a horcrux. it is too easy, too simple.

there has to be some connection with sirius' brother.

what about hagrid's half brother? how does he play into this? and will the centaurs remain outside of it all?

there will be a huge split somehow between the muggle and wizarding worlds.

snape is a fuck chop, but he isn't a complete baddy. dumbledore knew that he was dying from the stuff he drank and was telling snape via mind link that he was going to die anyway, so just have at it.

a probable ending for harry, rather than being killed, is to lose all of his wizarding powers, which IMHO would be much, much, much worse.

I was discussing this with my supervisor, and I thought maybe, just maybe, would it not be a surprise if Draco dies in a fight between Harry and Voldemort? You know, Voldemort is going to kill Harry and Draco steps in between? It seems far fetched, but J.K. just can't leave the Draco thing open, not with Draco supposed to have killed Dumbledore and all.

I agree that Harry cannot be a horcrux, it does seem to obvious, the question is who got to the last horcruz dealt with in HBP?
I need to reread HBP.

It's definitely Sirius' brother and it's in Grimmauld Place.

Yes, tes, you're right: there is something more to Petunia and "her last".
yes! i'm so excited that i could pee! i have to re-read them all again!
in OoTP, our heroes were seen helping sirius "clean up" grimmauld place.

there was a box. that no one could open. i don't have the book here, so i can't find the page number. anyway, THAT is my best guess as to either where the last horcrux is, or that there is some clue to finding it inside that box.

better question: why did sirius' brother take the horcrux and leave poison to be drunk by the person who actually managed to get through it all and find the underground cave? if the horcrux was gone, why automatically assume that whoever came to find it was a "baddy"??? even if there are people who think that dumbledore himself may have been black at heart.

ron will die. hermione will take refuge from his death by hanging with the bulgarian quiddich player, wronski? (or whatever his name is!)

hagrid will marry/be with the headmistress of the girls school in france.

toooooooooooooooooooo many questions, tooooooooooooo late at night. must work tomorow!

It's the locket and they can't open in in the cleanup and the house-elf whose name escapes me probably liberated it (remember he kept "saving" things and took them to his den under sink?) also, he was with Sirius' brother, he helped him like Harry helped Dumbledore.

Wronski feint is a Quidditch move, I think done wonderfully by Viktor Krum.

eta: also, if I remember correctly the locket is the last horcrux they know of, but there is a final one that they don't know what/where it is, hence the speculation that it's Harry or Harry's scar.
I thought I heard J.K. say something that Sirius' brother was not the one who took the horcrux...
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