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Bump b/c....SOON!
AAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So excited!

Normally I'd be rereading all the books to prepare for the new movie, cause I'm that nerdy. But they're two provinces away right now, so I'll just have to settle for massive excitement. Even though I never like the movies. I'm just so excited to relive a little glimpse of the glorious novelty of Harry Potter, which I'll never experience again now that there are no new books coming out. I just have to appreciate my Harry Potter excitement where I can get it. It's such a special feeling. I remember lining up for the last book and finally having it in my hands and opening it and reading the first lines, thinking, this is the last Harry Potter book ever. I'll never have this feeling again.

Epi, I understand what you mean! I'm so glad there are 3 films left. Even though I know the stories because I've read the books, I'm still excited to see how the filmmakers are going to translate those ideas onto film.
Whoa, what do you mean 3 more movies? Is there another one I don't know about? Or are they splitting one? Or was that just a typo? I hope it wasn't, 'cause I'm all excited now!
The last book was so big that they decided to split it into 2 films. So yup, there are 3 more films left!
Oh my god, I'm so glad. I always hate it when they try to cram too much into a movie. They just end up cutting corners and glossing over all the little details that made it special. That's what I hated about all the other movies. Except for the Prisoner of Azkaban, which everyone else hated. I know Alfonso Cuaron edited it pretty heavily, but he did it with a hell of a lot more style and structure than the other guys, and it just worked better as a movie. The other movies I can't imagine sitting through if I wasn't a fan. They just took the books and acted them out, and it really didn't feel like they could have stood up on their own. I felt like they relied heavily on the audience's knowledge of the books to provide the nuance and narrative structure while they just lumbered from one major plot point to another. And with a budget that huge, you'd think they could have got some better special effects for Order of the Phoenix! I hated that movie. I feel like such a wet blanket, going to movies I know I'm not going to like and then bitching about them, but come on. I'm a fan. I have to see them. It's not my fault they keep fucking it up.

I'd really love it if they broke the movies up even more, making each one into 2 or 3 movies, like an HBO series or something. One of my main issues with having the whole book in one movie is that the pace is completely fucked up. J. K. Rowling is a master at using little events and plot twists to build up to a well-constructed climax, and that gets completely lost in a 2-hour movie, where the plot has to be tightly focused on the climax or it's just a huge annoying mess of red herrings and side narratives and stuff. It'd really work beautifully as a TV series. I'd also love to see it animated. Not like kiddie cartoons, but really artistic and complex and a little dark. I just think animation has way more potential for creating that magical landscape, and then you can really get into the world without being distracted by acting and famous faces and bad special effects and stuff.

But, to give the movies some credit, I think some of the casting has been brilliant. I LOVE Rupert Grint. I didn't really care much for Ron's character in the books, but Rupert somehow managed to make him really adorable and likeable without changing anything or making it too cute. Although he certainly is cute. And, of course, nobody could play Snape but Alan Rickman. I'd almost believe that the books were written with him in mind. I don't care much for Daniel Radcliffe's acting (although apparently he's great on stage), but he does look exactly as I would have pictured Harry. Now when I read the books I just picture Daniel Radcliffe.
So, I just saw OOTP, movie this weekend, very impressed. And because the 6th book is coming out, I'm rereading the half blood prince. I don't remember a whole lot about the book, it's like I'm reading it again for the first time!!!
ch -- I was thinking about re-reading the Half Blood Prince, but a friend pointed out to me that whenever she reads the book before the movie she is disappointed about what is left out. I'm inclined to agree, so I think I'll skip it until after. Also, I'm running out of time! So excited for the movie!
Here is a lovely quiz from Mental Floss. Harry Potter Character or Horrible skin disease? I got 11 out of 12.

How'd you do?
I saw Half-Blood Prince yesterday! I honestly didn't expect to like it, but I was very pleasantly surprised. I thought it was awesome. I loved every second. The new director is great. People are pissed at how much he edited out, but sadly that's what has to be done if you're going to turn an action-packed 600 page book into a 2 hour movie. The pace was reasonable, and I loved the director's style. It was very slick and dark and modern, much less like a kids' movie than the previous ones, and was quite beautiful in parts. And the special effects were much better than in Order of the Phoenix. I'm just so, so happy! I think I might go see it again! It helped that I hadn't read the book in a while. A movie can never really stand up to a book, much less when you're actively comparing them. Oh, and the guy that plays Draco apparently has apparently gone through a huge growth spurt since OOTP, and he looks like he's 40. It's a little strange.
*snort* 8 out of 12 here, ch.
If I wasn't so taken with the Potter world they created I think I would have found this last movie too long and too choppy. You could see that they had cut a lot after filming. The child Voldemort was perfect. And personally, I'd like to order more Snape in the next film, please.
Draco did seem a lot older! He even seemed to have lines around his mouth. I blame all of that scowling.

I have one bitch about the film. It annoyed me that they left out the tiny-yet-important moment when Dumbledore stunned Harry up in the tower. In the book, Harry was frozen so there was no way he could have helped Dumbledore. But in the film, they just had him stand around dumbly, doing nothing. It's totally against Harry's character. Since it would have added just an extra second to the running time in order for D to stun him, I really cannot understand the reason why that was left out.

Other than that, I really enjoyed it. It's great to see the characters maturing.
How do you black-out spoilers?

I think an argument could be made for the film's version -

it might have seemed a bit inconsistent that Dumbledore had enough strength to stun Harry, but not enough to defend himself against the other little punk.

But then, have you seen this article? Albus Lazy Bones tongue.gif

I've credited Darko's looks to stress, in my head. It was kind of freaky to see stubble on Harry though.
Ugh, Roseviolet, that really pissed me off, too! I mean, come on!

Other than that, though, I prefer the heavily edited movies to the ones that try to cram in every little red herring and side narrative. They just stand up better as movies, rather than just recitals of the books. Which is too bad, because part of what makes the books so good is J. K. Rowling's skill at weaving that texture into the story, creating the delicious little details, red herrings and side narratives that she ties up so cleverly and neatly. But the movies become so confused and unweildy when they're all included.
I am feeling "meh" about the recent Harry Potter movie. I will admit that I have not read any of the books. But, even I could tell that the movie was too choppy and took out alot of depth to the characters. I think not enough attention is given to Draco. All I did was see him walk around with a scowl on his face. I wanted more attention to his storyline of him being chosen to take out Dumbledore. I think the other characters got enough attention in the movie. I guess I just wanted more about Draco.

Rose, that's sounds interesting how that scene with Harry while Dumbledore was being attacked...I still feel like the interaction between Harry and Dumbledore was true in the sense that Harry has followed, for the most part, what Dumbledore instructs him to do. Of course, I realize that their relationship may be totally different in the books.

So, yeah, I felt a little disappointed only because I've left every Harry Potter movie excited about the next movie.
girl logic, to insert spoiler bars, you just need to put the spoiler code brackets around the text you want to hide. For example ...
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You can also highlight the text you want to hide & use the links in the Quick Access window that appears on the left side of the reply box when you're composing a new post.

Back on topic ...

Epi, glad to know I'm not alone!

Star, it's been a couple of years since I read the books, but from what I remember, Draco didn't get a whole lot of page time in Half Blood Prince. There were some moments with him lurking alone or feeling anguished with the weight of what he had to do, but we didn't really know what was expected of him until the very end. The film's portrayal seemed pretty accurate to me.

I can totally see why the movies may not be satisfying for people who haven't read the books. There's just no way to cram all of that information into a couple of hours. Each film becomes a 150 minute summary of the most important points in the book. That being said, I think the film series has done an excellent job of capturing the over-all feel of the books. They obviously cannot include all of the details, but they seem to do a pretty good job with character & plot development.

Remember that the final book will be broken up into two films, so hopefully they won't feel quite as choppy.
Rose, well, I guess it is good to know the portrayal of Draco wasn't too different. My godmother went with us to the movies and she read all of the books. She said some attention was given to Draco and his mother's conflict with him being the chosen one by Voldemort in the book. Yeah, I know with any movie that is a book that the book is totally different. I guess I was just surprised that this movie left me feeling "meh" in the end. I'm still looking forward to the next 2 movies.
Star, I think that was explored more in the final book, so maybe what your godmother was expecting to see will show up in one of the final 2 films.
Rose - As to your point below whitout Dumbledore stunning Harry, what I saw was Harry taking a chance to trust Snape. This will make the betrayal even bigger. What do you think?
Thanks Roseviolet
Kitten, that is an interesting point. It certainly changes up the dynamics quite a bit. For instance, Harry is bound to feel terribly guilty about Dumbledore's death either way, but with this change, he has far more reason to feel that guilt. In the books, he knew on some level that there was absolutely nothing that he could have done to save Dumbledore; he'd been stunned and was hidden by his invisibility cloak. But in the film, he just stood there. He promised Dumbledore he wouldn't do anything, so he didn't. As a result, Dumbledore died. He wasn't helpless. He really COULD have done something to protect Dumbledore. but he didn't.

I still don't know if this change is for the better. If this was the way the book had been written, I'd be fine with it. I'm only annoyed because it is different from what's in the book. The only thing that has made me feel better about the change is the possibility that Rowling approved it. From what I've heard, she is consulted often and has a strong influence on the final outcome of the scripts. If she's okay with the changes, then I just have to buck up and accept them.
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