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I couldn't stay away ladies! I'm already dressed up! 11 hours and fifty minutes to go, and I couldn't be freaking out more... This is so surreal. I've been waiting 10 years for this!
Lustfully that is so awesome! What you are you doing for the launch
Saw the new movie late last night as a way to start the celebration. Hot damn, that was good!!! Definitely my favorite so far.

In a local, quaint, historical town, there's a local bookstore situated in a cute brick alley & they're transforming it into Diagon Alley this weekend for the release. Isn't that cute? They're going to have costume contests, dorr prizes, and the like tonight & tomorrow. I have a felling that tomorrow's activities will be dead, though, because all the kids will be reading! laugh.gif
I LOVED the book! It was a bit of a bloodbath and I was sobbing from Hedwig onwards ... I am relieved that none of the "key" characters died but each of the deaths cut me up in its own way (excluding Wormtail, Voldermort and Bellatrix LeStrange, of course). Each death shocked me and hurt.

I adored the happy ending; saw a lot of it coming (Snape, RAB, Wormtail, Ollivander) but everything was perfect, absolutely perfect. Except maybe for Neville not being the one to finish off Bellatrix but to be Head of Hogwarts made up for it! Neville was fab all around; his tranformation/hero in Harry's stead was great and, again, perfect.

The only thing that annoyed me was the lack of expanation for Neville suddenly having the sword, did I miss something?

The final showdown HAD to be at Hogwarts and I was so excited for last 150 pages!

The happy ending was cheesy but I filled up find out little Albus was named for Severus too and to hear what Harry had to say about him.

Now, I'm in mourning for the characters and the books.

The launch party was a blast, I was very close to the front of an incredibly long queue (up four flights of stairs, across a floor, down four flights, across another floor, out the main door and up the street!) and had the queue by 00.21. I am so glad I went to a bookstore for the last book.
he pulled it from the hat!

I loved it too! I was especially relieved about Snape
I just finished the book and bawled like a baby. It's so hard to know there won't be any more Harry Potter! I totally agree the part where you find out Harry named his son after Snape was heartbreaking!
also! I'm glad Harry didn't actually kill Voldemort... that he was his own demise.
Oh wow! I loved it. I was so sad and I kept yelling "FUCK!" whenever anyone I liked died. I was sad about Dobby and poor Fred. I would have liked a final wrap-up with the Weasley Family as well as Hermione's Parents. It also bummed me out that Harry wasn't especially broken up about Hedwig. Such a good book though. It's not usual that I shout and yell at a book. Wonderful.
Excellent book. I was exoecting a more major character to die, not that Dobby and Fred weren't.

I like how she wrapped everything up at the end, but it was slightly predictable, in a fairy tale kind of way.

I adore the fact that Harry honoured all those who made sacrfices of their life for him, by naming his children after them.

I also would've liked to know what happened to Hermione's parents and what about George? and Percy?

I bawled when Harry was having the coversation with Dumbledore about passing through death and so forth.
I'm almost too shocked for words right now. Let me say first of all, that I will be wearing nothing but black the next few weeks to mourn the dead, and I've already planned out some tattoos. I already knew I was going to get tattoos in memoriam to Harry Potter, but now I know very clearly what I want.

That was the absolute perfect ending to the series. I am absolute broken up about it, but it could not have been more perfect. I feel a little lost now that it's over.

I must admit I hated Dumbledore when I found out that Harry had to die. I love him again, though. Snape, I am so sad that he had to die. He was an amazing character. Remus and Tonks, leaving Harry a baby at 17. How lovely.

I wonder what happens to the Dursleys. I guess I will always wonder.

I cried so hard for Dobby. I loved him.

Fred, I couldn't believe that he had died. A Weasley! Molly so made up for it, amazing woman she is.

I'm going to have a kid just so I can name it Severus Albus Neville Harry Kreacher Pink.

I love you guys.
I knew not all the Weasleys would make it, but Fred! Boo!

I liked it, but didn't love it. My biggest complaint, actually, is the epilogue. I felt like it glossed over a lot -- did Harry become an Auror? What happened to Luna? And yeah, what of Hermione's parents?

I thought the scene where she reveals what she's done to them was chilling. It made sense, but it was chilling nonetheless.

I'm sad it's over. It's weird to finish a Harry Potter book and not speculate wildly on what various things mean!
I wonder what happened to the Malfoy's and the death eaters who survived, and what of the dementors and Mr. Lovegood? Did everything go back to the way it was when Voldemort wasn't around?
god, this is hilarious. i haven't read the book--i'm waiting to be able to check it out of the library--and am not looking to seek out spoilers, i'd rather read it myself, but this thread looks HILARIOUS right now with all the spoiler boxes. like you all are robots talking to each other in code!
Finally finished today - I had to work at the "giant coffee conglomeration" this morning and it was simply KILLING me to be at work when there were more chapters to read.

Oh I cried when Dobby and Fred died! I kinda figured that one of the Weasley's would die so I had come to grips with that, but Dobby?!? Poor little bat eared Dobby?!? And Tonks and Remus? Though I am glad that they did have a child to carry on.

Glad I'm not the only geek contemplating HP tattoos ;-)

Molly Weasley kicks major ass -I now know where the Weasley kids get their spunk.

Yeah, I was getting a bit pissy with Dumbledore at several points in the book - I was afraid that he might have turned on Harry for some strange reason, but I couldn't figure out why.

I do feel that JK kinda glossed over the end, leaving lots and lots of ends open. But yeah we kinda figured that Harry/Ginny and Ron/Hermione would wind up together. But as a friend and I discussed - perhaps she left these lines open for reasons - think of all the potential plots for future books!!!! I know JK said that Harry Potter was done -but she has on several occasions alluded to the fact there are other facets of the HP universe to explore.

bunnyb - Neville could get the sword out of the hat because he was a true Gryffindor - I'm thinking there was some charm on it put in place by Godric that returns the sword to the person who needs it? I was thinking they lost it in the Gringott's vault...

Ack! My head is just spinning about the book! I'll probably reread the book in the next few days to savor all the tiny details I may have glossed over to get to the end. Muggle love to all!
Yeah, i found that a lot of my questions were still unanswered. Was it just me or was anyone wondering how a 17 year old Harry cared for Lupin's son? Or what happens to Luna? That was my biggest question I was left with. Does anyone know who Victoire was? i know Ginny said she was part of the family...but who was she related to?
Did it say who ends up raising Remus and Tonks' baby? Harry?
JK made mention of it at the end, Harry suggested that he come and live with him and Ginny. I know that Tonks' father died, but did her mother, the baby could've been with the mother.

Victoire could be the child of George and Fleur?
Mouse - your comment made me laugh...

I loved the book. I just loved it to peices and I cried so hard when it was over. What really suprised me was how adult it was. I am not sure that a child would pick up on the stuff that I noticed. For example; anybody else think that Rowling was hinting that Dumbledore's 6 y/o sister was raped by thoes Muggle boys? It seemed that she was more than just beat-up. And all of the torture. Everyone, including all of the Hogwarts students were treated like punching bags.
I really liked Snape's end and what Harry said about him in the last chapter. Snape had the hardest job in this whole deal, in my opinion. And I came into the book as a Snape hater. I wanted him to be evil. And his whole redemption was b/c he loved someone.
I knew that a Weasly was going to die but I was betting on Mr. Weasley. The fact that it was Fred really cut. The whole "parents should never have to bury a child" and all that.
I was really moved by Mr. Neville Longbottom. Although I don't think he is Headmaster, is he? I thought he was the herbology teacher which is exactly the ending I wanted for him (& I wanted him married to Luna.) He became a real hero and proved that he would have been worth the prophecy, had he been choosen instead. Loved his gran.
So much cursing in the book! And I have never read a children's book where one character called another a bitch before. Nice to see Mrs. Weasley in action. She lost a lot in this war and deserved to take a peice of one of the death-eaters.
It was great that Duimbledore's character was really fleshed out, warts and all. Harry has always been so impulsive and quick to judgement. He needed to see that even the ones we love are not perfect and yet, redemption is possible.
I have a feeling that the last chapter will be really devisive. I would have been okay with the book ending w/o it, but I really liked it. It felt like Rowling was writing her own fan-fiction. She needed to see where her characters will end up. But there was just no way she could end the book to everyone's satisfaction.
I am very, very happy, though.

I think what I will miss about this whole experience is knowing that all weekend I was reading the same book that so many other people were reading. I've never felt anything like it. There were parties and dinners and costumes all for a book. Do I think that the Harry Potter books are the best books ever? No, maybe not. But I loved them. And the whole suprise success will never be reproduced. So this weekend I knew that bunches and bunches of people were reading the same book I was.That was really cool. smile.gif
I took it to mean Neville was headmaster ... but then it could have been Herbology professor. I may have projected what I wanted to happen onto what I read. I recall the sorting hat and Neville and must have been rushing at the point because it was so highly-charged.

Also took Victoire to be Bill and Fleur's child; I thought because it was a French name it was obviously their's.

The cursing was raised brow worthy but it fit. Facing Bellatrix LeStrange "duel [ling] to the death", you're not going to call her a nasty woman, are you?! Deranged psychopath, perhaps, but bitch definitely fit. There's been a few instances of cursing in the other books -mainly by Ron- but the increase I think added to the frustration and urgency.

The things that annoyed me about the book -the cheesy/glossed over epilogue (although I did love parts of that, as I've said); the reliance of Polyjuice Potion for everything; the predicability in parts and the uncomfortable parallels between the Death Eaters and the Nazis- I am suppressing because of my love for the books and for the characters. I can't criticise something so close to my heart; although not wonderfully written, the books are a phenomenon -as kittenb has touched upon- because they have brought such a large and disparate amount of people together in time and feeling. I don't know of any other books/series of books that have accomplished that either. The books and the characters will remain very special to me an I am definitely in mourning for them.
bunnyb - I have often said that "If one more sci-fi/fantasy story compares the Big Bad to Nazis I will give up on the genre altogether." Obviously I haven't, but I feel your point. rolleyes.gif
Thanks for the calarification on Victoire. Makes sense.
I guess I could find the predicatability annoying (and lord knows some people on wouldn't shut up about that. Why do I read thoes reviews?), but I love Nora Roberts books. I am not always looking for groundbreaking, never been done before stories. HP is classic hero's journey stuff. There is a predictable pattern that must be followed.
If anyone is looking for a fantasy-type book to fill the HP shapoed hole, can I recommend the His Dark Materials trilogy? Read the first one before the movie comes out. You won't be sorry!
Bunny, I was talking about the same thing with my mother.

In this book, she seemed much more focused on the details of triny to find what they were looking for and once Harry, Hermione and Ron got to the destination it seemed allocated to a few short details.

It seems that there was a lot written, but nothing all at the same time.

I still did enjoy it though. Not as much as the others.

Finally finished it lasted night. Mcgeek isn't done yet (but did give me mine own copy, so we weren't fighting over one book)...Yet, I agree with kittenb about the sense of community that HP has brought(parties and the like)
I second kitten's recommendation of His Dark Materials if you are at a loss at what to read now. COMPLETELY different from Harry Potter but incredibly good; the film looks amazing too!

I have to remind myself that this isn't the end: we have two more movies to watch and there's lots of re-reading!

culture, my feelings are that it all tied up nicely, albeit a little too nicely, and that there were no real surprises but the way it ended pleased me. It was pacey and emotionally wrought with good moments of humour but that there were elements of the story and character development that weren't fully developed, which annoys me. I still loved it though.

I just finished the book. I decided to take my time and savour it, reading some passages twice and taking breaks to think about what was happening.

I enjoyed it, but it wasn't really my favorite. There were some sections that down-right annoyed the crap out of me, actually.
1. The in-fighting between Harry & Ron & Hermione. It seems like they've been fighting like this for 7 loooong books. And yes, I know there's a point to it (they're young & not exactly emotionally mature & it was important to the plot that Ron & Harry faught & Ron abandoned them), but sometimes their bickering drug out for too long & it was so tiring and annoying that I chose to put down the book and do laundry. Laundry, people! That ain't right.
2. When they were in Hogwarts and Harry was told that Ron & Hermione went to "the bathroom" .... and Harry did not immediately think of The Bathroom! The Bathroom! The Bathroom that is also the entrance to The Chamber of Secrets! Fer crissakes, I know he's smarter than that.
3. And then while they're at Hogwarts, Harry is just lurking around in the great hall when somebody else has to remind him that, uh, he's supposed to be looking for something. And he's all, "Oh yeah! Uh, right!" Right, Assmunch, because the only reason why you are at Howarts is so that you can get your hands on that goddamn horcrux! Remember?!?!

Uuuuuuugggggghhhhh. I just wanted to reach across the ocean and slap J.K. for that stuff. I felt as though she was insulting the intelligence of her characters and her readers. Grrr.

But I loved getting a fuller story on Dumbledore & Snape. I appreciate that Albus isn't as perfect as he seemed & that Severus was capeable of more love than others could knowThey're human now and that's wonderful.

And I loved that it wasn't just Harry that broke all of the horcruxes - it was a group effort. Hell, even Voldemort broke a horcrux! At least, that's the way I interpreted Harry's "death" and the writhing thing (what I assumed to be a piece of Voldemort) under the chair.

Oddly enough, the death that really hit me was Dobby's. I think that's because he was so defenseless and so small. I was very proud of Harry for digging the grave himself. He deserved the most honorable burial they could give him. Sniff!

As for the epilogue, I'm glad that the ends were not tied up neatly. That would have taken too long. I would not be at all surprised if more of the details are filled in for us later. But I'm dying to know what they're all doing now! Are they all Aurors? Or something else? Who is the Minister of Magic? Who is the Headmaster of Hogwarts? I got the impression that Percy works there & that Neville is the herbology professor, but that's it. We don't really know what happened to tons of people. A bit maddening, but aren't we happiest when these books leave us with a few mysteries to ponder?

Hope you enjoyed International Harry Potter Weekend! I agree - it was so much fun knowing that I was reading this with millions of other people all around the globe!
Maybe JK will come out with something in the future which wraps up everything. I know she says she's done, but this can't be it!
QUOTE(mouse @ Jul 22 2007, 02:54 PM) *
but this thread looks HILARIOUS right now with all the spoiler boxes. like you all are robots talking to each other in code!

QUOTE(culturehandy @ Jul 23 2007, 10:37 AM) *
Maybe JK will come out with something in the future which wraps up everything. I know she says she's done, but this can't be it!

Yeah I've been driving myself crazy trying to find the interviews on mugglenet where JK said that Harry Potter was through, but that there were other facets of the magical world to explore. I know I read it because I discussed that topic with friends! I'm not crazy - really!

With such a rich fantasy world to explore, I can't imagine her walking away for good. She did say there would be no prequels to HP, but has never flat out said that she wouldn't continue.

I could completely see her doing another series set in the same world with Ron, Hermione and Harry being teriary characters and perhaps Neville, Luna, George, Dean etc becoming secondary characters to the new crop of Hogwarts students.

Or am I just engaging in wishful thinking?!?
QUOTE(octobersky @ Jul 23 2007, 01:39 PM) *
I could completely see her doing another series set in the same world with Ron, Hermione and Harry being teriary characters and perhaps Neville, Luna, George, Dean etc becoming secondary characters to the new crop of Hogwarts students.

Or am I just engaging in wishful thinking?!?

I definitely could see that as a possibility...JKR is sooo good at tying things together that I can't see some of the gaping holes in the epilogue being left there nonpurposefully! So much room for further stories. I'm especially intrigued by lil' Teddy, the color-changing werewolf. tongue.gif

And did anyone else get all sniffly at the beginning of the book when Dudley actually showed concern for Harry?
Of course I had to add my take on this book. I just finished it this afternoon because I was too busy to read the whole thing in one day, but OMG.

Can I just say how much I am in love with Severus Snape now? I really didn't ever believe him to be that evil or working for Voldemort, but now that I know the whole story it's just too bittersweet and beautiful! And especially because Harry named one of his sons after him! Good Lord, I cried like a little abandoned child at the end of the book, during the epilogue.

Also, Hedwig, Dobby, Fred, Lupin (one of my most favourite characters!), and Tonks AFTER THEY JUST HAD A BABY?! They all produced tears pouring in rivers down my cheeks. I didn't for one second think I was going to start crying during this book at all. Oh and Mad-Eye . . . . I didn't really like him anyway, but I kind of can't believe he died.

I am also disappointed with the eiplogue. It left too much out. I hope she starts something with the Potterverse again because I hate thinking that this is the last we will get to see of Harry and his friends.

AND! Why didn't she talk about the fate of Draco and his parents? I mean, I know he was mentioned at the end, and the whole the-Elder-wand-belongs-to-Draco thing, but he was such an intrical part of HBP that I think more should have been said about what happened.

Whatever, I'm happy about the book. Oh, did I ever cry at the end!

Thank God there will still be movies!

And I think I am going to start the His Dark Materials series.
I saw the play at the National Theatre in London when I was living in England two years ago and it was amazing! I had never read the books so I think I will start before the movie comes out.
QUOTE(llamas @ Jul 23 2007, 01:05 PM) *
I definitely could see that as a possibility...JKR is sooo good at tying things together that I can't see some of the gaping holes in the epilogue being left there nonpurposefully! So much room for further stories. I'm especially intrigued by lil' Teddy, the color-changing werewolf. tongue.gif

And did anyone else get all sniffly at the beginning of the book when Dudley actually showed concern for Harry?

I loved in his baby picture that he had a little tuft of turquiose hair - too cute!

I got the impression at the end that Shackelbolt stayed Minister, McGonagall became the Headmaster and that perhaps Harry, Ron and Hermione became Aurors. Just 'cause Voldy's dead doesn't mean that evil can't pop up somewhere else!

Yeah Dudders actually showed some heart and after Snape's story I felt empathy for Petunia.

My heart broke for Snape and his unrequited love for Lily - Harry was just a reminder of what he never got to have. I KNEW Snape wasn't all bad wink.gif

As I read the epilouge, I kept thinking of possible story lines for future books. I felt that JKR was being vague to leave openings for more. Glad I'm not the only one thinking that!

Llamas - did you enjoy Wilmington? Some of the costumes were really, really good. We stayed for a bit and then went to her house in Cincy 'cause we didn't want a 1/2 drive to delay reading the book! We even took our books to brunch the next morning! Yeah we are that geeky rolleyes.gif
I guess I was right in guessing that the epilouge was going to be the real divisive part of the book. So: I think that the book could have ended without it and no one would have thought anything of it. After all, how often do we, the readers, ever find out what happens to the characters after the last page? So, if the epilogue had not been written. would anyone have been upset that we didn't have follow through on all of the characters? Or do you feel that we needed follow-through on everyone? Some of them only?
If at some point Rowling decides to revisit this world and write another story, maybe out Lupin and Tonk's child, then I fear for her rolleyes.gif . The expectations on a follow up would be even higher than they were for this one.
The poem and paragraph at the beginning gave me absolute CHILLS. They really set the tone for the book.

I really think that the second paragraph was Jo's way of saying "Okay you dorks, stop already. They're DEAD."

I agree, I think I cried the hardest for Dobby. And Harry of course.

I've taken my fan art to a whole new extreme.
QUOTE(LustfullyPink @ Jul 23 2007, 03:36 PM) *
I really think that the second paragraph was Jo's way of saying "Okay you dorks, stop already. They're DEAD."

What? What second paragraph? And where can we see your fan art?
In my second reading, I came across something that I forgot about. Kreacher and Harry questioning Fletcher and Kreacher hitting Fletcher with a skillet. Hilarious.
Octobersky, I definitely enjoyed Wilmington, and the costumes were awesome! Did you see the hugeass Dementor? (I was a Hermione myself, as I never pass up the chance to wear knee socks in public. tongue.gif) We only stayed until 10, so we could get back in time to get our books locally too!
Finished the book last night. Loved it but still want more. (though I think there could be a hundred books and I'll want more). Feeling some serious Post-Potter Depression today. Waaa! sad.gif
I also finished last night...I was sad and thrilled all at once! Our BFF just finished it, too, but her 11 year old is still reading. I told him this morning that he'd better finish fast, so his mom and I can talk openly! smile.gif
YES!!! *pumps fists into air* laugh.gif JKR said that she will write an encyclopedia about the characters - giving backstory and such! YIPEEE!! We might me waiting awhile for this but - oh happy day! Here's the link to where I saw the article.

I knew she couldn't just walk away from her characters and the world she created. Is it too much to hope that "Hogwarts: A History" could be written? But an encyclopedia of characters works for me!

Yeah Llamas I did see the Dementor - there was a woman who was dressed as Madame Hooch that was flawless! I actually stared at her, I think she thought I was crazy. I kinda did want to dress up but the clothes would have been so hot.

Moxie - too bad you can't talk in spoiler boxes! BLACK BOX Hogwarts BLACK BOX when they went....
Octobersky that is exciting!
For any of you that found the epilouge too vague JKR touches on a few things in this interview. I had kinda figured these out, but it's nice to get confirmation from the author.

JKR interview
oktobersky, the link doesn't work. sad.gif
None of my links are working. Crap. Just go to and there are two stories on the home page with links that actually work - it was the "Today Show" one I was trying to post. Sorry 'bout that.
thanks october!

I wonder who is the new headmaster, if not Neville... Percy?

I think it's pretty obvious that Harry, Ron and Hermione had to return to Hogwarts in order to get jobs at the ministry; although, perhaps they bent the rules for three of the people with the most experience ever to apply for a Ministry job...

It's still very vague but then the futures of most characters in books are vague and left to our own imagination.

I do wish, though, that she had retained the more detailed epilogue.

Did anyone else read about the rumoured castings for Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince? They've supposedly been debunked by the actors' representatives but interesting nonetheless: Naomi Watts as Narcissa Malfoy, Joseph Fiennes as young Voldermort and Stuart Townsend as somebody ... Bill or Greyback?

Joseph Fiennes playing the younger version of the character his older brother plays is pretty inspired and hopefully will come to fruition. The casting for the HP films has been spot on from the very first film - Alan Rickman, Julie Walters, Robbie Coltrane, Maggie Smith and Michael Gambon (although in tragic circumstances) will remain the characters they play and when reading the books I cannot imagine anyone different; and the latter castings of Mad Eye (Brendan Gleeson is fab), Umbridge and Bellatrix LeStrange have, again, been perfect.
Here's a link to the transcript of that interview with J.K.R.
She talks a lot about what happens to various characters after Book 7. Great stuff! And chock full of spoilers, of course. biggrin.gif
Cute shirt, blanche!

Today I came across some cute fan artwork. Lots of Snape-oriented stuff in this person's gallery.
What? Where does it say that Snape is a vampire?
It doesn't... They say something about "Vampire-like qualities" but it never says he is one.
Really great article by Stephen King in EW this week about the book.
snow white
I just saw OoTP and absolutly loved Bellatrix Lestange, Helena Bonham-Carter and Alan Rickman make the movies for me.

Anyone else slightly disappointed by the other characters in the movies? (like um...Remus Lupin, for one.)

P.S. sassygrrl, I read that article by King and it was good, he touched on all the stuff I thought about the books
I must admit ... I've never much cared for Lupin. His character never struck me as terribly interesting for some strange reason. [shrug]

Here's a link to Stephen King's article on the Harry Potter books. It's nice to see that he's a fan.,,20044270_2...0050689,00.html

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