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I know! I'm sooo excited about the theme park! BUSTie field trip! The theme park, I think, means Harry won't die. I mean... who wants to go to a theme park about a dead guy... I mean, It won't all be about Harry, but come on.
(As you can tell, I'm really digging for things that say Harry won't die. I couldn't stomach it if he did *laughs*)

Have you guys seen all of the official pictures from the movie? Kreacher is SCARY looking. Not at all how I pictured him. And the picture where Harry is possessed. Creepy stuff, ladies.


Harry being possessed... *Eep*

And may I comment on how absolutely delicious this boy has become? I've always had a crush on him but it was "Oh, no, I like his brain, but he's pretty cute." But now it's like "Oh my goodness, could I have a quick autograph and possibly a shag?"
I'm so excited for the movie and in particular the scene where we get to see a young James and Lily Potter. The cast of the new film is on this site.
tHarry Potter Cast
Who is the boy in the third picture? Whick character?
Neville 'Sexy Pants' Longbottom. I think I'm in love with him.
GET OUT!? How is that Neville?
Nice job growing up, kid.
Iiiii know, girl. Cantya tell by his huge mimbulus mimbletonia? (meh heh... That sounded Duuurty.) Yeah. I'm pretty much in love with him. Always have been, but the fact that he now looks like that is a nice bonus.
Kreacher is going to give me nightmares! He is so creepy. Neville looks amazing I feel like a pervert because they are so much younger than I am but the boys of Hogwarts are growing up so hot! 15 hours until the new movie opens up here! They had a marathon of all of the old movies on saturday and on the commercials they played little clips from the OoTP, It really looks amazing.
10 days until the book!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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*ugh! I copied the wrong thing and didnt notice until after! sorry!*
Movie Spoilers!!!

Holy shit. That's all I can say... Holy fucking shit. That was AMAZING. Favorite movie of all of them. I cried with Arthur, I cried with Sirius.... Good lord. I was crying throughout the whole thing. It was so... EMOTIONAL.

I went medieval on someone after the movie who was like "That was awful" and they kept ranting, I was like "Have you even read the books?!" Of course, in real life, that was in all caps.

It was so great. I could have done without Harry and Cho snogging for 45 minutes, but GOOD GOD. Daniel is HOT when he kisses.

And it was soooo adorable how Ron was so protective of Hermione... Sooo cute.

And did anyone notice all of the looks Ginny was giving Harry and Cho.

Good grief that was so great. I think they really did the book justice.

You go David Yates.

I am so having brain sex with almost every male member of the cast right now. Neville, Snape, Fred, George, Draco, Lupin...

I picked up a boy at the premiere biggrin.gif He's really cute. And really nice. And within 20 minutes of us talking said "I'm really glad I met you"

awww L.P. that is so cute!

I wish I could say that i had an experience like that. I went yesterday and my friends and I ended up in front of the grossest couple ever! First they stunk like sweaty feet and then they were making out! Because the theatre was so quiet all I could hear was the spit noise and giggling coming from behind me. It was awful. I have to go see it again so i can watch it without that distraction.

I thought the movie was good, but it felt a little rushed. I know they had to fit a lot of information in a small amount of time, but it still felt rushed. I wanted the Weasley twins exit to be more exciting *shrugs*. Dolores Umbrige was just as I thought she would be and I loved how the death of Sirius was done how he floated back into the arch. Even though I knew it was coming it still brought a tear to my eye when Bellatrix killed him. Oh! but how great was H.B.C. as Ballatrix?!Dont' get me wrong I still liked the movie and I know I am going to see it again. I think i had gotten myself so excited for it that I had such high expectations about all of my favorite scenes from the book being played out on screen.

But oh my! the boys have grown up so well!
7 days until the book!!!!!!

That is all.

Most likely seeing the movie tomorrow!
I saw the movie on Wednesday, and it made me want the new book right. freaking. now.
Really, I was pleased that they spent more time on plot and less time on special effects-type stuff for this one. And they could have made it longer by at least a half-hour and I would have been fine!
how long do spoiler bars stay in effect? I'm off to see the movie tonight! Wheee!
Im back!!!!!

Mr D. suprised me with tickets to Harry Potter at midnight on opening night. Soooo fun.
Im suprised how much stuff was left out of it from the book though....
Oh lord the book is coming up so fast and so slow all at the same time. Fast because I don't want the series to end and slow because I want to read the next damn book!

Did you guys hear about how JKR said some are going to "Absolutely LOATHE" the book?

That worries me. I fear for Harry's life.

I decided I'm naming all my kids after Harry Potter characters.
who here thinks that harry has to sacrifices himself so voldemort can never come back again in the deaths hallows....
after he destroys all of the horcroixs

Can't wait for the new book
Haha, Lust!

I'm lame and thought about naming my kids Harry Potter names too!!! If I ever decide to have any, of course!

My Mom actually *LIKES* the name Draco, too, which makes me happy!!!

I'm going to see the movie tonight and just about to put some money on my credit card so I can pre-order the book! So excited!
LOVED the film! definitely the best film so far (surprising as it's my least favourite book, although that's mainly due to the length). I was like a kid in a candy store and already planning on going to see it again.

Umbridge was spot on, adored Fred and George's exit -the scene I was most excited about, thought Tonks was perfect but wanted more of her and everything else was wonderful and made me even more desperate for Friday to come around!
There will always be readers who loathe the end of any series. We all feel like we own it so we all think we know the best way to end it.

Theory on the book: either Harry himself or just his scar is a Horcrux. While I don't think he will die at the end of the book, I think his scar might dissapear once Voldemort is gone, thus freeing Harry to live a slightly lower profile life. With Ginny, of course.
kitten, that is totally true. There is no good way to end the series.

So,I read somewhere that JK changed the last word of the book. It was supposed to be scar, but it isn't anymore. Theory?

I think there are many great ways to end the series just no way that everyone will agree on. tongue.gif By next Monday, there will be so much criticism flying through the air that I would be surprised if Rowling didn't move to Siberia just to get away from all of us.

I am so happy. My schedule is opening up perfectly so that I can spend almost all of the weekend reading. Although I may go out and buy a bike. That is the only reason that I will leave my apartment. This coming Sunday will be the first Sunday of my new "Sundays off!" work schedule! Weeeeee!!!!!

As for my wish for the end as long as Harry is alive and with Ginny I'll be happy.

I have to wonder how this last book will affect the box office for the next two movies. Will parents be less likely to bring their children to a movie is they know that something awful happens to the main characters? Not that I know what is happening, but I am just wondering if that does happen?
CH JKR said that it was Scar in '96 and has been since then, but she tweaked a few things in the end chapter right before she sent it off to her publisher and 'scar' is now very very near the last word just not the exact last word. One of my traditions is opening to the last page and seeing what the last word is before I start reading. That, and reading all the chapter titles. I don't know if I'm going to do that this time, though. *Excited*

Oh, so I've read (What I hope is) the opening paragraph of Deathly Hallows. There was a camera crew who is doing a documentary on her life, and they got to be with her while she was writing, and they said they flashed their camera across the first page and that this is what it said. I can only hope it's true, because I really like what I'm reading. I'll post it for all you gorgeousfuls who want to read it..

'Chapter One. The Dark Lord Ascending. The two men appeared out of nowhere, a few yards apart in the narrow, moonlit lane. For a second they stood quite still, wands pointing at each other's chests: then, recognising each other, they stowed their wands beneath their cloaks and set off, side by side, in the same direction.

"News?", asked the taller of the two.

"The best," replied Snape.

WAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!! The Dark Lord Ascending! What a great first chapter title! I'm freaking out here, ladies.

Okay so, I think that the man Snape is talking to is Lucius...

I still think Snape is good! Snape is good!! Oh good grief I am so excited...

Or it could quite possibly Snape and someone from the order and they apparated into the dark alleyway around #4 privet drive, and they headed off in the same direction toward Vernon and Petunias house. I think that's more plausible...
okay, so i just saw the movie and it brought to my attention again an inconsistency that had bugged me after i read the book and forgot about until now: the thestrals. harry is only able to see them this year, presumably because he saw cedric die. HOWEVER, didn't he see his parents die?? shouldn't he have been able to see the thestrals all along???? help me out here, did jk rowling really overlook this one or am i being an idiot?
I think perhaps you have to be old enough to understand the death, and fully comprehend what happened. Kind of like... The emotional stuff that comes along with seeing someone be murdered is what brings on being able to see Thestrals instead of just seeing someone die. Like we see death on TV all the time but I don't think we'd be able to see thestrals.
Or, perhaps, he didn't physically see it, like he was being hidden or was just in a crib or something. He remembers the green lights and the sounds but he has never had any other visual memories.
Lustfullypink, that sounds ike a great start to the book!

I agree with the theory on understanding death, I mean Harry was so young that I don't think he really knew what was occuring.

4 days!!!!!
So what's everyone's plans for when they have the book and are back home reading it? all-nighter to get it finished with munchies to get you through? I'm thinking chip and dip, jelly sweets that always make me high and keep me awake and coffee. I'm hoping the coffee shop in the bookstore I'm going to will saty open so I can start early with the caffeine intake.

Only four days to go!!!!!!
I am avoiding all media, I'll buy the paper but won't read it. I'm changing the home page fpr my internet for the day. I'm going to burn throughthe book then re read it to see what I've missed.

I will most likely get high and sit outside, I'll have to take the dog for a walk of course, but that should be my only interuption.

So excited that it's only four days!!!!!!
Like I said earlier, shoving my headphones in my ears from the second they start handing out books until I'm home. Then I'll have my big chair set up in my bedroom with waterbottles, tea, almonds, tissues, NOS, and Harry Potter candy set up next to it. I'll probably hold onto my tradition of reading all the chapter titles and the last word before I start. Pullin an all nighter as per usual. And no media for me.

Who wants to make bets that she dedicates this last book to us, the fans?
Well, even if she doesn't, we know it is all about us!!!!

After I get the book, and some ice cream from a place next to the bookstore, I plan on going straight home. I will actually leave my house to look at bikes but then I will run straight home and read through the weekend. At some point, a Home Run Inn pizza will be consumed and probably lots of Coke Zero.
I am working at the bookstore on friday night in the cafe. So I am going to drink gallons of espresso, get my book at midnight and read until I am done. I have the weekend off and told my roomies that I am not to be disturbed. I will only stop reading to take the dog out, use the lav and maybe cat-nap. I too and wearing headphones when i leave. I dont want to hear anyone talking about anything having to do with the book before i read it.

I overheard(ugh why cant people talk a little bit quieter?!) That 2 characters were going to die. My theory is that unfortunatly Harry is goin to die as well as Lord Voldemort. I am thinking it will have something to do with the horcruxes. Maybe the scar is one like kittenb said or maybe harry was made one when voldie attacked him. I hope that Harry gets to live happily ever after with Ginny, but now i cant help but think something bad is going to happen to Harry.
Who is going to die is a tough call. I can see what Bettie says as coming true, but then again this is what everyone is expecting and seems like a sell out to end the series this way.
OK, here's what I think: I think that Harry will make it, but in real literary "hero" epic traditions, his last "defense" person will have to go before Harry can compete for reals against Voldermort. That means either Ron, Hermione or both. Also, potentially Hagrid.

I'm picking my copy up in the morning on Saturday, and not really reading much until Moxette goes down for a nap. Such is motherhood...the sacrifices!
A friend of mine was theorizing that Harry needs to pass through death, not that he will die. Again, in traditional "heroic" writings, one has to die or pass through death.
Man...I thought I really liked Harry Potter. You ladies are Sirius fans. I'm nothing in comparrison. Hope you all enjoy the new book when it comes out.
Oh, I'm not that serious. I enjoy the series, looking forward to reading the last book. Definitely looking forward to seeing how things turn out. But, like any good book, its just that...a good book.
i'm so bad. really bad. read on Salon about a bittorrent site that had the book to download...someone photographed the book and put the jpg's up. So, assuming its the real thing, i now know how the book ends. i don't know how the ending came to pass, though...which is always more exciting to me. I should be catholic...i feel the need to confess too much.
AHHHHH! Too risky! I almost tripped over some spoilers today. I think I am going to take my planned internet hiatus early and stop getting online until I'm done. I'm being such a spaz. But I'll not be spoiler-ed!

This is going to be hard considering I've visited BUST, Mugglenet, and Myspace every day for the past few months.

So until 5 days from now, ladies. Adieu.

everyBUSTie, only 3 more days!!!!!!!!!!!!

That is all.
well, here's the update...either me or my husband (who also couldn't resisit the torrent) got a fako copy...or we both did. Now, there's mystery! I seriously wonder if the publisher "leaked" these things "by accident." Not that i;d blame them, honestly.
There is something in the Globe and Mail about this. Something always gets leaked.

OH and only 2 more days!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I can totally see the publishers releasing fake copies to throw people off of the trail.

I just have to say, and this is not directed to anyone in this thread as you all are way to nice for that, rather it is for the entire rest of the planet, if anyone spoils the end of the book for me, I will be wearing that person's vital organs as jewlery.

I saw the movie yesterday. So happy.
kitten I agree!!!!
me three!

I bought the commemorative postage stamps today smile.gif - they're so cute!
OMG! Even if what I read in the "spoiler" was true, i'd never ever share it. That would be mean. Just plain mean.

I'm really looking forward to saturday!
Almost the day!!!! I'm refusing to read about anything HP until I've read the book.
Well, here we are, July 20th. Only a little while longer!!!!!!!!!!
So excited! Not much longer! I'm going to meet a friend tonight for the release. I'm excited but sad because I know it's the last book.
I'm going to Wilmington too! It should be entirely too much fun. smile.gif
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