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Full Version: Welcome to Hogwarts--The Harry Potter Thread
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culturehandy: Did you happen to work when the other books were released? It was nuts I have never seen so many kids dressed as Hogwarts students with a raging sugar high waiting in one place! Our store stays open until midnight to sell the books right on the release date. Its nuts.

The movie posters are up in all the theatres and the previews look amazing!
I did work the release date for book 5, book 6 I worked the enxt day. it was so much fun! I loved it. And I don't do the kid thing, I was just really excited about the book being out.
lol I was not thrilled about all of the kids, the sugar from our Slytherin Smoothies(I work in one of those chain stores with the cafe in it) had them bouncing off of the walls. I love being able to get my hands on a copy right when it comes out.
I also worked at a chain store. In fact the chain which I worked for modeled itself after the chain which I think you work for. CH guesses that you work for Barnes and Noble.
oooooo nope lol. Nope I work for Borders, is that the one you worked for?
I worked for Chapters. We don't have Barnes and Noble or Borders in Canada.
According to my stores countdown we have 38 more days until the new book comes out. On the today show they started talking about it and are doing contests and what-not for the release.
Is it lame that I will be skipping a work pubcrawl because it is on the same night Order of the Phoenix releases in theatres and that I also want to take the weekend of the book release off from work because OMFG I HAVE TO READ THE BOOK?!

Well, I guess I could go to the pubcrawl after since it will last into the wee hours of the morning . . . . but I need the time to devour that book!

I really wish it was going to be 3000 pages and take me a week to read but alas, no.
I cannot believe I just found this thread!

Okay I'm about to die out of anticipation for this book. My biggest fear was always that JKR would die before she finished the book, so now that's its being printed I'm gloriously happy.

I can't believe it's coming so close so fast. I've already got my house tie and sweater, and hogwarts robes, and alivans wand, so now all I've got to do is finish making my skirt and I'm ready to go. In the past releases I've just worn homemade t-shirts, but this is special. I'm so excited

Um, I'm a humongous Harry Potter geek if you haven't noticed. *laughs*

It really shocked me when JKR said that she gave one character a reprieve, and instead killed off two others. Of course Voldemort is going to die, but I think the two others may be Ginny and Hagird. If it had to be one of the trio, I think it would be Ron, but she can't do that, because Hermione and him are in LUUUURVE!!
You think Ginny is going to die?! OMG that would be horrible!

( But only because I really want her to get together with Draco. I know it probably won't ever happen, but I am wishing with all of my little Slytherin-loving heart! AND! I have some pretty mental theories on how it would actually work! )

Lord, I can't wait for this book. I am going to put in my request for the day off tomorrow, once I get to work and figure out what the email for time off at my company is because I can't remember it off the top of my head. The next day is my birthday and I have people coming up from back home to visit, so having them here + Deathly Hallows definitely warrants a day off!

The mister just fixed the shipping address today because we've since moved since we pre-ordered it and we are SOOOOOOOOOO excited! Less than a month away!!!!
waaaiiiitttt a minute...i thought it was july 21?!? did i miss something?

*scampers off to*
I am reading the last one now, I need to refresh my memory before I read Deathly Hollows. I Dont even want to think of who could be dying, I saw this article where they put out tips for Parents on how to talk kids in the event that Harry Potter dies. I will have to have my mom read that because I will be devestated lol.
Just a little while longer and it will be out.

I don't honestly know who is going to die, I thought it was harry, but everyone is expecting that, so I'm not too sure.
23 days to go!!!
I'm a fan and can't wait for both the movie and the last book to come out.
*barging in*
perhaps it's the hero's best friend who dies? that's classic western/adventure.
What about Neville? He could be "the one" the prophecy was talking about, couldn't he? Both he and Harry's parents were taken from them by the death eaters, and they were both born in July, like the prophecy said. Couldn't the whole thing be an elaborate scam made up by Dumbledor to protect Neville? Maybe some magic to make Neville clumsy and awkward so that no one would ever suspect that he was, in fact, The One!!!! Just a thought.

I think Harry will live, even if its just as a ghost at Hogwart's. Maybe Ginny will be a ghost with him! Maybe Dumbledor and even James and Lily will show up there too and hang out for the rest of eternity... Hmm...
Still no too sure what to expect in all of this. We are expecting someone major to die, I'll be surprised, but I won't. Does that make sense?

I just want the damn book to come out already!

23 days left!!!!
I am getting impatient! I need the new book and the movie shoudl come out this week....that is what I feel anyway. We have these promotional buttons at work that say "severus snape: friend or foe" So i wonder what is going to happen with him. You never really know. With what happened in the last book it is hard to tell.
I just wanted to share that I have already reserved tickets for the IMAX 3D version of the movie.
Which I will be driving nearly five hours to see.
For now, I'm just counting the days until the new book
I'm pretty sure (but don't hold me to it) that Neville possibly being the Boy-Who-Lived was already addressed in one of the books, although I can't remember which one (although it was probably OotP). Basically, Harry is the "Chosen One" because Voldemort picked him and not Neville, although he could have if he wanted to. Neville can no longer be the one the prophecy intended because Voldemort picked Harry himself. Prophecies are "self-fulfilling", or something along those lines; Voldemort just didn't realise it. Either Harry or Neville could have been the Boy-Who-Lived, but Harry is because Voldemort chose to go after Lily and James and not Alice and Frank Longbottom.

*End "Rant"* laugh.gif

And am I the only one who didn't know the movie release date has been pushed forward 2 days?! It's now coming out on the 11th instead of the 13th? When did this happen? I'm out of the loop!

I do know that if I have to work on movie release day, Mr. Arc and I will be calling in sick! Potter is too important!
Actually, JK posted in the rumors section of her site, that Harry is indeed the one.

QUOTE(jojodarling @ Jun 27 2007, 12:12 PM) *
What about Neville? He could be "the one" the prophecy was talking about, couldn't he? Both he and Harry's parents were taken from them by the death eaters, and they were both born in July, like the prophecy said. Couldn't the whole thing be an elaborate scam made up by Dumbledor to protect Neville? Maybe some magic to make Neville clumsy and awkward so that no one would ever suspect that he was, in fact, The One!!!! Just a thought.

I think Harry will live, even if its just as a ghost at Hogwart's. Maybe Ginny will be a ghost with him! Maybe Dumbledor and even James and Lily will show up there too and hang out for the rest of eternity... Hmm...

Oh man do I have a story.

Tickets weren't supposed to go on sale for HP5 at my movie theater until today, the 29th. However, on the 26th, I went over to the theater and decided that I was going to try and con them into selling me my tickets three days early. I wore a low cut shirt and everything. (Bad girl! Don't use your body to get what you want!) And so I go up there and I'm like "I need three tickets to the 12:01 premiere of Harry Potter and the order of the Phoenix... make that four... make that five... Yes, I need five tickets." "Well, okay, but that's all we've got left so you can't change your mind again." "Wait what?!"

They had started to sell the tickets three days early anyway (they went on sale that morning) and had already sold out by noon! I couldn't believe I got the last ones. That's INCREDIBLY lucky.

My dilemma. Now I've got my ticket and my sisters ticket, but I've also got lots of friends who LOVE Harry Potter, almost as much as I do, and they don't have tickets. One is definately going to Aliby (best friend in the world) but now I'm at a loss of who to give the others to. Ah well, I guess I will figure it out. *laughs*

Maybe I'll show up to Barnes and Noble three days early and see if they'll give me my book too! smile.gif
My brother hates his job at a bookstore, and since he's looking for a new job anyway he thinks that one of his last acts there will be to read the last chapter of Deathly Hallows and spoil the ending for the kids at the release party. Of course, I don't think he'd actually do that.

I'm re-reading the series before the last comes out, and I just started Order of the Phoenix yesterday. I hope I can get through it. The last time I tried to re-read Order of the Phoenix I couldn't, because it was just to painful to read.
I've tickets for Wednesday the 11th during the afternoon! Yes! I'm at a conference when the Deathly Hallows comes out. We should have a copy waiting when we get home. If anyone at the conference gets wind of the plot and utters a word about it, I won't be responsible for my actions.
Hello all, for the BUSTies who were around during the last release, when we are discussing the book, when it comes out (duh, right CH!) are we going to switch to white text and announce a spoiler alert?

I think that's a really really good idea, CH.

I'm already on spoiler watch. I refuse to go on any HP website that isn't the official one, JK's Website or Mugglenet (Which is much better than the official) juuuust incase.

I've even got my plan for the premier night in-tact. From the SECOND they announce that they are opening the boxes of books I'm sticking my iPod headphones in my ears and not taking them out until I'm at least halfway home, just incase some jackass decides to drive through the parking lot yelling some equivalent to (Spoiler from book 6) >> "Snape Kills Dumbledore!!!" << out of a minivan. Everyone heard about that, right?

Yeah, call me psycho, but I'm not taking ANY chances *laughs*. I'm not seeing hearing or looking at any media until I am done reading.
Yup, with book 5 I my white writing didn't work and I spoiled some of the plot line...I felt like a total bitch, I felt just awful, so to keep with tradition!

I'm getting my copies (yes, my mother is NOT waiting for me to finish book 7 before she reads it) delivered to my house. Thank you Amazon and Canada Post!
I'm ordering the "Boxed set" of all seven books in the nifty carrying case from Amazon. Everyone's had good expieriences there, no? (I haven't ever bought much online, and I ALWAYS make sure it's from a good place.)

I also want to get the deluxe edition but I can't find anywhere that it isn't sold out.

I must be crazy.

It's amazingly awesome that your mom reads Harry Potter too, CH. smile.gif
Amazon has a beautiful boxed set that comes in a chest! It was amazing, of course I can't find it now, and I got the image via e-mail which I of course deleted.

LustfullyPink, one of the supervisors I have worked for and I have had long HP discussions and we are both so excited about it coming out! I'll have to send her an e-mail next week.
I think I know what you're talking about except its at Barnes and Noble:

Hardcover HP Books in Chest
CH, definitely white text; although I won't be popping in here until book is finished.

I too have concerns about it being spoiled at the bookstore and was going to go to 24hr supermarket instead to pick up copy but it's the last book and I want to join in the festivities ... my lil sis is dressing up as Harry (she has mask and cloak but I'm wearing the Griffindor scarf).
I'll probably be avoiding all media until after I have finished the book. It's one of thoes times I am grateful to be a fast reader.
I actually have my release night plan made out too. cool.gif It's a little silly but I am really looking forwards to it. I am going to the party at Chicago's Women & Children First then going home, baking a Home Run Inn Pizza and reading until I pass out. I love HRI pizza and it has been months since I have had one.
Ava, that's the one!

Thanks for finding the link. I was trying and trying on amazon, with no success.

I'll be eagerly awaiting my copy and also avoiding all media. Someone will be a snot and ruin the ending for those of us who aren't assholes.

There's the link to the Half-Blood Prince Spoiler. Jackass.

I can't believe it's five and fifteen days. It's getting crazy close. I'm flippin out.
I so excited!!!! I cna't wait until the next HP comes out! indeed it is 15 days! *squeals in delight*
I would have killed that boy!

I cant wait, my friends and i have plans already made to go and see the movie, I told my boss I was gonna call out the next day and everything! And there vacation comes around again when the new book comes out so the phones will be off the hook and I will be reading. mmmmm i love it when they go away.
15 days, and of course this doesn't help that I went searching around mugglenet.

And I am now changing my text to white so as not get into stuff that some of you may not want to read. for those of you who do, jsut highlight the following!

There was discussion about the importance of Harry having Lily's eyes, does anyone have any insight into this?

It's definitely important CH and has been since Bk 1 but I have NO IDEA how! I can't wait to find out!

SQUEE - 2 weeks to go! Next Friday I have tickets booked to see film (gutted though as didn't realise it was on at IMAX) and then going to bookstore the next - it's going to be a Potterfest.
Confuddle those Death Eaters.
"He has my father's eyes."
"Oh, Gomez, take those away from him..."

hee hee.
14 days!!!!
Oh my gosh, CH, I know, I'm freakin' out!! *cuddles her Harry Potter pillowcased pillow and wraps up in her dan/emma/rupert blankie!*

I don't know how much longer I can wait! ACK!!!
LutfullyPink, I also have HP bedsheets! (I also have scooby doo, but this being an HP thread!)
Yes! I am not the only one! *Pumps fist in the air, Champion style.* Oh my gosh. JK Rowling said in an interview yesterday the the last book is 'A Bloodbath'. That makes me cringe. I don't want ANYONE to die. *sad* Well except everyone on the dark side, that is.

Harry Potter thoughts of the hour: If anyone but Neville finishes off Bellatrix Lestrange, I will be highly dissappointed. Perhaps he and Harry can team up on it.
Ron Weasly has not yet seen his bravest, most heroic moment.
Draco Malfoy, I believe will turn good. (Possible book 7 Plot Spoiler)>> (*cough* The Dragon on the delux cover art.*cough*)
7.21.07= Snapes Redemption

***Sweet!!*** I didn't even realize the spoiler box over there!! On the left hand side! Did you guys know that existed?? Here, I'm going to test it! This is a Spoiler! Harry Potter... turns out to be a wizard! Testing testing!

Lustfullypink, that is cool!
oooh the spoiler box works so well! I forgot about that; in actual fact, when the lounge upgraded and that was included, I immediately thought of this thread and the new book!

Malfoy and Snape will definitely redeem themselves (Snape being double double agent all along and the ending of book 6 being an agreement with D all along); Neville has to finish of Bellatrix and all will become clear about Harry's heritage - both his mother's eyes and that he's heir of Griffindor (he'll find out in Godric hollow). I don't want to think about who will die.

I am so looking forward to the film this Friday; I can't wait to see Fred and George's exit from Hogwarts.

Btw, what to people think of Harry Potter World opening in Disney? I'm devastated as I'm going next summer and it won't be open yet!
HP and Disney have teamed up!? As much as I'm not a fan of how Disney treat's their employees, that's pretty cool.
Actually, I think it's going to be at Universal Studios.
then that is going to be even cooler!!!! Can you imagine the quidditch!?!?!?
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