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culture, I would be surprised if it wasn't Regulus, he's mentioned too many times in HBP to not be of some importance (and for people to connect the initials with him; he seriously pissed off Voldermort and this could very well be the reason why.)

Kreacher, is the name I forgot! how could I?

Also, amendment to locket being in the house: I forgot, Mundungus Fletcher has taken a lot of things from 12 Grimmauld Place, so he'll probably have it. Moreover, Olivander is only missing, not dead (I'm rereading HBP to refresh my memory) and I think Voldermort is keeping him alive for some reason.
I am honestly not too sure what to think, as there are so many loose ends that need to be tied up.
Well, on her website she says she's not done with it, but I think that's a bit of dissembling on her part -- occulmency anyone? because according to my experience in the book pub biz as well at Chicago Manual of Style she would need ten months of lead time to get it published by July 7 2007, which means she was dropping it off in September when she took the plane to the US.

*I* was right, *I* was right! (doing obnoxious dance. From "Dilbert")

smile.gif Must order book posthaste!

Predictions are pretty ???, but --- Neville has been the dark horse through this whole thing, so I think he will have one more good thing to do, like destroying a Horcrux or two, but then dying.

Petunia definitely has a larger role to play. I still picture Harry having a command center at Grimmauld place. He can talk to Dumbledore b/c they can talk to the Headmaster portraits.

McGonagall takes over and coaches him, he doesn't go back to Hogwarts as a student per se.

Ron becomes very popular, good at Quidditch, like his brothers, and Harry feels separate from him and a bit sad.

Definitely look for the return of the Order of the Phoenix characters.

I'll venture that whoever said Harry loses his powers is right -- since it is somewhat tied into Voldemort and the scar. Hagrid also dies -- he's very foolhardy, with the giants and all -- and Harry takes his place as the genial gamekeeper that helps the students along. He's being groomed for Headmaster position since he doesn't want to join the ministry. And he marries Luna!

What does anyone think is going to happen to Charlie, with his Werewolf bite and all.

I don't know what's going on with Percy, now that he's been proven wrong, as well.

I know she has to wrap everything obvious (I know, state the obvious! biggrin.gif )
It was Bill who was bitten by Greyback; something interesting will come out of that, I'm sure, but not sure what and obviously there's the wedding.

Percy has to admit what an ass he's been, suck it up and make up.

So, I'm thinking that Harry will stay at the Dursleys only as long as his seventeenth birthday (and we'll find out the deal with Petunia), go to the Burrow for the wedding and then he'll go to Godric Hollow with Ron and Hermione and discover he's the heir of Griffyndor and locate the Gryffyndor souvenir horcrux; he'll then hunt for the others and that will at some stage take him to 12 Grimmauld Place where he'll be safe as it's the Order's headquarters and unplottable. Then there will be the final showdown.

and I think the final showdown will happen in the room in the ministry with the twelve doors -- like a large clock or calendar.
I apologize if I have written this before but I believe that Percey has been working for Dumbledore the whole time. He has been double agenting against the Ministry but no one but Dumbledore knew.
That's right, it was Bill. I decided to pick one, and I went with the wrong one. oh well. smile.gif
culture, it's easily done!

kitten, I like that theory! hmmm, but then could Snape also be a double (or is he treble) agent? would it be too much of a cop out if they both were? Percy will fight the good fight, as will Draco and Snape.
Loving all the theories - I think that Hermione's SPEW will come into play in this last book. Because there was a comment by Dumbledore in OTP about the fountain in the Ministry of Magic that depicted magical creatures subservient to witches and wizards and that the magical creatures didn't like this. So I think in order to fight Voldemort, that everyone on Harry's side will have to band together, hence Hermione's SPEW to unite them.

Does anyone think that the title "Deathly Hollows" has anything to do with Godric Hollow?

Just a thought....
Octobersky, it's Deathly Hallows, so I'm thinking ghosts but it does connote Godric Hollow too.

I think the house-elves, the merpeople and the centaurs will play a part.

Earlier this week, I went to a sneak preview of Zodiac, and this woman was asking people if they'd be interested in going to test screenings, either of the new Neil Jordan movie or a mystery movie. Being adventurous, we chose the mystery movie. On our invitation, it said it was a new holiday movie rated PG. But we went, stood in line awhile, got through rather intense security, and then they announced right before the start that we were some of the first people to see the new Harry Potter! I screamed like a little girl.

It was pretty good--not quite Prisoner ofAzkaban but better than Goblet of Fire. It had a nice balance between effects and character development. Some of the visuals were really lovely. They did have to trim quite a bit to fit it all in, but I was happy with the cuts they made. All the stuff with Umbridge was handled really well. I can't wait to see it again, with all the effects in place (a couple things were still being done in post).
I am so, so, so, so jealous!!! that was fab sidecar - lucky you! I am so excited about the new movie.

How was Zodiac?
oooooo, ooooo, oooooo, oooooooooo!!!!

how absofuckinglutely WONDERFUL!!!!

yayayayayaay!!! for you!!

hmmm. let's see -- this is OotP, correct??? dolores uxbridge. *shudder*

the famous room of requirement, yes?

and the horrid nasty house elf...i cannot remember his name! i want to say creeves, but that it the obnoxious gryffindor with the camera -- or creevy, anyway.

*hem hem* laugh.gif

Kreacher - they didn't cut him, did they (like they did Dobby and Winky in last film - did they do the same in this film)? Kreacher is rather integral to the plot of OoTP.

Were the scenes with the DA good? and Luna Lovegood? From trailers I've seen Harry kissing Cho, so relieved they didn't cut that!

eta: PLEASE tell me they haven't cut Fred and George's fantabulous exit? I heart Fred and George.
Dolores Umbridge in this movie? Is fucking terrifying. She wears these hilarious pink outfits and in her office, she has a bunch of mewing cats on plates.

They didn't cut Kreacher -- his role was minimized, but he was still there, and they made it clear that he was sympathetic to the Dark Lord, etc. They also kept George and Fred's exit, which was unbelieavably awesome.

The DA stuff was pretty cool, as was Umbridge's takeover -- they did a lot of it in montage, but it was well done and it got the point across. One of the problems I had with the book was with the Umbridge stuff, because I think one or two scenes of Harry writing "I must not tell lies" in his blood would have been sufficient as opposed to several, as were in the book, so streamlining them worked well in the movie.

I'm glad they kept the kiss with Cho, but it was a bit creepy to watch because, well, they were both obviously 15 when they shot it and it was somewhat awkward.

Luna Lovegood is awesome. The actress they found is so good, and she looks exactly as I imagine Luna might.
ooooh, squeeeeeee!!!

sidecar, that's so awesome, and thanks for sharing your thoughts on the movie. it sounds great!

as for the awkwardness of the harry/cho kiss, that sounds like it could be interesting, in that 15-year-old first kisses DO tend to be a bit awkward, if i remember right. i would think, though, that the awkward/creepy factor may actually be maghified by the pictures of daniel radcliffe currently circulating on the internet and making dirty old women out of us all...
Lunasol, totally. It was awkward and appropriate to the characters, but at the same time, it was like watching two kids make out, which I don't think most grown-ups would want to do! But then again, Katie Leung and Daniel Radcliffe have both turned out to be pretty attractive, so that angle's on it too.

I seriously screamed and jumped in my seat when they announced it was Harry Potter.
Soooo jealous. I want to be surprised when I see it, but I can't stop reading!! Oh, the conflict!
Sidecar, I must be picking up some residual excitement because my heart is pounding reading your review of OotP. Yay!

I can't wait to see it. Hopefully I'll be able to drag some friends to a midnight showing like I did for GoF.
Seriously? I screamed and clapped when they announced it. I made Martini jump.

Polly, I hope I didn't give too much away...I really didn't mean to (and I figure anyone in here prolly read OotP anyway).
OMG!!! I'm green with envy right now - how seriously lucky are you to have seen this movie! I'm with bunnyb PLEASE tell us they left Fred and George's grand exit in the movie, they crack me up....
Oh no, I've read the book....I'm just dying of antici...........pation and you're not helping! tongue.gif

P.S. October, she said they kept Fred & George's exit- hee hee! Can't wait!!!
Oh jeez nevermind - I was so excited in reading this that I totally missed it. wink.gif July is going to be a very good month. Yipee!
Sidecar, that's so freaking awesome--I'm jealous! Squeeee!
I must also express my envy on this one.

And there is 137 days until the next book is released. Which really isn't that bad.

I've got my copy ordered from Amazon.
Sidecar -- Wow!

Five is my favorite, after Three.
136 days.
One of the videos from Menfa7 's collection
105 days!

Have you all seen the cover art for Deathy Hallows? I'm very excited! The book will be 608 pages in the UK and 784 in the US (larger print size); this doesn't seem long enough to me to tie everything up, but then maybe it's just very concise (in the UK it is shorter than GoF and OoTP and one page more than HBP).

If you click on the UK edition it gives you the synopsis as well as the inner cover and back cover art.

eta: also: o/t but I noticed a possible mistake in the film of Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone and my books are packed away whilst I move house so I can't check if it's the same in the book. When Harry first enters Hogwarts, after being sorted, he asks Percy who Snape is and Percy replies that he teaches Potions but he's been after Quirrell's job for years; now does he mean the DADA job, which we know he has, or the job Quirrell has had for years? It sounds like it should be the latter but we know from HBP that the job has been cursed ever since Voldermort asked for it. Adding to me thinking it's a consistency is the fact that in the Leaky Cauldron at the start of the film Hagrid knows Quirrell.
I have seen the cover art, it was on the front page of the globe and mail review section. The publisher said the cover art would make sense after reading the book.

I'll have to check out my HP series to check out what you are saying bunny.
All I can say is why does it cost so f%*&#&^g much? It's over $30!
I got mine from amazin for 50% off the cover price.
Based on the different book jackets, I'm guessing that Hermione and Ron do in fact live, because why would they put them on the front if they die? Secondly some type of treasure, maybe Harry's in Gringotts? And the other thing is the locket found a Sirius's house comes back to play as many of us have been speculating. Oh and Godric Gryffindor's sword too. The American book cover doesn't show as much as the UK one.

AAAAAHHHHH July cannot come soon enough!!!!

I would really like a locket of my own as featured on the UK adult's book jacket...does anyone think they may actually make one?
octobersky, interesting point about Ron and Hermione being on the cover but Dumbledore was on the cover of HBP (in the UK at least) and look what happened to him.
Octobersky, there is some stuff here.
An article with some quotes from the editor of the American version of HPVII.
Thanks culture!! That site is fabulous. I would love that time turner pendant, though I do think when I finally get a teaching job I will have to purchase the Sorting Hat pen holder. How fun! The other movie replicas look to be quite nice as well. Have you bought anything from them?
My mom bought the cryptex from The Da Vinci Code. She really loves it.
Hey guys - Im going to jump into the HP thread. smile.gif

I am constantly verbally abused by some of my friends for benig such a geek about it. At least some of my friends are just as geeky as me.
In October we went to the UK on a HP tour to see where it was filmed and everything. And last Halloween I was Hotty Potter. I had a hogwarts sweater, glasses, scar, wand, miniskirt and knee high socks. tongue.gif

Hello all!
Oh yea! I forgot to mention - thanks sidecar for the sneek peek.

And when we were in London, we all went to the Greenwich village flea market. It a high end place with expensive crap but really fun.
We went to a habidashery (sp??) and one of the girls who was with is reallllly weird and into really odd hats. She made me a huge hat with a big cabbage coming out the side . (I dont wear it, just for really weird fun?)
Anyway - we were talking to this hat maker and she was sayign she used to make the hats for the royal family an all this. Then she was like "do you guys like Harry Potter?" then she pulled some hats out and i recognized them immediately. She is the hat maker for ALL the HP movies! She makes every hat in the whole series! It was really awesome seeing her hats and some hats that were used in the new OTP movie.

Anyway, fun tidbit. smile.gif

And I appologize for my spelling. My BFF (heheh) broke it off from a 6 year relationship last night and i was up til 4am with her. Then I got up for work at 6. Im a little delirious.

But the hat stroy is true, I promise.
Daisy Jane, that's a cool story!

Do any of you watch Doctor Who? In one of the newest episodes, "The Shakespeare Code," the Doctor mentions that he's read book 7, and that it made him cry. LOL. Because when you're a Time Lord you can skip ahead to July just to make geeks like me jealous.
Geiger, I would be equally as jealous of the person who gets to read book 7. I'm so excited, I have my copy ordered and everything!
You can't even begin to imagine how excited I was to see a Harry Potter thread on this site! I used to hate anything Potter (I'm not a fan of jumping on bandwagons) but I had to read Prisoner of Azkaban for a Children's Lit class I had in uni and fell so much in love with it! POA and OotP are definitely my favourite books and I can't wait for the movie this summer!

My sisters and Mr. Arc and I all get into HUGE debates about Book 7. We get pretty insane over it. I have so many theories in my head that I can't keep them straight!

I can't help it but I want Draco to redeem himself so badly. I love his character a little too much! Book 7 is going to be so awesome. laugh.gif

Oh and I agree: so envious of those who got to see the advanced screening! Very lucky!
Anyone see the trailer for OoTP today? Looks so dark and kickass awesome-o.

***Oh yea and...Helena Bonham Carter as Belatrix LeStrange? Could it get any better?***
HBC=Bellatrix makes me wish the character was bigger. I think she is going to be great.

Yes, every trailer looks better and better!
68 days until harry potter 7 comes out.

That is all I have to add.
Deathly Hallows comes out the day before my birthday.

Thanks, JKR!!!
My part time job is in a book store. I walked into the stock room last night and saw that hiding in the corner was a small pile of promotional stuff for the new book! We put out the countdown board on 6-1 and we have fancy pins and what-not, YAY!
Bettie I remember working at a book store and having all that fun stuff! I'm so excited, only 45 more days!!!!!!

Arcadia, what a great birfday present!
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