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Full Version: Tea Time... what are your favorite teas?
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ok, good. now i don't feel like such a loser. tongue.gif i love coffee, but it has to be really good. like, starbucks=shit in my mind. there's a diner and a bagel place near my house that make the BEST coffee ever.

i want my teas to get here already, dammit! i bought rooibos jasmine, white grapefruit, chamomile, and irish breakfast.
Ooh, rooibos jasmine? You'll have to let us know how that is. The only flavored rooibos I've had and didn't like was blueberry. My favorite is almond. Vanilla, chai, and orange are nice as well.

My boyfriend was saying he got some really good green tea with rice in it that has kind of a smoky flavor. I vaguely remember having something like that a long time ago, but had forgotten its existence.
i *hate* rooibos. yuck. just like matcha or that sick tasting yerba mate. omg, ugh. i don't care how it's flavoured, it still tastes like dirt to me. what kind of hippy am i, eh? oh well.

i saw a green tea with popcorn in it once, didn't have the inclination to try it though. looked interesting.

i am going to have some chocolatey chai right now to warm up, we've been trucking about in the rain wearing not the right things and i am all damp and chilly. nothing beats a cup of hot, sweet, milky tea right about now.
if you try making coffee in a french press i think it turns out a lot better. a lot of the acidic edge is taken off, and it is harder to make bad smile.gif just grind the coffee at a larger ground (most machines have a setting for french press) and put about 1/2 cup of grounds in the bottom, add water that is just barely boiling and let it sit about 10 minutes, press it down, and enjoy!

i need to buy more green tea from the asian grocery store by my house. and chamomile, cause that stuff is so good with some milk and honey tongue.gif
french presses are the only kind of coffee makers i have ever had and i still manage to make grey, nasty too-strong or too-week bog water. ugh.
that may be on account of what kind of beans you use and the roast. not trying to be a coffee snob, i have roasted my own beans before and my parents roast their own and i used to work for a cafe that roasted their own, and i highly reccomend trying to find a cafe nearby you that does their own beans and get a lighter roast, as they will have more coffee flavors and less burnt flavor. it may be a little more expensive, but it is way way worth it!

QUOTE(pepper @ Nov 22 2007, 12:32 PM) *
french presses are the only kind of coffee makers i have ever had and i still manage to make grey, nasty too-strong or too-week bog water. ugh.

i know all about coffee, believe me. i've worked in a coffee roastery and too many snooty restaurants to mention and i lived in like uber coffeeville right down the street from the mecca but none of that helps me make a cup a joe. i swear to you, i make swamp no matter what i try.
i can't cook rice either, i don't understand it. i can even botch it in a rice cooker. i'm cursed.

*going to make myself feel better with some chocolate chai...*
hm, well at least you are only cursed with not being able to make coffee and not cursed with not being able to sleep, or enjoy sex or something smile.gif

plus, tea is delicious and much harder to eff up anyway, so no worries!
i bought a blueberry rooibos yesterday. it is awsome!!! one of my favorite teas by far. as a matter of fact, i think i'm going to have some with breakfast.
I've been obsessed with the Blackberry tea I got from Trader Joes. They have a buncha fruity teas and I love them. Nothing will beat Mint or Chammomile for me though. Two best teas for me when I come home from work stressed.
TJs does have a lot of yummy fruity teas. my favorite lately is blueberry green tea.
A certain someone sent me a few packages of Stash licorice spice in the mail... bless his heart.
Stash Vanilla Earl Grey tea so delicious!
I'm also a sucker for chai tea lattes.
QUOTE(sarasota @ Nov 24 2007, 10:42 PM) *
hm, well at least you are only cursed with not being able to make coffee and not cursed with not being able to sleep

i am such an insomniac!

i do love sex though laugh.gif

and tea.
not drinking tea these days but i have a new favorite: hot water with fresh lemon and ginger with a drizzle of honey mixed in. so yummy!

I bought some vanilla chai today, which I'm looking forward to drinking.
mmm. . . all this chai talk. yummy. i'm pregnant right now so not drinking teas. But my favorite way to drink chai is as a latte. make the chai (spicy kind) as you would, with half milk, half chai. throw in a coupla shots of your favorite espresso. how yummy!

fiddler, check out this link of chai ingredients. you could easily make your own with some decaf black tea or a dark herbal tea. i love chai, Love it.
Thanks Pepper. Because I tried so hard to achieve this pregnancy, I'm probably overboard careful about protecting it. Plus, a neuro-scientist friend of mine suggested that I not drink any teas while pregnant because of the unknown effects it may cause to the developing fetus. So, for now, I'm content with my hot lemon/ginger/honey water. Chai does sound absolutely yummy though. I might ask about the ingredients before I make it. Thanks for the link.

I have an obsession with jasmine green tea from a particular shop in Chinatown, NYC. I can be in the middle of the roughest day of the week, but with one sip, I am enveloped in pure comfort. I should brew a cup now...
Hey eilleen, what's the name of that shop? I'll have to check it out some time.

I'm beside myself with glee right now. I ordered a whole bunch of teas from The Tea Table on Monday. This was my first order with them, and I'll definitely be doing business again. They got my order shipped within 30 minutes of me ordering, and they offer up to 5 free samples per order (which I totally took advantage of!).

I got a tea that supposedly tastes like butter cookies. I don't know if that's gross or not, but I'm a total pig and found that fascinating. lol We'll see how it is.

Of my old order, the rooibos jasmine and the white grapefruit are my faves. I could drink them all day long.
I love favorites are chai and earl grey or just a simple green tea with lemon.
I just discovered 2 new Stash flavors today- "white christmas" and "pumpkin spice." White xmas is white tea wit peppermint and ginger; and pumpkin spice is black tea with nutmeg, cinnamon, clove, ginger, and pumpkin flavor. So it's kind of chai-ey.
I'm trying the xmas tea right now with a teaspoon of agave and it's really good. I've never put peppermint and ginger together before.
Oooh! White tea is one of my favorite teas (along with rooibos), and mint and ginger are 2 of my fave herbal tea ingredients. Too bad I can't find Stash tea where I live now.

I'm curious about the pumpkin spice, too. But less so.
i want to try that grapefuit tea, that sounds so interesting.

this is the best damn tea i've ever had but do you think i can find it anywhere? oh, no.

I'm not sure. It's across the street from The Custard King on Mott (I think). I should be hitting Chinatown soon, I'll verify and get back to you.
QUOTE(edie52 @ Dec 8 2007, 03:47 AM) *
Oooh! White tea is one of my favorite teas (along with rooibos), and mint and ginger are 2 of my fave herbal tea ingredients. Too bad I can't find Stash tea where I live now.

I'm curious about the pumpkin spice, too. But less so.

My boyfriend is uninterested in white tea, and he hates peppermint and ginger, so I have the whole box to myself!

I tried the pumpkin spice kind with sugar and pumpkin-soymilk. It was alright.
It occurred to me that I can make it myself, with fresh mint and ginger. I'll definitely try it. I just bought a new box of Clipper white tea (they're a Be
It occurred to me that I can make it myself, with fresh mint and ginger. I'll definitely try it. I just bought a new box of Clipper white tea (a British brand that I've never seen in North America). They make fair trade/ organic tea in unbleached bags- many variations of white, green, and rooibos, and possibly others.
i just found some milk tea at the asian grocer by my house, and it is so delicious! probably not that great for me, since the first ingredients are sugar and milk powder, but it is so delicious its worth it smile.gif

oooh, did the milk tea come in a can?

i am seriously in love with-- of all things-- snapple le-MMM-on black tea. i love white tea, and roibos, but a good black tea with lemon juice always gets my attention, and the lovely people at snapple add juice to their tea bags giving them a delightful flavor... and i can find it at "big lots" or "grocery outlet" (or the 'gross-out') cheap--- 1.50 for a box! whooooo-whoooo! i bought 4!
snow white
red rose tea w/ plenty of half and half

the english know their stuff smile.gif

plus u get little ceramic animals in the packages!
QUOTE(snow white @ Dec 20 2007, 10:11 AM) *
red rose tea...u get little ceramic animals in the packages!

get out, they still do that? those things are worth a FORTUNE! the old ones anyhow. my mom has a whimsical little collection from years ago that i adore.

too bad i don't like orange pekoe. maybe if it actually tasted of oranges laugh.gif
yep, it came in a can about with about four cups of the powder inside. its kind of like hot chocolate powder, but tea instead of cocoa.

QUOTE(sexysandee @ Dec 19 2007, 04:26 PM) *

oooh, did the milk tea come in a can?

snow white
pepper, they have the regular flavor too

one time my grandpa opened a package of red rose and threw the entire thing across the kitchen thinking the figurine was a dead mouse~ LoL, i love my grandparents
orange pekoe IS regular flavour, ha ha! far as i know, that's the only kind they make.

your grandpa story made me laugh hard enough to spit on the computer screen. hee. is that as bad as a dead mouse?

i've been drinking the green tea with other flavours that i got. so far the mint is meh, the lemon is ok, but the honey-ginger is really quite tasty to me. i'm pleasantly surprised.
Hiyo. First post, so I thought I'd go for something I know about after looking around for a bit. And boy, do I know tea.

My favourite teas have been coming from S. Korea lately, as my friend is over there teaching at a university. They have this plum tea that tastes a bit like a cross between green tea and apple cider. Pretty good for the fruity variety. Alas, I don't know the name of the company as I can't read the hangul.

Old favourites are Twinnings darjeeling, any kind of green tea that has a kick to it, (usually from an import store in Richmond, CA,) and surprisingly, Bigelow's oolong. I live where it's hard to get any imports but making do with the supermarket sometimes reveals treasures.
snow white
oolong tea is definatly in the top 5

i like to steal a purse full of packets from chinese resturants

pepper~ glad u liked my grandpa story, i thought it was pretty hilarious too smile.gif
Tan Princess
I got absolutely gorgeous rooibus citrus tea from they've really cute teapots too.
I've been on a tea kick again lately, which is good. My sister brought me back some Jamaican peppermint to make tea with from her last visit to Orlando. And my sweetie suggested I brew one bag of Earl Grey & one of Darjeeling (I used Twinings) and add a sprinkle of cardamom and I must say, it is divine.

Does anyone know of a spearmint tea? All the mint teas I find around here are peppermint.
Last weekend in Dallas, I got a Rooibus citrus tea from Teavana called Rooibus Tropica. It's sooo good. Going into a Teavana store is overwhelming since there are so many teas to choose from. Luckily they were serving this tea and I knew I had to have more.
any kind of chai will do.
I'm really into Octavia Teas right now--although their Winter Mint smells like chocolate mint and tastes more like a sweet mint and the Ginger Peach tastes more like jasmine. The smells are GREAT--and the tastes are good, even if they aren't what's promised! wink.gif

I also LOVE Zen Tazo, and Celestial Seasonings' Sweet Coconut Thai Chai, Vanilla Pear Green (ESPECIALLY iced!), and Republic of Tea's Blackberry Sage and Ginger Peach.

Aw, hell! I just love TEA--I admit it! biggrin.gif
ambersienna maria
Julius Meinl teas
so good

Exotic Mango black
Silver Cloud white
Rooibos Nougat
Rooibos Caramel
Green Grapeberry
Jasmin Pearl green

yum yum yum
This might sound silly but I'm going tea shopping with a friend next week and I'm actually kind of excited about it! He's lived here longer than me so he knows some good tea shops around the city. I can't wait to finally see some more selection than just what the supermarket has.

Any suggestions for tea that will make me feel really relaxed and zen?
candy, I've always found chamomile tea to be the most relaxing. So you can look for different blends/varieties that contain chamomile.

djenma, I LOVE Republic Of Tea's Ginger Peach too! I need to try the Blackberry Sage, it sounds good to me, I just can't seem to stop myself with the ginger peach tho' wink.gif
yuefie, spearmint tea right here.

candy, oolong always makes me feel relaxed. and this was de-lish and really soothing, too. i need to buy more.
i got so much tea for xmas but NONE that i can actually drink! hello people, y'all know i'm still breast feeding so What is with the caffeine? grrr. some of it smelled so yum too. boo.
my best girl works for teavana so i get to try all the yummy concoctions she brings home!

my usual favorite happens to be 1 spearmint bag and 1 black tea bag.... with cream and sugar. mmm. it's a treat.
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