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Full Version: Tea Time... what are your favorite teas?
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Ooh, anything as long as it's served in a ginormous mug!

My favourite at the moment is cinnamon loose tea, I have a thing about teapots.
I used to get this really gorgeous chocolate chai loose tea from a place called T2 in Australia but I haven't found anywhere in England that matches up to it yet.

I'm trying to get into green teas to cut down a bit on my added tea sugars!
My currents faves are Good Earth's Cocoa Chai and Stash's Mango Passionfruit.

We always have a box of Twining's Earl Grey and Darjeeling on hand and I love the two of them mixed together with a little cardamom. In fact, the boy uses that mixture to poach salmon in and it's divine.
I got a couple of those Numi Tea glass pots with the little shriveled pods that you drop in. The pods turn into flowers and the water around them is tea. There are a few different kinds....I never knew about these before stumbling onto them at Amazon.
Just give me a box of assorted Twinings teas (Earl & Lady Grey and Irish & English Breakfast teas) and I'm good to go.
QUOTE(mouse @ Dec 2 2008, 05:14 AM) *
something i've been doing lately that a friend turned me on to is using water leftover from boiling or steaming veggies for tea water. it adds a very very faint sweet/earthy aftertaste to whatever tea you choose to use, plus you get more of the nutrients lost when cooking the veggies. yum yum. i especially like a broccoli/blackberry infusion combo.

That does sound good.
Chairman Miaow
Wow mouse, I'll definitely have to try that tip!

My favourite teas are:

-Green, with jasmine flowers
-Spicy chai

I'm not hugely adventurous, and I'm not going to invest in a lovely tea set until I have more friends to invite over! For now, it's teabags over loose leaf...although I'm astounded at how expensive teas and spices are here!
jasmine green tea! but it has to be the loose kind. people in the room flip out when the water hits it, ask what smells so good.

genmaicha is beautiful too! it's green tea with roasted rice in it. i know it sounds really weird. but it tastes soooo toasty & warm smile.gif
my top favs.....
earl grey
ancient forest yunnan

mumble, I love genmaicha too. it has a kind of savory flavor from the toasted rice. for herbs I like lemon balm, raspberry leaf, spearmint...I guess the list goes on.
lola rojo

My all time fave is a basic black tea....classic in its simplicity and reliability.

When i want to rock my teapot...

Earl Grey
Ginger Lemon
Coconut Tea (from teavana..i've not seen it anywhere else)
lola rojo
Oh and recently..I picked up a ginormo bag of Turkish tea....tastes like a black, but a little stronger. Great with creamy desserts.
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