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Full Version: Tea Time... what are your favorite teas?
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heh, turbo, i got the same gift set, except i'm a geek so i got the 'diggnation special edition sample set'. plus a few other teas/samples, and the free book. there's an downloadable tea timer, too, which i will definetely get when my order gets here (i just placed it, like, ten minutes ago). so i think i got 3 green teas and chamomile in my geek set, a sample each of rum and cream flavoured, a small tin of vanilla flavoured, and the herbal tea sampler. i can't wait! even happier is my mom is splitting the cost of the tea with me, and covering the shipping. squeeeeeee. just watch, now i'll be hooked on the good shit and my mom won't pay for it

i love the yogi chocolate tea. my friend's mom bought it and didn't like it, so i seriously drank it all over the course of a year visiting/housesitting. soooooo good.
All right, so Twinings isn't exactly high-class tea, but it's my staple when I'm too poor to get loose chi-chi tea. Has anyone else noticed that their boxes that used to have 25 tea bags now have 20?! Oh yes, new packaging to hold fewer tea bags, and of course the price has stayed the same. I hate that kind of shit. Do they really think no one notices?! I might stop buying Twinings on principle now.
oh, raisin, i hate it when companies do that. i mean, do five tea bags really cost so much that they'll lose money if they continue to put 25 teabags in the box? probably not. i'll join you in not buying it on principle now, because that was my favourite earl grey tea. it will make me sad, but that's just so petty.

okay, i am in looooooooove with my adagio teas. i have honestly never had green tea that tasted anywhere near as lovely as the stuff i got from them. it was light and crisp and fresh tasting, not bitter and strong like the other teas i've had. i'm most in love with the genmai cha, which has toasted rice and popcorn mixed in with the tea. i would suggest it to people who haven't really had green tea before. the rice adds a sweetness that isn't sugary. and the teapot! i have the ingenuitea one, like turbo, and it's cute and functional and really easy to clean out. and, in all seriousness, now that i've had their herbal tea, i will never go back to the bagged stuff. there are chunks of dried apples, and dried berries, and flowers, and they smell divine.

and, just like deirs, i'm now itching to hand out five dollar gift certificates for them. so, anyone who wants one, just let me know (i think i'd need your email address, so you can just pm me). they have such a great customer rewards program, and though i've never done a price per bag analysis of the supermarket tea i buy, i think once you get up past sample sizes they aren't really too much more expensive. okay, i'm done singing the praises. now i'm off to make tea tin pyramids and castles and forts :P
As one Busty exclaimed along time ago, Oh My Sweet and Creamy Buddha!

I just discovered heaven in a glass - a vanilla infused Earl Grey. It's not sweet, but the vanilla and bergamot are just astonishingly good together. mmmmmm.

Last week, when it was actually warm and sunny in chitown, I made up a batch of double strong peppermint licorice iced tea....OMG, it was SO good. The licorice root adds a kiss of sweetness, without sugar. Mmmm. Its actually like the Aveda Comfort tea, only better because the tea is fresher, and well, less than half the cost. I order from

But yes, the ingenuitea is seriously the best thing to happen to tea. ever.
My favorite has been an imported green tea I got from an Asian grocery when I lived in Wisconsin. Whenever my future mother in law comes to visit I make her bring me a box.

I recently bought a box of Yogi Kava tea since it wanted to advertise itself as being helpful with anxiety. Maybe it's a placebo effect but it really does make me more relaxed and I sleep like a baby if I have it at night.
oceandessa wrote: "vanilla infused Earl Grey". Mmmmm, thats gotta be good. But my absolute fave remains peppermint tea with a hint of hazelnut syrup.
odessa, i discovered the vanilla earl grey at my fave coffee shop. they have a drink of the day, and one day they had a london fog (vanilla earl grey latte). i was getting my usual earl grey, but helpful coffee guy was like 'you know, just try this instead'. tetley makes a decent vanilla earl grey, but i love using plain earl grey and just a drop of my vanilla extract i brought back from mexico.

turbo, does the little filter in your ingenuitea sometimes get loose and float around in the pot instead of staying in the bottom to filter out the tea leaves when you pour? mine has done it a few times, but for the most part it doesn't, and i'm trying to figure out what i did to make it escape those few times
Ooooh! Love this thread. My favourite tea is this Rooibos/Earl Grey mixture I first got at this local tea shop. It's absolutely great, a bit of a kick from the Rooibos, and yet familiar because of the Earl Grey. Yes, good stuff indeed.
STOP THE PRESSES! The Twinings has apparently gone UP in price. I've been looking around at the couple of grocery stores I shop in, and sure enough the prices are up while the quantity has been cut. Fuckers.

You guys who like the vanilla-infused Earl Grey should come up to Boston because Tealuxe (a local tea cafe shop) has Creme de la Earl Gray. It is DIVINE. And no, I don't work for them, just a happy customer. They even have a website you can drool over:
Help! There is a tea I've been missing lately and I can't remember it's name. It came as part of a Tea of the Month Club thingy someone gave me for Christmas several years back. I remember it had little flower buds that expanded/blossomed as it steeped....Dragon-something maybe?'s driving me nuts!!!! It was soooo good.....

And raisin, thanks for the link! I'll be in Boston in July and now have another place to visit!
Whoa- there is more than one Tealuxe? I had no idea!
ladies, run to the tea site. i bought the ingenuiTea teapot and it is a blast.

(really, i am not affiliated with the site). i bought the little samplers and they come in the cutest little tins. i am loving the Oolongs the most. and there are lots of reviews (i love review sites)
ooh sorry tyger and others, i am a retard; for some reason when i scrolled i bypassed the whole middle section on a click - i am preaching to the convereted! (at least i won't be seen as spam!)
I need to get back into the green tea.

What are some benefits of green tea, besides antioxidants?

Also, are there any cold green tea options? I like hot green tea, but when the weather gets hot I'm not really keen on hot drinks. Yeah I know they actually cool your body, but still. Nah.
I think cold green tea is fine with mint.
I think cold green tea is fine with mint.
Is anyone else interested in resurrecting this long ago conversation? If not, we'll let it float to the bottom again.

Anyway, I'm currently excluding caffeine and dairy from my diet so I'm drinking a lot of non-caffeinated tea. Anyway, I bought loads of instant teas and green teas from whittard's of chelsea, my favourite turkish apple tea amongst them. One of my new-found favourites is dreamtime tea, which is apricot, honey and vanilla - mmmm.
I think what I like about tea the most is the ritualistic element of it. You have to prepare it and wait for it. There is no "instant" satisfaction. Even the cheapest teas need a few minutes to brew. I even have favorite tea mugs. My current work one is a big white stonewear that reads "Smart women crave knowledge." At home, my favorite used to be a small one that on the outside reads "Time for tea!" in a scrolly script. On the inside bottom it reads "Herbal Tea." It just makes me happy when I have drank enough to see the writing.
At the moment, I have been enjoying a Roobios (sp?) tea. It is red and I like it very sweet (hello Splenda!) I normally make about three cups a day which means many trips to the bathroom. rolleyes.gif
I got this new tea at a specialty shop that also sells tea bulbs that, when placed in water, expand to form a beautiful flower-looking bridge. I had never seen anything like it before.
I haven't found it in stores, but my new absolute fave is from my neighborhood cafe: Rooibos Almond! It's great with milk and honey. It's a loose tea. I'll have to ask them where they get it.
mmmm tea. it's true, tea always feels cozy. trader joe's has some fine and cheap selections; especially their spiced chai, peppermint, and mango black teas. and thank the lawd for splenda, that is, until they realize it's a carcinogen or something.

what's Rooibos ?
Rooibos is a type of African (South African?) tea, sometimes also referred to as "redbush" or "red" tea. It has mellow, nutty flavor to it. I love it because it takes milk very well, but it contains no caffeine, making it a great substitute for back tea of coffee. I used to drink too much black tea like chai rather than herbal tea just because I craved the warm milkiness.
I was wondering if anyone here could give me directions on how to make milky chai tea. Whenever i try it just seems to be too watery or too milky. I really want to make it myself though!

yay! more tea drinkers! most of my friends are coffee people (not that i don't like coffee too, i was a barista for years) but i think there is something relaxing about making tea. buuuuuuut enough of that. biggrin.gif

i'm currently on a kick with the bolthouse teas you can buy in the grocery store. their soy vanilla chai is amazing.

and is anyone else a fan of jasmine teas? i just tried a jasmine earl grey the other day that was so good!
My favorite is Twinnings Earl Grey. For some reason, other brands don't taste as good. I'm not sure what they do to it, but I like it.
prettybetty - that twinnings tea has gotten very popular in our local grocery stores and some other places here in northern delaware. I haven't tired it yet. You recommend the Earl Grey the most?

My local tea shop just got some new teas in and I bought a pomegranate white tea. It's wonderful. Also got an ounce of Plum Oolong Green and a Kyoto Cherry Rose. Not crazy about the green but liked the cherry rose. I tend to lean towards the white and black teas myself. Whites I like just honey and the blacks I like milk and sugar.

The tea store I go to sells honey granules. They are neat cause you can spoon them in like sugar. I've tried them in the store but haven't bought them to bring home. Maybe I'll stop there on my way home and pick up a new tea for over the weekend. Mr. Pug is going to be busy and I'll be home working on my cross stitch so it would be nice to have a new tea to drink.
I know it's going to sound like I'm getting paid to write this (I swear I'm not), but I just have to say that I bought an enormous amount of PG Tips from Amazon for a really good price and I'm sooooooooo psyched! It's so ridiculously expensive in the supermarkets here in the US, and that's if I'm lucky enough to find the 80-count boxes of it in the first place. And I normally don't buy stuff in bulk (never have the room for it), but for this I make an exception.
I'm becoming a bit of a tea drinker. I drink coffee sometimes too, usually when I have an early day. Anyway, I finally bought myself a teapot and some peppermint tea, which is nice.

What kinds of teas are really calming and relaxing?
CG, camomile is supposed to be very calming. Most of those "sleepy" teas have it as a main ingredient, with a few other herbs or flavours added. I don't really drink it though. I like peppermint, or licorice.

I just got a box of Yogi "Classic Spice," which is all the spices of chai, minus the black tea. I prepared it like chai, in a pot with milk and honey, and it was lovely. It's loose tea, which sometimes isn't as convenient as bags, but it was way cheaper like that.
QUOTE(raisingirl @ Nov 12 2007, 08:31 AM) *
I know it's going to sound like I'm getting paid to write this (I swear I'm not), but I just have to say that I bought an enormous amount of PG Tips from Amazon for a really good price and I'm sooooooooo psyched! are

What are PG tips?

QUOTE(candycane_girl @ Nov 12 2007, 10:42 PM) *
What kinds of teas are really calming and relaxing?

I know that a lot of true tea drinkers sneer at bagged tea but I swear by Celestial Seasonings Tension Tamer. It feels like someone is running thier fingers through my hair when I drink it.
kittenb - i am a big tea drinker and I've tried Celestial Seasonings tea before. However, I found it to be very strong and most of the ones I tried were very bitter. However, I think most of Celestial Seasonings teas are herbal and I'm not a big herbal tea lover myself. I'm more of a black tea or white flavored teas fan.

Years ago the only tea I drank was teas like Lipton from the supermarket. When I started going to this little tea shop in my town I found a whole world of other teas. I walked in there and basically told the lady at the counter that I'd only ever had Lipton and Tetley teas and she said, "Well, try this tea." She pulled this glass canister down from the shelf behind her and let me smell the tea inside. It was an Amber Dragon Oolong black tea. It smelled wonderful. She gave me an ounce and sent me on my way. Well that opened a whole new world for me. Black, green, white, chai, loose, bagged. Now, I'm hooked and I drink tea quite often.

I've found that I'm a white and black tea lover. I'm not so much into green herbal teas. The only white tea I like is anything berry or melon flavored. I love loose and baged teas. The tea store that I go to in my town sells both. The lady that I talk to all the time who works there loves both as well. I love expensive and cheap teas. I think it's just a personal taste issue. Sneering at bagged tea is just silly. I personally think that loose tea is more "fun" to make. It's a ceramony. However, who the hell has time to play tea every day. Sometimes you just want some tea and you don't want to make a project out of it. This is when tea bags are the most convenient.

I'm thinking of buying an electric kettle. Kinda like this one. Anyone have an electric kettle? They seem like they would work better then the one I put on the stove.
So far Licorice is my favorite, Stash Licorice Spice is a good one and Yogi is good too, a little stronger I think.

Has anyone tried Russian Caravan tea? It's a blend of lapsang souchong with assam black tea. Dried in baskets over pine fires so it smells like a campfire. There is a cool story on the box about taking the tea cack to Russia from China on camels. The tea smells like the campfires they had along the way.
I LOVE my electric kettle. Heats up super fast.

A lot of bagged teas are poor of quality. I have no problem with a good one, but a lot of bagged teas just suck. Of course, I've had shitty loose teas as well.

Tea is very much a ritual for me. I'm precise. I follow the rules. Very hot, but not boiling water. I know that white & green teas turn bitter if steeped for more than a few minutes. Don't squeeze the bag. Etc.

I've been pouring Tension tamer down my mum several times a day. It seems to work.
Angiepoo, I love the Stash licorice spice. I can't find it where I am now, or any licorice tea for that matter. I tried the health food store, nothing. There is one chichi tea shop that I have been avoiding because it's probably really expensive, but maybe they have it.

I used to love the Stash "Red & White" as well (rooibos with white tea).

Pugs, my roomie just got one of those kettles. It's so great- really fast, and it also turns off automatically, and stays hot for a long time. Convenient for the forgetful. And her reason for getting it is that it's more energy efficient.

Has anyone tried Malva tea? I saw it at my local cafe. Apparently it's a mild laxative... and some use it as a "weight loss" tea, but apparently when it's marketed as such it also contains senna, which can be dangerous to abuse (I just read a debate about this on another site after googling it). I'm curious now.
Even though I've been drinking tea almost every day since I was 9, I've never had loose tea. I think I'm a little intimidated by it because it's not as portable as bagged tea, and I also feel like I might get hooked on it and not want bagged tea again- is that ridiculous? Is loose tea that much better?

Right now my favorite brands are Stash and A Mighty Leaf. Stash is really cheap at the store where my boyfriend works. I've been digging on jasmine tea lately too, but I always let it steep too long.
QUOTE(hellotampon @ Nov 13 2007, 10:14 PM) *
Is loose tea that much better?

IMO...yes smile.gif
I dunno, several of the loose teas I've had were from companies that also makes bagged teas- so I guess the question doesn't apply there. Maybe I haven't had enough good loose tea to say confidently that it's better.

I went to the fancy tea shop, they don't have licorice tea. I'm now convinced that it's impossible to find here. They only had licorice mixed with black tea and freakin' strawberry. I just generally don't like fruity teas. It has to be just the right pairing; I've had a spicy orange-rooibos that was good.

I bought some loose vanilla rooibos. It's pretty good, but the thing with loose rooibos is that it's so fine. Some of it escaped from my tea ball and I kept getting it in my mouth.
i've been plowing through the decaf earl grey lately, no reggy tea for me, still nursing the wee babelicious. i picked up some interesting green teas at the grocery store today though, lemon green tea and honey ginger green tea. i grabbed a box of presidents choice chocolately chai too, no black tea and the ingredients looked pretty good.

do be careful with laxitive tea like senna. it's pretty powerful stuff and i can tell you from personal experience, a little uncomfortable too. causes some spasmodic gut clench and release action that i did NOT enjoy. ugh.

i too prefer loose tea but can't find it around here. on my next trip into the city i'll have to replenish my stash. all the jars have been in storage for over 6 months and are garbage now.
QUOTE(edie52 @ Nov 14 2007, 02:19 PM) *
Some of it escaped from my tea ball and I kept getting it in my mouth.

edie52 - i suggest brewing your tea in a tea pot then straining it into your cup. i have a tea ball and i hate the damn thing. i don't think they give the tea enough room to flower. especially if you have a loose tea that grows a lot. i like to give my tea lots of room to move about in the pot. then i strain it into my cup. i like strong tea and this really intensifies loose teas IMO.
That's a good idea Pugs. I just need a tea pot. At home I have 2 beautiful ones, each belonged to one of my grandmothers. Both very old; one is round and brown and the other is yellow and shaped like a dome with a flat bottom, and has a metal cover. Anyway, I'm not at home and the people I'm renting from don't have a teapot. Sacrilege! I will have to get one before my bf comes because we often like to enjoy a pot of tea together. Also winter= intense need for more tea.
edie52 - the one that is brown and round, is it a brown betty do you know? I want to buy one of these.

Also, I've used coffee filters in a pinch as well. You can put them deep down in your mug with the tea then add the water, steep, then slowly remove the filter pulling out the leaves. I drank black tea and sometimes i use loose tea and just wait for the tea leaves to completely settle to the bottom of the cup then sip at it slowly. This is kinda irritating at times because it takes such a long time for the tea to settle to the bottom.

I agree that winter = tea. When I'm cold at night that's all I want is a cup of hot tea.
No Pugs, I don't think it's a brown betty. The one I have is ceramic, not clay, and has a stripe around it. The brown betty sounds pretty righteous though. And Google just told me that the yellow one I have is an antique "everhot" teapot.

Maybe people aren't big on teapots here... I've been searching second-hand stores, and most of what I find are tall and slim, some of them are teapots and others are just jugs disguised as teapots. And most of them are ugly. I barely see any of the cute, squat, round kind.
do i have a story for you... when i first moved back here my mom and i were going to this great little second hand store nearby a LOT and everytime i went i noticed this awesome brown betty without a lid. everytime i saw it i wanted to buy it but thought "what am i going to do with a tea pot without it's top?" well, we took a trip to my auntie's place to visit her and she is a tea fanatic so i told her the story and asked her if she happened to have a spare lid. she looked at me with such a look and pulled a perfect top for that pot out of her junk drawer where she had been keeping it for about 8 years! but wouldn't you know it, by the time i got back to town someone had bought that lidless pot to water their flowers with. i was SO disappointed, i wanted that teapot serving someone tea! it was really a terrific pot, at least a 6 cupper, maybe 8. i made up a sign with a drawing of the pot and everything and left the lid with the staff. the next time i went in the sign was still there and no one had seen the fella who bought the pot but the Next time i went in my sign was gone and sure enough, the wife of the pot buyer had come in just after me on my last visit, seen my sign and happily scooped that lid! the ladies at the store told me she was just about as excited about it as i was.
so there you go, a brown betty is a special pot indeed.

this chocolately chai is, meh. it tastes like healthy health food store tea and while i don't generally mind that, i want something special. i might send a friend in the city on a tea-gathering adventure so i can get some good tea and some mail at the same time, both things i love especially together!

you can find fabric tea strainers that don't let very much leaf through, they work really well.
nice story!

my fav tea is honey/lemon tea--ahh so nice in the wintertime.
This is the teapot I have:

My mom found it at the thrift store even though she already has a teapot, so when I moved out I asked her if I could have it.
I want a cute "tea for one" set. I love, love, love those squatty pots that sit onto of the cup onto of the saucer.
okay, i feel really dumb asking this but:

1 tsp per cup, right? so how do you measure stuff like white tea (since they're long thingies)? i bought 4 sample teas from adagio, but i've never actually prepared real tea for myself. people have always done it for me.

i bought an in-mug infuser because i don't want to deal with tea balls. so next question: does the tea go in before or after the water? or does it matter?

fyi, i have issues making a decent cup of coffee, too. i'm retarded, bear with me... rolleyes.gif
faerietails2 -

the tea store i go to always says one measured teaspoon as well. however, some of the white teas i drink, the leaves are quite large so I still use a measuring teaspoon but i might put two or three teaspoons in depending on my mood. i think it's a personal thing.

i always do tea in first then hot water. not sure if it really matters.

also, i have never, never, never been able to make a good pot of coffee. it's always too strong or bitter or something.

i suck at making coffee too. who cares, coffee is gross.

my sister is in hongkong right now where she visits the tea houses regularly. she gave me some speach about the 'proper' way to make tea but i ignored her at the time. bossy little sister bratling. i'll ask her again and letcha know what she says. oh, she'll love that, she loves lording it over me. (jk, i love my sis. i do.)
I'm another one who can't make coffee to save my life... I either make it too strong or too weak. And no matter what, it turns grey-ish when the milk is added. Gross.

I find coffee smells way better than it tastes. I like to have a latte now and then, but I can. not. stand. regular filtered coffee. The first sip is okay and the rest is gross. Like a cigarette, IMO.
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